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HQ Picture of Fisher's Slave Shoot

Leia Organa infiltrated Jabba's palace to free Han Solo from carbonite. However, she was captured by Jabba the Hutt and forced to wear a skimpy dancing girl's outfit. Enslaved by the mighty Jabba, the rebel princess sat beside her new master on his dais, with a few pillows for comfort. A collar with a chain attached around her neck allowed Jabba to bend her to his will, until she rebelled against him, strangling him with the very leash he used to keep her captive.

A Beautiful and Haughty Princess Edit

Leia rejoices as Luke begins the fight

The nubile and curvaceous young princess

Physical AppearanceEdit

Although athletic and hardened from years of training and fighting in the Rebellion, Leia still possessed great beauty. Despite her short height, her legs were proportionately long and muscular. Above her slim waist her tummy was tight and flat, yet soft and smooth with an attractive bellybutton,and her young skin was still milky and tender. A captivating neck stood on top of her smooth shoulders and beautifully curving back. She also had firm, large breasts for Jabba's groping hands. 

Leia's Beautiful Face

Leia's beautiful face

Continuing upwards, the princess's face was most lovely, featuring deep brown eyes, a regal nose and forehead, and full, pouting lips enclosing a pleasing mouth--all surrounded by dark brown hair that reached down to her stomach.


Leia had a strong intellect and forceful personality, having accomplished much in her youth. She was notoriously stubborn and could be quite haughty at times when faced with someone who challenged her authority or tried to intimidate her. She was also very resilient, not even weeping upon the destruction of her home planet Alderaan. Upon being captured by Jabba, Leia immediately insulted him, then constantly sought ways to challenge his mastery despite the Hutt's greater physical strength. Leia was also quite intelligent and aware, waiting for an opportunity to turn on her Hutt master.

Promotional Picture of Slave Leia

Leia's intelligence and awareness

Princess Leia had been a strong proponent for the Rebel Alliance, the youngest Senator ever of the Galactic Empire at eighteen standard years of age, and a member of the Royal Family of Alderaan. However, Jabba brought her down from these heights, attempting to reign in her strength for his own pleasure. With the entire galaxy at war, Leia hated to be detained by the vile gangster. However, she had to rely on Luke's plan to work in order to free herself from the Hutt's enslavement.
Leia Against Jabba 3

Leia faced the unpleasant possibility of remaining Jabba's slave for the rest of her life.

If Luke should fail, she would have to reconcile herself to being the Hutt's slave forever.

Biography: Diary of a SlaveEdit

Leia Has Been DiscoveredEdit

Jabba Surprises Han and Leia

Jabba Captures Han and Leia

Although Princess Leia had successfuly freed Han Solo from carbonite, she and her lover were immediately captured by the crime lord Jabba the Hutt, who had seen through her disguise as the bounty hunter Boussh.

As Jabba's guards dragged Solo off to the dungeon, Lando Calrissian attempted to lead Leia away too, not wanting the princess to have to suffer Jabba's attentions.


Lando attempts to lead Leia away.

However, during his one-sided conversation with Solo, the Hutt had already gotten a good look at the princess, who glared at him as he insulted and threatened the smuggler. Jabba was immediately allured by her spirit and beauty, and could immediately sense her royal pride as a princess. At once he desired to enjoy her beauty, take his pleasure from her, and reduce her from a strong rebel princess to his personal slave.

Jabba's lust for humanoid females like Leia originates from years of Hutt tradition. Thousands of years ago on Nal Hutta, ancient Hutt tribes would kidnap beautiful females like Leia and force them into sexual slavery. As a result, certain Hutts developed an evolutionary lust for beautiful humanoid females. Upon seeing her face alone, Jabba was especially aroused. His tail began to harden as he thought of the pleasure her body would give him.

Lando gripped Leia's arm and attempted to lead her away. Suddenly, they heard the gangster slug's booming voice: "Stop! Bring her to me."

Leia hears Jabba call for her

The princess hears the deep, powerful voice of the Hutt calling for him.

Jabba orders Leia brought to him

Jabba calls for Leia to be brought before him

Lando hesitated, dreading what was coming next, knowing of Jabba's intense sexual lust for females. Leia, however, in a credit to her inner strength, simply whispered a quick assurance to him: "I'll be alright."

Leia is dragged to Jabba

A Gamorrean takes Leia from Lando and begins to bring her before Jabba

"I'm not so sure," Lando replied, before the lecherous head Gamorrean guard, Jubnuk, lustfully grabbed Leia and pushed her to Jabba's dias, leaving Lando behind.

Unfortunately for Leia, she had no idea of the perverse lust Hutts had for women like her.  Most of the women the Hutts enslaved were either executed in a way that aroused their master, or were unfortunate enough to be kept alive to pleasure them on a daily basis.  The few who managed to escape went into hiding, too tramautized to tell anyone of the disgusting sexual acts that they were forced to have with their Hutt captor.

Jabba's appreciation of Leia's charming features deepened as she was brought closer before him, struggling all the way. Watching her resist her inevitable meeting with him he groaned deeply, relishing the opportunity to tame such beauty and fierceness.

Leia is pushed into Jabba

Jabba leers at the feisty princess as she struggles and threatens him

Crossing the final few feet seperating her from the Hutt's throne, Leia uttered a quick threat. "We have powerful friends, Jabba. You're going to regret this." The words did not come out as strongly as she had wished. She hadn't noticed before how truly massive he was, especially his head. His orange eyes in particular were incredible in size and bewildering in their reptilian complexity, as both his pupils and irises expanded and contracted independently of each other in pleasure at the sight of her. Leia quickly found that she could not maintain eye contact with the Hutt for long before she began to feel weakened by his vast, piercing gaze, but she also found it incredibly difficult to look away once he had locked eyes with her, losing herself in their orange gleaming. Thus, by the time she was brought fully to stand on his throne she was quite limp, allowing Jubnuk to shove her body rudely into the Hutt's tremendous girth.

Jabba mocks Leia's threat

Jabba responds sarcastically to the princess's threat, overpowering her with his commanding voice

Jabba stretched his left hand around her waist and placed it commandingly on her hip. Then he drew her even closer to himself, until their faces were mere inches apart, her stomach pressed against his oily snake-like skin. Only after he had again locked eyes with Leia and noticed that she was weakening did he respond to her threat.

Leia awaits Jabba's advance

Leia stares helpless into the Hutt's penetrating, reptilian gaze, bracing herself for the worst

"Oh, I'm sure. But in the meantime I will thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of your company."

Large, gross fingers groping at her hip and side, he took in her scent through his flared nostrils and then breathed out his appreciation through his hideous maw, licking his lips again.

Jabba Puts His Slimy Tongue on Leia

Jabba licks Leia with his slime-covered tongue

Wasting little time, Jabba poked his fat, dripping tongue out to Leia, offering it to her. Repulsed by the sight of Jabba's tongue alone, Leia turned away, pushing her hands against his flabby bulk and moaned in disgust. However, Jabba's hold around her waist and hips was surprisingly strong, so that she found she could not escape from Jabba's abhorrent affections. Utterly helpless now, she suffered the Hutt's tongue slopping across her cheek and mouth. Jabba eagerly continued his ministrations as Leia groaned in protest and disgust.

"Oh, I can't bear to watch," C-3PO said, watching the Hutt's amorous display. He then hid behind Ree-Yees, the three-eyed alien, still to be haunted by the sounds of the Hutt's ministrations and Leia's moans, which soon grew louder and more urgent.

Jabba Pulls Leia Closer and Offers her his tongue

Jabba offers his tongue to Leia, holding her close.

Jabba's great voice boomed out in laughter at the princess's feeble protestations. He slithered his tongue over her lips again as Salacious Crumb, his court jester, laughed at the princess's misfortune. Leia kept her lips tightly closed, refusing to let the Hutt's foul appendage defile the inside of her mouth.

But Jabba's hunger for the princess would not be denied. Forcefully, he squeezed her cheeks with his chubby fingers until her mouth opened, causing her to groan in surrender. His tongue rose from her neck where it had strayed, slobbered up her chin, then plunged through her full, luscious red lips.

Disgusted Leia

Leia tries desperately to prevent Jabba from kissing her.

Now Jabba's eyes turned to slits, as he finally relished her exquisite taste. His strong reptiliian tongue easily dominated her weaker mammalian one, then expanded its conquest to her curious teeth. With her mouth full of the strange, bitter taste of the Hutt's saliva, Leia felt the first cracks in her resolve. As Jabba's tongue plunged deeper into her mouth and down her throat, her knees buckled and her resilience began to give way even more to the Hutt's gross assault. Jabba tightened his grip on her body to hold her up for his continued exploration of her mouth. Leia gagged slightly as Jabba's tounge brushed the back of her throat. While Leia continued to gag on Jabba's fat tongue, the Hutt decided to explore her body in other ways as he lustfully groped the princess's rounded rear, moaning with pleasure as his tail hardened. Tears stung at the sides of Leia's eyes as the foul gangster's tongue stroked her own, making sure to coat every inch of her mouth with his own saliva. Already failing to supress how grossed out she was by Jabba, Leia refused to give the Hutt the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Whatever he intended for her, she wouldn't break that easily.
Jabba Extends his Tongue to Leia

Jabba withdraws his tongue from Leia's mouth as she leans back in disgust.

Jabba's strong tongue finally ceased its exploration of her mouth and withdrew. Leia braced herself for whatever depravities Jabba intended to submit her to. She swore that, contrary to their original plan, she would kill the Hutt herself as soon as Luke had assured the safety of the others. Fully hiding away her resolve now, the princess gazed again into the eyes of her new master, and--with a quiet dignity only a princess could possess--awaited his first command.

Leia is Stripped Before Her New MasterEdit

Jabba dismissed most of his court except for Bib, a few of his guards, his band, and some dancers. "My friends!" he shouted, his tail throbbing in excitement. "We have captured a powerful guest here tonight!" Jubnuk, the Gamorrean guard, lustfully dragged her to the center of the throne room, attempting to grope her chest through the bulky armor. He looked at Jabba with a waiting glance, as if to ask him a question. "Strip her." Jabba said, licking his lips. "Let us see what she looks like without all that ugly armor." "Don't you dare touch me!" Leia growled, kicking one of the guards as he ripped her coat open. Jabba chuckled as he watched the fiesty princess struggle against the Gamorreans, swallowing a paddy frog and licking his lips as Leia's clothes were removed. His tail began to throb with excitement as her toned sexy tummy became exposed. Suddenly Leia felt something wet touch her lower back, and realized a guard was sucking on her flesh. She cried out and fought with all she had. Several guards were kicked and punched before Jabba raised his hand high. "Stop!" Jabba boomed, causing Leia and the guards to freeze mid-brawl in the center of the room as Leia now stood half-naked.

