Jabba Pets Minna

Minna on Jabba's throne.

Minna was the daughter of a wealthy aristocratic Coruscanti family whom Jabba had kidnapped during the Clone Wars. Idealistic and naive, Minna loved donating money to charities. One charity she supported was funding for slaves' freedom. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she decided to go investigate the mysterious barge.  It was on that day that she would become enslaved to the notorious crime lord, Jabba the Hutt.

Over time, the Hutt gradually subdued the fiercely proud noblewoman, until she came to recognize him personally as her master and the Hutts in general as superior beings. Soon after she was broken in this way, Minna received word that her parents had been killed in the Separatist attack on Coruscant. She voluntarily granted Jabba access to her family's fortune, a fortune he used to purchase the Star Jewel, his space cruiser. After Minna's best days as a slave girl were over, Jabba rewarded her loyalty by making her the leader of his harem, and also had her trained as a secret keeper of security in the palace.

Minna was Jabba's first and last noble slave until Leia, upon whom he tried to achieve the same success with breaking a noble woman as he had with Minna.


Minna's costume was quite skimpy, leaving nothing to the imagination. Its main pieces consisted of a solid gold strapless brassiere which further emphasized her large breasts, and a skimpy thong which would give the appearance of little modesty.  In reality, the two heavy, tiny, solid gold triangular plates wouldn't provide any modesty. Since Minna was forbidden to wear anything underneath the plates, all it took was a look for anyone to see how naked she truly was. Connecting the two plates was a thin string that was adorned by gold circles. She wore a solid gold bracelet on her left hand and a red glove on her right, while solid gold ankle bracelets were strapped through her toes. Finishing off her costume were solid gold earrings and purple lipstick that complemented her striking green hair, which was tied up with a band, making a flare for Jabba to play with.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Minna's PerceptionEdit

Minna disliked the bikini, as it was so skimpy, she barely believed it would count as clothing.


Minna was humiliated by being forbidden to wear any clothes for a month, keeping her submissive. While nude, she would often be touched and violated in various ways, and forced to dance to service Jabba completely naked. She was also bathed in public, usually in front of men, and almost always douched, to humiliate her even further. After this time, she was given a tiny gold bikini that could easily be removed from her sexy body.


Early LifeEdit

Jabba Stroke's Minna's Chin

Jabba strokes Minna's chin while completing a deal with a client.

Minna's Capture and Trip Aboard Jabba's Sail BargeEdit

Jabba the Hutt and his entourage finally seemed to choose a direction through the winding streets of Mos Espa, spying several young girls that he could possibly kidnap for his harem along the way. As he made his way to the edge of the city, Jabba spied a young girl with green hair passing by.  He thought about kidnapping her then and there, but figured there were other girls he would aquire later.  Reaching the edge of Mos Eisley, Jabba and his men made the trip back to his sail barge off on the horizon where they would have yet another party.

Once the Hutt's dais had been loaded onto the sail barge, a process that took several groups of workers to undertake, the party began. Jabba's only regret about the party was that he didn't have a slave girl to molest. Unknown to everyone, that was about to change.

Minna looked out on the setting suns over the desert.  As harsh as life was here, the planet did have beautiful sunsets.  Her gaze was suddenly broken by loud music coming from a mysterious vehicle out on the horizon.  Deciding to see what was going on out there, Minna began the long walk towards the mysterious craft.

Minna had managed to sneak into the sail barge unnoticed, and began to explore the place.  It was definitely luxurious, but it was a different kind of luxury.  Instead of rich carpet and large rooms, this place had a more crude kind of luxury, like what may belong to a crime lord. Just as she was about to leave one of the rooms, she was met by two large pig-like guards who seized her, and began to drag the struggling noble to their boss.

Minna was dragged into what what looked like a large dining cabin. The room was filled with men from different parts of the galaxy, all guests to the party in the room. At the center of the room sat Jabba the Hutt, whom Minna had heard of, thanks to the Hutts' rule over Tatooine.  The pig-guards quickly dragged Minna to Jabba, who embraced her as his guards let go of the intruder. As Jabba realized that this girl was the girl who he noticed earlier that day, he briefly considered taking Minna back to his private quarters on the barge to enjoy her beauty, but quickly decided against it as the humiliation she would receive from the gawking eyes of his men would be more than sufficient in giving her an idea of what her new life would be like.

