Oola's Headdress, with a good view of her collar as well.

Oola's headdress was an uncomfortable bastardization of the fashion style that many twi'lek women wear. Normally, these decorative head pieces are made of cloth, meant to sit comfortable against the twi'leks' sensitive lekku. Oola's, however, was made of rough leather pulled tight around her bald scalp by a thin chin strap that dug harshly into her skin. Metal knobs fit in and around her ears, muffling sound and causing her undue pain. With the headdress, Oola was deafened to quiet noises and could only really hear her master's booming voice and the sounds of Max Rebo's band. The metal disk that sits atop the piece bears the symbol of the Desijik clan, marking Oola as Jabba's property. All in all, it was a device that served only to cause Oola pain and shame, and is a perfect example of the many cruelties Jabba enacted on his slaves.

Oola's PerceptionEdit

Oola felt very uncomfortable wearing the headdress. The leather dug into her skin and kept her in pain as the small chain around her chin pulled it tightly against her head. She also felt fearful because the only sound she could properly hear was Jabba's voice and the band, due to the plugs inside and over her ears. This made her wonder what was happening and what people were saying about her. The symbol above her forehead made her feel dominated, as it marked her as Jabba's clan's property and would often be the only thing on her body besides her collar if she was stripped publicly. 

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Jabba used the headdress to display that Oola was his property, not to be touched without his permission. To that end, he used the headdress much like a pet's ID tags, using his clan sigil to mark Oola's body. Whenever she was stripped, he would keep only the collar and headdress on her body, like an animal, to humiliate her and make her feel like a pet. 

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