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Max Rebo Band

The Max Rebo Band, also known as The Max Rebo Twelve and (originally) Evar Orbus and His Galactic Jizz-Wailers, was among the most well known bands of the galaxy, thanks in part to their status as the regular band at Jabba's Palace.


Early LivesEdit

Formed on the initiative of the Letaki would-be impresario Evar Orbus, the band originally consisted of the Ortolan Siiruulian Phantele (stage name Max Rebo), the Pa'lowick Sy Snootles and the Kitonak Droopy McCool. Performing as Evar Orbus and His Galactic Jizz-Wailers, Snootles and Orbus would dazzle audiences with their impressive vocal talents as Rebo and McCool accompanied them on their instruments: the Red ball organ and a chidinkalu flute. Touring small venues and cantinas in the Outer Rim, the Orbus-led group soon built up a following. The band was responsible for many hits, including "Jedi Rocks", "Lapti Nek"[1] and "(That Joyous Night) I Ate My Mate". Thanks to his shady contacts, however, Orbus was the only one to earn a profit.

In 15 BBY, the band played at Doodnik's Café on the planet Tyne's Horky.

Around 1 BBY, the band was playing at the Blue Moon, a cantina and strip club in the rundown city of Trid. Located on the backwater world of Danuta, the Blue Moon would frequently see Imperial officers from the Imperial research facility as denizens in their off hours.

When invited to play at the Mos Eisley Cantina by the Wookiee Chalmun, the band leaped at the opportunity to gain greater fame. Unfortunately, Figrin D'an, leader of the Modal Nodes, took offense to the fact that Chalmun would hire a second band, and attempted to kill them. Orbus was the only one to perish in the ensuing melee, and the surviving members allowed the Bith to keep the job.

Desperate for a new gig, the band needed to take a new direction. Snootles, knowing that Rebo could be easily manipulated, allowed him to become the new leader of the band. She did this in order to ensure that Rebo would provide a public target for any further assassination attempts while she managed the band from behind the scenes. Sy Snootles' first act was to bring in backup dancers Greeata Jendowanian, Rystáll Sant and Lyn Me, in addition to fellow musicians Rapotwanalantonee Tivtotolon (stage name Rappertunie) and Barquin D'an, whose relationship to Figrin was irrelevant to the band.

Rebo, McCool and Snootles met with Naroon Cuthus, who allowed the band to audition for Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Jabba was so impressed by their performance that he offered them a lifetime contract, with payment in the form of all the food the band could eat. Rebo immediately accepted the offer before the others could stop him. Snootles would later comment on how foolish she had been in letting Rebo act as the public face of the band, as it had led them to virtual eternal servitude.

Still, their lives were not as bad as they had once been. They were allowed to travel outside the palace and accept tips from the palace denizens. They were sent to Hoth to perform for Bingo Mehndra on the crime lord's Spawning Day. Unknown to the band, they were being sent to kill him. When McCool discovered thermite explosives hidden in the speakers, the band set up a holovid that played a previous performance for Mehndra while they made their escape. In gratitude, Jabba bought them new instruments and gave them three new band members: the Klatooinian Umpass-stay, the Weequay Ak-rev and the Rodian bard Doda Bodonawieedo.

An Empire DividedEdit

The Max Rebo Band had already signed their life contract with Jabba during the an empire divided event in the Star Wars Galaxies video game. The character created by the player finds the band playing music for and his audience in the throne room. Max Rebo, Sy Snootles and Droopy McCool were the only ones performing at the time while the other members were busy some where else. Oola was also seen dancing to the band's music above the grate in the middle of the room.

Jabba's PartyEdit

The band did many performances the night of the party. During their brakes some of the members Sy Snootles, Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me did more for the guests then just sing and dance some willing pleasured them others were forced against their will. Rystall and Sy were willing to have private time with those who wanted it Greeata didn't do willing but she didn't have to be forced to do it either. Lyn Me was forced into the pleasure dragged off stage, pushed or pulled into someones arms. Rystall got to spend some time with Boba Fett but when someone else wanted to have sex with her she was disappointed that she couldn't be with Fett but she thought any company was better than being alone unlike Oola and Lyn Me. Greeata didn't like having sex with the criminals in the palace they weren't like the other men she meet outside the palace but she was glad to be in a palace which was a better life then the life on her homeworld. 