As Jabba studied Minna, he turned his attention to a large buffet his guards were setting up for him in the room. Drooling in anticipation, the gluttonous Hutt saw that the buffet contained all of his favorite live foods; all trying to escape from their respective dishes. Licking his lips with hunger, Jabba pulled Minna by her waist against his bulk and brought the two of them over to his banquet. "This is my private sail barge, Khetanna," he rumbled in Huttese, acting like Minna wasn't an intruder. "It takes me where I need to go in style. We'll be at my palace in no time. Once we get there, we can discuss the terms of your "payment" for intruding." He chuckled deeply, as once they had arrived at his palace she would truly be under his power.

"You will dine with me." He ordered, leering at the aristocrat. Without warning, Jabba quickly reached into a large bowl overflowing with Ylesian white worms. The Hutt grabbed a handful of the wiggling grubs and stuffed them into his mouth, chewing noisily and mumbling with his mouth full as he continued to sample the other "dishes" that comprised the buffet.

Minna looked at Jabba when he mentioned "dining with him," scarcely believing the corpulent Hutt needed anymore food. She quickly averted her eyes as he stuffed his face with bowlfuls of live creatures. She gagged, trying to imagine anything but the gross spectacle that was before her, and noticed several of the men eyeing her up, making lewd comments about her thighs and chest under their breath, and she felt instantly flustered. Jabba barely paid her any attention, save the sideward glance to see if his future slave girl was eating from any of the dishes in front of her.


Minna's most striking characteristic was her bright green hair: the result of a genetic modification her parents had bought for her with their vast amount of money.

A tall woman, Minna sported long, luscious legs, large breasts, a broad stomach, and an ample butt. Complementing her height was her curvaceous figure: a soft, creamy waist stood like a column between her wide hips and ample bosom.

Continued biography

Minna could not believe how disgusting the Hutt actually was--her view of him eating from the crowd earlier being nothing compared to this. She kept hoping the Hutt had finished eating, but the minutes dragged on, and Jabba kept on reaching for bowl after bowl, platter after platter, eating everything from worms, to frogs, to beetles, to lizards to any other tiny animal he could possibly fit into that slimy, drooling cavernous mouth of his. She noted that the other courtiers were helping themselves to dishes set away from Jabba's buffet, fine steaks and pastries and the like, and her stomach started to grumble. She almost lost her lunch however as the Hutt pulled her by the arm over to his filth covered body and spoke to her while chomping on some squeaking swamp wriggler. "You'll get used to me." He gurgled, slurping up the little appetizer and letting out a loud, gurgling burp, the fetid air wafting over her face. She coughed and sputtered and then quite unexpectedly fainted. Jabba laughed and slobbered, quite amused that he had grossed out this young girl to such a degree. She'd be a feisty one, no doubt, and he couldn't wait to begin reducing her to little more than a pleasure slave whose only purpose was to serve him. This process would come sooner than expected as the barge began to slow. They had arrived at Jabba the Hutt's palace.

As the Khetanna slowed to a stop inside the massive hanger inside Jabba's Palace, Jabba had Minna injected with a mild anesthetic to ensure that she wouldn't wake up while she was being prepared for him, then ordered his guards to prepare her in the dungeons for him. Dragging her unconscious body down the dungeons and into a small cell, the Gamorreans placed Minna on a table in the middle of the cell. They stripped and cleaned the unconscious slave, then eagerly began fingering her as they proceeded to rub a thick gel onto her crotch. The gel caused Minna's pubic hair to fall off, never to grow back again; leaving her pussy fresh and soft for Jabba's slimy touch. After they had wiped the gel off of her skin, they reluctantly handed her over to Diva Shaliqua who dressed Minna in her new outfit.

Minna's New Home Edit

Minna awoke with a start, her dreams filled with the disgusting sights and smells of some horrible, revolting, creature eating. As she took in her surroundings, panic shot through her body, not knowing where she was and how she got there. She sat in a small, cramped, cushion-filled room with a large metal door that stood in front of her, serving as the only way in and out of the small cell. Several dull lights were mounted to walls, revealing featureless stone without any windows to break the gloom.

She didn't know about her skin being cold, but she felt naked. After seeing that there wasn't any immediate danger, she managed to calm herself down, and for the first time began to notice how silky the cushions felt against her skin. Wait...her skin? Hadn't she been wearing her gown earlier? She looked down at herself and gasped in horror. Replacing her elegant dress was a costume nearly devoid of material, a tiny two-piece bikini (which was so skimpy that it didn't even deserve to be called a bikini in the first place) now hung from her body.

