"Learn quickly! You cost me a fortune. Two fortunes. You will please him-even if his only enjoyment is watching you die." --Bib Fortuna talking to Oola

Oola was a green-skinned Twi'lek dancing girl who was Jabba the Hutt's favorite slave just before the arrival of Princess Leia. Like Leia, she was leashed to Jabba's throne by a collar around her neck and forced to wear skimpy attire for her master's pleasure. Oola arrived at the palace only a few days prior to Leia, and in that short time her skills as a seductive dancer earned her Jabba's favor. The night of Leia's arrival, Oola's erotic dancing excited her master enough that Jabba wanted more than dance from his pet, and he attempted to pull Oola back to him. Oola refused her master's advances and for her disobedience she was dropped into the rancor pit to be devoured, dying mere seconds before Leia entered the throne room.


"Poor Oola had been the prettiest of the palace's dancing girls." --From the Star Wars Novel Bounty Hunter Wars

Oola's body was her greatest gift that also became her greatest curse within the walls of Jabba's palace.  She possessed the lithe, flexible form of a dancer, but also a certain buxomness in her hips and chest that made even the most timid performances into incredibly erotic displays. Combined with her green skin, a mark of the primitive cave-tribes near to Ryloth's sun side, she had a raw, almost animalistic sort of sensuality that contrasted her innocence and naivety. Unfortunately, this would earn her the attention of Bib Fortuna and eventually the lustful interest of her new master, Jabba the Hutt. 


"Born on the harsh world of Ryloth, Oola mastered the art of Twi'lek dancing at an early age, hoping this would lead to a better life on a different world." --Star Wars Fandex

Early LifeEdit

Before her unfortunate time as a slave in Jabba's palace, Oola was the daughter of a chieftain in one of the smaller clans on Ryloth. On the outskirts of civilization, the village was very poor and a constant target for slavers who came to kidnap the highly sought after Twi'lek females. While her father's position allowed her some protection from the slavers, she was still not very wealthy and often felt jealous of the pampered women of the Ryloth upper class. He provided her with little or no formal education, as Twi'lek society held that educating women was a threat to male authority. She instead devoted herself to dancing, which won her many admirers. Oola dreamt of one day attracting a handsome male noble who would sweep her off her feet, taking her to his palace and presenting her with luxurious gifts. This dream seemed impossible but she naively held onto it, even as she grew older, placing all her passion into dancing with which she hoped would one day catch the attention of some aristocrat passing through.

"She was part of a Twi'lek family from the planet Ryloth and she wanted a better, she wanted to escape and she was offered this chance through this master Jabba the Hutt to come and dance for him. So she took that opportunity, she took that chance but by taking that chance she lost her life because this how Jabba the Hutt wants to take advantage of her and have more from her and because she didn't obey to his needs he decides to ended her life." --Interview with Femi Taylor the actress who plays Oola

Arrival of Bib Fortuna Edit

Oola's long-awaited chance to escape her impoverished village finally came in the form of Bib Fortuna, a tall, pale and noble Twi'lek male from the Una clan, and the major-domo to the powerful being known as Jabba the Hutt. Acting as a diplomat to the village under the false pretense that his master was interested in assisting the clan financially, Fortuna was treated like a king while he secretly studied the women, looking for a suitable slave girl that he could bring to Jabba as a gift.

That night during a celebration in Fortuna's honor, Oola danced for him, performing one of her clan's fertility rites in an attempt to impress him. Fortuna, knowing all too well the meaning of her movements, was enticed by her grace and beauty as well as her obvious effort to please him. He knew she would make the perfect gift to present to his master.

After the celebration Fortuna tried to convince Oola's father that if he brought her to Jabba that he could entice the Hutt to help elevate the clan's stature in the Ryloth hierarchy. The chieftain, however, had heard of Bib's master and refused to hand his daughter over to such a monster.

But Fortuna would not give up so easily. That night he told Oola of his "generous" offer and her father's refusal to allow her to achieve her fantasies. He seduced her by telling her that if she simply came with him she could live a life of luxury, pampered in the palace of a kind and powerful master. Overwhelmed that her dreams were coming true, and angered at her father's interference, she snuck away and allowed herself to be taken by Fortuna, forever leaving her home behind for what she believed would be a better life.


Before presenting his "gift" to his master, Bib wanted to make sure Oola was properly trained and would be able to serve adequately in her new life as a pleasure slave to the Hutt. So, before taking her to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine, Bib first brought Oola to his secret penthouse on Ryloth, where he planned to teach Oola how best to amuse, dance, and satisfy her new master.

Over several months, Oola remained in Fortuna's penthouse, taught by some of the best dancers and servants on Ryloth. The dances she was taught were far more vulgar than the ceremonial ballets she had once performed, their moves intended to expose her body and suggest sexual acts. She was also required to learn how to dance on the end of a leash and how to strip off various costumes in different and erotic ways. Despite these obviously degrading activities, Oola worked passionately believing that these skills would eventually earn her favor with her master.


The young and innocent Sienn.

A month after she left her village for a better life, Fortuna brought another girl to his penthouse for training, a young Twi'lek named Sienn. Jealous at first that she would have competition for Jabba's attention, Oola ignored her, acting cold and dismissive to the newcomer. However, after seeing how young and frightened Sienn was, Oola comforted her and became something of an older sister to the impressionable girl. The two trained together, Sienn in a more childish and vulnerable style to play up her innocence, while Oola was taught to dance in a more haughty and vigorous form, to emphasize her arrogant demeanor and animalistic sex appeal.

Arrival on TatooineEdit

"Thinking she would live in sensual luxury, the beautiful Twi'lek girl Oola allowed herself to become property Jabba the Hutt. It was prove to be a fatal misjudgment." --Star Wars The Essential Guide to Characters

While Oola and Sienn were being trained, Fortuna was unable to supervise them the whole time. While he was away tending to some of Jabba's business, he left them under the care of a human named Jerris Rudd. Rudd was a slob of a man and made many passes at the poor girls, especially enjoying frightening Sienn. Rudd, however, could be trusted to not "spoil" the merchandise. When the time came to present the slaves to Jabba, Fortuna asked him to bring them to Mos Espa where he would meet them.

Taking the girls on his ship, Rudd flew them to the small Tatooine city near Jabba's palace, making sure to hide them in his smuggling holds before landing. Oola had never been off-world before, and stepping out onto the dessert planet she was frightened and fascinated, only making her more anxious for her meeting with her master.

Wrapping the beautiful Twi'leks in robes as to not attract attention, Rudd snuck them into the city and took them to the far edge of town where they were supposed to meet Fortuna. There, in a deserted alleyway they waited for Bib, and after several hours Rudd became worried that his employer might not show. Deciding to go out to look for the absent major-domo, he left Sienn and Oola, telling them not to leave for any reason unless he or Fortuna returned.

Meeting with a StrangerEdit

"Trained at a celebrated dance school, Oola has an opportunity to avoid life in Jabba's palace when Luke Skywalker offers a different path but foolishly prefers to take her chances on Tatooine" --Oola's Star Wars Galactic Files Topps card

In the alleyway, Oola tried not to think about the smell or the possible threats that surrounded them, instead focusing on thoughts of her new life. It was only now sinking in that she was on the same planet as the fabulous Jabba the Hutt and his legendary palace. If everything Bib told her was true, it would all be worth the wait.

While she and Sienn huddled close, a shadowy figure clad in dark robes appeared at the entrance of the alleyway. Despite their hiding spot, the figure seemed to know exactly where they were and walked straight to where they hid themselves.

The figure was obviously not afraid of the lithe Twi'lek girl, but did not attack or act in any way to threaten them. Instead, he stepped back and told them that he meant them no harm and that his name was Luke. While Oola and Sienn cowered fearfully in a corner, Luke calmly explained that they could trust them and that he could take them somewhere safe. Telling them they could be free.

Something in his voice made Oola want to believe, but even if he would free them, she did not want to be free. She had given her freedom willingly on Ryloth so that she could live a life of luxury, and then had spent months training so she could finally live out her dream. There was no way she was going to throw that all away now.

Sienn, however, was not as entranced by the thought of Jabba and his palace as Oola was, and she moved to join Luke, hoping for a second chance at freedom. Oola grabbed her and pulled her back, telling the human that they had chosen to be dancers for Jabba, the wealthiest being on a thousand worlds.

