As a slave Minna had to follow rules that would break her. If she misbehaved she would be punished in waways that would leave many slave girls emotionallyscarred. Minna eventually loved her life as slave.


Privacy: Minna, like most slave girls, was not given any privacy in Jabba's palace. When she was stripped naked, Jabba made sure cameras were broadcasting the fact he had captured such a powerful noble woman. He broadcast images of her naked body all over the galaxy, humiliating her and making her feel exposed. No matter what she did and where she went, Minna would be watched by either Jabba or one of his men, or one of the slave girls. This fact made her break down crying more than once, especially since Jabba would touch her intimate parts in front of a hundred men. Though she did earn privacy for being a good pet after years of having no privacy Minna didn't care about that anymore she learned not to be embarrassed.

Clothing: Minna was given no clothing besides her slave costume. The outfit humiliated her, as it was so skimpy she barely called it clothing in the first place. However, she knew that if she disobeyed Jabba, he would strip her naked in front of the audience and leave her like that to perform her usual slave duties completely exposed. So she endured it and tried hard not to feel ashamed, despite the fact that the only thing holding her brasserie in place was adhesive. 

Dancing: Minna was not always expected to dance, but from time to time, was made to perform with the other dancers. She was trained to perform strip dances, twirls, bending, and jumping, and was sometimes forced to dance naked for the audience. Lap dances were also performed, whether for Jabba or someone else in the palace. These humiliated her at first, but as she grew more submissive, they became her favorite kind of dance.

Movement: For the first two years of her enslavement, Minna was on a collar and leash, not allowed to move without Jabba's permission. Over time, she grew to enjoy Jabba's company, and eventually, the collar was not needed to keep her on his throne.

Sex: As a slave girl, Minna was always forced into sex with Jabba. The sex itself, she didn't mind, and eventually got used to it. But what she hated most of all was the lack of privacy while she did it. She would always be forced to have sex in public, and sometimes with multiple men as well as Jabba. Sex with women also happened from time to time, which for her, took quite some getting used to, but she eventually gave in and loved it, going so far as to sneak off and make love with other slave girls when Jabba was asleep. Masturbating in public was also something Jabba made her do, as it demonstrated her broken will and made her seem desperate for sex. Minna enjoyed all kinds of sex, and even willingly stripped in public and mounted Jabba's tail, showing her master how he had broken her will.

Food: Mina was only allowed what ever Jabba gave her, which was barely anything this was to keep her thin and beautiful. To humiliate her Jabba would force her to eat live paddy frogs he forced her to drink out of his slimy, smelly sticky cup as well.

He would also force her to eat out of a bowl like an animal because she was treated like a pet.

Speaking: Minna was not allowed to speak without the Hutt's permission. Doing so would lead to a having a muzzle put on her to keep her from talking. As Minna grew to love her master he allowed her to speak more than other girls.

Hygiene: Jabba allowed Minna to bathe whenever it was needed. Usually, this would be either with him or the rest of the harem in a large, Jacuzzi-like tub. She would be subjected to being scrubbed by either several men or other slave girls, including being douched and scrubbed out in her intimate parts, which she hated more than anything else.   

Sleeping: Minna was forced to sleep on Jabba's cold throne, the Hutt would keep her really close to his slimy smelly body. Sometimes she would be forced sleep naked to make feel even more uncomfortable. Eventually after expecting the Hutt's company she was allowed to sleep anywhere she wanted.

Exercise: Minna was made to perform many exercises, she would perform them naked so her costume wouldn't get sweaty. The girl had preform bends, twists, push-ups, strength test, running and other exercise forms to stay nimble, strong and limber.

Possessions: Her master made it forbidden own anything that was a personal possession just like all his slave girls. Minna was stripped and searched to see if she had anything that didn't belong to her. If she did anything besides her costume, jewelry, collar, leash and makeup Minna be punished. Eventually after she willing expected her master's company she was allowed to own more things.

Deprivation of Senses:

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