On Tatooine a young human girl named Kelli Staar was walking across the dessert looking for water but there was no water in sight. Kelli continued to walk until she decided to stop and rest to catch her breath. "It's hot out here so I think I'll rest for awhile." She sat down and lied her head next to a wall to sleep but unknown to her she was resting at the entrance to the palace of Jabba The Hutt. As Kelli slept she began touching her face and took her shirt off then the palace door opened to see Jabba's dance girls Lyn Me and Greeta standing. "Look Greeta this young lady shall make a nice slave girl to the master." Lyn Me said. "Yes I agree and I suggest we bring her inside and get her dressed." Greeta and Lyn Me lifted Kelli up with their hands and carried her inside the palace. Inside the dressing room Greeta touched Kelli's beautiful brown hair and Kelli then woke up in shock. "Where am I?" Kelli asked. "You are in the palace of Jabba The Hutt I am Lyn Me and this is Greeta we are Jabba's dance girls." Lyn Me replied then Greeta spoke. "You are to serve as Jabba's sexy slave girl." "A sexy slave girl?" Kelli asked in surprise. "Yes my dear young lady to be a sexy slave girl you will be given a slave girl outfit." Greeta replied as Lyn Me laughed. "Greeta's right so I suggest you undress now and get in your new outfit." Kelli was surprised but then she stripped herself naked and began to shiver and cry. "It's c c c cold in here. My naked body is feeling the cold air." Kelli said shivering in tears then Lyn Me grabbed her arm and hugged her touching her back to keep her warm. "Don't worry you won't be naked if you don't want to." Lyn Me said laughing cruelly then Greeta came putting her hand on Kelli's belly. "Let's introduce I"m Greeta and this is Lyn Me. What's your name?" Greeta asked. Kelli sobbed and gave her speech. "I'm Kelli Staar and I want to see my new slave girl outfit." Greeta and Lyn Me showed her a metal bikini with a blue skirt and Kelli's sadness turned to amazement. "Blue is my favorite color and as a new slave girl I promise to obey your master." Kelli said. "Good now put it on." Lyn Me commanded and Kelli did by first putting on her bra then the rest of her outfit needs. Kelli then looked at her half naked body in a mirror and gave a scream. "Ahh I love it! I look so pretty thank you girls!" Greeta and Lyn Me laughed then replied" "You're welcome my dear!" Kelli liked her new outfit as she digged her hand under her skirt to feel her bottom and followed Greeta and Lyn Me to meet Jabba. "No underwear to cover my butt I love it. I think being a sexy slave will be fun." Kelli thought to herself.


Lyn Me and Greeta escorted Kelli to Jabba to find him sleeping. "Let me do the talking Kelli because you're new." Lyn Me said to Kelli. "Don't worry my dear you will learn to please Jabba." Greeta said placing her hand on Kelli's shoulder. "Jabba is a vile gangster but if he likes sexy girls I may like it." Kelli thought to herself. "Master." Lyn Me spoke as Jabba woke. "Lyn Me what do you have today?" Jabba asked. "Greeta and I present Kelli Staar she is to be your new slave girl." Lyn Me replied. Kelli was brought before the Hutt and Greeta watched her. "Greetings Mighty Jabba I am your new sexy slave Kelli Staar and I would like to know how that job works." Kelli spoke Nervously. "Don't be scared my dear as long as you do as I say you will not be harmed." Jabba spoke and Kelli nodded. "The job goes like this my new slave is you will do as I say, dance for me and pleasure me at all times and no one else." Jabba spoke. "I u u understand Master." Kelli spoke in defeat because she knew there was no escape from Jabba The Hutt. "Now come and sit at my side!" Jabba commanded and Kelli did as she was told. Kelli had tears coming out but she could not cry because she wanted to obey her new master. "Oh one thing I forgot my dear you are not to speak without my permission." Said Jabba and Kelli nodded. "Good then it looks like you haven't drank anything since my dance girls found you. Greeta! Lyn Me! Get me a cup for feed my new slave." Jabba commanded. "Yes Master." Replied Greeta and Lyn Me as they stormed off. "Now my slave let me get to know you first. How did you get to my palace? You may speak." Jabba asked. "I was lost and almost died of thirst." Kelli replied. "Well no need to worry you will be fed in no time." Jabba said smiling with amazement. Greeta and Lyn Me returned with Jabba's glass filled with water. "As you requested Master liquid for your new slave." Lyn Me spoke passing the cup to Jabba. "Here drink this water my slave." Jabba ordered and Kelli did. As Kelli gulped the water she felt better with hydration and healthy then as Kelli finished she gave a long sigh. "Good now you will rest until we are ready for your training." Said Jabba. Lyn Me walked up to Kelli smiling at her. "You did well Kelli I think you will serve Jabba well." Kelli nodded at her then fell asleep on Jabba's tummy. "Master what do you want us to do?" Lyn Me asked. "Go to your chambers until she is ready." Jabba replied and they left the room leaving Jabba and Kelli alone.