The gamorreans quickly realized that Jabba was talking to the new girl, and quickly resumed stripping Leia before she could react. Had they not been restrained by her brasserie and undershirt, Leia's large 36-C breasts would have bounced around as her pants dropped to her knees, exposing her blue panties. Had it not been for her wide defensive stance, her pants would've already been dropped on the ground. "I see now that the princess is a force to be reckoned with." Lando walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder sympathetically, looking into Leia's brown eyes. The half-naked princess shivered with fear, remaining defiant in the face of this sexist treatment. "Princess, I admire your resistance. I like that in women." Jabba announced, "But your clothes are to come off your body now....or Captain Solo and the Wookie will die." Jabba threatened. Leia's eyes widened in fear, shocked at how easily Jabba had defeated her. Jabba was already holding her closest friends captive, probably torturing them for his amusement. Although the plan had already failed, she had risked her life by coming here to rescue Han; was she really going to let him be executed simply because she refused to strip for Jabba? "Jubnuk, bring the prisoners to the Rancor pit!" "No!" Leia called out, realizing too late that she had dropped her defiant cover. Her vulnerability was now clear to everyone. "Then you have two choices, princess. Your body will be shown to my friends, or your friends....will be eaten."

Completely defeated now, Leia closed her eyes as she stepped out of the pants, shifiting them off to the side and exposing her long, milky-white legs as the crowd cheered. They were toned and firm from working out and running in the past few months since the Hoth base was lost, and their long length seemed to arouse Jabba. "More!" shouted one of the patrons, whistling crudely and slapping the table. "Yeah, take it off!" yelled another one as he made and exceptionally crude hand gesture. Leia lowered her head in shame and pulled off her shredded undershirt, tossing it to the ground and standing in her blue underclohes with her hands on her hips. She immediately regretted wearing a push-up bra and thong. Jabba stared at Leia as she stood in front of him wearing only her ocean-colored underwear, motioning towards her as the crowd chanted crude comments at her. "Well, my princess?" Jabba asked, licking his lips in anticipation. "I took my clothes off, isn't that what you wanted?" Leia said, growling under her breath as she stood there in her blue bra and panties. "I said to show your body to my friends." Jabba said with a smirk. "I never said there could be any clothing on it." "What..... do you mean..?" Leia asked, terrified with the fact that she already knew the answer. "I never said there could be any clothing on your body. Your undergarments count as clothing, yes? Now take it off... and show us what you look like.... naked and unclothed" 

Leia slowly undid the first hook of her bra, terriefied of showing her nude body to Jabba and his court. She'd never been naked in public before. Her privacy was always kept to herself, and that was the way she liked it. But now all hope of privacy was lost as she undid the second hook, placing one arm over her full breasts as the undergarment fell to the ground, inciting cheers from the guards. Jabba licked his lips as Leia shyly kept one arm over her breasts, putting one hand down the front of her panties. She stood still, her heart pounding as her arm stayed over her breasts. Jabba nodded and made a hand gesture towards her as she pulled her panties down, making them slide down her slim legs, kicking them away and placing her hands over her bare crotch and breasts as men jeered at her and shouted crude comments. "That's it, princess!" Jabba roared. "These men have wanted to see you bare and unclothed for a long time!" Leia's heart pounded with fear as she stood with her womanhood just barely covered by her small hands, fully realising how completely her privacy had been stripped from her. Not just her body, but they could instantly tell what she was thinking, because what else would a young woman think in this scenario? "Oh dear, princess!" C-3PO said as he briefly looked back at the scene. "What has come over you?" Jabba pushed the droid away as Leia looked away, too ashamed to look the droid in the optics as she struggled to keep her naked body hidden with her arms. "Please, don't speak to me, threepio." She said, shaking in fear. "Just....don't." 

"My not hide such beauty from our eyes." He said, beckoning for her to move towards him. "Such a lovely body should not be kept to yourself alone. Show us your body. I said nothing could be on it. And yet your arms are still hiding your beauty from us. Lower your arms, or your friends die" Leia, now naked and feeling more vulnerable than she had ever felt before, realized she had no choice. "Fine, have a good look." She said, keeping up her air of defiance. She fearfully lowered her arms, taking them off her crotch and breasts, finally exposing her body to the crowd. Her neck was firm and long, supporting her head and accentuating her beautiful face, which was only enhanced by her long brown hair. Her breasts were fairly large, reaching a 36-C bra size and firmed from physical activity, which kept them from bouncing too much as she moved. Her arms were fairly thin, but still muscular, and her hands were small and possesed long dexterous fingers. Going further down, her stomach was flat and toned, and Jabba enjoyed how it went concave when she breathed out. Her womanhood was almost invisible because of her forest of pubic hair, but Jabba licked his lips all the same, also enjoying the sight of her bare bottom. 

"Come to me, princess. Come to your new lover." Jabba shifted on his throne, taking in Leia's nude figure as she slowly moved towards Jabba, blushing in shame. Impatient with the girl's slow march to her new master, two guards grabbing Leia by her arms and pushed her into the Hutt's arms. Leia moaned as Jabba squeezed her naked body, pressing her into the slimy folds of his flesh. "Eew!" Leia gasped, feeling the sticky slime cover her nude form and stick like glue, keeping her from moving away. "Don't you touch me!" "Why, I'm surprised at you, my lovely girl." Jabba said, planting slops of his slime on her skin by kissing her on the neck. "You are a princess. You deserve a king and a throne."  

Jabba loved the feeling of Leia's bare flesh pressed against his slimy, corpulent belly and chest, and the arousing taste of her soft skin. Leia groaned and closed her eyes in an effort to imagine herself somewhere else, but this illusion was quickly shattered as she felt Jaba's tail coiling around her soft upper thigh as he wrapped his arms around her body. Jabba whispered a dark obscenity in Huttese before his disgusting tongue emerged from his mouth and slathered from her shoulder, up her neck, across her face, and into her mouth. As Jabba's tongue focused on her mouth, his tail--which was still wrapped around Leia's smooth leg--stroked up and down, squeezing her smooth thigh as it did so. Jabba slowly reached behind Leia with his other hand, and began to grope her rear, much to her discomfort. Leia tried to struggle and cry out, but her voice was muffled by Jabba's tongue, and his grasp was too firm on her. Instead, her movements only served to increase his lust for her. Supported by the Hutt's powerful tail, Leia found herself shoved up higher against the smelly Hutt.

Jabba wasted no time in tasting the princess's breasts with his tongue, slobbering all over Leia's chest, causing her to cry out in shock and disgust as the crowd cheered. Jabba's tongue proved quite adept at curling around her breasts and sucking on them, causing her nipples to grow hard because of her arousal, much to her embarassment. He groped and fondled everywhere he could reach with his stubby fingers, making Leia feel humiliated at feeling aroused against her will. While Jabba continued to lick her breasts, the Hutt's tail continued to slither higher up her thigh until it began to brush against her moist womanhood, which made Leia close her eyes in anticipation of the unwelcome touching. Jabba then focused his tongue on tasting her beautiful neck and ear, loving her moans of protest, wrapping himself around her tighter still, while his stubby finger moved its way to her right breast, beginning to twirl her erect nipple. "Ooooo," Jabba moaned with intense pleasure. "Please me, princess. Please your lover." Princess Leia groaned as Jabba's deep and horrifying words and vomit-inducing breath hit her face. She reached her hand out, trying to push away his finger from her soft and desirable flesh, but her efforts were futile. He continued the amorous twirl of her nipple, his tail hardening even more. Leia could feel this, as the tail was coiled around her thigh, and she let out a cry of panic and disgust. Jabba hungrily shoved one hand between her two butt cheeks and eagerly squeezed the soft flesh of her bottom.  

Before Jabba went any further, however, he stopped.  As tempting as the thought was of violating the naked girl with his tail in front of his court was, he decided to wait until later in the night, and take Leia to his private pleasure room where he'd violate her with something far more disgusting than his tongue or tail. Few beings knew this of Hutts, given their unusual physiology, but as hermaphrodites, they could take on the genitalia of either males or females of any species they desired. This was part of the reason they took on sex slaves, to sate their lusts. And Jabba had a notorious hunger for female humanoids. 

Once she had been prepared for him in his pleasure room, he would take Princess Leia's virginity amid her protests and screams with the male organ of her species, letting her experience the horrifying meaning of being his slave girl. As Jabba drooled over this thought another idea formed in his head. For keeping his court up they deserved a show and he released Leia and let Bib take her to the center of the throne room to admire her bare body.

"Now, I am already aware of your identity and status, but won't you tell the court who you are?" Leia stood silent for a moment, humiliated at her body's most sacred parts being fully exposed before so many people and being subjected to such molestation in public. She put her hands on her hips and tried hard not to blush or display any sign of humiliation or fear despite being totally naked in public. "My name is Princess Leia Organa." She said, looking over at Jubnuk as he stood by the doorway to the dungeon, obviously waiting for another order to bring Han and Chewbacca out. "Princess of the planet Alderaan's destruction."

The crowd gasped, and then cheered, showing their excitement that Jabba had captured such a powerful woman. "How old are you?" Jabba asked as the guards kept close to Leia, fondling her rear and small of her back. Leia kicked back slightly, making the guards move away. "23."  she said, fighting the urge to just crouch down and hide her vagina and breasts from the crowd. "23 Alderaanian years old." "And are you a virgin?" Jabba asked, making Leia blush dark red as sweat dripped down her skin. She regretted showing her humiliation, but she had no control over when she blushed. "I asked you, have you ever had had sex with a male before?" 

"No." Leia said sheepishly as she started to shiver, both from the cold and her own fear and discomfort. "And you have not shown your body to any male before?" Jabba asked as Leia tried hard not to show how embarrassed and shy she was feeling about these highly intimate and sexual questions asked about her. "I haven't slept around, worked at a strip joint, or posed nude, if that's what you mean." She said coldly, still standing naked before the crowd. "You could say my parents taught me well." "So you are a virgin?" Jabba asked as Leia crouched down, trying to hide her breasts and womanhood while attempting to appear she was trying to warm herself up. This was her vain attempt to maintain modesty without making the gesture too overt. "A pure virgin, untouched by any male until today?" "Yes." Leia said, standing still and trying not to display concern. Jabba looked to his left. "Bib?"  