The strapless brassiere cupped and lifted her breasts, making the already prominent mounds even more visible, and leaving her back completely exposed. The "thong" that she now wore hugged her waist uncomfortably as the two tiny golden plates exposed her large rear and long legs. The gold metal of of both pieces felt cold against her skin causing her to shiver despite the temperature of the pleasantly warm room. She had never worn anything so scandalous in her life, nor did she ever dream she would.

She leapt off the bed and ran to the metal door. When she tried to open it, however, she found that it was locked from the outside. Her face burned with indignation at her situation: inexplicably dressed in a skimpy new outfit and held like a prisoner against her will in this small room. She banged on the door and called out in the strongest, most commanding voice she could muster, but no one answered her. Turning from the door frustrated and a little bit frightened, she began to search the room in vain for her gown.

Tossing cushions about as she continued to look for her clothes, Minna was startled by the sound of the door opening behind her. Spinning around she found herself facing another young woman. She was shorter than Minna, but very thin and pretty. Her most striking feature was a crest of bright blue hair that rose from the middle of her head--her forehead being hairless. Like Minna, she was scantily-clad, wearing a metal brassiere with a curving design on it, a similarly iron-colored thong, and pink harem pants.

"Good, you're finally awake," the woman said, and Minna was struck by the shimmering sound of her voice. She looked Minna up and down and then nodded approvingly. "I can see why Jabba is so excited to have you. You have a wonderful figure, which is why I picked out that particular outfit. Perfect for girls with an hourglass shape. I can tell it doesn't quite fit you, but don't worry, I can easily adjust it before you meet our master again. We must have you looking your best tonight."

Minna became indignant at the ease with which the woman spoke about her appearance. "Who are you and where are my clothes," she said, "I want them back immediately!"

But the woman only smiled and shook her head in denial. "In this place you're actually safer wearing that than your old clothes." she said, then turned away, and spoke with a sideward glance, "Besides, His Excellency will prefer you in your current ensemble. He likes his girls to wear next to nothing." and Minna's eyes widened in astonishment, not just at the matter-of-fact tone of her voice, but also at the suggestion that she, a well-bred elite woman, was just one of "his" girls. "But why don't you sit down and I'll explain everything?" the Theelin girl asked comfortingly, patting a spot on the bed adjacent to her. "You must be in shock from your ordeal."

Honestly, Minna didn't feel much like sitting down, but the woman's beautiful voice made her want to continue to listen, and she thought she found sympathy when she looked into her eyes. So she sat back down on the bed and listened attentively.

"My name is Diva Shaliqua, and I was Jabba's favorite slave for several years. That's why I wear this outfit," she said, running her hands from her chest to her hips, "although this is the last night I'll hold that position. You see, Jabba has found a new favorite: You."

"Me?" Minna exclaimed, shaking her head, "But I'm no slave!"

Diva shook her head and conceded, but then quickly added "Well, for all intents and...purposes, yes, you sort of are. Jabba has taken you into his custody as an agitator, which means he could simply place you in the dungeon if he wanted to. You see, there is no law here outside that declared by the Hutts. But as he finds your beauty alluring and your noble spirit enticing, it appears he's chosen to take you as his personal slave."

Minna clenched her teeth. "A personal slave? Is that why he's had me dressed in this scandalous outfit? It barely covers my body..."

"Actually, yes..." Diva said. "As Jabba knows that you are--or should I say were--an aristocrat, he ordered me to dress you in something made of solid gold, in order to declare his power to reduce you from a noblewoman to his slave. However, our master still required the outfit to be sexy and leave little to the imagination, because he claimed 'it would be a crime to hide such a comely physique.'" Diva seemed to snicker at the Hutt's idea of a joke, then quickly composed herself.

"As long as you wear that bikini, none of his guests or servants will harass you, mistaking you for a common slave. They will know that you are the property of Jabba, and only Jabba."

"I see..." Minna said, and became somewhat thankful for the uncomfortable costume, but also a little worried over the prospect of being owned by the slobbering Hutt. "But how will he treat me?"

Diva smiled sardonically. "Well, this is frankly where things get a little complicated. See, Jabba knows that your parents will pay a lot for your safety and eventual return, but to be honest, I doubt he intends to return you. Very few slaves, especially women, are granted the freedom to leave his side. Usually, he makes us disappear..." She paused to let the hopelessness of Minna's situation sink in, then continued, "The Hutt will probably find some sly, clever way to let your parents think you're happy and comfortable in his presence, and that so long as he gets his money, you'll be kept in this safe and leisurely position."

