Melina admiring the Rancor

Melina was born on Corellia who stole away on a freighter to leave home.


Early Life

By the age of sixteen she was a wanted criminal having committed theft and fraud and fallen in with a small group of pirates.

One day the captain attacked a spice freighter carrying a shipment for Jabba The Hutt and the great crime lord order the crew hunted down and brought to him.

The crew were condemed to the Rancor one by one except for Melina who was spared for her beauty and placed in Jabba's harem.

A year later she uncovered a plot to kill Jabba. She joined the conspirators convincing them she would be a useful spy. As the plot developed she watched carefully realizing the current head of security had failed to notice the plot she made her move. She betrayed her comrads winning Jabba's appreciation and sending them to the Sarlacc, along with his former security cheif.

Jabba offered Melina her freedom but she offered her services as the new chief of security. Jabba accepted the offer.

She would continue to work for the hutt right up to the moment of his death, keeping her disguise as a common slave girl so as to better serve her master.

Max Rebo Rebo Band ArrivalEdit

When Melina heard that the famous Max Rebo Band would be preforming and serving the master she didn't have time to watch their preformance to find if they were as good as everyone says. She had to what in the harem to prepare for the female dancers and singers even if they didn't do well and were killed Melina knew the girls would be taken as slaves just like many other women. When the young ladies were brought to the harem she was very thrilled to see them she only heard their songs, saw their hologram performances and seen photos of them. Melina thought to herself if she was man she would have a boner right now.

The slave girls wasted no time getting the performers ready for their master because they were always afraid of what their master or mistress would do to them. When Melina lied eyes on Lyn Me she looked at her lustfully Lyn Me personality remained her of Oola. Melina bothered her almost every day just like everyone else in the palace when Lyn Me was forced into have sex with Melina told her the same thing she told Oola and any other Twi'lek girl: "I love Twi'leks". This made Lyn Me resist even more and Melina loved because enjoyed punishing and breaking the women.

While Melina enjoyed forcing Lyn Me to do what she wanted Rystall Sant was different the mistress didn't have to force Mrs. Sant to a lot of thighs Rystall will obeyed with a smile or anger on her face. Melina loved the slave girls were beneath her but Rystall was different Melina liked the female Theelin high up in the ranks of Jabba's Palace just like her. When Rystall spent her first night in Melina's room the human was very pleased though she could tell the female Theelin didn't like any of the criminals Melina loved the fact that she just igored those feelings and enjoyed having a good time.

Diana's ArrivalEdit

Melina loved the idea of having another human slave she helped with removing the young girl's clothes to put on her new outfit. Diana begged for Melina and Jabba's goons to stop the guards backup after seeing the look on Melina's face they knew no one talked back to the mistress of the harem Melina smacked the the girl across the face sending her falling to the floor the crowd cheered and laughed. Before Diana could do anything Melina bent down grab the girl and shoved a pice of ripped outfit in her mouth the came over and bound her hands and feet seeing the look on Melina's face they already know and had the ropes before the mistress gave the order to bring the ropes. After that Melina violently grabbed the girls hair and whispered in her ear you will respect me the girl struggled as Melina picked up the girl and took the new slave to her chambers. As Melina started walking through the doorway she one of the guards stopped and asked her how long will she be with the new pet Melina kissed him and promised him that they will have a lot of fun after teaching the new girl a lesson she won't forget.

Diana's DeathEdit

Melina had some fun with Diana before Han Solo and Chewbacca were placed in the pit with Jabba's Nexus. The mistress had the human girl stripped and had sex with her Diana moaned as Melina played with her intimate parts. Melina then started rubbing her hands through Diana's the girl closed her eyes with pleasure until her mistress yanked on her ponytail Melina leaned closer telling the girl that she wasn't fooling anyone about enjoying her life here in the palace she told her how everyone saw that look in her eyes seeing Han Solo. Believing that he would rescue her Melina told the truth that if the smuggler did some how escape he wouldn't help her and this will be her life until she dies she then let the girl return to the master so Melina can watch Solo's execution.