Bib Fortuna suddenly attached a collar with a chain to Leia's throat, surprising her and causing her even more humiliation. Moving closer to his master, Bib took Leia's chain and handed it to the Bloated One, who drooled as he greedily held the chain in both stubby hands. Tugging lightly on it to test the strength of both leash and slave, Jabba laughed as Leia stumbled closer to him in response to avoid tripping. "Then I am the first male to touch or see your beautiful body."  Two of his slave girls, Arica and Jess, asked: "Exalted one, should we give her a new costume?" "Ohhh, not just yet. I shall leave her like this for a while." Jabba said, picking a paddy frog out of his tank. "Now dance, Princess." 

The feeling of a collar and chain around Leia's throat was an entirely unpleasant experience, and the feeling of helplessness that occured when she was pulled closer to her Hutt master while being totally naked was even more terrible. She felt like a pet, chained to Jabba and his throne, and the fact that she was nude added to the embarassment. She thought about dropping down on all fours and acting like an animal. The crowd sheered, some of them hooting at her and catcalling. She slowly started to dance, taking her time as the music began from Jabba's band. "Faster!" Jabba growled, whipping the chain like a lash and striking Leia's feet with an expertly-placed lash. The naked princess blushed as she spun around, allowing every man in the palace a good look at her body. She did a flip in the air and landed, dancing faster and faster. She hated this, but it was either this, or Han would die.

The dance lasted for hours upon hours, with Leia's humiliation growing by the second. She incorporated many twists, curves, and poses at Jabba's suggestion, all of which exposed her most intimate parts to the crowd in the worst way. "Now Stop!" Jabba growled. Leia stopped so suddenly she almost fell on her bottom, covering herself up yet again. "Lower your arms, my princess. Show my friends your body." Leia reluctantly lowered her arms again, and was met with a deafening cheer. "Very good!" Jabba bellowed, clapping his fat hands and puling Leia closer to him. "Augh!" Leia groaned, falling on her bottom as the chain tugged her neck. She quickly crawled over to jabba and sat on his throne, the hutt pulling her bare body into his folds of fat. "Now spread your legs and lift your arms!" Jabba growled. Leia complied, holding her arms above her head and revealing her womanhood before the crowd.

The crowd laughed as her intimate areas became visible to all, leaving no part of her body a mystery to the crowd. The deafening laughter and catcalls made Leia feel more uncomfortable than she had felt in her entire life. "Very good, my princess." Jabba said, licking her face and breasts and making her tremble with the unwanted tingling sensation. "Now, your costume should be ready right about now. Won't you thank me for being such a generous master?" Leia watched as Jabba's other slave girls approached her master with Leia's costume. "Thank you, my master." she said with a grimace. Jabba grabbed a squealing frog from his snackquarium and stuffed the live snack into his mouth, chewing slowly as he watched the other girls dress his newest slave in front of a giant mirror.  One of them braided Leia's hair and applied her make-up while the other two dressed her.

Leia grimaced as one of the slave girls started touching her crotch with something cold and slimy. "Hey!" she gasped, jumping back and scooting into the wall in surprise. "What are you doing??" "Jubnuk...." Bib said, motioning towards the guard. Jubnuk walked forwards and held Leia still, pulling her legs apart while another guard held her arms. "Don't be alarmed, princess." Said Lyn me, looking into her eyes as she rubbed a cold white cream into her crotch and over her thighs, moving up and down her legs and continuing up her back. "This is a special cream, it will remove any hairs on your body." The guards attempted to grope her chest and stick their hands into her crotch, but Bib ordered them not to. Lyn continued rubbing the into Leia's arms, legs, crotch, hips, back, and nipples, making Leia squirm. "The master loves girls with no hair. It makes you taste better." Leia looked down as the hairs on her body vanished, falling out with a tingling sensation and a slight itchy feeling on her skin. She gulped and looked down at her now-hairless genitals, not relishing the thought of Jabba touching her down there. "All right, she's ready for you." Lyn said to the girls holding the costume, motioning for them to come forth.

The two girls dressed Leia in front of the crowd, fitting her with a golden bra which was connected across her back by thin strings. This left her back completely exposed to the Hutt's view, allowing him to see more of her sexy figure. Next, two golden skirt plates with a purple skirt hanging from each plate were placed around her waist, and connected by two skimpy gold fasteners with holes in them to show off more of her bare skin. Finally, one of the girls guided Leia's feet into a pair of boots while the other slid a golden snake-like armband onto one of her arms, and a golden bracelet onto her other arm. Leia immediately disliked them, as they clenched her arms and felt like they could decrease her flexibility.

Leia felt herself all over, testing the feel of her only form of coverage. It felt rigid, uncomfortable, like her body was held in a prison that served to restrain her and adorn her most desired features with gold. The bra was so tight it thrust her medium-sized breasts upwards more than she was comfortable with, and it only covered half of them, leaving the tops exposed, but thankfully, not her nipples. There was also no padding underneath that she could feel, and it made her nipples go hard because of the cold metal rubbing against them. The bottom element was a bit better, since she was given a tiny g-string to wear underneath the metal plates and lashaa silk veils. This gave Leia a small sense of modesty until she heard Jabba roar "No, no, no! Remove the undergarment at once. I have lived for six hundred years, and not once have I seen a slave with an undergarment!" The palace slaves who were dressing Leia had no choice and so stripped her of the panty and her modesty all at once. Upon feeling the elaborate design on the plates, she looked at it in the mirror, and her fears about it were confirmed. The designs were a uterus and ovaries, along with the fallopian tubes, endometrium, and other organs that made up her reproductive system, the very organs that made her a woman were molded onto a loincloth over her vagina for all to see.

Leia looked down in shame. This was worse than being naked in front of the court, because at least then her internal parts were hidden. Now, she was being "exposed" to show her very sex organs to the crowd, as well as a hymen, to show off her virginity. She did not relish the thought of people pointing this out. The boots were made of jerba leather, and gave her feet almost no traction, much to her annoyance. Finally, the girl touched the armbands and hair clips, feeling like she was being dressed, figuratively speaking, for the role as former princess, now sex slave.

"I'm not wearing this." She said, folding her arms over the tops of her breasts as the crowd chanted sexist words at her. "I will not decorate my body for your perverted pleasures." "Then you will wear nothing but air, princess." Bib said, reaching behind her and undoing her bra, pulling the skirts away with ease and leaving the princess completely naked as she gasped. "i'm sure the master will appreciate it." "Give those back!" Lea growled, snagging the costume back from Bib and placing them over her nude body as the crowd cheered. "Now now, Bib." Jabba rumbled, motioning towards the Twi'lek as Leia quickly slipped the costume back on her bare form. "Give her a little time to appreciate my power." He pulled Leia close to her, licking her breasts as she finally slipped the costume back onto her body. "But if you do not appreciate my gift, you shall remain naked, for air is all an ungrateful slave girl is worthy of wearing. Now, won't you thank me for my gift?"    

Leia realized the full gravity of her predicament. "Thank master." she said, adjusting her skirt plates and bra straps. "Thank you for providing me with clothing to decorate my form for your pleasure." She realized not only was she at Jabba's mercy because of her friends, her dignity as a woman and her virginity were also on the line.  She knew Jabba would want to milk the fact she was still a virgin for all it was worth, so rape was not an immediate concern, but she feared being naked in front of the hundreds of people of jabba's court to be touched, mocked, and derided for who knows how long. "Do not speak again without my permission, princess." Jabba said, motioning towards a half-naked slave girl spreadeagled and wearing a muzzle behind his throne. "You will be silenced." The girl was struggling as many gammorean guards touched and molested her body and she was helpless to stop them. Leia gasped as she felt a sudden shove on her buttocks. "Behold!" Jabba shouted, pushing Leia onto her feet and making her stand before the crowd in her golden bikini. "My latest slave girl, a pure and untouched virgin princess from the planet Alderaan!"    

The Hutt then decided he would test his new slave's obedience as entertainment for the crowd."I knew you would turn out nicely for us, princess. Such beauty should not be kept to yourself alone. Come now and dance for me again." He gurgled, his mouth half full.

Leia turned her head in disgust. She didn't want to, but the shock and disgust towards her new master had dissolved any resistance.  Besides, despite all this, was she really willing to risk the mission despite this? Growling in defeat she submissively nodded.


Leia realizes her defeat in the face of Jabba's power of her beloved, Han Solo.

As a sultry song began, Leia began her dance with a grace befitting her class. She had decided that if she was to dance for the perverted Hutt and his men, she need not be explicitly seductive, and so chose to perform a more traditional style of court dancing. She spread her long, slender legs and moved them in a series of steps to the music, twirling her body and leaping with acrobatic finesse, techniques that would've been impossible if not for her athletic training. Still, the thought that this training was allowing her to do little more than appease a drooling Hutt Lord was not all that gratifying. The princess knew that despite the dance's complexity, most of it would be lost on Jabba if she did not add a few more...risqué moves. So she threw in the occasional sway of her hips or bouncing of her chest, yet trying to avoid the leering gaze of the vile gangster. Though inwardly the thought of having any sort of physical relationship with the corpulent Hutt disgusted her, she continued to dance for Jabba as he enjoyed this debased act.

Slave Leia Shoot with Chain

Leia dances for Jabba.

Meanwhile, Jabba the Hutt was entraced by the princess' dancing, though only to a degree as his attention seemed to be split between his pretty new slave girl and his snackquarium filled with tasty live delicacies which he would eat at regular intervals. For his part, he was aware that Leia's dance was not the usual seductive dance he was used to having his other dancers perform for him. Still, there was a certain entertaining quality to her acrobatic kicks and moves, and the Hutt could not argue that her sporadic hip thrust or shaking of her rear was very enticing, as it would make her skirts flare up and expose her bare vagina and buttocks, given her lack of undergarments.  In any case, her humiliation with performing this dance for his enjoyment was enough to get the Hutt drooling and lightly tugging on her leash.