"But in reality," she said, becoming more solemn, "your eventual destiny is to become little more than a pleasure slave to the Mighty Jabba, a slave whose sole purpose is to serve our master in any way he desires and to indulge him in his debauched appetites. Although he appreciates your noble spirit, he expects you to recognize his superiority over you. He is not intimidated by your status as a noblewoman, since he sees you as an inferior bipedal creature to use as he wishes. To him, your human race ranks only slightly above the disgusting little toads you've no doubt noticed he enjoys as snacks. Jabba owns you and is your master now and the only things he wants from you are to enjoy your beauty and your eventual complete submission to his will. Your life is no longer yours. It belongs to Jabba the Hutt."

Diva paused and gave her speech a moment to sink in. Minna's agape mouth, combined with the slight tears welling up in her eyes, showed that she was demonstrating the expected result. The Theelin had experienced those feelings when she was first introduced into Jabba's harem all those years ago. Utter hopelessness. She continued.

"Jabba plans to enjoy the pleasure of your company. You will want to make sure he does, starting tonight--or else he might change his mind and arrange for your aforementioned... disappearance."

At this, Minna gasped, already in so much shock, and now she was being asked to accept her new role as slave immediately!

"He's not completely horrible though." Diva said, with a note of sarcasm."He'll begin slow--he enjoys breaking his new girls in this way--and get you used to physical contact with him. He'll have you do the things expected of a slave, like serving him drinks, feeding him his awful food, and entertaining him with your dancing, but he'll expect you to do these things with the grace of your former class."

Diva put her hand on Minna's bare leg, "And while he'll play up the notion that he's going to return you to your parents, he'll expect you to submit completely to his advances before this, and by the time you've done that, its very likely you won't miss your family life or your former life anymore. You'll appreciate Jabba despite--or even because of his vile mannerisms--recognizing him as the greater being he is. And you'll feel honored to be his pretty slave girl. I can tell you from my own personal experience that being with master Jabba won't be as bad as you think. In fact, you will probably find yourself enjoying some of his attentions..wanting to seduce him and the like, pitting the power of your beauty against his might. Enjoy the fact that you can make the Exalted One's great tail wriggle for you," Diva said, and laughed salaciously.

Minna shook her head in disbelief--she couldn't imagine herself embraced by those doughy, stubby arms, held against that flabby, greasy girth, feeling that thick, gooey tail wrapping around her legs, and then stroking her stomach, and then.... "How???" Minna asked, with complete disgust apparent in her voice.

"Because," Diva said, "you will learn to respect and fear his power and intelligence. You know that Hutts live almost a millennium, right? They are superior beings in to other ways too, as you will learn. They are capable of feeling incredible pleasure, and they can give it as well. But come, we need to bathe before your introduction to master Jabba, and I want to adjust that costume..."

Minna and Diva: Trading PlacesEdit

Diva took Minna to the palace baths. They continued to talk as they washed themselves, and Minna learned more about Diva's life.

Diva explained that she had previously been owned by Ingoda the Hutt, who had murdered her parents and stolen her as a child. When Ingoda owed Jabba money, she was given to him as payment. Jabba enjoyed her beauty and loved to flaunt her at podraces, but unlike Ingoda he didn't appreciate her singing, the glory of her race.

"You see," Diva had said, "we have the greatest voices in the universe. It's in our genes. But a mutation has arisen that prevents us from breeding with one another. I myself am only Half-Theelin; my father was a human. Jabba enjoys owning me because my race is so rare: I'm not common like the Twi'lek's he uses and disposes."

But now Jabba had grown tired of her, and with the arrival of Minna, he saw an opportunity to make a profit on the half-Theelin whose musical talents he didn't appreciate. The gambler Romeo Treblanc had offered to buy Diva before, but Jabba had said no. However, that afternoon Jabba finally accepted Treblanc's highest offer. Later that week Treblanc would come pick her up and take her to an opera house in Coruscant, where she would finally realize her dreams of singing and maybe earn her freedom. Her preparing Minna to serve Jabba was Diva's last task for her Hutt master.