Kelli was sleeping with her hands on her belly and was dreaming until Greeta came into the room. Jabba woke up and saw Greeta. "Greeta you are right on time. You and Lyn Me are to teach Kelli how a slave girl dances for me." Jabba said. "Yes Master I shall wake her up at once." Greeta placed her hand on Kelli's face. "Wake up we need you." Greeta whispered and Kelli woke up rubbing her eyes. "Jabba's orders are for me and Lyn Me to teach you dancing." Kelli rose up and bowed before her master. "You have my permission to leave my side my dear your trainning begins." Jabba announced and Kelli followed Greeta to her chambers. Inisde the room Lyn Me saw Kelli and Greeta coming. "Welcome Kelli hope you rested well because you are to learn to dance." Said Lyn Me. Kelli was determined to learn but wished she could escape even though she liked being half naked. "Now pay attention Kelli I will dance first and you will follow along." Lyn Me ordered then she danced so beautifully with Greeta dancing too. "Now do what we do!" Ordered Lyn Me and Kelli danced the way Lyn Me and Greeta did then she began moves that were new. Greeta and Lyn Me were surprised. "That girl dances good Lyn Me." Greeta said. "Yeah I never knew she could dance like that." Replied Lyn Me. Kelli ended her dance by blowing a kiss and bowing down. "Well done Kelli you are going to please Jabba well." Lyn Me said and the real thing was about to begin so Greeta and Lyn Me escorted Kelli out of the room and back to Jabba. Kelli sat at her master's side and Jabba gave a speech. "I would like to announce that my new slave girl Kelli Staar completed her trainning and will start to dance so rise and stand my slave!" Jabba ordered and Kelli rose up in front of the audience. Greeta and Lyn Me watched. "Kelli will do just fine." Greeta said to Lyn Me. "I agree we taught her well and her new moves were impressive." Lyn Me replied. Jabba gave permission for Kelli to speak to the audience. "I am Jabba's new slave girl Kelli Staar and I will dance for you audience and impress the great Jabba The Hutt." Kelli announced then she began to dance. As she was dancing she giggled as her boots tickled and swinging her beautiful hair across the room. "Whoa check her out." Max Rebo said playing the music. "That girl's a great dancer." Greeta said to him. Kelli still danced as she began to touch her belly and her legs then she breathed heavily as she concluded her dance by blowing a kiss and bowing down. The audience applauded even Jabba, Lyn Me and Greeta and Kelli was amazed that everyone liked her dancing. "Well done my slave now sit at my side you done enough on your first day." Jabba ordered and Kelli waved at the audience and sat next to Jabba. "Oh Master they loved my dancing." Kelli said sighing on Jabba's tummy. "I did too where did you learn to dance like that?" Jabba asked "I learned from my mother as a little girl." Kelli replied "Well keep at it and you will be the greatest slave girl of all time." Jabba said then Kelli was hungry so the Hutt gave Kelli food from his aquarium and placed it in Kelli's mouth. Kelli gagged from the taste but chewed and swallowed it. Kelli wanted to puke but couldn't in order to please Jabba then Lyn Me and Greeta walked to Kelli. "That was great dancing now you will settle for the night." Lyn Me said as Kelli nodded.


Jabba was sound asleep while Kelli stayed up for a while. "I danced good but how will I escape from this place and return to my family?" Kelli said quietly to herself. "I promised to serve Jabba forever which means I can't escape." as Kelli sat alone with Jabba one of Jabba's guards came in with Greeta. "You were great today my dear. Leave us." Greeta said to the guard. "Tomorrow Kelli I shall go with you on the master's sail barge to sail to Mos Esliey." Greeta said. "That's a public place where smugglers hang around right?" Kelli asked. "Yes but you won't see smugglers you will be above the town and you will dance there." Greeta replied. "That sounds exciting." Kelli said. "Good and you me and Lyn Me are going to be good friends." Greeta said then she hugged Kelli and left the room leaving Kelli alone once again. "More dancing more mayhem I get to dance on the sail barge on the top of Mos Esliey." Kelli said then she gave a long sigh and moan and fell asleep on her pillows next to Jabba for tomorrow was a big day for Kelli Staar Jabba's new half naked slave girl.

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