As the music came to an end, Leia struck an exotic pose and thrust her chest in Jabba's direction and waited for his next command. Rumbling with laughter, Jabba grabbed another frog from his aquarium and slid the little creature past his lips and swallowed it whole. The gluttonous Hutt Lord then licked his lips and pulled the princess by her chain so that within a moment, she was in his grasp. Leia gasped as she felt her half-naked body press once again against the greasy, flabby skin of her Hutt master, she looked up at him and saw his putrid tongue reaching out to meet her face. Cringing and closing her eyes, Leia suffered Jabba's grotesque advances as the mighty crime lord slobbered another amorous kiss upon her lips. She attempted to resist his advances by placing her hands on the Hutt's great bulk in order to push herself away from her new master, but the action only caused her body to squrim against Jabba's, increasing his own lust and desire. Leia let out an anguished little cry, fearful that this disgusting creature might rape her on the spot. Panicked, she attempted to push away from Jabba using her boot-clad feet, pressing against his stinking flesh and arching her back with desperation. Sensing her fear, Jabba chuckled, mucus dripping down his folds of slimy fat. "Love me, Princess Leia," he rumbled. "Give in to your master." "No!" cried Leia. "No!" She writhed in Jabba's hold, but her efforts were futile, and the squirming and screaming princess was forced to suffer Jabba's hunger for her. He slipped his finger under her thin shoulder strap, lifted and let it snap back upon her flesh, all while she struggled to be free of the Hutt. "Hohohoho," he laughed, now running his hand over her soft head of hair. "Do not fear, princess. Soon you will learn to love me." He used all his strength to pull Leia less than an inch from his face. She groaned, smelling the stench that was his hot, moist breath. "So beautiful..." He slipped his hand under her bra and stroked her hardening nipple with his finger. "No..." Leia moaned. Jabba let out a wet chuckle. "Yes, my pretty Leia, my beautiful princess..." He reached out his putrid tongue to her ear, and gently licked her lobe, overcome with desire. She continued her squirming and protests while Jabba licked her ear, trapping her against him, now giving her breast long and soft squeezes with his hand. His hard, throbbing tail sneaked its way up into her skirts and pressed itself into her rear. The princess now struggled harder than ever, but the Hutt's hold on her was far too strong. The slimy tail pushed and stroked while the Hutt slopped his tongue on Leia's shoulder, the taste and feel of her warm flesh almost too much to handle. At last, however, just when it seemed Jabba the Hutt would have his way with Princess Leia on the spot, he withdrew his tail from underneath her skirts, as well as his hand from her bra and rumbled, "You have pleased me, slave girl. I'm going to enjoy your company for a very long time," and he punctuated his complete possession of her by burping in Leia's face, the rancid smell of half-digested frog wafting over her and causing parts of the digested frog to fall into her bra. Jabba then ordered her to lay at his side, inside the curl of his long tail. As Leia took her place beside him, she heard the Hutt's stomach rumble as he casually reached into the snackquarium positioned next to her head, grab a particuarly juicy frog and plopped the squirming morsel into his drool-covered mouth. Chewing the creature slowly, Jabba lightly pulled on his slave girl's chain occasionally as his court began to settle in for the night...

Luke's Arrival and Failed Negotiations with JabbaEdit


Leia sleeps beside her new master's belly.

Because they had stayed up all night to surprise Leia, and Jabba had decided to watch her dance for a bit, Jabba and his court were exhausted and eventually drifted off to sleep, yet Jabba remained somewhat awake to further appreciate his new slave. Jabba yanked Leia's chain causing her to fall back onto his slimy body. As Leia was being held against the Hutt's belly, Jabba's slime ran down her bare back, and began to solidify like mucousy glue, much to her disgust. She hated being half-naked and not being able to move from the disgusting hutt's belly. Jabba then moved his hand down to her shoulder and began to stroke her bare arm and the soft hair on her head. Too exhausted to resist, Leia tried to ignore Jabba. The slow rhythm of Jabba's breathing lulled the princess to sleep more quickly than she expected, and within a few minutes she too was unconscious.

As she slept, Jabba remained awake for several more minutes. During this time he continued to stroke Leia's hair and shoulders, enjoying the slave princess's exposed body. As he began to gently rub her tummy, his tail slowly stroked up and down Leia's upper thigh, dangerously close to her bare womanhood. Staring down Leia's cleavage, Jabba drooled at the thought of what pleasures her body would soon be bringing him. As these thoughts filled his brain, Jabba's tail quickened its movements and poked under Leia's skirts, seeking and probing about her forbidden regions. Jabba's hand then slid from her shoulder to the top of one of her breasts and squeezed, as if testing the soft, supple mound. Leia groaned in her sleep and rolled over, moving a hand to protect her breasts. Jabba couldn't wait until morning when the Princess's mood would once again be fiery and obstinate. He would relish every moment it took to break her, physically, mentally, and sexually, until she was his to command and touch as he saw fit. His tail continued to move under her skirt, moving further upward until it found its target. Leia's virgin womanhood was left exposed under the skirts and Jabba's tail slowly moved against it, pressing into it just the slightest bit. The Hutt smiled as a digusted and exhausted groan emitted from Leia's throat. Slowly removing his tail, Jabba knew the princess would be his most satisfying slave yet. Withdrawing his hand, Jabba allowed sleep to take him as well. Even asleep, however, the Hutt's complex brain continued to work out business plans and schemes, as well as plans for the Princess.

Starwars6 0869

Leia's bare tummy. Jabba focussed much of his attention on her soft flesh

In the late hours of the morning she was awoken by the feel of Jabba's fat tail wriggling against her bare thigh. She tried to move away, but the collar's shortened leash made it impossible and she groaned as the slimy tail wrapped around her hip. It seemed to stretch further and wrap itself around her waist, much to her irritation. It began to stroke her soft tummy, but then, it seemed to slide back and forth. Leia was grateful for this, but it remained wrapped around her tummy...and to her disgust, the tip now began to point towards her bellybutton. Salacious Crumb looked on in anticipation, knowing what would come next when the Hutt woke up. Leia tried not to think why the vile monkey-lizard looked so excited. Just then she heard a voice in the corridor--it was Luke's voice! She rose up instinctively, yet minding the short tether of her chain, and peered at the shadowy stairs which lead down into the throne room where she now resided.
Leia Awakens

Leia awakens as she senses Luke's presence

In the time since Luke had trained with Yoda, Leia had felt an increasing connection to him through the Force. She never attributed this connection to herself, crediting it fully to Luke's burgeoning powers as a Jedi. But upon hearing his voice she immediately made a mental link with him, expressing her pain wordlessly and receiving immediate sympathy from him. Since she knew that he would have to focus all his attention on Jabba, she broke off this link quickly--yet kept a sliver of her mind open to Luke in case he would need her help.

Luke and Leia Exchange Glances

Luke and Leia exchange glances before Jabba awakens.

Soon Bib Fortuna, the Hutt's major-domo, emerged from the stairs with Luke in tow. He was dressed in his Jedi robes and Leia couldn't see his face at first. When he finally stopped in front of Jabba's throne Leia looked down at her body at first, embarrassed that he should see her in such an exposed and suggestive condition. But she quickly recovered her poise, making eye contact with Luke and assuring him that she remained determined despite her slavery.

Bib Introduces Luke to Jabba as Leia Looks On

Leia looks on silently as Luke presents himself to Jabba.

Luke Presents Himself to JabbaEdit

Meanwhile, Jabba's major-domo, Bib Fortuna, had climbed the steps beside Jabba's throne and leaned in close to the Hutt's ear.


Jabba awoke at once with a booming shout and reflexively tightened his grip on Leia's chain. His major-domo had just interrupted a wonderful dream of debauchery, and he was quite perturbed. His annoyance only increased when he saw Luke before him.

Jabba Awakens with a Start and Pulls on Leia's Leash

Jabba awakes with a start

Bib continued speaking, "I present to you Luke Skywalker, Jed Knight."
Jabba Refuses to Bargain as Leia Looks On

Jabba interacts with Luke while Leia watches, silently

"I told you not to admit him!" the Hutt growled, while shortening the tether on Leia's chain. He could sense she was happy to see Skywalker, which only increased his annoyance further. He would have to remind her of his mastery over her during his conversation with the young Jedi, who now spoke for himself.

Jabba angry with Bib Fortuna

Jabba deals angrily with his majordomo

"I must be allowed to speak."

Fortuna mindlessly repeated this to his Hutt master.

Jabba, furious now, grabbed Fortuna by his robe."You weak-minded fool! He's using a Jedi mind trick!" He scolded as he threw his major-domo roughly aside. To calm himself, his tail caressed Leia's buttocks

"You will bring Solo and the Wookie to me." Luke said, stepping closer to Jabba and using the same inward turning voice he had used in speaking with Fortuna.

Leia Grimaces as Jabba Remains Immune to Luke's Mind Trick

Leia grimaces as Jabba remains immune to Luke's mind trick

But Jabba simply laughed, long and nastily at the Jedi's ploy. Leia looked at Luke, silently beseeching him to cease trying to bargain with the Hutt and just attack him. Luke returned her glance and extending a calming touch to her through the Force.

"Your mind tricks will not work on me, boy," Jabba spoke. He tugged on the princess's chain to drive home the point that Luke was truly on his own. "I am unaffected by your feeble Jedi training." Then, as an after thought, he added, "I was killing your kind when being a Jedi meant something." With his superior Hutt intelligence, he was easily able to divide his attention between controlling the slave princess and dealing with this pesky Jedi.

Sw3 1028

Jabba asserts his dominance over the slave princess

Luke took another threatening step closer to Jabba's throne, as Jabba's guards, including a Gammorrean named Jubnuk, encircled him. "Nevertheless, I am talking Captain Solo, and his friends. You can profit by this, or be destroyed. But I warn you not to underestimate my powers."

Peturbed Jabba (at Luke's threat)

Jabba snorts at Luke's threat.

Jabba snorted at Luke's arrogance. Like all Hutts, Jabba hated the Jedi Order, as they had opposed the activities of his criminal empire during the days of the Old Republic. But Luke's cockiness and calm was a personal affront to his power, and must be especially punished. Since the Empire had been formed, there had been no Jedi. Now one last Jedi Knight had appeared in his midst to challenge him. Jabba noticed with satisfaction that Luke was standing right above his trap door, and drooled as he anticipated sending the young Jedi to his demise. Yes, he would be the Hutt to kill the last of the Jedi. C-3PO too noticed that Luke was standing over the trap door, having seen Jabba use it before to dispose of Oola. He attempted to warn Luke of his dangerous position, but could only get a few words out before the Gran -- Ree-Yees -- who stood directly behind him, placed his hand over his mouth and silenced the droid.
Jabba dismisses Luke and yanks Leia back

Jabba yanks on Leia's chain while refusing the Jedi's offer to negotiate

"There will be no bargain, young Jedi," Jabba resumed speaking. This time he did not tug but rather yanked roughly on Leia's chain, demonstrating his unquestioned possession of her. His orange eyes glared at the Jedi and his pupils widened ominously as he continued to speak. "I shall enjoy watching you die." Jabba then burst into a fit of laughter and readied himself to send the Jedi to the pit below.