When they had dried, Diva helped Minna put on her golden outfit. With the adjustments the Theelin made, Minna felt much more comfortable when she walked and could even entertain the possibility of dancing if she had to. "And you will dance at some point," Diva said almost seeming to read her thoughts. "But for that, you'll need these." She brought over golden jewelry for Minna's feet. As she she placed the gaudy accessories around her ankles she told Minna that she would meet with her every day for several hours. This was so she could learn the proper way to perform various sultry dances and erotic moves necessary to please her new master.

After she was done with the jewelry Diva circled Minna, examining her with the scrutiny of a woman practiced in understanding what Jabba enjoyed. "Your most striking feature is you hair," Diva said finally, "so let's do something unexpectedly simple with it." Taking a red ribbon from beside her, Shaliqua brought Minna's shoulder-length hair up against her head and bound it tightly with the ribbon. She continued to spruce and play with her hair for a little while longer, making some corrections with scissors until she finally seemed satisfied. Then, as an added precaution (and due to Diva's long years in the service of the bulbous crime lord), she showed Minna several risque techniques guaranteed to seduce the perverted Hutt.

"There." Diva said with as she stepped back to look at Minna "Jabba is sure sure to be pleased."

Before they went upstairs, Diva took several pictures of Minna in her costume, laying beside the baths. "For your parents," she said, "to let them know you're alive and safe."  Unknown to Minna, that picture never would reach her parents.

Minna is Returned to JabbaEdit

As they rode the elevator down to Jabba's Audience Chamber, Diva gave Minna some important last minute instructions.

"When we arrive, walk immediately over to Jabba and bow before him. Whenever you speak to our master--and you should never do so unless he invites it--you must address him in Huttese and begin with a title such as Exalted One, Your Excellency, or Master. Jabba demands respect from everyone in his court, especially his slave girls, and using another language besides Huttese is an affront to his pride."

"After you greet him in this way, you must take your place beside him on his throne as his servant. You will then eat together--but be warned, Jabba loves seeing his girls' disgust as he eats, and occasionally feeds them the same thing for the reaction. This will only heighten his lust for you, so if you want a slightly better chance of avoiding his lust, try to control your gag reflex. It's unlikely he will ask you to dance your first night, but be prepared--don't eat too much at dinner. As for where you'll sleep afterwards, Jabba sleeps in his private chambers with his most loyal guards. Regardless of how you may feel about the master, That is where you will want to sleep for your safety. While spending the night with the Hutt may not sound like an accommodating experience for you now, it is better than spending it alone in the the palace halls alone as they are not friendly places at night, especially for scantily-clad pleasure slaves like yourself."

As the elevator reached its destination, Minna could hear the soft sound of music coming from outside. As the doors slid open, Minna was suddenly assaulted by a wave of sounds and smells. None of them pleasant. Stepping into the dingy place, she found herself in a crowded throne room, members of most of the galaxies species milling about the opened space, while others sat in the darkened corners smoking from hookahs or playing sabacc in small groups. The men of various species lurked about the room, casually feeling up some of the current slave girls who flirted with them, and winking at Minna as she walked by in her skimpy costume. The stench of spice, sweat, liquor wafter over her as a blue Ortolan played a jazzy note and a Falleen woman sung soft but vulgar lyrics to the tune.

As Minna and Shaliqua entered, the crowd turned and parted, making way for the new girl. Minna felt their hot gazes on her semi-nude body and felt her face flush as she moved closer behind Diva. She felt some slimy appendage poke at her bare backside but did not dare turnaround to face her molester. Once she reached Jabba, he'd hopefully be the only slimy thing to caress her barely-clothed form.

The two gold-clad slave girls escaped the circle of of guests and stepped onto a grate in the center of the throne room, which for some reason was left unoccupied by the numerous courtiers. Minna had been trying to look at her feet so she would not have to meet the lecherous looks that she knew she was receiving but suddenly she caught a whiff of something far more putrid than anything else that had assaulted her senses. Surprised, and with a note of caution, she slowly looked up.

Before her, she once again found herself facing her new master, the mighty Jabba the Hutt. She was appalled that he'd somehow become more revolting since she'd last seen him. The grotesque crime lord reclined on a repulsorlift dais outfitted with stone, lazily sucking on his hookah pipe, the spice coupled with his own offensive odor coming off in waves and overwhelming Minna's senses. His glazed reptilian eyes leered at her with unmistakable lust and she found their gaze trailing every curve of her svelte physique. A plump, dripping tongue slid across the Hutt's slimy lips and left a trail of ooze that dripped down his chin slowly. Drool caked the powerful gangster's toothless mouth and began to dribble onto his bloated belly, overstuffed with an assortment of live delicacies.

