Oola in full make-up and costume

As a final touch to her new pleasure slave attire, Oola's face was made up in the style of a concubine, meant to enhance her exotic beauty. Each day she would have to have it reapplied by harem maidservants to make sure she was pretty enough for Jabba's standards.

Her thick, full lips were painted with ruby lipstick and glossed, making them all the more striking against her rich green skin.

Her eyelids were also heavily painted, drawing attention to her striking eyes, which were also decorated with mascara. On acount of living on Ryloth Twi'leks don't have eyebrows so to add beauty they where drawn on.

Oola's PerceptionEdit

Oola hated the makeup as she felt like a trophy to be shown off to everyone. She felt like a prostitute sitting there like that. She also didn't like the idea of the eyebrows over her eyes, as she didn't want to look like a human.