Suddenly, Luke reached out with the Force and grabbed a laser pistol from a guard beside him. Leia immediately ducked, trying to give Luke an open shot at the Hutt.

But the Gammorean Guard, Jubnuk, grabbed Luke's hand and raised it before the Jedi could fire.
Jabba laughs at his defeat of Luke

Jabba and Leia watch as Luke falls into the pit

"Boska!" Jabba spat, slamming his fist on the armrest control that opened the trapdoor to the rancor pit. As Luke fell he fired, but the shot harmlessly hit the ceiling above Jabba's head. Jubnuk lost his balance and tried to hold on to Leia. Jubnuk managed to grab onto the edge of Jabba's throne to try to save himself, but he ultimately fell into the pit with Luke seconds later. Jabba laughed and Leia became afraid...

The Fight with the RancorEdit

As Leia saw Luke fall through the trap door, she felt beginning to lurch towards the pit herself. As Leia gazed down into the chute that the two men had just fallen through, she felt the presence of the collar around her neck as Jabba tugged her back.

Suddenly Lando was beside her, shooting her a surreptitious, assuring glance. She sighed deeply to restore her spirits as the throne began to move forward.

Disguised Lando attempts to calm a worried Leia

Lando reassures the captive princess

Jabba Rejoices with Fett over Luke's Fall

Jabba gloats in triumph

Jabba, for his part, was intoxicated by the power he had just demonstrated to his captive princess. As the throne moved over the exposed trapdoor, the metallic section of the main floor slid open, revealing a large grate that allowed everyone to peer into a large pit down below. As the throne slid towards the exposed grate, Jabba mocked Luke by exclaiming "Silly Jedi! Silly Jedi!" to everyone in the throne room.

Below in the pit, Luke and Jubnuk were picking themselves up off of the dirty floor of the pit. Luke immediately took of his robe, giving himself freedom of movement for the challenge at hand. The gate at the far end of the pit creaked as it slowly began to rise. Two monstrous claws soon became visible.

"Oh no, the rancor!" C-3PO cried out.

Jabba uttered a guttural confirmation as Leia looked on with concern, placing her fingers between the collar and her tender neck so she could maintain a view of the pit as the Hutt continued to tug on her leash possessively.

Leia looks for the Rancor's emergence

Leia watches in horror as the rancor emerges

As the gate finished rising, Leia could see the rancor's huge, crustacean-like form emerge into the light. When she was a child her mother had told her scary stories about rancors who ate little girls who refused to go to sleep, but this was no bedtime story.

Leia is stunned by the reaction to Jubnuk's death

Leia is stunned by the court's reaction to Jubnuk's death.

The rancor first moved towards a squealing Jubnuk, who was pathetically attempting to climb back up the chute that had dropped him into the pit. The rancor grabbed the squealing Gammorrean guard in his huge claws with surprising swiftness, raised him to his slobbering mouth, and gobbled him up in three gulps.

Standing around the pit above, Jabba's court cheered at Jubunk's demise. Especially happy were the other Gamorreans who had envied Jubnuk's position as head guard. Jabba himself chuckled to see the Gamorrean's fall. Only Leia was horrified, aghast at the betrayal and lack of sympathy she witnessed in Jabba's men and especially in Jabba himself. Slurping up Jubnuk's severed hand, which had become stuck in its dagger-like teeth, the rancor turned its attention to the young Jedi. Luke stole a momentary glance upward and met Leia's gaze, then Jabba's who raised his arms and cried out in triumph.
Starwars6 0985

Jabba rejoices at Luke's predicament.

Suddenly, Luke jumped with the aid of the force straight up into the air and grasped onto the bars of the floor grate, much to Jabba's shock and outrage. Immediately, the Hutt ordered his men to dislodge the Jedi. Two Jawas standing beside their master's throne rushed to do his bidding, and began to beat on Luke's fingers with the butts of their guns.

Luke Force Jumps up to the floor grate.

Although chained, Leia could not sit by and watch this. Taking advantage of a distracted Jabba, she ripped her chain out of his grip, rushed onto the floor, and began to push the Jawas away from Luke.

Jabba Prevents Leia from Helping Luke

Jabba holds Leia back, preventing her from helping Luke

Jabba, more bemused than furious at his slave's ultimately futile actions, reestablished his grip on her leash and pulled her violently back onto his throne. He then shortened her tether, and wrapped his tail around her hip while one hand gripped her shoulder to show his possesion of her.
Luke-grate swinging

The Jawas break Luke's grip while Jabba hauls on Leia's leash to prevent her from interfering.

Meanwhile, the Jawas finished breaking Luke's grip on the grate. The young Jedi fell, knocking against the Rancor's eye and finally landing on the dusty floor below. The rancor cried out in pain and fumbled about, nearly crushing Luke with his massive hoofs.

As the rancor struggled with its injured eye, Luke sought about the cave for a suitable weapon. Spying a long femur on the ground, he rushed over and picked it up, awaiting the rancor that had recovered its sight.

With animal anger, the rancor reached down and grabbed the young Jedi roughly, almost causing Luke to lose his grip on his makeshift club. But as the rancor raised his hand to his mouth Luke kept his composure, waiting for the right moment to act.


Leia and Jabba watch in horror and glee as the rancor raises Luke to its mouth.

Up above, Leia grimaced in horror at the sight of her friend about to be devoured. Jabba, meanwhile, waved his free hand, attempting to will the Jedi into the rancor's gaping maw.

But it was not to be. At the last second, Luke jammed the bone between the rancor's tongue and the roof of his mouth. The rancor gagged and sputtured, dropping Luke and attempting to pull the bone out with its claws.

Down below, Luke quickly sought a hiding space in the cave from which to plan his next move, sliding underneath an outcropping. Straight ahead he could see the door out of the pit, but the rancor's tremendous bulk was in the way. Up above he could hear the monster finally crush the bone with the strength of his jaws. Luke's inadvertant kicking of a pile of rocks in his hiding place alerted the rancor to his hiding place, and with his right claw the beast began to scrape at the alcove the Jedi was hiding in. Just before a talon could pierce him, Luke grabbed one of the rocks and slammed it down on the rancor's finger, causing the monster to let out another cry of pain. Luke then slid out from under the wall and ran past the rancor to the door of the cave, which opened with a whoosh when he came near, revealing a storage room with two guards arm-wrestling. But a grate was blocking the way.

Jabba and Leia Watch Luke Battle the Rancor

Jabba, Boba Fett, and Leia Watch Luke Struggle Against the Rancor

Meanwhile, the rancor had recovered and had turned around to face Luke once more. As the monster began to stalk towards the Jedi, the dust on cave floor flew upwards with the impact of his hoofs. Luke desperately shook at the bars of the grate, but it would not open. Hearing his struggles, the two guards left their game, came over, and pushed Luke away with the butts of their axes. The young Jedi laid himself out against the wall a few feet away from the door and noticed that the rancor only need to take three strides before it would be upon him.

Seeing the rancor corner Luke, Jabba and his court cheered wildly. The rancor's chase of the Jedi had been fun to watch, but now they would finally see the violence they craved. Jabba's bloodlust cause him to pull Leia's leash, as the princess fought desperately to see what would happen to Luke. Beside her, Salacious Crumb cackled maniacally.
Leia Struggles to Watch Luke Fight the Rancor

Leia pulls on her collar in an attempt to see Luke battle the rancor.

Luke's eyes searched desperately around the pit for a means of escape. Suddenly, he noticed that the rancor needed to step underneath the portcullis that had released the rancor earlier. More importantly, he saw that there was a switch for the gate on the far wall. As the rancor took another step forward and bent under the portcullis, Luke glanced down and saw a skull by his foot. Instinctively, he grabbed the skull and threw it at the button for the gate, guiding it accurately with the Force. 
Starwars6 1036

The portcullis comes crashing down onto the rancor's neck.

Sparks flew from the switch as the skull hit. Immediately the portcullis came crashing down onto the rancor's thick neck, splitting it open and forcing the most anguished cry from the beast as it was forced to the floor of the cave by the impact.

Starwars6 1039

Leia laughs at Luke's victory while Jabba trumpets in dismay.

Up above, the court stopped cheering and stood silently in amazement. Jabba uttered his own cry of anguish upon seeing his beloved creature slain by the Jedi. Only Leia was happy, sighing in relief and then breaking into a wide grin. Down in the pit, the rancor shifted once as it let out one final whimper before it laid still, dying seconds later.
Starwars6 1043

Jabba pulls violently on Leia's chain.

Now certain that the rancor was dead, Leia couldn't help but laugh at Luke's victory. The sound of her laughter infuriated her Hutt master, who yanked angrily on her leash more powerfully than ever. The jolt made the princess fly back against his massive bulk, but Jabba continued to pull on her chain as he shouted with rage. As he furiously called for Han and Chewbacca to be brought to him, Leia fell into an awkward position against Jabba and began to choke. As Leia gasped and desperately pulled at her collar below him, Jabba's thick tail beat violently into her side, further punishing her for her insubordination. Only when the princess looked up at him with pleading eyes did the Hutt relent his choking grip on her leash.
Jabba Chokes Leia for Rejoicing at the Rancor's Death

Jabba punishes Leia for rejocing at the Rancor's demise.

Certain that he had taught her an important lesson in obedience, Jabba allowed the princess to sit up, but still kept her on a short tether. As Leia breathed air back into her aching lungs, the Hutt began to stroke her hair and shoulder to try to console himself over the rancor's demise. Weakened and spent, Leia couldn't offer the mighty Jabba any resistance, as they both waited for the prisoners to be brought up to face his wrath.

Jabba Sentences Luke to Death Edit

Starwars6 1070

Leia wriggles in Jabba's grasp.

By the time Luke, Han, and Chewbacca were brought up from the dungeon levels, Leia had recovered her strength enough to resist Jabba's molestation. As he ran his hand over her shoulder and dangerously close to her chest, she attempted to squirm away, only to be brought back by a firm tug on her leash.