"Her pride and jealously flared." --Tales From Jabba's Palace

Luke warned them that Jabba's palace was not what they believed, trying to tell them that the Hutt was evil. But Oola didn't listen, unwilling to believe everything Fortuna had told them had been a lie. But before either slaves could give Luke their answers, Rudd returned with Fortuna following close behind.

FB IMG 1518422243338-1

Sienn and Oola about to be taken to Jabba's Palace.

"We've been chosen to dance in Jabba's palace the grandest on Tatooine." --Oola speaking to Luke in Tales From Jabba's Palace

Rudd immediately fired on Luke, but the blaster bolt was deflected by a glowing green rod that appeared from a weapon the human held. Rudd and Fortuna continued firing but still could not hit the stranger. Finally one of Fortuna's shots was sent back, hitting Rudd in the chest and killing him.

With a flick of his wrist, Luke appeared to toss Fortuna with his mind, sending him sprawling across ground. While the major-domo was stunned, Luke called out to Sienn and Oola one more time telling them to run. Twisting herself from Oola's grasp, Sienn hurried to join Luke, and the two rushed out of the dark alley. Luke stopped for a moment and looked back at Oola with a pained expression on his face, his eyes begging her to come with him. But Oola, still captivated by the promise of an opulent life at Jabba's palace, shook her head at him, and her last chance at freedom left her behind.

"Sienn fled with Skywalker, while Oola continued to Jabba's palace, selfishly believing she could become wealthy." --Star Wars The Essential Reader's Companion

Entering the PalaceEdit

"Oola naively continued on to the palace, only to regret her choice." As Sienn and her savior escaped, Oola continued to sit at the end of the dark alley in stunned silence, until Fortuna came and roused her. Sneering angrily at her, he slapped her harshly across her face cursing her for allowing someone to take Sienn. Fortuna had never laid a hand on her before, and only now was Oola beginning to doubt herself and the reality she had convinced herself was true.

Impatient and knowing that they would never be able to recapture Sienn, Fortuna grabbed Oola and forced her to stand, gripping her arm painfully tight. "All the goodies for Oola" he whispered in her ear "Don't worry, now you'll get Jabba all to yourself." He pushed Oola out of the alley and towards a speeder he parked close by. Throwing her unceremoniously in the back seat, he started the speeder and sped away from Mos Espa and towards Jabba's Palace.

As they sped through the desert Oola couldn't contain her excitement she going to see Jabba's Palace. Although she thrilled Oola couldn't stop herself from thinking about what Luke told her and Sienn. Oola preyed that Sienn would be alright she missed her friend but than Oola thought well at least she gets Jabba all to herself now.

After a half an hour of driving, Oola finally caught her first glimpse as the palace rose above the dune sea. As they moved closer, Oola wondered if they had truly arrived at Jabba's home, the plain brown structure was nothing like the shining palace she had imagined. Indeed, it was massive but it seemed solemn and lacked the elegance and grandeur she had dreamed of.

Soon it loomed over them, a giant stone monolith that made Oola suddenly feel very small. Stopping in front of the metal gate Fortuna made a quick call, speaking in huttese to someone inside the palace. After a few seconds, the the door lurched suddenly and began to lift slowly from the ground. Fortuna drove the speeder into the garage and parked it before yanking Oola out of the speeder and pushing her in front of him, silently directing her where to go.

The inside of the palace was dark and foreboding, the corridors damp and frigid causing Oola to shiver as she stepped inside. As she walked through the maze-like hallways, she looked for some semblance of the place of her dreams but all she found were blank walls that made it look more like a prison than a place of pleasure.

Oola wanted to ask Fortuna what was going on, wanting him to disperse her doubts but afraid to risk angering him again. So they continued to walk until they finally came to another door with two large Gamorrean guards carrying massive axes standing on either side. Seeing Fortuna, they stepped aside allowing the major-domo to type a code into the control panel next the door. With a beep of recognition, the door unlocked and Fortuna ushered Oola into the brightly lit room.

Giving her eyes time to focus, Oola found herself in a large oval-shaped room, nested with dozens of soft multi-colored cushions that lay spread across the tiled floor. Scantily-clad females of many different species lounged peacefully on their beds of soft pillows while others waded in the warm waters of the pool in the center, all looking up with interest to see the new arrival.

Fortuna explained to the attentive girls that Oola was Jabba's latest "gift" and that she was to prepared to be presented to him. At the word "gift" the slaves' eyes suddenly turned sad and they seemed to stare at Oola with pity, though she could not understand why. Fortuna then left them to their task, closing and locking the door behind him as several girls led Oola to the pool.

Stripping her of her plain tunic, three girls gently directed her into the warm waters as other girls went to fetch something more fitting for her to wear. Oola relaxed in the water as the the slaves bathed her, believing this would be her new home, and though it wasn't as extravagant as she hoped, it was a much better life than the one she had had on Ryloth.

Oola's moment of bliss did not last long because as soon as the slaves finished, they hurried her from the pool, not wanting to keep their master waiting. Quickly drying her with a towel, the harem girls who had been sent to fetch her attire for the night returned from their search presenting Oola with a scandalous red dress. Stepping into the dress she pulled it over her body, the tight cloth forming perfectly with her body. As her make up was applied, Oola vainly looked at herself in the nearby mirror, shocked and pleased with what she she saw in the reflection.


Oola in her elegant red dress.

The dress was snug against her supple curves advertising every fine point of her femininity, and ended barely halfway down her thighs, showing off her long, attractive legs. Two thin straps looped over her shoulder, straining to hold the cloth to her buxom bust. The material was extremely low-cut and showed plenty of her deep green cleavage that strained against the confining dress with each excited breath she took. The make-up on her face was heavily applied with bluish-tinted blush on her cheeks that gave the appearance of embarrassment and innocence, and dark-red lipstick that showed experience and sensuality. Eye shadow was abundant along her eyes, her eyelashes given extension that made every look she gave sultry and sexy. Gazing at herself and turning slowly in the mirror suddenly feeling seductive and confident, certain now that Jabba would be pleased with her form.

Lastly, the girls gave her gold high-heel pumps to slip on while they adjusted her headdress, placing a comfortable fur-lined piece decorated with gold and beads. As one girl straightened it on her head she whispered Oola's ear "I'm so sorry." Oola turned in confusion but the girl was already scampering away as Fortuna returned to collect Oola for her introduction to Jabba.

"She had been told that serving Jabba was a great honor, Oola never imagined that she would be serving the scum of the galaxy." --Oola's character fact file
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Introduction to her MasterEdit

Fortuna re-entered the room as the girls around Oola moved away quickly, bowing respectfully to their master's second-in-command. Looking at Oola, Fortuna was stunned momentarily by her striking appearance and felt a pang of jealousy that she was about to become Jabba's. He shook the feeling off and smirked, knowing that Jabba would reward him greatly for bringing him a slave of such beauty.

Telling her that she will please Jabba greatly, he motioned for her to follow him and together the two left the harem. With Fortuna leading her and a Gamorrean guard named Jubnuk following close behind her, Oola felt her stomach turn with anticipation, the quiet halls of Jabba's palace echoing with the sound of revelry nearby. She quickened her step to move closer behind Fortuna knowing that they were coming close to the throne room, to where she would meet the illustrious Jabba the Hutt.

Oola and her guides soon came upon an alcove where loud music, laughter, and cheers were evident. Before they arrived, Fortuna held up his arm for her to stop. "Come when I call for you," He told her before vanishing into the smoke-filled den. Breathing heavily, Oola heard the music stop and Fortuna's voice though she could not understand what he was saying. Finally she heard Fortuna loudly announce, "May I present to you, Mighty Jabba, the lovely and talented Oola!"

Recognizing her cue, Oola took a deep breath, closed her eyes and turned the corner into the throne room. Keeping her eyes half closed, to nervous to take much notice of her surroundings, she strutted into the room, swaying her hips as she stepped lightly down the stairs. She walked deliberately slow through the path the surrounding crowd had made, keeping one hand on her hip and moving like a runway model down a strip. When she finally reached the center other room she stopped, taking a seductive pose facing what she thought was the throne that she had first glimpsed as she had entered.

