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Melina admiring the Rancor

Melina was born on Corellia who stole away on a freighter to leave home.


Early Life

By the age of sixteen she was a wanted criminal having committed theft and fraud and fallen in with a small group of pirates.

One day the captain attacked a spice freighter carrying a shipment for Jabba The Hutt and the great crime lord order the crew hunted down and brought to him.

The crew were condemed to the Rancor one by one save for Melina who was spared for her beauty and placed in Jabba's harem.

A year later she uncovered a plot to kill Jabba. She joined the conspirators convincing them she would be a useful spy. As the plot developed she watched carefully realizing the current head of security had failed to notice the plot she made her move. She betrayed her comrads winning Jabba's appreciation and sending them to the Sarlacc, along with his former security cheif.

Jabba offered Melina her freedom but she offered her services as the new chief of security. Jabba accepted the offer.

She would continue to work for the hutt right up to the moment of his death, keeping her guise as a common slave girl so as to better serve her master.

Tia and Ghia's ArrivalEdit

Melina loved the idea of humiliating twin sisters, and took great pleasure in punishing them and breaking their will. She kept them bound, back-to-back in iron chairs in her quarters for three weeks completely naked. She would then start tormenting one of them with vibrators, waternberg wheels, and other sexual devices while the other would squirm and try to help her sister. Occaisionally, she would force them to kiss her toes or perform oral sex on her. The two girls were also forced to dance nude for Melina and several Gammorean guards she invited in on occaision. Once she was satisfied that they were almost broken, she forced them both to have sex with her and Bib Fortuna, broadcasting it throughout the palace. This final act broken Tia and Ghia's will, making them moan and scream for mercy. 

Oola's ArrivelEdit

Melina was one of the girls who stripped Oola when she was brought into the palace. She then spanked the girl in front of the audience before leading her into the dungeons, still naked. She kept her there with a large, blunted hook stuck in her anus, hanging her strappado-style by her arms. She would kiss and fondle the girl, rubbing and sucking her lekku as she struggled, bound and helpless. Oola would often be left bound on a bed with a vibrator insterted into her ladyparts on low pulse, to keep her aroused but just out of reach of orgasm. This would leave her begging to cum as Melina would coax her into bed with her, violating her body as a form of lesbian rape and making her scream with pleasure and shame. She would also force Oola to perform oral sex on her while the men watched, effectivly humiliating her and giving herself pleasure.   

Jabba's PartyEdit

during the party, Melina forced Oola to have sex with her while she had some time off. She also touched the girl's intimate parts and made her kiss her feet and womanhood. She then forced Oola to strip naked during another break, making her kneel before her and worship her body before fondling and caressing every inch of her body. Once the band started playing lapti nek, she let her dress and kissed her again, saying that she will be subserviant to her as well as Jabba, for sexual use whenever they want. After the kiss Melina watched Oola preform her best dance which aroused Jabba. Seeing this filled Melina with more lust

Leia is CapturedEdit

After Leia was revealed before the crowd, Melina made sure she was one of the few members of Jabba's court who oversaw the girl being stripped publicly. She loved the idea of breaking in this young girl and humiliating her. She kissed Leia full on the lips when she was taken to the dungeons, disgusting the princess as she stayed naked. Unfotunately for Leia, this was only the beginning of her ways to humiliate and disgust her. Melina took to spanking Leia naked in full public view, and reaming her with strap-on dildos whenever she was sent to the dungeons. This act pained Leia and informed her she was only to be used by others in the palace. She would often leave the girl bound naked with only a double-dildo panty locked over her crotch, keeping her in pain. When Leia was given her costme, she pulled her out of the dungeons and dressed her in full public view, informing the audience that the girl was to be jabba's new sex slave.

Jabba's DeathEdit

After Leia had killed Jabba and severed her chains, Melina cornered her in the barge, trying to stop her. During the fight, she was knocked out by Rystall Sant, who also escaped with Leia.


Melina's OutfitEdit

Melina wore a tight red bodysuit that covered practically all of her body, yet accentuated its curves and smoothness, showing that she was higher status than the slave girls, who wore costumes that exposed their skin.

Melina's PerceptionEdit

Melina liked the outfit, as it showed she was mistress of the harem and showed off her sexy figure without exposing her skin. Any girl who saw her knew she was their mistress, and could only long for such modesty and privacy from a garment.

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