As Han was brought stumbling before the Hutt, Leia's heart sunk with the realization that her lover was still blind and helpess. Poignancy gripped her when she heard Han ask Luke where she was with great concern.


Jabba silences Leia and his court.

"I'm here!" she called out assuringly, only to be silenced by an even firmer pull from Jabba who then ordered everyone in the court to be silent. Under other circumstances, Jabba would have waited to execute the Jedi and his friends, relishing the moment of his victory. However, the Jedi's slaying of his beloved pet had pushed him to the brink of uncontrollable rage. Now calmer than few moments ago, the Hutt had another, even more pressing motivation for wishing to punish his rebel prisoners immediately for their transgression. In the short time he had possessed Princess Leia as his slave, he had already come to understand her personality and strength. He knew that her friends' lives fueled her resistance against him, since she still foolishly hoped that the Jedi would rescue them all. And then there was her love for Han Solo, which Jabba, being a Hutt, could not understand, his species having long ago evolved from such piquant notions. And so the evil gangster wished to crush her spirit by killing her friends. Then she would be ripe for his taking complete pleasure from her. And what would happen then was just too exciting to think of.

"Talk, droid..." he slobbered.

"His High Exaltedness," C-3P0 flatteringly spoke, "the Great Jabba the Hutt, has decreed that you are to be terminated....immediately."

Salacious Crumb, seated besides his master and observing his tail thrashing with lust and excitement, against the princess's back, knew well what Jabba had mind for her. And so when Solo responded to C-3PO's announcement of Jabba's judgement with one of his trademarked quips--"I hate long waits"--he turned to Leia and laughed. A Hutt in lust hated long waits too.
Jabba, Leia, and 3PO at Luke's Sentencing

Jabba rubs Leia's shoulder as they listen to C-3PO

Leia, seated in front of Jabba and feeling him play with her chain, soon sensed what was in store for her and looked beseechingly at Luke, who didn't return her gaze but listened to C-3PO's declaration:

"You will therefore be taken to the Dune Sea, to the Pit of Carkoon, the nesting place of the all powerful Sarlacc."

"Doesn't sound so bad," Solo quipped again.

C-3P0 ignored him and continued: "In his belly you will find a new definition of pain and suffering--as you are slowly digested over a thousand years."

As C-3PO spoke, Jabba licked his lips and pulled on Leia's leash insistently. The princess allowed herself to be pulled back and felt his hand rub up and down her back and then return to stroking her hair.

She closed her eyes in abhorennce and then glared back backwards without turning her head. Soon she would take her revenge on him, she told herself.

ThroneRoom 39

Her anger soon turned to worry as her friends were taken away. She gasped in surprise as a chuckling Jabba then tugged on Leia's leash until she landed with a quiet plop on his slimy yet soft belly. Leia sighed in discomfort and leaned back against her Master with no resistance as slime began running down her back. Jabba then placed a hand on her shoulder, running his hand over the exposed portion of her chest. His hand then went downward, rubbing her midriff in smooth, gentle strokes. It went up again, and slid under her bra. He enjoyed the feel of her soft mound, but he desired to see it for himself. So the hand slid out onto the bra's shoulder straps to mockingly comfort her, using his fingers to pull it away, leaving her breasts exposed. Leia sat there too shocked to resist Jabba as he tossed the bra to Bib Fortuna.

"Lets have you properly dressed for travel, princess," he gurgled, stroking her breasts and making the nipples harden as she felt an unwelcome moistness form between her legs. "Give my friends a little treat for their help, hoo hoo hoo...." He then pulled off her skirts, tossing them to Bib as well. "Bib, give her clothing back only once we reach the throne in my barge and I have been seated properly. I want the others to see her assets as much as possible." She could not help but feel terrified of the monster who was molesting her and making her as uncomfortable as possible. As Jabba began running his fingers over her smooth breasts and his tail over her exposed womanhood, a hopeless, naked Leia faced the unpleasant prospect of remaining Jabba's sex slave forever.

Journey to the Pit of CarkoonEdit

The journey to the Sarlacc Pit was going to take several hours. Leia began the journey to the Pit of Carkoon by Jabba's side. She was glad that her costume was given back to her, at least, so she would not have to remain naked the entire trip there. Jabba pulled her chain to keep her bare back against his slimy belly; as punishment for her defiance earlier and for the perverse pleasure he got from feeling her bare skin. He also had an arm wrapped around her tummy as his hand would continuously stroke her hair. His other hand held her chain just in case she would try to squirm away from him. His tail remained on her leg and it's tip would stroke her soft abdomen. Initially, Leia was disgusted by this, knowing that a Hutt's tail is what the Hutts used for sexual pleasure, and additionally the wet, low pitched moans of pleasure Jabba would let out occasionally, but whenever she tried to move her leg or brush it away, the tail would either wrap around her upper thigh, making her even more uncomfortable, or Jabba would just pull on her leash.

While the purpose of a Hutt's tail was common knowledge among those who dealt with Hutts, what Leia didn't know, however, was that Jabba possessed another sexual organ that she knew far better among humanoid males. It was this phallic organ that Jabba intended to subject her to in the privacy of his pleasure room once they returned to the palace, to thoroughly break her will and force her to submit to him. For the first several hours, Jabba kept her at her side, continuously molesting her and whispering perverse things in her ear about their "plans" after the execution, but Leia knew it would only get worse if Luke failed.

After several hours had passed, some of the guards Jabba was conversing with began to talk about Leia. They stared at her with lust and bulging crotches. They spoke of Jabba's impressive domination of the princess and triumph over the Jedi. Both Leia and Jabba new that they were both just brown nosing with the hopes of having Leia for themselves. Jabba was conservative in his new sex slave. He was the only one allowed to have sex with her at all, unless someone particualarly deserved a reward.

Leia with Jabba on the Barge

Leia glares straight ahead, enduring the taunts of Jabba's men as Jabba commands her to be silent.

Leia strained forward and opened her mouth to respond to their taunts, but Jabba silenced her with a quick jolt of her leash.The princess gulped and sat back down on Jabba's tail, which was surprisingly firm. Or perhaps not so surprisingly, since she knew it was packed with several layers of powerful muscle necessary to propel the Hutt on and off his throne and through the chambers of his palace. Leia could feel the Hutt's life force firing through his nerves and twitching muscles, running from the base of its tail to its thin tip, and, for a moment, was awed into submission by his might.

Sensing Leia's defeated posture, Jabba turned towards her and spoke gently--but mockingly--to her.

"Stubborn, aren't we, princess? It's time I taught you how to address me. I am sure you wish to watch your so-called 'powerful friends'--my captives--on the skiff outside. If you recognize me as your master, I will let you go to the window and look for a bit..."

Leia Sitting on Jabba's Tail

Leia turns to Jabba and submissively asks permission to leave his side.

Leia's anger was rekindled by Jabba's condescension, yet she managed to hide her rage. She really did wish to watch her friends, and in any case, this situation wouldn't last much longer. So she decided to play along with the Hutt--and perhaps draw him into a false sense of security that she could use to her advantage later.

"Please, Exalted One," Leia spoke, shuddering in disgust and disbelief at the words that came from her mouth, "let me leave for a moment..."

"Sure, my kahnkee," Jabba spoke, using a word that meant, literally, "my lovely slave." He chuckled to himeself. "I will grant your request....for a price. Kiss me." He moved his hand to his lips motioning for where he wished the action to take place. Leia shuddered and considered for a moment to tell the Hutt what she really thought of him. "No, don't resist! Don't allow your feelings to compromise this mission!" she told herself silently. "Of course, my master."

Taking a deep breath, the princess closed her eyes and puckered her lips, moving them towards Jabba's large drooling ones. Soon, she felt them make contact as his hideous breath hit her face, nearly causing her to move away from her master. Jabba immediately placed his left hand on the back of Leia's head, holding her in place while his right moved to her back, causing the princess's tummy to rub against his. With a flick of his fat fingers, the clasps holding Leia's bra in place were undone and the princess's breasts were left bare again. He pressed his mouth onto her's, relishing its touch as his drool ran down his captive's body. His hand moved down from her back to the princess's soft, smooth buttocks, which he then gave a small squeeze through the thin skirts that served as their only covering. The Hutt let out a wet gurgle of pleasure. "My Leia...." As he did these things, Leia came to realize what would be in store for her if Luke's plan failed. The Hutt continued to hold her in position, keeping Leia against his slimy body. "Princess...." He tasted her tongue one last time, then at last allowed Leia to lean her head back, gasping for air after her horrible parody of a kiss. The Hutt slowly moved his hand under her skirts and caressed her bare bottom and womanhood. Groaning in disgust, Leia looked away and cursed Jabba under her breath.

Jabba eventually released her leash, finally letting the princess get away from him. She snatched up her bra from the floor and readjusted it. As Leia made her way to the windows, she passed between the men who had taunted her as she took up a position by one of the barge windows. As the princess walked away from him, Jabba admired her scantily clad body: the swaying of her Lashaa skirt as it exposed the sinuous movements of her hips and rear, the pendulum motion of her braid as it danced across her bare back. Then he returned to conversing with his men about the excitement to come.

Close Up of Leia's Hair Clips, Chain, and Bra Wires

Leia looking out of the window

For fifteen minutes or so, Leia watched her friends out on the skiff, who she could tell were being kept silent by the guards. However, towards the end of the fifteen minutes, Leia saw Luke turn and speak to Han. She wished she could know what they were talking about and peered carefully, trying to read their lips. As she stood there, several members of Jabba's court who had been staring at her in lust earlier came close to Leia. Just then, she heard Jabba behind her beckoning for her again in Huttese: "Return, Princess Leia," he purred. 
Starwars6 1125

Leia turns back and glowers at Jabba's tugging on her leash.

Leia ignored the Hutt's deep, gurgling voice, hoping Jabba would leave her alone. But a soft tug on her leash told her this was not to be the case. She turned back to glare at him and then carried on looking out the window, feeling that she had made a royal statement.