Oola stood in her pose for what seemed like minutes, her eyes closed tight, waiting for the approval of her new master. Suddenly, a deep booming laughter that seemed to reverberate through her entire being shook the room. Surprised, she lost her poise and opened her eyes to find the source of the noise.

At first she thought what she saw was a giant pile of cushions atop a stone throne and she squinted trying to find Jabba among them. But then the pile moved and Oola's entire body went numb. Lounging on the dais, its girth almost overflowing from the lip of the slab was the most disgusting creature she had ever seen. The beast was shaped like a rotund slug; a thick, muscular tail draped over the far end of the throne leading back to a corpulent mid-section that bulged grotesquely. Its skin was wrinkled and fetid, a thick coat of slime covered its entire body, glistening in the dim light and almost seemed to give it a sickly glow. A bulbous head sunk against its fat belly, a wide toothless mouth stretch across it, drool continuously pouring from its maw. Orange reptilian eyes stared unnervingly at her, glinting with unfathomable intelligence and lust. Two stubby arms reached eagerly for her, and a large scum-coated tongue slid across its lips.

Oola's arms went to her mouth and she stepped back a frightened scream escaping her lips, her face a mask of terror. Her body shook and tried to turn and run but felt Fortuna's clawed hands on her back, keeping her in check. Leaning over her should, Bib grinned evilly. "Oola, meet the kind and handsome, Jabba the Hutt." The entire court burst into laughter, the revolting creature that was Oola's master joined with them in mocking her.

Bondage to the BeastEdit

"Now chained to a loathsome gangster, Oola regrets her choices" --Star Wars The Essential Reader's Companion

As the laughter died down, Jabba the Hutt's lascivious gaze once again found Oola's trembling form. Motioning with one flabby arm, he belched out a command in huttese "Ama walta muna Oola," his voice rumbling deeply. Oola had been taught very little huttese during her training but she knew the hutt was calling to her, ordering her to come to him.

She felt a sensation of fear and disgust at the thought of being near the monster, not sure what he wanted from her. Oola shook her head pleading in Twi'leki for the denizens to allow her to leave, struggling in Fortuna's grasp. This was not what she had wanted and now all she wished was to leave this place, to be free again.

But Fortuna held her tight while Jubnuk, the pig-guard that had lead her here, along with another guard, came from behind, each taking one of her small arms and leading her forwards. Twisting futilely between them, Oola's cries became more frantic; looking behind her to beg Fortuna to stop them. But the devious Twi'lek only stood laughing as she was dragged toward Jabba, and only then did Oola realize how foolish she had been in trusting him.

The guards roughly pushed her onto the unoccupied space on the throne, where Jabba waited hungrily for his prize. Unable to keep her balance, Oola fell forward onto Jabba's slimy girth, squishing disgustingly against his blubbery skin. Oola felt the slime soak through her thin clothing, the cloth sticking to her skin. Sickened, Oola quickly moved to push herself away but felt something powerful and strong hook around her waist pulling her close. She looked up to find herself face to face with her master, Jabba's lustful eyes staring down at her, carefully inspecting his new slave.

Jabba was indeed pleased with what he saw, enjoying the feeling of her feminine form against his mass. She was beautiful and he could see some resistance in her, something he would enjoy breaking her of. He had not had a slave by his side since he "retired" his last pet several weeks ago, but now it seemed he had found a suitable replacement. His mouth curled in a lecherous grin, drool running down his chin as he thought of his plans for his new slave.

Oola tried to look away, but Jabba reached out and cupped her chin, forcing her to gaze into her eyes. "So lovely." The hutt rumbled, stroking Oola's cheek as the slave girl trembled in his grasp. " you will look fine wearing my leash."

Oola did not understand what he meant, but had little time to contemplate it as Jabba's fat, dripping tongue extended from his wide mouth, swiping over her luscious lips. Oola cried in surprise, but was quickly silenced as the tip plunged into her open mouth, muffling her screams of protest. Jabba enjoyed his dominance over the lovely Twi'lek he held, her soft moans only urging him to continue his assault. He did this with all the girls he procurred, to show them how weak and helpless they were against his demands and if even if they refused to be willing that he could easily take from them what he wanted.

Jabba finally retracted his slimy appendage from Oola's dripping mouth, letting Oola gasp and cough as she tried to get as much of the awful residue from her mouth as she could. Tears streamed freely down her face but she no longer struggled against her master, allowing him to hold her close against him as she realized her hopeless situation.

Jabba chuckled as he felt Oola submit to his control, giving small whimpers of discomfort as his fetid hands roamed over her, feeling her through her dress. He continued to relish her until Fortuna drew near, looking for the approval. Jabba saw him come close and congratulated him on finding such an excellent gift. Fortuna agreed, enjoying Jabba's praise knowing that he would be rewarded. Oola slowly turned to look at the Twi'lek male she had once trusted, her eyes full of betrayal and sadness as her eyes became blurry with tears. Bib, however, just stood there and smiled at the betrayed girl as he considered what he'd do to her, should Jabba allow it.

Returning to his duties, Bib decided to bring Jabba the second part of his gift, suggesting that perhaps the Hutt would like to see his Twi'lek in more "appropriate" attire for a slave.


Oola saw Jabba nod excitedly and was surprised when the Hutt released her, allowing her to step off the edge of his throne. Before she could get anywhere, Bib wrapped his his clawed fingers around her arm and moved her back into the center of the room. Oola simply stood there in a stunned silenced, still hoping that this was just a perverse nightmare as slime continued to dribble from her lips and down her front.

Over the metal grate, Fortuna stopped and called for Yarna. A large woman with six breasts and a wrinkled face emerged from the crowd, bringing a neatly folded pile of clothing over to where Oola and Fortuna stood.

Handing it to Fortuna, Yarna smiled wickedly as she passed in front of Oola, getting a good look at the new girl before she disappeared back into the crowd. Bib began to unfold the clothing, holding it from the top and allowing it to unravel in front of Oola, giving Jabba a good look at the costume and how it well it would accentuate the beauty of his new slave.

Oola and Lyn Me

Watching the material fall in front of her, Oola could not help but gasp. The costume Fortuna was proposing was little more than a scant net that was riddled with so many holes in the mesh that it was practically transparent. She had seen such clothing before on her only trip into one of the numerous underground cities of Ryloth with her father. There they had passed through the lower district of the city and despite her fathers warnings, she had watched the slums go by through the speeder's window. Outside the cockpit, she had seen numerous Twi'lek girls in the same cheap netting, leaving them practically naked. The sad-eyed girls were chained to the walls with signs posted just above their heads that displayed their costs to the various customers that passed by.

Oola had felt pity for those girls once, believing that world was so far away from hers. But with the costume now displayed before her, she realized what her purpose in this palace would be. She saw Jabba's hungry stare through the netting and lost all composure, breaking down crying, giving choking gasps of despair as watery streaks ran freely down her face.

Jabba, however, was quite pleased with Fortuna's selection. "Very good, Bib, but I would like to see how it looks on my pet before I make my final decision." Jabba's major-domo nodded in agreement, motioning to Yarna and handing the netting to back to her.

Yarna then moved to Oola who had fallen to her knees, her hands over her face shaking her head in anguish. Yarna was disgusted by her lack of appreciation for her situation. So young, and only having just been presented to the master, Oola would already receive the privilege and pleasure of being Jabba's favorite. Yarna did not understand why the Hutt would chose this skinny creature with only two (if admittedly) shapely breasts, while she, on the other hand, had vied for his attention for years. And here the girl was, bemoaning the Master's gift? Yarna would enjoy teaching her a lesson in appreciation when the time came, as she knew it would.


Yarna present Oola in her new costume and leash.

Her tear-streaked face still buried in her hands, Oola felt someone nudge her shoulder and a raspy voice telling her to stop crying. She ignored it, not wanting to face the reality she had naively brought on herself. The voice came again more commanding this time, anger obvious in the tone, but Oola refused to hear it.

Suddenly her left lekku was yanked painfully up, Oola crying out as she was forced to stand, coming face-to-face with the fat, wart-covered woman. "You will appreciate what your master gives you." Yarna seethed, pushing the netting into Oola's hands. Once she took it, the old woman finally released her vice-like grip on her sensistive lekku. "Now put it on."

