Nima'tar (also known as Mina) was a female green-skinned Twi'lek scholar, remembered for her theories and writings regarding Hutt society.

She was Jabba Desilijic Tiure's slave dancer just before the position was filled by Oola.


Early LifeEdit

Nima'tar was the lead singer in a band, which had toured the galaxy and ended up playing for Jabba the Hutt. She toured with the band to pay for her tuition and the time to share her thesis. During her performance, she witness a Twi'lek slave defy Jabba, dropped in the Rancor Pit, and eaten by Jabba's Rancor.


Mina hand cleaning Jabba.

Her band sold her into slavery to get off-world and Nima'tar remained Jabba's slave, working on her thesis. She would be forced to comfort Jabba, dance for him, and hand clean him. With the arrival of Oola, Nima'tar knew she was there to replace her, and that Jabba would have her fed to the rancor. She managed to escape with many of the notes she had taken, with the help of Tamtel Skreej.

Later LifeEdit

Mina was back at the university presenting her thesis: "Hygiene & Power: A Xenopological Study of a Hutt."


Mina and her thesis.



While enslaved, she was kept naked for the first three weeks, much to her chagrin. Bib Fortuna would often take her for himself and keep her on a leash for his pleasure.

Nima'tar's OutfitEdit

She would be forced to wear a revealing outfit, also similar to that of Oola's. Though the design of the headdress is a bit different than the one Oola got.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Nima'tar's PerceptionEdit

Mina thought the outfit was a little on the flimsy side. But she had to tolerate it to prevent getting eaten by the rancor.


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