Without taking his eyes off his new possession, Jabba set his hookah to the side and hit a button on his arm rest, causing the hookah to move away, revealing the open top of the Hutt's snackquarium. Reaching a chubby arm into the bowl, Jabba grabbed a wriggling paddy frog, its frenzied struggles sending drops of the greenish water in which it had resided into the air. Her gluttonous master then dumped the live morsel into a tray adjacent him and Minna watched in horror as the frog was now covered in some sort of butter. Bringing the sullied creature to his open mouth, Jabba slid the squeaking creature passed his filthy lips, and sat there for a long moment, eyes still fixed on the pretty girl, then as an afterthought, he began to chew slowly. The creatures squeals were still audible as the fat Hutt finally gulped the snack-creature down and then let out an obnoxiously loud burp. Wiping his drooling mouth with a blubbery arm, Jabba declared in his deep, booming voice,

"Ahh, my 'guest' finally arrives. I can see you have been properly dressed for me. Such a delightful ensemble you were dressed in in order to please me. I am impressed. It allows me to appreciate you for all your...assets." And at these words, his large orange eyes turned to slits, gawking at her ample cleavage. "Yes, Shaliqua," he gurgled, "you have outdone yourself." Then he chuckled at his own joke.

Standing beside Minna, Diva bowed deeply in acceptance of her master's praise, and then poked the noble-blooded female in the ribs as Jabba rumbled with impatience. Minna stepped forward awkwardly but quickly recovered herself, remembering what Diva had told her. She too bowed low to the Hutt Lord, whose mouth now drooled continuously.

"I am honored to join you, your Excellency," Minna spoke, in the best Huttese she could muster, recalling what she had learned in school. Worse than hearing Jabba speak his repellent language was having to use it herself; the slow rhythm, long vowels, and gliding consonants felt like thick oil on her tongue, and she resented having to form her thoughts according to the limited diction of Huttese, instead of her elegant Basic. To make matters worse, she was nervous, so that her voice sounded more girly than her commanding one. But she continued on, "I hope that you will enjoy the pleasure of my company this evening...and every evening during my stay with you." At this she stammered, realizing what she was unintentionally implying. But she quickly recovered her poise, and rising up from her bow, concluded by reassuming her confident voice from their first meeting. "I intend to use all of my breeding and skills to entertain you, Exalted One."  Wait, did she really just offer her body to the hutt so that he could breed her? Oh no! Jabba began to chuckle at Minna's sudden offer, and her embarrassment of what she had just said. Yes, she would make a fine slave.

She couldn't believe her own words, yet, as she uttered them, a strange feeling of flattery began to take over her, as she recalled how the men of the palace--and indeed, the very Hutt she was to call master--had looked upon her in the skimpy bikini. She remembered what Diva had said about the Hutt's power, and decided to pretend for a while that he was really a monarch, a royal sovereign. Maybe this would enable her to get through her ordeal.

Jabba's belch quickly shattered her fantasy, bringing her back to the reality of the grotesque slug before her. He then rumbled with a low, guttural laugh. "Oh Ho Ho Ho Ho...I see Shaliqua has taught you well. In time, you will learn to appreciate me." The Hutt licked his lips again, smearing some of the butter from his last snack over his mouth, then spoke in his deepest, most authoritative voice: "Come hither, girl. This time you will eat with me. Diva, you will fan me during our meal."

With a nudge from Diva, Minna strode forward, trying to stand as erect as possible, but trembling the closer she drew to the loathsome sultan. As she crouched down to give her body leverage to climb onto his dais, she heard murmurs of appreciation from the room and realized she must've given every male in the room a nice clear view of her rear as she bent over. Minna blushed as she rose on her knees to look at Jabba, and was surprised to see how absolutely huge he was up close. Drooling and refusing to have any more patience, Jabba reached out with his short, stubby arms and pulled the bikini-clad aristocrat against his corpulent bulk. He cupped her chin with a flabby hand and forced her to look at him, her face inches from his and rumbled.

"It seems like my court enjoys your beauty, but only I have the pleasure of having you close beside me." And with that, he opened his mouth and his foul tongue came forth, slopping a beastly kiss upon her cheek. Minna tried not to gag, but his breath was horrid and smelled of dead aquatic life. His tongue was quite possibly the most disgusting thing she had yet encountered, and the fact that moments ago, this tongue had encountered some gross frog-like snack brought her close to vomiting. Still though, a kiss from her "master" seemed preferable to what else he could do to her.