Finally the smuggler was going to pay with his life however Melina got upset when Solo escaped as the Nexus bolted to the throne room Jabba panicked and called for back up Melina fought off the Nexus to keep Jabba safe. In the chaos she noticed that Diana was trying to escape with Solo and the Wookie she tried to unlock her collar and climb over the Hutt but avail her master held on tightly keeping her in front him for protection Melina watched as a Nexus pounced on her devouring the girl until the only thing that remained was her collar and chain a bloody gory sight she would have to enjoy after she rescues her master who is now being attacked by the same Nexus. After all the Nexus were killed the harem mistress helped the surviving thugs clear out the dead bodies and took care of the master Jabba thanked her for taking care of him she flirted with him and told him your welcome. She looked at where Diana use to sit and started enjoying the memory of Nexus eating Diana Jabba noticed this and brought her closer to he and watched as she touched her self. As she fell back into his fat she started rubbing her hands on him and jokingly said she could replace Diana if he wanted as she held up the collar both of them laughed at the thought. Melina knew that the girl would have to be replaced with one of the slaves in the harem but for know she was in her master's arms and she was in no hurry.

Tia and Ghia's ArrivalEdit

Melina loved the idea of humiliating twin sisters, and took great pleasure in punishing them and breaking their will. She kept them bound, back-to-back in iron chairs in her quarters for three weeks completely naked. She would then start tormenting one of them with vibrators, waternberg wheels, and other sexual devices while the other would squirm and try to help her sister. Occaisionally, she would force them to kiss her toes or perform oral sex on her. The two girls were also forced to dance nude for Melina and several Gammorean guards she invited in on occaision. Once she was satisfied that they were almost broken, she forced them both to have sex with her and Bib Fortuna, broadcasting it throughout the palace. This final act broken Tia and Ghia's will, making them moan and scream for mercy. 

Oola's ArrivalEdit

Melina was one of the girls who stripped Oola when she was brought into the palace. She then spanked the girl in front of the audience before leading her into the dungeons, still naked. She kept her there with a large, blunted hook stuck in her anus, hanging her strappado-style by her arms. She would kiss and fondle the girl, rubbing and sucking her lekku as she struggled, bound and helpless. Oola would often be left bound on a bed with a vibrator insterted into her ladyparts on low pulse, to keep her aroused but just out of reach of orgasm. This would leave her begging to cum as Melina would coax her into bed with her, violating her body as a form of lesbian rape and making her scream with pleasure and shame. She would also force Oola to perform oral sex on her while the men watched, effectivly humiliating her and giving herself pleasure.   

Jabba's PartyEdit

During the party, Melina forced Oola to have sex with her while she had some time off. She also touched the girl's intimate parts and made her kiss her feet and womanhood. She then forced Oola to strip naked during another break, making her kneel before her and worship her body before fondling and caressing every inch of her body, eventually bringing her to orgasm. Once the band started playing lapti nek, she let her dress and kissed her again, saying that she will be subservient to her as well as Jabba, for sexual use whenever they want. After the kiss Melina watched Oola preform her best dance which aroused Jabba. Seeing this filled Melina with more lust she enjoyed watching Oola dance. When she lost interest in the masters favorite pet she decided enjoyed the party, listen to the music have some drinks, flirt with some of the slaves and guests. She even spent some time with the backup singers from the Max Rebo Band Greeata and Rystall willing gave her exotic dances that was fun but not as fun as the exotic dances preformed by Lyn Me who's dance skilled were a close second to Oola's but Lyn Me never did her dances willing and Melina loved making others do something they didn't like. Her attention went back to the young Twi'lek when she heard the argument with Jabba and Oola she sat down at a table not to far from the grate so she could have a good view of the arousing moment.

Reaction to Oola's ExecutionEdit

Jabba s throne room36

Melina and the crowd are pleased with Oola's punishment

After the trapdoor was activated and the slave girl screaming in to the pit below Melina already sitting close to the grate she just stood and bent over with her hands on her knees and a smile on her face. The slave girl came tumbling out of the uncomfortable metal shoot on to the sandy floor her body in pain from the slide down and the fall but had no visible marks on her lovely body she move the leash so she didn't tangled and fall before standing up. Puzzled and shaking with fear the young girl dusted her self off and cleaned the sand out of her netting. With a sad face Oola looked for anyone who pity her and talked to Jabba about taking her back. Oola thought their must be some one loved her pleasure and company enough to help her but she only saw smiles, drooling mouths, lust full, people pointing and placing bets, heard cheers, insults, moans and laugher.

It was it was cold, scary and dark the cold air nipples poke through the holes of her dancers costume. Oola could see that Melina was loved the sight she saw her beautiful body trembling, her shapely breasts and nipples visible and also the pitiful look on her face beginning for her life. Melina knew she would get the greatest show of her life. A huge metal started opening the load noise made the dancer shook more with fear as the was slowly went up she could hear a load growl she whispered as the creature step out of the darkness it was a rancor. At first she stood there to scared to move as the monster took it's first step through the doorway Melina moaned at the site of her petrified with fear but if the didn't run the fun would end to quickly Melina wished that girl would make more entertaining. The step the giant beast took Melina got her wish Oola tried to open the gate on the shoot to climb back up and hide the gate was to heavy so she started running to the other side of the pit. Yes this is what Melina wanted to see the little green pet almost stumbled and tripped over bones rock and her own leash.

