Like Leia, Oola was enslaved to Jabba by a metal collar fitted tightly around her neck. It was made of reinforced durasteel and was connected to her leash that could either be held by Jabba or locked to his throne. It was also outfitted with shock panels that could release electrical charges to stun Oola when she was disobedient. This shows that if Jabba had wanted to pull her close, he could easily have chosen to, but instead decided that her refusal deserved harsh punishment.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Jabba ordered for a collar to be place around her neck because he always kept his favorite slaves by his side. He laughed the first time it was placed around her neck seeing the fear and hatred in her eyes. This filled him with joy. No matter what she did, Oola was going to break just like all the others. Another thing that pleased him was watching her hopelessly pulling at the metal collar around her neck trying to get it off. Even after the first a few days of being enslaved and failing to get it off it made the Hutt and guests laugh at her still trying to remove the painful metal around her neck.

The collar was tight, so every time Jabba pulled on her leash it choked her. Another thing about the collar that Jabba and the criminals liked (which Oola hated) was the shock panels.When he would shock her, she would scream in pain and beg him to stop. If Oola did not listen to the hutt, he would continue to shock her until she gave in to her master's demands. Oola grew to hate the shockings as much as she hated the hutt. Jabba enjoyed shocking his slave girl and hearing her screams of pain as the collar would release shocks into the poor girls body.

Oola's PerceptionEdit

Oola felt humiliated and controlled through the collar. She hated the feeling of its cold metal around her neck as she slept, and the shocks it would give her if she didn't do Jabba's demands. Her collar often strangles her when Jabba tugs at her leash. She felt like an animal on a leash, especially when Jabba made her strip dance, because he would pull her back to the throne naked and keep her like that, before everyone's leering eyes. Other times while dancing with Bib Fortuna, Jabba's Majordomo and Malakili accompanying her, she would skip or tiptoe gracefully towards them and danced left or right of them toward either one of them eventually running into them. They would try to grab her, but she would refuse their advances. This caused both men to take turns pulling her by her leash into their hands (as the force of the collar would cause her to choke) as she tried to dance away from them.