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Oola's dancing girl costume

Before arriving at Jabba's Palace, Oola had dreamed of her life as a concubine given finery and comfortable dancing veils to wear while she served her handsome master. Knowing this Fortuna mocked her fantasies as he suggested her costume to Jabba, picking a crude costume made of little else than leather and netting. The netting hung loosely around her lithe figure, held on by uncomfortable straps leather belted to her her waist and legs. She only has a single cloth attached to the leather belt to cover up her genitals and buttocks. It was extremely revealing and left little to the imagination of Jabba and his court. This was especially true when she danced, as her writhing, acrobatic moves would often expose her feminine assets, much to her humiliation.

Fortuna chose this particular costume for another reason. On Ryloth, in many of its lower districts, Twi'lek women worked as prostitutes and performed in seedy strip clubs in the same cheap netting she now wore. By forcing her to wear it, Fortuna was showing Oola that like the women in these clubs, she was now a low cost Twi'lek whore that could be easily replaced if she was not obedient.

Oola hated her costume and what it represented but knew her only other option was to forgo clothing altogether and remain naked before the Hutt. Not wanting that she kept the costume and often tried to cover herself by pulling her legs close to her body or covering herself with the pillows Jabba provided.

Jabba's perceptionEdit

Jabba dressed Oola in the netted costume to show she was very low cost, and as such could be replaced at any time. He loved mouthing over her skin and watching her feminine assets as she danced. She was not given any underwear to wear with it, so that he could watch her breasts and buttocks bounce around, barely restrained by the cloth. Seeing her in this costume, half-naked and accentuated by the nets, aroused him and made him desire her even more. Another purpose of Oola's outfit is that it makes her feel cold and dirty so she would forced to cuddle with Jabba's grimy body to keep warm. The open space in the crest area would allow Jabba to stick his face between her breasts. 

Oola's PerceptionEdit

Oola hated wearing the outfit as it made her look like a whore to everyone watching. Her crotch was at least covered, but her large breasts and her buttocks were not restrained in any way, allowing them bounce or shift whenever she danced. They were barely obscured underneath her costume, and much of her time was spent trying hard to dance without exposing her breasts or buttocks to the crowd or Jabba. It's sparseness also left her exposed to the cold nights of the palace, causing her nipples to become erect and easily visible through her mesh. It was a simple outfit to remove, which it often was, either during her many strip teases on the dance floor, or by Jabba when he desired more than just dance. She felt humiliated wearing the headpiece, as it was very uncomfortable and mocked her heritage as a Twi'lek. All of these things made Oola despise the costume and what it meant-that she was a sex slave to be used only for pleasure. 


Star Wars Episode VI Part 1 0029

Oola dancing in the manga.

In the manga, the top half is stretched from her large breasts, leaving them to bounce around and her cleavage spread wide open. The stretched outfit is pulled from the body, in the style of a sling bikini.

Sketch of Oola dancing in her more revealing outfit from the manga

This version of the outfit lacks the cloth that covers her pelvis that acts as her panties, completely exposing her crotch and ass so the whole court can watch her dance bottomless.

These features are only shown while dancing, and not while sitting where she can cover it up.

Alternate CostumesEdit


Jabba's Priestess of Pleasure


Oola s outfit by mgtowjabba-dap1url

Oola's costume from the side

Oola s backside by mgtowjabba-daqimc1

Oola's costume from the back

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