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Rules/Punishments Edit

Privacy: Oola's life as a sex slave was utterly bereft of privacy, with her every action watched by Jabba or his men. She spent almost every hour leashed to her master's throne always a short tug away when the Hutt wanted to entertain himself with her beautiful body. Even bathing was done in her master's throne room, only given a small bowl and wash cloth so Jabba and his guest could ogle her wet glistening curves. The only time she was allowed away from her place on Jabba's throne was to prepare in the harem. There she would learn new dances and sexual techniques to please her master. Even then she was under the careful watch of Jabba's guards and cameras. There was never a moment someone in Jabba's palace did not have their eyes on Oola's luscious semi-naked form.

Clothing: As Jabba's slave, Oola was only allowed to wear a skimpy net costume that barely covered her body. She hated wearing it, as it did not give her large breasts enough support and often made them slip out and bounce when she moved. The netting also did not provide much covering for her body, and she often wished she were wearing a dancer's bikini, because at least then her feminine regions would be fully covered and hidden from view. However, it was either this costume or nothing at all, a fact made clear whenever Jabba punished her by stripping her naked and leaving her like that for a few days.

Dancing: Oola was a skilled dancer, and was often made to dance erotically in many ways for Jabba's pleasure. She was made to perform a striptease for Jabba when she was first captured, and then dance naked for the whole court sometimes while she urinated or defecated in public as when as she danced, before licking and eating her excrement from the floor. She was also taught how to perform grinding, twerking, booty clapping, pole dancing, and lap dances. These dances would humiliate her as they were the type of dances her mother warned her about when they would catch sight of scantily-clad girls dancing in certain places they visited. Another dancing form she did with two men (usually with Bib Fortuna, Jabba's Major Domo and Malakili at her side) was an extreme form of apache adagio acrobatics.

Movement: Aside from dancing, Oola was not allowed to move off the throne at all without Jabba's permission. If she left the throne without leave from the Hutt, she would be stripped naked and bound to a steel frame. This action would leave her body open for full public viewing, humiliating her as punishment.

Sex: Oola hated sex because of her prior experiences with it, and was reluctant to engage in it at the palace. Much to her displeasure, she was forced into sex with Jabba once she was broken in as a slave and subjected to his hidden sex organs. She was then made to spend a night with the Hutt as he penetrated her with the male organ of her species. She was also forced to spend the night with Bib, Jubnuk, and various other males as they relieved their bodily fluids on her face and body while she was usually forced to perform fellatio on them as they deep-throated her and urinated or ejaculated in her mouth or anilingus when they defecated feces and diarrhea, as well as farting and sharting in her mouth. Sex with women also happened from time to time, which she enjoyed much more than sex with men due to it's gentle and compassionate nature, and would often long to spend the night in the arms of a beautiful girl like Lyn Me or Rystall. Whenever this happened, she would cry tears of joy during lovemaking, even if it happened it a public place in front of strangers.   

Food: Oola was not fed much, only on scraps to keep her thin and sexy. Sometimes, Jabba would make her eat out of a bowl on the ground with nothing but her mouth like an animal. This action humiliated her, especially when she was forced to eat paddy frogs or the Hutt's urine, feces, and diarrhea. Sometimes, he would starve her for a few days, to keep her thin and submissive. Other times, he would force-feed her by forcing a long rubber tube down her throat and into her stomach and pumping food into her body against her will.

Speaking: Oola was not allowed to speak at all without Jabba's permission. If she spoke up, Jabba would muzzle her with a gag that forced a dildo into her mouth and down her throat. This punishment was especially feared as Oola hated sex in general, but especially hated the feeling of a penis in her mouth. Sometimes, Jabba would thrust the dildo into her vagina and then insert it into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own cum to further humiliate and disgust her. When he removed the muzzle, she would be forced to apologize to Jabba for disobeying him, and was then subjected to the slave's embrace.

Hygiene: Oola's hygiene was always attended to by Jabba or Bib Fortuna. With no means of escape or privacy, she had no way of relieving herself without being seeing by Jabba, Bib, or the Hutt's guards. Jabba told her she either had to do it in her slave costume or squat over a bowl, hidden and built in the throne in order to ensure she had to empty her bodily fluids, albeit in public. She chose the latter, but would occasionally wet and soil herself while wearing her costume. Jabba also made sure she was never even given any cleansing material to clean up the leftover waste left on her nether regions, either forcing her to use her hands to wipe her anus or allowing the excrement to stick to her costume when she put her costume back on after she was finished, which Jabba took sadistic pleasure in as he humiliated the poor, dirty, slave girl.  