But the princess's resistance only amused Jabba and increased his lust for her. As the Hutt continued to gaze at her bare backside and curves through her translucent skirts, his mouth began to water uncontrollably with desire, mucus and saliva dripping down his many chins, while his long tail throbbed in anticipation. The princess looked good enough to taste. He was going to relish taking pleasure from Leia after her friends had been executed. Once she saw her friends disappear forever in the Sarlacc's maw, he knew that her royal spirit would be completely broken. That very night, as the Sarlacc began digesting her friends and sent up their anguished cries into the Tatooine night, Jabba would take her into his private chamber back at the palace, where she would be raped repeatedly by the second sexual member he possessed.  


Jabba admires the princess's backside.

Jabba slobbered at the thought of his complete possession of the princess, then drank from his goblet, which gave him an idea: another lesson in obedience to teach his feisty slave.

Leaning back and using his tremendous mass, Jabba pulled harder on Leia's leash than she could resist, forcing the gasping, scantily-clad princess to run back to him to relieve the pressure around her tender neck.

Leia Leaps Onto Jabba's Throne

Jabba yanks Leia roughly to him

"Ow!" Leia exclaimed breathlessly, as she leapt up onto Jabba's throne and braced herself against his belly with her hands and pressing her soft tummy against Jabba, which slid across his oily snake skin. Repulsed, she was about to pull away when she felt Bib Fortuna's hand with its sharp nails press against her back.

Starwars6 1142

Leia tries to push away from Jabba, but Bib Fortuna pushes her from behind.

As Jabba opened his wide grinning mouth she turned her head away, expecting his disgusting tongue to follow. But instead of licking her, the Hutt began to speak: "Don't stay too far, my lovely. After the excitement outside ends, you will soon learn to appreciate me."
Starwars6 1144

Leia gets her breath back while listening to the Hutt.

Still attempting to get her air back, Leia could only gaze weakly up into the Hutt's reptilian eyes, whose pupils widened as they leered at her. She tried to process what Jabba meant, and then noticed that he was moving his ornate drinking cup towards her which still had strands of the Hutt's saliva clinging to the edges. As the last words dripped out of the Hutt's maw, she suddenly realized that he was proposing a toast for the death of her friends. No, not just the death of her friends, but his plans for her afterwards, which would involve numerous unwelcome advances over the years to come.

Starwars6 1146

Leia looks back into Jabba's gaze and realizes his plans for her.

Starwars6 1145

Leia turns to the cup Jabba offers her.

Her eyes moved from the cup he offered her back to his great orange eyes, which pierced her and made her question her resolve. Sensing her stunned state, Jabba let go of the princess's chain and quickly grasped her arm firmly. He then moved the cup even closer to her luscious lips.

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Jabba keeps his hand on Leia's arm while her hand accepts the drink from him.

"Drink," he commanded. The combination of his fiery gaze and deep, overpowering voice left Leia with no choice but to comply. She raised her free arm and reached for the cup. Rather than let it go, though, Jabba guided it and her hand to her mouth and squeezed her arm gently but firmly with his other hand.

Jabba Really Forces Leia to Drink

Jabba sees to it that Leia drinks from his cup.

Closing her eyes and trying to forget where she was, Leia opened her mouth and soon felt the cold glass against her lips. The bitter, running liquid of the fine Huttese wine hit her tongue, along with the taste of Jabba's mouth provided by the residue of his drool on the glass. Leia almost gagged in disgust, barely retaining her poise. Still, she remained ever the princess. However, Jabba continued to press the goblet against her lips, forcing her to drink even more of the vile brew. As she drank several more mouthfuls, Leia felt a trickle of the disgusting liquid drip down her neck and pour down between her breasts. Jabba took it upon himself to fix this "predicament", and slowly licked it off her body with his long tongue, beginning by poking its slimy tip in between her boobs and deliberately trailing up her skin. Jabba relished every second of it.

Leia groaned in disgust as his tongue creeped up towards her face; Jabba could not wait to take her to his private chamber he had in his sail barge. He had been extremely fortunate, to have Princess Leia as his captive. The sight of her face alone would be enough to drive a male mad with uncontrollable lust, and Jabba savored the fact that she was his to take. To ease his lust, Jabba ran his finger down Leia's tummy, into her bellybutton, poking her sexy cute, bellybutton, before running his finger in circles around it. Then he quickly slid his slimy hand up the line that divided her abdomen toward the top of the bikini, squeezing his fat hand under her bra, squeezing Leia's boob and then toying with her nipple. Leia let out a long groan, trying to ignore the pleasure Jabba was getting from her body. This action only fueled Jabba's intense sexual desire. He wrapped his other arm around her waist and pulled her in closer, while she squirmed and fought against his stinking mass. He pushed her against his slimy skin, their bellies making contact. Leia kicked her feet in in attempt to get away, but Jabba's tail quickly slithered across his throne and wrapped itself around her beautiful legs, soaking her skirts with his thick, foul-scented slime as he then forced her body to make complete contact with his. The feeling of her soft skin was orgasmic. Leia struggled, slipping in the tight grasp of the Hutt. Her moans of protest were driving his desire to a peak. Now overcome with pleasure, Jabba leaned in close to Leia and began to speak. "You and I are going to have a long, long night of passion, princess." he purred as he moved his hand to her rear, reaching under her skirts. "And I will enjoy every second of it." He used his fat finger to stroke her beautiful crack, slowly and deliberately. Leia moaned in utter disgust; she thought she might vomit from the stench of this putrid creature alone. Jabba stuck his finger inside briefly and then resumed the slow stroking. Leia began to squirm uncontrollably, groaning in discomfort. Finally Jabba removed his finger, brought it to his mouth and sucked, relishing the strong flavor of the princess's backside on his tongue. "Hohohoho... soon you will learn to love me, not Solo." He slid his hand under the plait in her hair, finding that he couldn't control his sexual urges anymore. His tail started violently beating against his throne in excitement as he began to undo the strings securing her bra around her breasts. Unfortunately, before he could indulge himself any more, the skiff slowly come to a stop.

As Jabba turned around and called for C-3PO to come over to him, Leia slid a few feet away from the Hutt and looked back out the window onto the Pit of Carkoon, tightening her bra back up.

Battle at the Pit of CarkoonEdit

Before the Battle

Jabba had ordered his men to execute Skywalker first. When they arrived at the Pit of Carkoon, one of Jabba's Weequay guards unbound Luke from his bindings. Leia looked out at the pit, noting it's disturbing resemblance to a woman's genitalia. Without the beak in the middle, it looked like a disturbing story she had heard about a woman's genitals growing teeth. It made Leia shudder. Jabba had C-3PO give the following announcement to the Rebel captives, while he played with Leia's leash:
Jabba, Leia, and 3PO Overlook the Sarlacc Pit

Jabba orders C3PO to speak to the captives

"Victims of the All-Powerful Sarlacc, His Excellency hopes you will die honorably. But if any of you wish to beg for mercy, the Great Jabba the Hutt will now listen to your pleas."

Ignoring Threepio's monologue, Jabba was staring at Leia's rounded backside causing him to drool. He would use his tail to stroke Leia's soft thigh and move her skirt to the side, exposing her bare butt. Leia, however, was completely unaware of Jabba's harrasment for she was extremely nervous thinking about her fate if luke fails.

Predictably, the stubborn Rebels refused to supplicate themselves to the Hutt Lord. While Han disdainfully addressed Jabba as a "slimy piece of worm-ridden filth," Luke offered him one last chance to free them or die. 
Leia Prepares Herself for the Battle

Leia gets ready to take her part in the rebels escape

Chuckling at the young Jedi's nerve, Jabba ordered his men to move him into position for the execution. Anticipating the Jedi's demise with great pleasure, he didn't notice as Leia licked her lips in determination. Soon Luke's plan would be set in motion, and then she would soon turn on her vile master.

For unbeknowst to all of Jabba's men except Boba Fett, R2-D2 had left his station in the barge's main cabin and had gone up to the main deck to await a secret signal from Luke.

After the guard had moved Luke forward onto the plank, Luke gave a salute seemingly to the barge but really to the droid. 
Jabba orders Luke's Death
Jabba spat his order to the guard: "Put him in!" As the Weequay behind him prodded him with his vibro-ax, Luke spun around and jumped off the plank at the same time. Catching the plank with his hands, he propelled himself up and over the guard as Artoo shot him his new green lightsaber from the barge. Grabbing and igniting it, he began to fight Jabba's men, while Lando revealed his true identity by attacking one of the guards on the skiff

Boba Fett Dies, Allowing Leia to Act Edit

Jabba is Furious, Leia Happy, at Luke's Fight

Jabba and Leia react very differently to Luke's assault

When he saw Luke slaying his guards and knocking them into the Sarlacc, Jabba become apoplectic with anger. Keeping a strong grip on Leia's chain, he ordered his men to begin attacking the Jedi and the skiff he was on. A Gamorrean guard running off to do Jabba's bidding knocked C-3P0 to the ground in his hurry to obey his master.

Leia watches Jabba

Leia watches her master carefully, waiting for the perfect moment to turn on him

Leia, for her part, immediately rejoiced at Luke's success but then hid her excitement, not wanting to infuriate Jabba or draw his attention. Instead, she watched him carefully out of the corner of her eye, waiting for the right moment to strike.
BTS Sail Barge

Boba Fett launches himself at the Jedi.

Meanwhile, Boba Fett, who had noticed R2-D2 leaving his post and ascend to the deck of the sail barge, was already on top, having arrived too late to prevent the droid for sending Luke's lightsaber to him. Igniting his jet pack, he flew over to the skiff Luke was on and engaged the Jedi in combat. Leia watched breathlessly as Fett pulled out a gun and attempted to shoot Luke at point blank range, only to have the Jedi sever his pistol with his lightsaber.
Boba vs. Luke

Boba Fett prepares to tie up Luke

Just then a blast from the sail barge hit the skiff, stunning everyone. Shrapnel from the impact lodged in Chewbacca's leg, incapacitating him and causing him to send him a howl of pain. Luke was momentarily distracted by his friend's suffering, and Fett used this to his advantage, launching a rope that tied up the Jedi, pinning his arms to his sides and leaving him unable to defend himself with his lightsaber.


Leia watches in suspense as Luke battles Boba Fett

When she saw Luke subdued in this manner, Leia's heart leapt into her throat. Beside her, Jabba raised his arm in triumph and called for Fett to kill the Jedi. However, fate took a different turn, as another blast from the barge hit the skiff, knocking Fett to the floor and allowing Luke to untangle himself from his binding. Relieved, Leia continued to watch as Jabba gave more orders to his men. Obeying their master, another skiff pulled alongside the skiff Luke and the rebels were on. Believing Fett to be unconscious, Luke Force Jumped over to the nose of this other skiff, and began to deflect the laser blasts that came his way back into the men who sent them.
Luke jumps to the other skiff

Luke Force Jumps to the other skiff.