Max Rebo rarely got up during the breaks he liked his keyboard to much, he wanted to be ready for the next song and most of the time had food and drinks brought to him. The private time Sy spent with the guests she secretly shared information with due her being a double making money and deals behind her master's back. Lyn Me tried to get some alone time with Boba but being the second most beautiful Twi'lek in the palace everyone ruined her chance to be with her hero she tried to imagine they were Boba Fett but that fantasy was crushed every time. Rystall and Lyn Me both got jealous when Oola was alone with Boba Fett during the party they both secretly wished that the young woman would get what she desired.

When Jabba pushed the button on his armrest the band was shocked they thought Oola was only going to be punished and executed. Rystall was speechless just like the rest of the band but she quickly got over it well she knew this was eventually going to happen to the Twi'lek woman she tested her master's patience to many times. Greeata gasped along with the other members but at least it was Oola and not her the poor should have listened to her master life in the palace wasn't great but there things worst then the scary life in the palace. Sy Snootles said oops after the girl fell into the pit below she knew that Oola made a mistake one that she knew that no one could save the girl from oh well.

Max Rebo unlike the other members he had no clue what was going on when he found out he didn't care the only thing he was worried about was that the band had stopped playing. Joh Yowza held a hand up to his mouth and looked at the other band members wondering what they should. Lyn Me leaned closer to the edge of the stage to get a better view of what was going she thought that unlike Oola she would never ended up in her fellow Twi'lek's position however being the second prettiest woman in the palace she had no idea there were already plans of turning her into the masters new favorite plaything and if that were to happen to her she was prepared to drop out of the band to avoid this fate.

Reactions to Oola's ExecutionEdit

The band ended their song when Oola disappeared threw a hole in the floor some didn't care what was going on and wanted to continue others were curious to what was going to happen to the master's favorite pet. Sy knew what would happen to the girl in the pit having a long history with the Hutt crime families the female Pa'lowick knew Oola was going to die down there she had seen it before but even though she knew what fate awaited the dancer she followed the crowd to the grate another slave girl she tried to save from being executed was something she was not going to haunt her.

Max Rebo didn't get up to watch the execution he heard the girls screams, cries and heard the beast's roar but he didn't care to watch unlike the creature's in the palace Rebo did not enjoy the sound of her grusome death. Greeata was sickened by what was happening and wished Oola wasn't so stubborn if she just put up the abuse, insults, pain, humiliation, sadness, and misery her life could have been better like Melina, Yarna, Rystall, Sy and herself. Rystall knew Oola's life would be easier if she stopped fighting with her master but she didn't take any advice from Greeata, Lyn Me, Sy, Yarna or herself that was Oola's own fault Rystall was also not going to miss her. With Oola out of the way only a few more women stood between her and her love Boba next to bump off would be Lyn Me who Rystall bet would have been Jabba's new slave girl if not for Leia.

Like Rystall Greeata could tell Lyn Me was going to be the next girl to replace Oola if the princess hadn't shown up although unlike Rystall who would have loved that idea Greeata was worried about her fellow band member she had been with them long enough to know almost everything about them she knew unlike Sy, Rystall and herself Lyn Me would not handle be a personal slave to well and Lyn Me might get herself killed just like Oola. Sy also noticed how quickly the men turned their gaze to the backup singer Lyn Me she knew just like Rystall and Greeata that Arica or Tia and Ghia were not going to be brought back to their master's side to replace Oola no it was very clear Lyn Me was the next choice however the capture of Princess Leia Sy and other female members knew that her timing saved Lyn Me.

Jabba's Demolition GamesEdit

When Jabba hosted his deadly demolition game he had Greeata and Lyn Me serve food and drinks while Rystall and the others preformed for the guests. Lyn Me didn't serve as a hostess she had to dance and model for the race. Lyn Me wasn't aloud to watch the race even though she wanted to see what happened to the twin sisters she had dance and model the hole time if she disobeyed the young Twi'lek would be punished.

Rystall was jealous that Lyn Me was now the most prettiest girl in the palace with Oola gone but with all the attention she was getting it wouldn't take long until she went for dancer to slave at thought that made her grin. Another thing that pleased Rystall was watching the sisters Tia and Ghia almost perish a few times in the race.

Greeata was as hostess during this event serving food and drinks to the henchmen and the guests. Jubnuk, Malakili, Melina and everyone else enjoyed Greeata and Lyn Me handing out food and drinks that meant the girls could be closer to them which Greeata didn't like but she put up with it. Greeata knew that Rystall loved the attention and knew she was disappointed when everyone eyed Lyn Me she also about the secret rivalry they had for Boba Fett.