Allowed another taste of the pretty slave girl, Jabba chuckled slowly and then after a few more minutes of casually feeling up Minna--paying special attention to her waist and hips--the perverted Hutt allowed her to lay at his side. She thought he'd give her a moment of peace when she suddenly heard Jabba's stomach grumble, a particularly foul sound. "Dinner! I had almost forgotten....And seeing your smooth, ivory skin really has worked up my appetite." The enormous slug said, jovially. "Bring. me. food!!" He barked to his court and amidst the shuffling of many individuals. Mina and her master quickly found before themselves an enormous banquet.

"Paddy frogs in brandy, effrikim worms, dwarf nuna, swamp wrigglers with bantha butter, nala tree frogs with spices drizzled over them. And several tatooine sunburns to wash it all down. This is real food!" Jabba exclaimed, as if the squirming fare that comprised the Hutt's various dishes was considered some sort of culinary delight. Minna looked at her own meal, separate from Jabba's live feast. It consisted of little more than a few sparse vegetables, a bread roll, some sort of soup that looked like the Hutt had recently spit up, and a glass of water. "Guess he means for me to keep my slender figure." Mina thought to herself, relieved that she wasn't expected to eat from Jabba's banquet.

Jabba turned to his slave, rubbing his chubby arms together and then ordered her, "Feed me."

Looking at the disgusting food piled near the Hutt, Minna felt immediate apprehension at the request. Watching the plates of the wriggling and squirming frogs and worms, Minna's nose wrinkled at the thought of touching the revolting creatures. Still, she had understood this might be one of her duties and quickly stood to move to her master's side.

As Jabba hooked one of his flabby arms around her slender waist, Minna reached into the murky vat of brandy, feeling the slimy things move away from her grasping hand. After several attempts she finally caught one of the wriggling creatures and brought it dripping from its container. Keeping it at arms-length away from herself, Minna presented it to Jabba, desperately trying to hold onto the struggling frog. Enjoying the look of disgust on his pet's face, Jabba extended his scum-coated tongue to her. Glad to be rid of it, Minna plopped the hapless creature onto her master's waiting tongue. The disgusting appendage rolled back into his cavernous mouth, and Minna could hear a small squeal as the frog was devoured, sloppily gulped down in one bite.

He belched obscenely and Minna grimaced at the pungent smell of his hot breath. Dispite her disgust, Minna continued to feed the hutt, dropping more food into his mouth as she became acclimated to the slimy feel of the frogs and grubs that would writhe in her hands. When Jabba had finally eaten his fill, he took Minna's arms, and to her surprise, placed them in his mouth. While she protested and tried to pull them free, Jabba sucked the remaining juices from her dirtied hands, his tongue swirling around them inside his toothless mouth. When he finally released them from his wide mouth, Minna's forearms were coated with his slime. She wretched and bent forward to wipe the residue on the pillows and cushions.

As she lay against Jabba's belly, Minna watched two of his Gamorrean guards enter, dragging in a naked lethan twi'lek slave girl who had just suffered a beating from the Gamorreans.

Minna remembered what Diva had told her before. She knew if she spoke up Jabba would be furious, so she had to find another way to interrupt him. Thinking quickly, she reached down beside herself and placed her hand on the tip of Jabba's tail, which wriggled at her touch. Minna wrapped her hands firmly around it and began to squeeze gently as she licked it. Even though what she had just done disgusted her, it caught Jabba's attention. Jabba cooed in pleasure and looked down at her.

"Do you wish to say something, my pet?"

"Please, Exalted One," Minna said, looking over at the Twi'lek. "Have mercy on her."

"And what will you do for me if I do? Will you offer me money to spare her life?" Jabba questioned his pet.

"No, your Excellency," Minna said, "but maybe I can occupy your attention by entertaining you instead." Her wish to help the Twi'lek girl gave her the courage to wink at Jabba and speak with a playful edge to her voice. From her place behind Jabba fanning him, Diva smiled at Minna's flirtation.

"Entertain me?" asked Jabba, his eyes widening with interest. "And how would you do that?"

