Oola's dancing girl costume

Before arriving at Jabba's Palace, Oola had dreamed of her life as a concubine given finery and comfortable dancing veils to wear while she served her handsome master. Knowing this Fortuna beguiled her and mocked her fantasies as he suggested her costume to Jabba, picking a crude, provocative-looking costume made of little else than leather and netting. The netting hung loosely around her lithe figure, held on by uncomfortable straps leather belted to her waist and legs. She only has a single cloth attached to the leather belt with a leather thong to cover her genitals. It was extremely revealing and left little to the imagination of Jabba and his court. This was especially true when she danced, as her writhing, acrobatic moves would often expose her feminine assets, much to her humiliation.

Fortuna chose this particular costume for another reason. On Ryloth, in many of its lower districts, Twi'lek women worked as prostitutes, hookers, hustlers, porn stars, and strippers performing in seedy strip clubs in the same cheap netting she now wore. By forcing her to wear it, Fortuna was showing Oola that like the women in these clubs, she was now a low cost Twi'lek whore that could be easily replaced if she was not obedient.

Jabba's perceptionEdit

Jabba enjoyed enacting sadism, cruelty, and humiliation upon his slaves perhaps even more than the sexual pleasure he derived from them. The fall from grace and harsh irony that the costume represented for his new slave more than sated the Hutt's tyrannical tendencies. The lovely views it offered of Oola's luscious body was an added bonus. It left little his eyes could not penetrate and even less when she danced, her costume shifting with each acrobatic movement. It left her assets unrestrained, transforming even her most desperate attempts for a chaste performance into lewd displays of bouncing green flesh. It made the Jabba's desire for her that much greater, leading to many pleasurable nights with his spirited dancer.

Bib's PerceptionEdit

In his years of service to Jabba the Hutt, Bib Fortuna had watched countless slaves come and go from the slug's throne. Through this Fortuna had become something of an expert on the perverse tastes of his Huttese master. More than anything Jabba loved to debase and corrupt the innocent, taking freshly enslaved women and molding them into broken vehicles for his pleasure. Fortuna took all of these things into consideration not only when he chose Oola but also when he chose her costume. The perfect gift also required the perfect wrapping.

He knew exactly how much the netted leotard would humiliate her, exposing and mocking her at the same time. He had fed Oola's fantasies of finery all to see the look of horror when he presented her with her true costume, the slut-wear of a Twi'lek whore. In part it was this look of horror that enticed Jabba to select her as his new favorite, as Fortuna knew that it would.

Oola's PerceptionEdit

To Oola, her costume was the first of many humiliations forced upon her within the walls of the palace. The moment it was presented, dangling from Fortuna's spindly claws, she realized how far she had been deceived and what her new life would entail. As she tearfully stripped for the mass of drooling monsters, revealing what she had guarded so carefully, Oola knew she would never be covered and decent again. Even with the costume on, her body would always be bare, a simple glance enough to peek past the diaphanous slave-wear. Even after being deprived of her last shred of clothing she dreaded putting the thing on, and when the netting was placed over her it was far worse than she could have imagined. It was several sizes too small, barely containing her ample curves, the straps and thong strained and uncomfortable against her skin. Even worse, she soon found that her movements, especially when she danced, created embarrassing malfunctions. More often than not, her large breasts would escape from their feeble confinements, leaving them to bounce unrestrained for the amused crowd. That's why she tried hard to dance farther away from Jabba, and preferred to perform facing the opposite direction. So that she wouldn't get her master aroused by the sight of her bouncing bosom, that he wouldn't draw her towards him to do sexual acts upon her. By the end of her first week leashed to the Hutt, Oola not only looked like the slaves she had once looked down on but felt like one as well; an object and a trophy only good for giving pleasure to the creatures that owned her. The only good thing about the outfit was that she is able to move easily while dancing. Luckily for her, a Twi'lek's internal body temperature runs hotter than other species, so she doesn't have to worry about getting cold.
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The entertainer class in Star Wars Galaxies with one girl wearing Oola's outfit and another wearing Leia's.


Star Wars Episode VI Part 1 0029

Oola dancing in the manga.

In the manga, the top half is stretched from her large breasts, leaving them to bounce around and her cleavage spread wide open. The stretched outfit is pulled from the body, in the style of a sling bikini.

Oola dancing in her more revealing costume, you can see her butt

This version of the outfit lacks the cloth that covers her pelvis that acts as her panties, completely exposing her crotch and anus so the whole court can watch her dance bottomless in front of Jabba.

These features are only shown while dancing, and not while sitting where she can cover it up.

Alternate CostumesEdit


Jabba's Priestess of Pleasure