Marriage is roughly defined as the legal union between a man and a woman, who live in an exclusive relationship with one another. Marriage is widely practiced throughout the galaxy among numerous alien races, and there are two main categories; marriages for love(the result of a romance) and marriages of convienceies (done for political, economic, and social ones). Marriages for love are almost unheard of within Hutt society, due to its unyielding obsession with power and status. No matter what feelings Hutts may feel for each other, it is certain that no concept of equality will be entertertained. Hutt husbands have exclusive right to the property and titles of not just his own family, but that of his spouse. Dowries are not uncommon. The husband also reserves the right to unerlaterally divorce his wife whenever it please him. Although a male Hutt may marry a non-Hutt female, it is strictly forbidden for a Hutt female to marry a non-Hutt male.

A Hutt wedding is performed thus; the groom takes his bride to Nal Hutta, the home planet of the Hutt race. They are brought to a shrine to pay respects to the groom's ancestors and after the rites are finished, the bride recieves the unique tatoo of her husband's clan. The couple are then to move to a local swamp and consummate their relationship.

While he had her in captivity, Jabba often entertained the idea of taking Leia as his bride. Marrying Leia would give him access to all of the destroyed Alderaan's client worlds and therefore all the wealth within them. Plus the sick satisfaction he would get from tying her even tighter to him with the bond of marriage . . . and the disgust and sadness she would feel as she realized the irony: a Princess, enslaved to a Hutt, forced into wedlock, doomed to a lifetime of dancing for Jabba's perverse pleasure, serving him, feeding him, cleaning his fat rancid body via a cloth or even her own tongue, and the horrid "lovemaking" Jabba would force on her loveliness forever.

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