Everyone laughed at clumsy mistakes her sandals almost fell off her sweet little feet. Oola slide down rocks tired to hide under rocks, behind rocks, ledges and trying to climb walls the rancor almost had her a few times when her long leash was stuck on in between rocks and tangled around bones the giant creature almost stepped on it a few times. She was final cornered nowhere with left to run Oola a long scream as giant long fingers gripped tight the monsters hand claws sharp claws ripping her netting exposing her. She kicked, screamed and squirmed trying free it was useless the giant monster was stronger then her. Before eating her it admiring how delicious she looked in grasp she almost passed out because of the scary thing.

Before she went to the mouth Oola looked one last time at the throne room and how much pleasure Melina the human wanted to do one more thing to Oola before she died Melina spit down into the through grate when the rancor raised her to watch it's food as the spit green alien Oola the satisfied look on Melina's face she cried this wasn't how she wanted to die. The rancor plunged her head into it's gaping maw muffling screams. The giant pet chomped down it's meal many cheered and clapped at all the blood Oola was wounded really badly but still alive to the claps and everything. The second bite everyone knew she was died when the body went limp as the monstrous finished the beauty delicious pieces the people who lost the bets they made to the winner. Melina loved death her favorite plaything she felt the pet deserved it for not following the boss's commands this thought made fell wet. Melina didn't want to change her outfit after this she wanted the party to start again and find more people to entertain.

Jabba's Demolition GamesEdit

Melina watched the demolition game videos with all the other criminals in the palace. Seeing Tia and Ghia in the derby turned her on. But like all of the guests there her gaze wasn't always on the race her eye drifted to Lyn Me who danced during, event served drinks and modeled in front of the hologram videos.

Leia is CapturedEdit


Melina looking at Boussh

After Leia was revealed before the crowd, Melina made sure she was one of the few members of Jabba's court who oversaw the girl being stripped publicly. She loved the idea of breaking in this young girl and humiliating her. She kissed Leia full on the lips when she was taken to the dungeons, disgusting the princess as she stayed naked. Unfotunately for Leia, this was only the beginning of her ways to humiliate and disgust her. Melina took to spanking Leia naked in full public view, and reaming her with strap-on dildos whenever she was sent to the dungeons. This act pained Leia and informed her she was only to be used by others in the palace. She would often leave the girl bound naked with only a double-dildo panty locked over her crotch, keeping her in pain. When Leia was given her costme, she pulled her out of the dungeons and dressed her in full public view, informing the audience that the girl was to be jabba's new sex slave.

Jubnuk's DeathEdit

Jabba s throne room33-1

Melina and Yarna watching Luke talk to their master

Melina was ready to defend her master when the jedi Luke Skywalker entered the throne she wasn't close enough to stop Luke when he pulled out his lightsaber and that was good thing because the Hutt pushed one of the buttons on his armrest and activated the trapdoor she watched Jubnuk the Gamorrean fall into the pit defending his mighty lord. Melina watched with the rest of the crowd thinking the jedi was going to die as she was watching the show Melina look at Leia and thought about stripping her as the princess watched her friend die. She enjoyed watching Jabba execute some of his loyal henchmen and his enemies but not as much as she enjoyed the execution of slave girls. When Jubnuk look up to the court room for help and found non just like Oola as he looked around he made eye contact with Melina who enjoyed having sex with him but to his surprise the girl just laughed at him he then learned the truth right there that Melina didn't care about the men or women she slept with. Jubnuk's demise wasn't as amazing as Oola's so Melina went around to many of the guests and slaves to get some pleasure while watching the execution. However fun time was cut short when Luke killed the rancor just like everyone else she was surprised and angry.

Journey to the Pit of CarkoonEdit

Jabba's DeathEdit

After Leia had killed Jabba and severed her chains, Melina cornered her in the barge, trying to stop her. During the fight, she was knocked out by Rystall Sant, who also escaped with Leia.


Melina's OutfitEdit

Melina wore a tight red bodysuit that covered practically all of her body, yet accentuated its curves and smoothness, showing that she was higher status than the slave girls, who wore costumes that exposed their skin.

Melina's PerceptionEdit

Melina liked the outfit, as it showed she was mistress of the harem and showed off her sexy figure without exposing her skin. Any girl who saw her knew she was their mistress, and could only long for such modesty and privacy from a garment.