Oola displays her leash. Note the rope like texture.

During her short life as Jabba's favorite slave girl, Oola was held captive by a strong fiber leash that was attached to the tight collar around her neck. The leash was light and flexible, allowing her to perform the energetic movements that were required for her erotic dances her Master enjoyed.

Jabba used the leash to keep his favorite slave girl within easy reach. The leash was locked to one of the rings on the front of the hutt's throne, though Jabba frequently held it himself as well so that he could drag Oola closer when he desired her.

The flogger

The tassled "whip" end of Oola's leash

At the other end of Oola's leash was a tasseled, whip-like device that was often held in Jabba's grasp. Purportedly this end of the leash was used to punish and "flog" Oola when was disobedient or otherwise angered her master. While not particularly thick, this whip would leave little more than faint red marks on Oola's beautiful green skin but still cause the dancer pain. Jabba particularly enjoyed bending the young slave over and whipping her enticing backside until she begged him to stop.

Ultimately, Oola made the fatal mistake of refusing her master's advances.  After a particularly heartfelt performance just prior to Leia's arrival, Jabba pulled on Oola's chain, intending to drag the dancer up onto his dais so that he could "reward" her.  With fear in her eyes, Oola pulled back on her chain, and briefly struggled with her master before the hutt tired of her defiance, and triggered the trapdoor beneath the dancer's feet.

Jabba released Oola's chain, ensuring that she would live long enough to put on a final performance in the rancor pit, instead of being hung by her own chain.

It's unknown what happened to the leash when Oola met her fate by the rancor. It was either eaten along with Oola, or joined the countless remnants of other slaves at the bottom of the rancor pit .

Oola's PerceptionEdit

Oola was never given the customary dancing veils she was hoping for. So she decided to pretend the leash was one in her performance. While she danced, Oola would often whip her leash around, further heightening Jabba's lust for her Every time Oola danced, she would whip her chain a few times during every dance. But one thing she would do more often than anything else was wrap her leash around many parts of her body which heightened the Hutt and his guests.

Luckily for Oola, it was long enough for her to move freely and dance all over the dance floor. But when Jabba started pulling her towards him, there was enough of the chain for her to grab hold and pull back against her master. After realizing this, Jabba decides to use a shorter leash so he won't lose another slave girl the same way.