Oola looked around at the crowd of perverted creatures who stared, drooling over her, trying to find a place where she could change in private. Not finding any, she looked back at the impatient snarl of Yarna. "Where am I supposed to..." She asked blushing slightly. Yarna just laughed "Right where you're standing."

Jabba and the rest of the crowd joined in laughing, and Oola trembled in revulsion at the thought of these creatures gazing over her nude body. When she didn't immediately comply, Yarna looked to Jabba who nodded with an amused grin on his wide face. The fat woman moved forward before Oola could back away, and smacked Oola hard across her face

Stumbling back, Oola's hand went to her throbbing cheek, fresh tears trickling from her eyes as her eyes became as wide and frightened as an infant feeling pain for the first time. Yarna cocked her hand back again once more as a warning if Oola disobeyed again. More frightened and hurt than ashamed, Oola began to undress.

"Make it slow." Jabba called to her as Oola gave another look at Yarna who still stood close by, ready to punish any disobedience. Reluctantly, Oola slipped the thin straps of her dress from her shoulders, and began to slowly and teasingly pull her dress down. Inch by inch, more of her gorgeous body was exposed. Oola blushed deeply at the hoots and whistles from the crowd, crude comments coming from every corner of the room. She bent forward, shimmying her shoulders and wiggling her wobbling hips from side to side at the same time as it slid down her thighs, and finally it hit the floor revealing her fully luscious nude form. Jabba was drooling at the show, his eyes wide as he leaned closer to get a better look. She was certainly a fine specimen and he knew he would enjoy her for a long time.

Her clothes and dignity now stripped away, Yarna took Oola's costume and forced it over her head, the netting falling over her figure. She then took the leather bands and began pulling them painfully tight around her ankles, legs, and waist. When she finished, it no longer hung loosely around her, but instead fit well with contours and shape of her body. As Yarna worked, Oola tried desperately to move the mesh to cover herself as much as possible, moving it over her breasts and tugging at the bottom piece, but to no avail.


Oola reflects on her slavery.

Yarna then gave her a leather thong which Oola quickly put on. Even as she did so, she had to remove her hands and was met with a fresh wave of teasing that made her skin burn. As the final piece of her costume, Yarna removed Oola's glamorous headdress and replaced it with a shoddy-looking harness made from studded leather. As soon as she felt the leather touch the skin of her lekku she grimaced, the rough texture uncomfortable against her sensitive head-tails. The small cones that had been built into the harness were an extremely tight fit for her ears, causing Oola to gasp in pain; the sounds of the palace died down as they muffled her hearing. The pain the cones caused her refused to die down for several moments while the horrible things began to make her ears throb. This was more of a torture device than a casual decoration; Oola soon began to dread the days ahead she would have to wear it. The costume was complete, or so she thought. Suddenly from behind her, she felt something cold and metallic begin to move around her neck. Before she could scream or jump, it snapped around her throat. She spun around to find Bib fitting a collar around her neck, the band locking as it closed. She was surprised at first until she saw Bib walking back to his place by Jabba, carrying a long leash that connected to her new collar. Fear filled her entire body as she realized what was happening; the Hutt's major-domo leaning over to latch the end of the chain to something on Jabba's throne. Bib handed the leash to Jabba, and the Hutt gripped it with one of his fat hands as he turned to once again stare at Oola in her semi-nude appearance. She felt the metal dig into her neck and saw the beast beckon her to come close. Her body went numb again and her face twisted in despair. Not only would she never leave this palace again but now she could never leave Jabba's side.

"Female Twi'lek musician. Became a dancer to live a life of luxury." --Oola Star Wars trading card

Oola's Thoughts While Enslaved Edit

"Oola keeps Jabba happy. Jabba keeps Oola alive." --Bib Fortuna

Oola rested on the edge of the dais as far away as she could from the bloated beast whose leered eyes never seemed to leave her near naked form. She tried not to meet its grotesque gaze, preferring to watch the monster out the corner of her eye while pretending to look at the cheap sandals on her feet.

At times it would halt its gaze to snatch one of the squealing creatures it kept in a tank on its side to throw it screaming down his cavernous mouth. Or to take a long pull from the pipe of it's hookah which it would blow in her direction. Both of which disgusted her immensely.

Yet these were only the minor tortures the Hutt had inflicted on her since she lost all her freedom and hope in a single day.

"Was it only a week ago?" She thought. The other " guest" of the Hutt's throne room were milling about, their chatter filled the room while they indulged their sickening urges on whatever drinks or unfortunate slave girl that passed their way.

They also looked her way from time to time, with the same devious hunger that was always in her master's eyes. On Ryloth, on her home planet, she had seen these looks many times from the men who had watched her dance. But here she could not hide herself, nor was there anyone who would protect her from their revolting advances.

Most of them were nearly as ugly as the Hutt itself and she shivered at the thought of any one them touching her barely concealed skin.

But hiding her body from the palaces perverted denizens was next to impossible. The fishnet stocking she was forced to wear did next to nothing to hide her large green breasts from lecherous eyes of the beast and its followers. The best she could do was to sit with her knees brought to her chin and legs pressed to her chest. At least then she felt some semblance of modestly.

Although it did nothing to ease the pain the tight leather straps that kept the fishnet bound to her waist and thighs. Nor could it end the shame of being forced to wear the uncomfortable leather headdress of a pleasure slave.

The only part of her costume that at least entirely was the leather thong she wore outside her netting. It at the very least kept her most intimate parts concealed even if it did expose a good deal of her ass to the crowd when she danced.

Dancing was the closest thing to freedom she had left, as it was the only time she was allowed to leave the dais with the exception of the time she was sent to the slave quarters to be washed.

But even dancing was a lie as the leash never left the bloated ones hands.

What she would give to dance freely, even for an audience as revolting as Jabba and his entourage. Oola often found herself jealously watching the bare-necked girls (as the other harem slaves called them) as they shimmied to the raunchy beat of the Hutt's band. They may debase themselves in scant clothing like her but at least they were paid. Unlike Oola their bodies were there own, not a horrific slug creature's.

Oola's dancing partner was often one of these "paid" serving girls. Her name was Yarna, a large woman who carried six breasts on her body, her fleshy rumbling complementing Oola's more energetic movements.

Yarna even seemed to enjoy the attention she received. She would bow and welcome the cheers of the Hutt's men, though almost all were directed towards Oola's far more provocative performance.

Oola was the main attraction during Jabba's parties and while she danced the Hutt's men tried to pinch, grab, or fondle whatever was in reach, yanking on her netting in attempts to see more of her already exposed skin. In this way her dancing was further restricted, forced to perform in the center spotlight to avoid their unwanted hands.


Greeata, Rystall, Lyn Me and Oola

Currently, however, the mood of the palace was far calmer than it was during the nights raucous celebration. It was mid-day and after partying late into the night most of the crowd relaxed in the many alcoves the throne room provided. Soft music played by Jabba's band accompanied the few topless dancers who gracefully pranced about the floor, offering lap-dances and drinks to any being with the credits to pay.

This time of the day was the most desired shift for the slaves of the Hutt's harem. Oola had often heard the girls fight over it when she was brought to be cleaned after a night with her master. It was far easier to attend to the needs of the palaces degenerates when they were tired, then later when after drink and stimulation the mood turned unruly and violent.

A large belch announced the Hutt's completion of his meal. Oola stiffened, knowing that with his appetite satisfied his would look for other entertainment to pass the time. Usually her body provided that entertainment.

But as Oola glanced nervously across the dais towards her Master she saw a black robed figure descend the stairwell into the audience chamber.

It was Bib Fortuna, the Hutt's adviser and confident, a pale Twi'lek whose gaunt face spoke only of deceit. At one point Oola had found the face kind and handsome, but after his betrayal, when Fortuna had torn away her modesty and leashed her like a pet to a slug, she almost found him as vile as the Hutt.

Surprisingly Fortuna spared no glance towards Oola. He usually took whatever opportunity he could to gloat over her current predicament, even if it was only to degrade her with his eyes and give her one of his ghoulish smiles.

Now, however, he rushed straight to Jabba's side moving his hand to where Oola would guess the Hutt's ear would be. He spoke quickly and quietly and when he finished she saw Jabba's eyes grow wide. He bellowed something and Fortuna bowed, quickly hurrying back up the stairs from where he came.