From time to time, Jabba would have Oola stripped naked and cleaned in public, in a metal cage with nozzles that sprayed every inch of her body with water. He would then have his men use things like enemas and special brushes to thoroughly clean her body from the inside out. She would also sometimes be bathed by slave girls in a bathtub in front of male guards. Both times included rinsing her mouth out with fruity mouthwash and cleaning the wax out of her ears. Her bodily orifices would also be penetrated and scrubbed clean from the inside out, usually by other girls in full view of male guards. Finally, her hairs on her arms and legs, along with her pubic hair, would be shaved off to keep her skin smooth and bare, just the way Jabba liked it. 

Sleeping: Oola was only allowed to sleep on Jabba's throne, and only on top of his tail. She would sometimes be stripped entirely nude and forced to sleep like that, sometimes being forced to have sex with Jabba. She also had to endure the sound and smell of the Hutt's flatulence while he was sleeping. The stench would be mixed with his foul waste, slime and mucus creating an odor so strong that Oola practically bathed in while she slept and could see it in sheets of clouds. If she disobeyed him, she would be deprived of sleep by way of locking her completely naked in a small coffin-like room where she could neither sit nor crouch, only stand. This would put stress on her legs and feet and keep her alert. Speakers would then be locked over her ears in a similar way to the ear cones of her headdress, keeping her awake through high-pitched noises to keep her mind alert and keep her from sleeping. Holes of various sizes, covered by locking hatches, were also incorporated into the room so that VIP patrons with special keys to the hatches and palace guards, who held all the keys, could fondle and molest her nude form whenever they wanted. After this punishment, she would be forced to walk back to the throne room and apologize before she was allowed to fall asleep, albeit naked and in front of everyone.

Other times Oola was forced to sleep with Jabba's henchmen like Bib Fortuna and Malakili.

Exercise: As a dancer, Oola was expected to exercise regularly, and always naked, to reduce the amount of sweat in her costume and keep her feeling vulnerable as the exercise was performed in front of men. This included running with weights attached to her legs, to strengthen them, stretching and bending, twisting, and push-ups to limber up her arms and gain muscle tone. Other exercises included practicing making love to women, which took some getting used to, but she eventually loved it and even longed to feel the gentle embrace of a girl like Lyn Me.

Possessions: Oola was forbidden any possessions of her own. Not even her clothing was stated to belong to her, as the costume belonged to Jabba. She would often be stripped naked and searched in the dancer's pit, or in public, by both men and women. This would include body cavity searches done using speculums and medical tongs, to thoroughly search every orifice in her body.

This treatment reminded her that no part of her body was private anymore, and did more to break her than most others. If she was found with anything she was not allowed to have, she would be forced to wear a locking panty that forced a pair of huge dildos into her vagina and anus, and wear a dildo gag in her mouth, to keep her holes filled with the only thing Jabba allowed her to have in them, aside from his tail.

This would be her only form of clothing for the next three weeks, after which her costume would be given back to her and she would be forced back onto the throne to apologize.

Deprivation of Senses: This punishment was the one Oola feared most of all, as it involved Jabba stripping her down to her skin and immobilizing her through use of restraints that held her in a spread-eagled position. She would be fitted with a muzzle that filled her mouth with a round plug with a tube leading to her stomach that held her tongue down. This would allow her to be force-fed so she would remain healthy, but not able to taste the food she was given, depriving her of her sense of taste. She was also fitted with a blindfold, ear plugs, and nose filters that allowed her to breathe but not smell anything.

This would leave her with only her sense of touch, which Jabba would stimulate to extremes as she was held bound to a durasteel frame in the middle of his court. She would then be touched, fondled, molested, and sometimes penetrated by his tail, which tormented her as her sense of touch was amplified tenfold. This would be done especially on her lekku, the most sensitive part of her body, which would sometimes lead to her having an orgasm in front of everyone. This torment would go on for days, after which she would be released and forced to kneel and pray for her clothing back.   

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