Rules/Punishments Edit

Privacy: Oola's life as a sex slave was utterly bereft of privacy, with her every action watched by Jabba or his men. She spent almost every hour leashed to her master's throne always a short tug away when the Hutt wanted to entertain himself with her beautiful body. Even bathing was done in her master's throne room in full view, since she was only given a small bowl and washcloth so Jabba and his guests could ogle her wet glistening curves. The only time she was allowed away from her place on Jabba's throne was to prepare in the harem. There she would learn new dances and sexual techniques to please her master. Even then she was under the careful watch of Jabba's guards and cameras. There was never a moment someone in Jabba's palace did not have their eyes on Oola's luscious semi-naked form.

Clothing: As Jabba's slave, Oola was only allowed to wear a skimpy net costume that barely covered her body. She hated wearing it, as it did not give her large breasts and buttocks enough support and often made them slip out and bounce when she moved. The netting also did not provide much covering for her body, and she often wished she were wearing a dancer's bikini, because at least then her feminine regions would be fully covered and hidden from view. However, it was either this costume or nothing at all, a fact made clear whenever Jabba punished her by stripping her naked and leaving her like that for a few days.


Oola's only choice of clothing as a sex slave.

Dancing: Oola was a skilled dancer, and was often made to dance erotically in many ways for Jabba's pleasure. She was made to perform a striptease for Jabba when she was first captured, and then dance nude for the whole court. She was also taught how to perform grinding, twerking, booty clapping, pole dancing, and lap dances. These dances would humiliate her as they were the type of dances her mother warned her about when they would catch sight of scantily-clad girls dancing in certain places they visited. Other times, Jabba would force her to strip on the throne and twerk or shake her booty while exposing her backside to the audience. Another dancing form she did with two men (usually with Bib Fortuna, Jabba's Major Domo and Malakili at her side clad in caveman loincloths) was a caveman's ballet mixed with an extreme form of apache adagio acrobatics.

Movement: Aside from dancing, Oola was not allowed to move off the throne at all without Jabba's permission. If she left the throne without leave from the Hutt, she would be stripped naked and bound to a steel frame. This action would leave her body immobilized and open for full public viewing and molestation, humiliating her as punishment.

Sex: Oola hated sex because of her prior experiences with it, and was reluctant to engage in it at the palace. Much to her displeasure, she was forced into sex with Jabba once she was broken in as a slave and subjected to his hidden sex organs. She was then made to spend a night with the Hutt as he penetrated her with the male organ of her species.    

She was also forced to spend the night with Bib Fortuna, Jubnuk, Malakili, and various other males as they humiliated her. She serviced the men by being forced to perform fellatio on them or deep-throat them, usually being forced to swallow their semen or rimming. Sex with women also happened from time to time, which she enjoyed much more than sex with men due to it's gentle and compassionate nature, and would often long to spend the night in the arms of a beautiful girl like Lyn Me or Rystall.    

File:Oola love by Ukiendre on deviantart..jpg

Whenever she was allowed this rare treat, she would grip the woman she was making love with and cry tears of joy. Oola especially loved how most of the women she slept with were so careful with her body, and often whispered sweet words into her ears, compliment her, and ask if she was feeling all right. Sometimes, after making love to her, they would even massage her back, vagina, neck, limbs, breasts and lekku, to relieve any pain she felt in those regions. This made her enjoy lesbian sex most of all, even if it happened it a public place in front of strangers.   

Exercise: Oola would often be made to exercise to keep in shape, to keep her toned and sexy. She would be forced to strip off her net costume and work out in the harem lounge, in front of any dancers or guards there would be in the room. Her exercises included twirling, sit-ups, squats, jumping and spinning to keep her in good shape and firm her breasts. She was also made to perform kiegel exercises, to increase the feeling of sex when Jabba would take her.   

Food: Oola was not fed much, only on scraps to keep her thin and sexy. Sometimes, Jabba would make her eat out of a bowl on the ground with nothing but her mouth like an animal. This action humiliated her, especially when she was forced to eat paddy frogs. Occasionally, she would be denied any form of food unless she orally pleasured Jabba, forcing her to swallow the Hutt's semen as her only source of protein by sucking on his tail. Sometimes, he would starve her for a few days, to keep her thin and submissive. Other times, he would force-feed her by forcing a long rubber tube down her throat and into her stomach and pumping food into her body against her will.

Speaking: Oola was not allowed to speak at all without Jabba's permission. If she spoke up, Jabba would muzzle her with a gag that forced a dildo into her mouth and down her throat. This punishment was especially feared as Oola hated sex with men, especially the feeling of a penis in her mouth. Sometimes, Jabba would thrust the dildo into her vagina and then insert it into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own cum to further humiliate and disgust her. When he removed the muzzle, she would be forced to apologize to Jabba for disobeying him, and was then subjected to the slave's embrace.

Hygiene: Oola would often be scrubbed down in public, completely naked. The only time she was allowed to relieve her bowels or bladder would be when Jabba allowed her to, and even then, only in public, using a hole in the throne that led to a cesspool. Sometimes if she disobeyed him, he would strip her naked and put her in nothing more than a diaper, forcing her to relieve herself in public and feel her waste being carried with her (even while dancing). Jabba would often have Bib Fortuna or his slave girls change her diapers in public, to humiliate the poor girl by making her dependent on her master to be checked and changed like an infant.