The Hutt's tail began to thrash near her and drool began to pour down his many blubbery chins. Oola had learned little of her Master's guttural language but she had become quite good at reading her Master's body language. In her week by his side she had only ever seen him this excited one other time. When she had first been presented to him, naked and quivering under his orange reptilian eyes.

Those same eyes suddenly turned towards her and Oola quickly averted her gaze. Oola was discontent and unhappy about her position as slave at this point anything was better than working for a Hutt even death.

"At first glance Oola might seem to enjoy life in Jabba's Palace, but she lives in constant fear that each dance might be her last." --Lego Star Wars


Duties While Jabba's SlaveEdit

"Tailors her feminine dancing to distract males." --Oola Star Wars trading card

Trophy: While not dancing or pleasuring her master, Oola's duty was to act as a lovely trophy and decoration for Jabba's throne. As a Twi'lek clan chieftain's daughter with the body of a high-class Coruscanti model, Oola served as a status symbol for the Hutt, showing his power, wealth, and influence. While on her master's dais, Oola also acted as a distraction during her master's business dealing. Dressed in little more than a flimsy net costume her green skin was lewdly displayed for all passerbys to see, including any merchants, employees, or associates that came to speak to Jabba. These men who came to deal with the Hutt found their eyes wandering towards Oola's barely-covered breast, and their minds wandering towards fantasies of bending the Twi'lek over to sample the delights between her legs. While humiliated by the lecherous attention she received while in this position Oola was not allowed to cover herself or dissuade these voyeurs in anyway. Instead she was forced to do whatever she could to capture that attention and distract her master's guests, sometimes in subtle ways, like slightly adjusting her costume to expose her barely-covered breasts, crawling provocatively across the dais, or giving sexy "come-hither" looks towards them. Other times it was more overt, where she would suck her master's tail, take her clothes off, or touch herself, anything to take as much focus away from the discussion with her master as possible. If she did not perform adequately she would be punished harshly by her master, so Oola quickly became adept at this duty, shamelessly and desperately flaunting her sexuality so Jabba could gain an advantage.

Dancing: Oola was extremely skilled in the arts of dancing due to her extensive training on Ryloth. She learned many different kinds of dancing forms that were vulgarly erotic, though her training focused primarily on a particularly raunchy and provocative style of strutting, leaping, and high kicks. She would also be forced to strip and dance naked before the whole court.

Cleaning: As Jabba's favored slave, Oola also had the unenviable task of attending the grotesque hutt's personal hygiene. With the amount of slime, sweat, and waste Jabba's fetid skin secreted, he and his throne needed to be washed daily by the reluctant servant. This was sometimes done within his private bath chambers, or on busy or lazy days, the Hutt would simply have his Twi'lek pet wash him on his throne.

Within the bath chambers the Hutt would wade in to a massive pool, often attended by not only Oola but other slaves from his vast harem. While the Hutt relaxed his concubines would scrub and massage every inch of his slug-like body. Oola had the 'honor' of cleaning Jabba's front and tail-tip, where she could pleasure him if needed as he ejaculated in her mouth. The Hutt made sure the other slaves watched as he took her, splashing and screaming, with Oola turned to face them so she could see the horrified and disgusted expressions of her fellow pleasure slaves.

While on the throne Oola would only be given a small water pail and a sponge to wash her master. While Jabba slept or attended to business she would crawl across the throne gently applying the sponge to his fetid skin.

Sex/Prostitution: As Jabba's personal slave, Oola was subjected to obey Jabba into having sex not only with the Hutt, himself, or Bib Fortuna, but she was forced by Jabba to engage in lascivious and raunchy sexual acts by giving her body freely to other patrons as well; such as bodyguards, servants, and slaves - male or female.

"Oola the Twi'lek slave girl knows how drastic the punishment will be if she fails to please him." --Star Wars Beware the Power of the Dark Side

Oola's DietEdit

"Her dainties? Scraps Jabba tossed when she groveled... or food he suspected of harbinger poison." --Tales From Jabba's Palace

Oola was fed mostly on scraps, usually from what little was left over after her master's meals. If she begged properly or if Jabba felt she deserved a reward after a particularly pleasing performance, Oola would be given a small bowl of her own.


"Oola reflects upon her enslaement to Jabba the Hutt." --Star Wars The Essential Reader's Companion

Oola twi lek slave dancer by njay-d7cffaa-3

While in Jabba's service, Oola was referred to as "pet", "slave", "whore", or "slut", almost never by her real name. This made her feel more like an object than a woman, breaking her will as she became more and more compliant. She was not given any other costumes other than her skimpy netted outfit, and never given any undergarments, which allowed her breasts to slip out of her costume as they were not restrained. She was forced to dance and have sex with Jabba from time to time, whether it be oral, vaginal, and anal, and usually in public so that the men in the audience would cheer for him, humiliating her. They would laugh as they watch her scream and struggle in her master's grasp, enjoying the sight of such a haughty and beautiful creature forced give herself to something so revolting.

"Oola dances for her life." --Lego Star Wars

As another part of her nightly degradation, the Hutt often forced Oola to pleasure herself as the grand finale to her performance. While the band would play a soft, seductive, almost mocking ballad, Oola would tearfully strip away her meager covering as the crowd eagerly watched. Once naked she would lay herself before her master's throne, directly over the trapdoor that led to the pit below. There, with Jabba's lust filled eyes looming over her and bulbous arm raised menacingly over the trigger for the door, Oola would reluctantly perform her most intimate dance for the scum of the galaxy to watch.

Oola la by hazelgee-da15cqv

This consisted of masturbating before a crowd of males, after she had strip-teased them to the tune of Jabba's favorite songs. Her lekku would twist on the sand strewn floor, her breasts rising and falling, and her moans loud enough to be heard over the subdued band and the crows who had quieted to listen. Shamefully she called out her master's name as she writhed under his gaze, begged him to take her, keep her at his side, and allow her to feel the pleasure only the Exalted One could give.

"Oola, the Twi'lek slave girl, knows how drastic the punishment if she fails to please him." --Beware the Power of the Dark Side

Her cries of pleasure and words of submission were all part of the show, a way to show the Hutt lords domination over the beautiful slave he kept. But if Oola's humiliation did not please Jabba or she failed to cum before the song finished, the Hutt would slam his fist and the ground would open beneath her. In the rancor pit Jabba would ensure that her next screams would be authentic. When she finished, bucking and whimpering as the band came to a rousing end, the crowd would erupt into applause and mockery. Pleased, Jabba would call her to join him on his throne, where he would decide whether to take his pet to his private chambers or have her perform an encore for the crowd with his tail.

"Oola led a life of misery and degradation as part of Jabba's court, forced to dance for the Hutt whenever he wished while doing her best to repel his vile advances." --Star Wars Fandex

Oola's FateEdit

"She'd rather be next on the menu than watch it again, and that was likely enough. She'd choose it over Jabba's ardent embrace. How ironic that Sienn, the obvious meal had escaped..." --Oola's thoughts in Tales From Jabba's Palace

Oola sexy dancing

Oola spends her last minutes of life objectifying herself for Jabba's pleasure

Oola tugs

Oola makes the fatal mistake of defying her owner.


Jabba activates the trapdoor beneath Oola's feet.

A few days after her enslavement to Jabba, Oola was able to speak briefly with C-3PO, who told her that Luke was indeed going to return to rescue them, and her hope was renewed. Her spirits high for the first time since her imprisonment, Oola performed the best dance of her life, which unfortunately would also be her last.

"She didn't care if the Gamorreans beat her again--she would not dance closer." --Oola's thoughts in Tales From Jabba's Palace

While dancing for her master, the graceful moves of her supple green body caught the Hutt's lust-filled gaze, and Jabba attempted to pull her close by tugging on the leash around her neck. Oola refused her master's advances, knowing all too well what would happen if she complied. In a fit of defiance, Oola pulled against the leash, shouting at the gangster in broken Huttese.