"I will dance for you and the courtiers," Minna said, "and then..." she saw Diva urging her on with her eyes, "and then...I will will give you a private dance for your enjoyment." She was disgusted and frightened about fufilling her last promise, but she decided that the twi'lek's life was more important than her own well-being.

"Very well," Jabba said, chuckling, "if you can distract me enough with your performance, I will let her go without punishment."

Minna has the band play a popular Coruscanti song and dances, rivaling Oola's performance that would come decades later.

Completely aroused by her performance, Jabba yanked on Minna's chain.  Running straight for Jabba, she fell against his oily flesh, and was embraced before she could get away. Jabba then slopped a beastly kiss with his tongue across her cheek before she could turn away, much to her disgust.

"Excellent, my lovely. Now, let's continue this in my private room, shall we?" He said as he brought his glass to her and offered her a drink. Minna was too thirsty from her dance to even worry about what Jabba's drink was, and greedily began to drink from Jabba's glass.

"Bring me another drink, my dear," Jabba spoke after Minna had her fill. Minna bowed and then turned around, walking to the bar. Jabba was delighted. Within only a few short weeks, she had already willingly danced for him and seemed completely obedient to his demands. As he watched her large hips sway as she walked away from him, he anticipated what the years ahead would hold. Just then, Bib Fortuna came over to him and whispered "the girl's parents have made their first deposit and have left a message for her."

"Good," Jabba said, "send them the pictures Diva took, and let them know that I expect a larger amount of money before I send them any video of their daughter."

As Bib strode away to fulfill his master's orders, Minna returned to Jabba with a refilled glass on a tray.

"Tonight you will rest with me," Jabba said. "I have a message from your parents for you to see in my private chamber."

Minna went with Jabba---not only did she know it was the only way to hear from her parents, but she knew she was safer by the Hutt's side than alone in any of the palace rooms, as Diva had said.

Jabba's Return to Mos Espa Edit

After months of being in Jabba's custody, Minna began to break. She had gotten used to the feel of Jabba's flesh against hers and his beastly kisses, but both still greatly disgusted her. Whenever Jabba returned to Mos Espa, he always brought Minna along to show off his power to others, just like he had done with his other personal slave girls. This display of power would always intimidate those who threatened his power, as well as discourage Minna's fellow slaves who saw the fallen noblewoman as a beacon of hope of on ending the awful reality of slavery.

Jabba meets with the Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi, who orders Jabba to release his daughter, whom Jabba had taken captive. During the meeting, Minna hopes that the jedi will recognize her, but he doesn't. Crestfallen, Minna loses all hope for release and submits completely to Jabba that very night.
Jabba holds Minna

Jabba talks to Ki-Adi-Mundi while Minna looks on, hoping in vain to be recognized.


Minna's Later Years Edit

As Minna recorded her latest message to her parents from Jabba's private chamber, she wondered if they would be able to tell that she had become the Hutt's concubine. As she lay back on the bed of her master--she accepted calling him that now--she reflected on the past few years of her captivity and the change she had undergone.
Jabba and Minna Mural

Painting of Jabba and his court that Jabba had displayed in the Star Jewel and Khetanna.


A sepia-toned view of the painting.

Unfortunately for Minna, her parents were killed when Palpatine transformed the Old Republic into the Galactic Empire. Upon hearing this, Jabba gained control of Minna's vast family wealth, allowing Jabba to purchase the Star Jewel, increasing his power and influence over the outer rim.  With this vast fund, Jabba was also able to purchase various torture devices which he used on his captives for his sadistic entertainment, and would occasionally use on Minna for the same purpose.

Minna was eventually released from Jabba's custody, but only after her youthful beauty had faded, and Jabba had grown tired of her. After the long years of serving as Jabba's personal pleasure slave, Minna had too many doubts in her mind to be able to resume the goal she had of working to free girls who shared similar experiences, becoming more distant to the ones she knew and loved in her old life. Unable to overcome the memories of the time she spent in his palace, Minna returned to Jabba's service and became the leader of his harem, teaching new slaves what Diva Shaliqua had taught her long ago. It was definitely better than all of those years of being Jabba's personal pleasure slave. With Jabba's rise to power among the hutt clans, and her new position in his palace, Minna became a powerful supporter of slavery, the very thing she had sought to destroy when she was young.

Jabba with Minna2

Jabba delegates to his men while Minna looks on.

Jabba's Story about his rise and Minna

Minna helplessly suffers Jabba's slimy affections as Jabba negotiates a deal in his throne room, explaining how Minna came into his possession.