Sy Snootles preformed with the band at this time while Greeata and Lyn Me served the guests when Lyn Me was forced to dance and model Snootles knew it wouldn't be long until Lyn Me was pulled out of the band and chained by Jabba's side. She knew she couldn't stop it so she didn't worry about it to much.

Max Rebo was just happy playing music and having food he didn't notice the rivalry with Rystall and Lyn Me over Boba Fett and if he found out he wouldn't care. He also didn't notice how Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me treated the others in the palace just like how he didn't notice he was slowly one of his backup singers Lyn Me to Jabba the Hutt.

Leia CapturedEdit

Journey to the Pit of CarkoonEdit

Jabba's DeathEdit

The band played at Jabba's Palace during Luke Skywalker's attempt to free Han Solo and later played at their execution over the Great Pit of Carkoon. The band barely escaped the catastrophe that followed, jumping to safety as the Sail Barge blew apart.

Greeata and Lyn Me then drove away a band of Tusken Raiders, stealing their banthas to ride to civilization. After driving Tusken's the girls helped the band chase way Bib and the other survivors who tried to take what they had and who also tried to take the women as well.

Later LivesEdit

After their contract with Jabba ended and escaping the sail barge the band had a run in with some Tusken Raiders and were saved by Greeata and Lyn Me. Sy Snootles thought about working for Lady Valarian who she made a secret deal with the female Whiphid was one of the Hutt's rivals and would treat the band a lot better than what Jabba did. Max Rebo didn't like the idea because Valarian wouldn't pay them food like Jabba did and things got heated with band.

Droopy McCool left to find some fellow Kitonaks who were believed to be living in the desert. Barquin D'an stayed with the band when they stopped by Jabba's Palace to see what they could grab until they reached Mos Eisley from their the male Bith took a cargo barge Stenos where he became a successful businessman. Rappertunie still tired his music career after the band reached Mos Eisley but it was short lived so he became successful computer engineer for the Rebaxan Columni. Ak-rev who was one of Jabba's henchmen placed as a drummer in the band died in the Tusken Raider attack. Doda Bodonawieedo left the group after their stop in Mos Eisley he then worked his way to Jabba's town house and stole several priceless sculptures the male Rodian decided to sell them famous art collectors on Tharkos and became very wealthy. Seeing the sculptures and the art collections it inspired him to make his own artwork as well. Umpass-stay another one of Jabba's goons palace in the band as a drummer decided to still keep his ties with Desilijic/Hutt clan houses and work for Jocoro the Hutt as a musician.

Joh Yowza after left the band in Mos Eisley rejoined with Greeata and Rystall to form a new successful band the Palpatones but just the original group the three went their separate ways. Although the new band didn't last long as their first one John Yowza used his wealth to travel to exotic locales with an old friend from Jabba's Palace. Because of his love for food Max Rebo left the music industry to open up a chain of successful restaurants called Max's Flat House he became quite rich and settled down on Coruscant. Sy Snootles tried to continue her solo career alone to find out her singing was now thought of as "weird" Sy wasn't as popular or famous like she was during the Clone Wars the best she could muster up were tours of the Outer Rim Territories. Greeata Jendowanian like the rest of band help the group get through the desert until they reached Mos Eisley Greeata stayed in the music business and stared a new band with two of her old friends the Palpatones became a success but didn't last as long as the Max Rebo Band.

After the fight in the desert and split up in Mos Eisley Rystall stared a successful solo career in the music industry just like Greeata and John. When the three came across each other again they created a short but successful new band they became such a huge hit that Rystall used her share of the to leave the group to live a luxurious life and to such for real father after she heard some rumors. Lyn Me unlike the other members had a hard time with her new life just like Snootles after Oola's demise and the start of Jabba's Demolition Games things got worse for Lyn Me see started getting as much attention from creeps. After saving the band from a group of Sand People and making a stop at the palace before leaving Tatooine Lyn Me was never heard from or seen again by her fellow band members. She was angry, sad and heartbroken about her heroes death as well.

Gardulla Oola Edit

Although the band never got back together like everything else that was involved with Jabba's life the band's legacy became apart of the Gardulla Oola a popular but also cheap bar, hotel, restaurant and casino. The Max Rebo Band and other bands who worked for Jabba were impersonated by actors who worked for Gardulla. Though she didn't work there Sy Snootles one of the band members who now had to give tours through the Outer Rim after her solo singing career didn't go well had to give tours there as part of her job. Droopy McCool never visited the establishment after wondering through the Dune Sea to find Kitonaks rumored to be living in desert and wait for the Cosmic Egg.



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