"Looks like Jabba's calling on one of his dancers that's Oola if you're never seen a Twi'lek female dance your in for a treat. She Jabba's current favorite. Won't last there's one dance she won't do for Jabba no matter how much he pays her. Mm she's putting up a good fight from what I know Jabba he won't tolerate that for long." --Arica in the Return of the Jedi Radio Drama

Though Oola held enough of her leash that she could have backed away further, the naive dancer instead chose to make her stand directly atop the trapdoor that led to the rancor pit beneath the throne room. The idea that Jabba might actually use the trapdoor on her never occurred to Oola, as she was convinced that Jabba was too enamored with her to kill her. Standing in front of the dais, just out of Jabba's reach, Oola arrogantly thought that her beauty made her invincible.

"This is too much. Her Revulsion at Jabba's bloated body is greater than her fear." --Beware the Power of the Dark Side

At first amused by the slave's spirit, Jabba pointed and mocked the slave's efforts, demanding that his pet join him on his throne. Unmoved by the Hutt's words and gestures, Oola continued shaking her head and refusing to budge, bouncing up and down as she struggled. The crowd of onlookers jeered and mocked the slave's efforts, hurling insults and laughs at the unfortunate dancer when her breasts fell out of her costume in a humiliating fashion. Jabba continued to pull on the dancing girl's leash, but still she rebuked him, yelling "no, no, never" in Huttese.

"Before Oola could step aside, a trapdoor opened beneath her and she plummeted through the floor." --Star Wars Return of the Jedi Junior Novel

"Unfortunately, Jabba grew tired of her and dropped her into the Rancor's pit beneth his throne" --Star Wars Fandex

The Hutt's patience had finally come to an end; despite his attraction to Oola's lithe form and limber, beautiful body. Rage at the girl's defiance overcame his lust for the seductive dancer, and Jabba activated the trap door in front of his dais. The floor beneath Oola shuddered and dropped away, sending her flailing into the depths below with a piercing scream.

The flimsy netting of her costume did little to protect her as she sailed down a stone slide toward a metal grate blocking the end of the chute. As she approached, the metal grate opened, spitting the Twi'lek out of the stone slide and onto the sandy floor of a bone-laden pit that smelled heavily of waste and rotten flesh.


Oola laying in the sand after tumbling into the rancor pit.

As the stone slide spat Oola into the pit, her momentum carried her forward, causing her to roll helplessly onto the sandy floor. She scrambled to her feet and dusted herself off with a look above to see Jabba and his goons mocking her through the grate above. Her body trembled with fear, her hands absently stroking her wounded thighs that throbbed with pain from her awkward landing. The onlookers pointed and laughed at her misfortune as the green dancer gazed up at where she had been just moments before. The cold air of the pit below made her tender nipples harden and protrude out from under her costume, a sight she hoped would convince Jabba that he still desired her. Most of his favorite whorish makeup had already washed off of Oola's face, but she puckered her lips together to keep the lipstick thick and radiant for her master. He still wanted her. She knew he did. This had to be a mistake sure she was constantly rebellious to him but her master still desired her.

"It takes a moment for Oola's expression to change to one of pure fear." --Lego Star Wars

Rancor attack by robbvision

But then the large metal door in the wall behind her started to rise. She jumped in surprise. Turning in apprehension, Oola watched the gate ponderously screech open. Her face twisted into a mix of emotions as she heard a low growl emanate from behind the rising wall. To her horror, Oola saw a giant beast step out of the blackness slowly and towards the light from the party above. Her face contorted in fear, her breathing constricted, and her body frozen in pure terror. Any thought of salvation was long gone. At first, she was about to cry. But then she screamed and stumbled back in horror as she wet herself in fear. The onlookers applauded as the beast charged, roaring as its thunderous steps shook the palace. Oola scrambled for any cover she could find, crawling behind rocks and clawing at the walls. She made one more crying plea for Jabba to save her, reaching a hand up to her master with loud sobs and streams of tears. Jabba laughed obscenely at her hopeless pleas for mercy and licked his lip, salivating at what fate awaited her.


Oola watches in fear as the rancor steps out of the shadows

She turned towards the rancor. The beast had cornered her against the gate, and with nowhere left to go, Oola pressed herself against it, closed her eyes, and whimpered out a final prayer in her native tongue. The claws of the beast wrapped around her naked slender form and scratched against her body. The touch of the massive, sharp claws tore  the cheap costume like a piece of paper. Normally Oola would be ashamed of revealing her spry, green-skinned body, but as far as she knew, this would be the last time anyone would ever see it. The rancor squeezed the dancer tight, pushing the air from her lungs, nearly suffocating her. Thick talons cut into her skin and held her in place, the helpless dancer still screaming and crying for help. Oola's feet flailed in hopes of kicking free, but her efforts only served to highlight the beauty of her nubile thighs and shapely legs for the onlookers above, who cheered in response. The brute held her aloft for a moment, eyeing her as a morsel while the Twi'lek sobbed for her goddess to help her. She could smell the putrid stench of the rancor's breath as it opened its mouth. The rancor lifted her wriggling, naked body towards its gaping maw. Oola screamed and struggled as she moved ever closer to the razor sharp teeth, her hands pulling at the tightly wrapped fingers of the beast.

Oolas fate

Oola's last sight.

Rather than eat her right away, the rancor instead dangled Oola above its head, enjoying the sight of its latest snack squirming helplessly in its grasp. Oola screamed wildly as the rancor dangled her upside-down as its maw gaped open below her, her lekku coming dangerously close to its razor-sharp teeth. She screamed for anyone to save her, but the onlookers were too busy admiring the last sight of her beautiful buttocks as it wiggled in the grip of the beast. Opening its mouth wider still, the rancor released its grip on Oola, and sent her plunging into the rancor's salivating maw. The creature's thick tongue curled around the Twi'lek girl, slowing her descent into its throat as it savored the sweet taste of supple meat its master, tongue sliding across her upper body with a mess of saliva. Oola's feet kicked wildly as she felt the putrid warm tongue slobber across her body, cheap sandals flying off her feet. The warm, leathery texture of the beast's tongue reminded her of the humiliating touch of the Hutt's own thick tongue, both as sickening and degrading as the other. She had little time to react before the first bite came just below her large breasts, thick teeth penetrating through her chest and ribcage, practically tearing her in half. The loud cracking of bones inside of the pit made the crowd above wince and hoot with approval. The dancer's muffled screams abruptly ceased when the blood from her broken lungs swirled through her throat. Oola tried to cough and take a last breath of life, but her ribcage had turned her lungs into something resembling one bloody, punctured pincushion. Whether she could accept it or not, the Twi'lek dancer's fate was sealed. The rancor let the dancer's body slide deeper down his throat, taking a second bite directly into the dancer's pelvis region. The two legs still dangling from the rancor's mouth twitched as her muscles tensed, feet flexing as a last, painful moment in the dancer's life. The rancor tilted his head back and let the desecrated remains of the Twi'lek's body slide down its throat, the last sign of Oola's toes vanishing as the rancor closed his mouth and sauntered back towards his sleeping area. In two delicate bites, Oola was no more. The life of the dancer was over and she was dead. The rancor belched in approval.

"She was punished, and punished again, but still held firm. Eventually Jabba tired of the game and the young Twi'lek became food for his other "most prized possession," the Rancor." --Star Wars The Roleplaying Game

Jabba's Party

Jabba's Party

Although the dying screams and naked, struggling body of his favorite slave greatly aroused the obese Hutt, a brief feeling of regret crept through the Hutt's subconcious as he realized he was now without his personal pet. Never did Jabba let the feeling show through his jovial facade, however, his face maintaining the false, enthusiastic grin. What he did realize, however, was how hungry the rancor's performance had made him. He reached a hand into his personal snackquarium and tightly grasped a paddy frog. With one gulp, he swallowed the paddy frog and exhaled with contentment.

"She pleases Jabba she entertains him but finally Jabba entertains himself." --Classic Creatures Return of the Jedi Documentary

Reaction to Oola's Execution Edit

"There is a moment now--a split second--for Oola to realize how dearly she will pay for her refusal to cuddle with the monster. She hears a clank under her feet and looks, down though she nows what she will see. The floor is falling away underneath her. The button has released a trapdoor. And she falls, hitting a rocky floor hard and tumbling down a short ramp to land in a pit strewn with bones. She looks up...willing to do anything Jabba ask now...willing to beg for mercy..." --Oola changes her mind about dying in Beware the Power of the Dark Side

Oola's death was greeted very enthusiastically by the denizens of the palace. No one had much sympathy for the dead dancer, and the prevailing attitude was that she had received the punishment that she had deserved. The arrogant Twi'lek had been an insufferable tease during her dance, only to try to wriggle her way out of having to deliver on the promises her body had been making all night. In the eyes of the criminals watching her, Oola dying a humiliating and painful death was a very happy ending. Oola's exquisite physique, the sound of her terrified shrieks, and her pathetic struggles to escape her well-earned death combined to make for an exceptionally entertaining show. Unfortunately, the show did not last long, as the rancor made short work of the helpless dancer in a matter of seconds. Despite that, it was still a heartily satisfying execution for both Jabba and his courtiers, bringing them even more pleasure than Oola's alluring dancing.

"Oola the enslaved dancer lives [or rather dies] again in Return of the Jedi Special Edition." --Oola StarWars trading card

Oola's reaction to her master's decision to put her to death for her disobedience was sheer terror. She was taken completely by surprise, having never seriously considered that she might actually be killed for her impudence, and did not have long to come to terms with her fate. When it finally became clear to her that she was about to die, she instantly regretted her decision to resist her master, and reluctantly admitted to herself that she would gladly allow her master to violate and utilize her body in any way he saw fit, as long as it would keep her alive. Her heart sank when she saw how eager her master was to watch her execution and realized that this time there would be no escaping the consequences of her action. She struggled in vain to avoid her death, but all that accomplished was making it an even more titillating spectacle. Had Oola's thoughts not been entirely consumed by her fear, the haughty dancer would have felt quite humiliated that she was dying for the pleasure of a vile gangster and the scum that populated his palace.

Oola felt an extreme amount of pain, the most she had ever endured, during the first bite into her sensitive skin. Dozens of sharp, stabbing teeth penetrated her soft, vulnerable skin. Her lekku and large breasts suffered the most agony and bled profusely when punctured, bringing the doomed Twi'lek girl closer to her inevitable grave. The last thought that ever went through her mind was a plea for her torment to end, though she still foolishly held out hope that it would not come in the form of her demise. She received her final wish when the rancor took its second bite into her torso and finally killed her. The loud, singular cracking of bones and simultaneous cessation of ear-piercing screams that heralded the unmistakable termination of the unfortunate dancing girl was received with resounding delight by the crowd. Jabba was pleased with the amount of visible pain his defiant slave showed while caught in the rancor's mouth. He was satisfied when her legs finally went limp. It was clear that Oola's life had ended.

Oola was one of the most succulent meals Jabba had ever given his pet rancor. She was too weak to provide much of a fight and was killed almost effortlessly by the beast, allowing it to fully enjoy its wriggling treat. The rancor consumed her slowly, savoring the lithe twi'lek like a delectable morsel. Though the slender dancing girl wasn't much in terms of sating the beast's hunger, it found Oola's smooth and delicate flesh just as pleasing as Jabba had.

"In a moment, the party is swinging again. Oola's dying screams haven't dampened the mood at all. In fact it's quite the opposite. Max Rebo tells the band to kick up the tempo. The remaining dancers shimmy and squirm father. Salacious Crumb shrieks and cackles. Yes, everyone was much merrier....Or perhaps they've been reminded of the penalty for failing to please Jabba." --Beware the Power of the Dark Side

"When the fat slug had poor Oola killed... when she was tugging against the chain, and the trapdoor in front of the throne was opening... All the other girls were watching from the passageway... and there was nothing any of us could do..." --Neelah in The Mandalorian Armor novel

Personality & Traits Edit

"Although usually compliant, Oola would occasionally resist her master's orders." --Oola's Star Wars Topps card

Before Oola was broken into the sorrowful sex slave of a revolting Hutt, she was a proud and exuberant dancer. In her village on Ryloth she lived in relative luxury as the clan chieftains daughter, and earned praise for her beauty and dancing skills. But beneath this facade was the personality of an impulsive, immature, and narcissistic young girl and with this praise came vanity and discontent. Oola beginning to believe she was too special to be kept hidden away in her small homely village. She wanted to see the galaxy and while many men offered luxurious gifts to have her dance across the system, her father refused them all. Oola became desperate and was willing to do almost anything to escape her stagnant life on Ryloth.

It was then that Bib Fortuna arrived and deceitfully offered her a way out.

He wove her stories of the riches and comforts of his benefactor, Jabba the Hutt, and his Palace of Pleasure. She would want for nothing but dance in the finest of silks, rest on the softest of cushions, and sate her appetite with the sweetest of fruits. Oola would be a concubine but that was acceptable to her. Most Twi'lek women found there way off Ryloth by becoming escorts or companions to the wealthy and powerful and if Jabba was half as handsome and generous as Fortuna described Oola would be more than happy to share his bed.

But once again her father rejected the offer.

Oola was crushed. While she wept for her lost dreams in her quarters, a secret message was passed to her from Fortuna. Oola, like most Twi'lek women, had never received a formal education and she was naive to the workings of the world outside her village let along the galaxy. She foolishly believed Fortuna's promises and stole away with him that night, her ambition and inexperience sealing the horrific fate that was to come.

"Like many Twi'lek females Oola was vain and naive, these traits gave optimism but they would also lead to her death" --Oola's Twi'lek Fact Files

Even as she was trained to please her new master, asked to do more and more humiliating tasks and dances, Oola chose to believe she had made the right choice. She dreamed of living in the leisure, seducing her new master and quickly gaining his favor. He would shower her with his gifts while the other girls watched on in jealously.

"The headstrong Oola ultimately rebuffed Jabba's slobbering advances, but preformed one seductive dance for him prior to Luke Skywalker's arrival at the palace." --Oola's Star Wars Evolution Topps card

"Amazingly, despite Rudd's lewd behaviour, Oola still managed to persuade herself that she was heading for a better life. If nothing else this was a testament to Oola's not inconsiderable powers of self-delusion." --Oola's Fact Files

Oola was also proud and haughty, enough that she tried to refuse Jabba's advances when her dancing aroused him. Ultimately, it was her arrogance and vanity that led her to her death. When she heard Luke was coming, she was filled hope that the handsome Jedi Knight would save her, and expressed her desire when she danced for Jabba that night. She probably believed if Luke walked in and saw her dancing flamboyantly, he'd be infatuated by her that she is worth saving, and become Oola's new master. As she danced, her pride showed through her constant strutting around the court with her head held high as she flaunted her body. Being a creature of passion, she loudly and openly expressed her disgust towards Jabba when he pulled on her chain and demanded that she continue pleasing him atop his throne. That night, Oola finally became so bold that she was willing to show off her new-found petulance in front of the entire court, which angered Jabba enough that he decided to feed the impudent slave girl to his rancor.

The impulsive combination of hearing that Luke was coming to whisk her away and teasing Jabba and his court all night caused Oola's arrogance to grow into foolishness. Even though she held enough of her leash that she could have backed away, Oola still chose to defy Jabba while standing directly on top of the trapdoor, taunting her master from just out of reach. It simply never even occurred to Oola that Jabba might actually kill her for her insolence, instead believing that she was far too beautiful to suffer the consequences of defiance. It was only after the trapdoor opened and she plummeted screaming to her death in the rancor pit that she realized how much she had overestimated her worth.

All Oola ever wanted out of life was to be admired and adored. But after she was thrown into the rancor pit and she can see the court through the grate, she finally knew how it felt to be worthless and unwanted, as they looked down on her, mocking her and excited to know she is about be getting rid of. Unfortunately, it seemed the rancor was the only one left who desires Oola (as its meal). Ironically, she caught the attention of the beast, and in her last moments, she didn't want any of it.

"Oola had no idea what sort of place Jabba's Palace was. Her fantasy about becoming a famous dancer was so compelling that she ignored many warnings, even one from Luke Skywalker" --Oola's fact files

She was self-delusional even though she saw the warning signs Oola was still gullible enough to believe every word Bib Fortuna told her and would do any kind of obscene, perverted, tasks for him. Because she had no idea about the universe Oola believed that Jabba's palace would be just like fairy tale. 

"Tricked into a life of slavery by her own species, Oola arrived in Jabba's Palace with little to real idea of what to expect. She naively assumed it would be a fairy-tale location." --Oola's character fact file

"Although she disliked what she was going through, Oola convinced herself that Fortuna's words had been true. She forced herself to believe that she was about to enter a world of finery and splendour in palace of the majestic and noble Jabba the Hutt. She had lost her home, her friends, her family, but still she believed her future was full of rich possibilities." --Oola's Star Wars Fact Files

Oola's Relationships as a Slave Girl Edit

Oola's Relationship with Her New Master Edit

Oola was disgusted by her master but before meeting him she imagined that they would have a good relationship only by judging about his wealth that she heard about. After actually meeting him face to face Oola didn't want anything to do with him. As much as she disliked the fat slug, Oola learned really quickly to fear him whenever she told him no. Even though she felt like death would have been a better choice rather than spending another moment with him, she was his favorite girl and being his favorite made her foolishly believe that he would never do too much harm to her. Also being his favorite slave meant that she was on his good side and made her fear about what would happen if she wasn't. She was right to fear him but was dumb to think she would never get on his bad side.

Jabba's Treatment of Oola Edit

Jabba humiliated and mocked Oola something she didn't like her master's treatment of her was not like her dreams. In her fantasy Jabba was handsome he enjoyed her taboo acts, he loved and respected her but unfortunately the reality was nothing like her fairy tale.

Oola's Relationship with Bib FortunaEdit

Oola first met Bib Fortuna on Ryloth and fell madly in love with him. She considered him to be a handsome figure. But what she did not know was that beneath his seductive charms and guile charisma he was all but deceptive, vile and repulsive. Eventually, Oola considered Bib Fortuna her savior and became his paramour. Bib loved her and wanted to keep her for himself, but he also used her to get what he wanted. However, she was given to Jabba as a distraction to make sure the Hutt didn't know about his plans to secretly take over Jabba's organization. After realizing the truth about Bib and that she had been deceived by him, Oola didn't love him anymore and found him just as repulsive as her master. Oola learned to obey him out of fear but would occasionally refuse Bib making him angry when she did this causing him to rip off her costume and penetrate her anally while she grind on his erect penis.

Bib's Treatment of Oola Edit

Bib Fortuna deceptively manipulated and seduced Oola with his perverse charms and advances from the moment he laid eyes on her. He then "tricked" her into coming with him and later procured her as a dancer and his mistress forcing her to perform all kinds of skeevy tasks and sex acts from sensually seductive and carnal to indecently obscene and vulgarly dirty. Often times he would borrow Oola for several sessions of sexual acts whether it would be oral, anal, or vaginal while his master slept. He would also force Oola to strip for him and then bathe with him.

Oola's Relationship with JubnukEdit

Oola was repulsed by Jubnuk's appearance just like the other Gamorreans they were nothing like the guards she pictured in her head. Oola had the same reluctant and fearful relationship with Jubnuk and the other Gamorreans just like many other criminals in the palace.

Jubnuk's Treatment of Oola Edit

Of all the guards within Jabba's palace that were known for their perverted tendencies, Jubnuk was by far the worst and most brutal of the Hutt's henchmen Oola came across. Many times he would bring Oola down to his personal quarters, tear off her costume, and force her to deep throat him while he micturated inside her mouth. On other occasions he would bring her down, strip her nude and force her to bathe him in a bath tub using her booty, breasts, body, or tongue. The worst was when Oola would be lent to him for a night. It would start with him stripping her nude and then dressing her in only a diaper. He would then drug her with laxatives and diuretics. After that he would force her to dance while urinating and defecating in the diaper. When she did he would change her and then he would shower her with his hands and penis.

Oola's Relationship with Malakili Edit

Oola was disgusted by Malakili's burly physique and unhygienic needs. However, after finding out that he was just another slave to Jabba the Hutt, a small part of her pitied the man and developed a possible attraction to him. But it still would not save her from the beast master's anti-social behavior. 

Malakili's Treatment of Oola Edit

Malakili treated Oola no differently than any of the other criminals in Jabba's empire. He treated Oola in a rather crudely and dirty manner, despite Oola's small attraction to him as a slave.

Oola's Relationship with the Other Inhabitants of Jabba's Palace Edit

Any hopes that she would gain sympathy from other members of Jabba's Court work quickly dashed within a matter of days. Apart from herself, the palace was inhabited by the dregs of the universe with not an honest soul to be found within. Many of the creatures that inhabited the Hutt's court we're just as sadistic if not in some ways more sadistic than the Hutt himself to them she was nothing more than glorified eye candy who is misery and suffering would provide endless hours of entertainment they would laugh and watch at every misfortune and every moment of humiliation she endured with intense enthusiasm. It would be no end of lusty cheers whenever her flimsy costume produced a wardrobe malfunction or when the Hutt called in for a more personal embrace most of the men wanted her and would often try to pinch and grab whatever they could while she danced although they were limited to what they could do under Jabba's watchful eye the Hutt had no problem in then groping and pinching but when it came for more carnal practices she was his alone to toy with unless given express permission. Even the creatures of the court that had no actual attraction to her would molest her whenever they got the opportunity just to see her suffer for their own amusement. She found little to no sympathy in her fellow slave girls who knew it was pointless to emotionally invested themselves in any of Jabba's current favorites knowing it would only be a matter of time before she displeased him or he grew bored with her and a one way ticket to the rancor pit was earned. Some of the other girls despite their own slavery became quite sadistic themselves and would join the men in mocking Oola. When entertainments were few, many of Jabba's men would come behind Jabba's throne to get a good look at Oola's lovely backside as she would often position her legs in an attempt to hide her breast from the perverse crowd. While there, they would fantasize about ripping away her thong and raping her from behind. If any had genuine sympathy for her plight it was none that were there willingly. Both Greeta and Rystall felt sorry for her in general but they would never do anything about it not wanting to put their own lives at risk crossing the Hutt. When Lando arrived at the palace in order to pose as a guard to help rescue Han. He was disgusted by Jabba's treatment of Oola. Lando had heard rumors that Jabba, unlike other Hutts, had desired the company of scantly clad humanoids but the rumors could not prepare him for the truth. Lando himself despised slavery in general but the sight of a bloated monstrosity like Jabba ramming his tail into the screaming girls privates made his stomach turn. He wanted to help the poor girl but couldn't risk blowing his cover leaving him no choice but to watch her suffering in silence least he be discovered and sentenced to a worse fate. When Jabba executed Oola for her disobedience. Lando was on of the only individuals horrified by what was happening. He turned away just before the rancor took its first bite.

Because no one had any pity for Oola she became aloof and withdrawn to everyone in the palace. She was miserable and lonely she wished for at least one real friend instead of those who pretended to help her. They all mocked her because of her immature desire for attention which is what brought her to Jabba. Their rude behavior made her resentful to everyone in the palace.

Other AppearanceEdit

An Empire DividedEdit

Oola was encountered during the time of an empire divided the player in the Star Wars Galaxies video game spots Oola dancing for the audience in middle of the room above the grate. Oola is the only dancer found in the throne room while the other girls are busy doing something else. Oola dances with out her leash something that Jabba would almost never allow but Oola knew that even with out the leash she could not escape with guards and a shock collar used to prevent that.

Forces of CorruptionEdit

Oola makes a cameo appearance in this game on the cover box and in the intro. It is a expansion to the video game Star Wars Empire at War. The Forces of Corruption event take place during the Empire at War event which takes place between the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin and before the Battle of Endor during the Galactic Civil War in the Rebellion era.

The Forces of Corruption doesn't fallow the battles between the Empire and the Alliance but instead fallows the conflicts between the crimelords Tyber Zann and Jabba. Oola's cameo shows that she is Jabba's slave during this time.

Tales From Jabba's PalaceEdit

"He's coming here to rescue me. I'll see that he rescues you ladies, too. Leave that to me." --C-3PO talking to Oola in the story Tales From Jabba's Palace

The book tells the tales of many characters who live in Jabba's Palace. A Boy and His Monster tells the story and history of Malakili and his Rancor while A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance is a tale about Oola. Tales From Jabba's Palace take place around 4 ABY during the Galactic Civil War and the Rebellion era. Oola's Tale A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance mentions about the slave girls life in Jabba's Palace when R2-2D and C-3PO come to the palace. Oola's Tale not only mentions about her current life about also her memories before her life in Jabba's Palace and her life before 4 ABY.


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