But Fett was still aware. Shaking himself, he rose and took aim at the faraway Jedi. On the barge, Leia wanted to scream to Luke to look out, but of course she knew he couldn't hear her. She could only watch helplessly as Fett took one shot and missed, and then steadied himself from another attempt.

But just then his jet pack ignited, apparently against his will, for as he flew off the skiff the bounty hunter waved his arms in panic. As he rapidly approached the barge, he yelled in desperation, until he hit the barge with tremendous force, right below the window Jabba and Leia were watching the battle from.


Leia sees her moment to act in Fett's demise.

Fett fell into the sand and began to roll down the slope--right into the Sarlacc's undulating maw. Jabba was stunned into silence, his pupils widening in disbelief, as the Sarlacc's tongue quickly gobbled up his most powerful warrior and then let out a tremendous belch.

Leia, on the other hand, was overjoyed at Fett's demise, after all he had put Han through. She knew that it was her lover who had hit the bounty hunter's jet pack, as she could see the pole still in his hands. Appreciating the poetic justice of Fett's fate, she prepared to take her own revenge, as Jabba's bewilderment became palpable beside her.


Jabba explodes in rage after Boba Fett's demise

Leia Turns on Jabba, Strangling Him Edit

The demise of Boba Fett, one of the greatest bounty hunters the galaxy had ever known, sent the interior of the Sail Barge into a frenzy. Jabba furiously yelled into his intercom, trying regroup his men, most of whom were filled with fear at the awesome onslaught of the Jedi. Some began to seek escape from the barge, including Bib Fortuna, Jabba's majordomo.


Jabba shields himself from Leia's attack, but loses his grip on her chain.

Leia Smashes Jabba's Control Panel

Leia shorts out the control panel

It was at the height of this chaos that Leia acted. She ducked in front of Jabba, who had neglected her in his fury, and grabbed the communicator right from his clammy grasp. Before he could react, she was bashing it repeatedly into his control panel, sending up a shower of sparks. Raising his arms to shield himself from the flying electricity, Jabba lost his controlling grip on her chain.
Starwars6 1262

Jabba's men begin to flee as the doors of the barge slam shut.

As the control panel shorted out, the shutters on all the windows in the cabin slammed shut, plunging the barge into darkness and even more confusion. Now Jabba's men began to flee in earnest, cowardly abandoning their Hutt master. Jabba himself attempted to grab his rebellious slave girl while cursing at her in Huttese. However, Leia scampered away, eluding his grasp and leaping over his thrashing tail.
Leia Begins to Jump Over Jabba's Tail

Leia jumps over Jabba's tail

While Jabba trumpeted in frustration and searched for her leash, the feisty slave was already gathering it up in her hands for her next move, as she knelt behind him, sensing his panic.

Just as Jabba was about to call for assistance, Leia threw the chain over his bulbous head and around his neck. As soon as the Hutt saw the chain fly before his eyes he raised his hands to his throat, knowing what Leia was attempting. In fact, he just managed to get the tips of his fingers on the leash. But the lithe princess, too quick for the massive Hutt, immediately pulled back on the chain violently as she planted her foot in his fleshy backside for leverage.


Leia throws her slave leash around Jabba's neck

Jabba yelped as his right hand lost its fragile grip on the chain, which began to dig underneath his jaw. He pawed at the leash but it was stuck in the fatty folds of his throat and his thick fingers could not get a purchase on it. Meanwhile, his left hand was all that kept the chain from cutting off his breathing completely.

809171-leia strangling jabba 76

Jabba barely gets his fingers on the chain, but his right hand quickly loses its grip.

Sensing that she had not completely closed off Jabba's air supply, the rebel princess leapt back a bit from the Hutt, attempting to cinch the chain completely taut with the force of her momentum. However, she was light enough for Jabba to maintain his precious hold on the chain, which nonetheless dug further into the unprotected side of his neck.

Leia Strangles Jabba

Jabba tries to call for help as Leia pulls the chain taut.

Beginning to choke and sputter, Jabba called out for help to no avail. His left hand still barely keeping the chain away from that side of his neck, he rocked forward while reaching back with his right hand, trying to grab onto the princess. Leia was momentarily caught off guard by this unexpected maneuver and felt Jabba's scaley skin brush against her shoulder and chest as he yanked her forward.
Jabba Tries to Grab Leia

Jabba's hand brushes against Leia as he tries to grab her

Groaning in abhorrence, the princess immediately recovered and pulled herself up closer to him, away from the reach of his stubby arm. Replanting her foot against his back, she hauled on the chain with renewed fierceness. Sensing this, Jabba tried a new tactic by lurching forward, attempting to overpower her with his sheer mass. But he couldn't get enough leverage to slide off the dais; his bulk was too unwieldy and she had caught him in an unfavorable position against the back of his throne. As he continued to struggle 
Jabba Gasps for Air

Jabba's eyes begin to bulge as Leia drives the chain deeper into his gullet

unsuccessfully for release from the tightening chain, Jabba's reptilian eyes began to bulge, his pupils widening from the strain. Although a Hutt's lungs are huge and can hold a great amount reserve air, the size of their bulk also demands a lot of oxygen--and Jabba's desperate struggles only depleted his store faster.
Jabba Clutches at the Chain

Jabba paws at the leash in desperation

Meanwhile, his frantic twisting caused his left hand to lose bit-by-bit its grip on the leash, which was digging slowly but relentlessly deeper and deeper into his windpipe. Very soon the Hutt lost the ability to call for help, his usually booming voice reduced to a series of gasps and gurgles as his oily tongue began to flop from his mouth. His men, hearing his pained cries, were thrown into even more fear and continued to run out of the cabin. In the darkness, they could not tell that it was the enslaved princess that was strangling their master. All they knew was that someone was killing their lord and that they wished to avoid the same fate.

Leia maintains her strangling grip on Jabba

Leia is surprised by her ability to maintain her strangling grip on the chain despite Jabba's heaving.

Leia, for her part, was surprised at how she was able to hold on to the chain despite the heavings of Jabba's tremendous mass, which threatened to break her fingers and tear her arms from her sockets. Reaching deep inside herself and a power she had not fully known but always intimately sensed--her connection to the Force--she closed out the pain she felt and focused all her life-force in to paying back Jabba for the degradation and molestation he had subjected her to.

Leia Improves Her Grip on the Chain

Leia improves her grip on the chain

Moving her hands up the chain, she knelt even closer to the struggling Hutt and increased the force with which she strangled him. She could feel the sweat and mucus from his hide splash onto her as he tried in vain to cast her off of him. She relished the irony of the situation--strangling her captor with the very chain with which he had kept her captive--and remembered all the times Jabba had tugged and yanked the chain, bending her to his will. Now, drawing it taut against his throat and hearing his agonized cries, she unleashed all the loathing she felt for her Hutt master.

Leia releases her loathing for her Hutt master

Feeling his strength beginning to fade, Jabba tensed every muscle in his mighty tail, bracing it against his throne. Suddenly he lurched powerfully forward, trying to catch his slave off-guard. But Leia was ready. Riding the recoil she maintained her grip on the chain, which only dug further into Jabba's neck as he propelled himself away from the throne. She then responded to his gamble, using her weight and her feet planted against his hide to draw his head violently backwards.
809154-leia strangling jabba 65

Leia pulls Jabba back after his last, gasping effort to lurch off his throne.

Jabba released a tortured scream as Leia denied him the life-giving air he sought, dominated by the plucky slave princess whose strength and fierceness he had severely underestimated.
Jabba Gives Up the Fight Against Leia

Jabba loses his grip on the chain and begins to surrender to Leia's onslaught

His right hand continued to clutch weakly at the leash, as Leia kept up the unrelenting pressure. Soon his left hand too lost its tenuous grip on the chain. Unobstructed now, the slave leash completely closed off his air and forced his tongue to protrude its full length from his gaping maw.

Leia Chokes Jabba B&W

Jabba's eyes fail and his hands fall to his sides as Leia hauls mercilessly on the chain.

The Hutt's massive heart shuddered as blood pounded in his head. His eyes began to close and lose their orange glow as his life force evaporated. He could no longer see. His hands gave up their struggle with the chain and fell limply to his giant belly, which was caked with the drool that poured from his panting mouth. The powerful muscles of his bulk ached from the lack of oxygen, and his tail began to spasm uncontrollably.

Leia smiled ruefully as she saw the Exalted Hutt's struggles begin to die. The sight of his half-closed eyes and scum-covered tongue hanging from his slobbering mouth made her lick her own lips in blood-thirsty determination. She could hear his powerful tail slam repeatedly up and down on the throne in its death throes, which grew faster and faster.

Jabba's Tail Flaps in Death Throes

Jabba's tail spasms through its death throes

Close Up Of Leia's Collar, Bracelet, Bra

Leia strangles Jabba with everything she has

Closing her eyes now and gritting her teeth the princess hauled on the chain even harder than before, to Jabba's great dismay. As the last sparks of life fired through his nerves and muscles, his vast, superior Hutt mind lost all coherence, but only after one last thought ran through it: she, a supposedly weak human female, a slave girl, not a bounty hunter or a Jedi, had slain him, one of the most powerful Hutts in history. He remembered when he had captured her, and realized that she had been right about making him regret her enslavement. It was this realization of the indignity of his fate that he carried with him into the void.
809165-leia strangling jabba 123

Jabba's head spills forward as his life force evaporates.

Jabba's Death Rattle

Leia finally squeezes the last fetid breath from the Hutt

Leia's painful efforts were finally rewarded as Jabba slumped forward, deadweight. His oily tongue, with which he had licked and molested her, dangled from his mouth, which emitted the loudest of death rattles as black slime leaked from its corners. The eyes that had leered upon her form closed slowly in the sleep of death, deprived of their orange light. His mighty tail--with which he had intended to ravish her and teach her to appreciate him--quivered once, twice, and then lay still. The Great Jabba the Hutt was dead.

Leia Jumps Off

Leia leaps off the throne while keeping her grip on the chain in case Jabba should stir.

Leia is Freed and Joins the Battle AboveEdit

Leia kept the chain tight around Jabba's flaccid throat for several seconds, disbelieving he was dead. When she saw that his tail had finally stopped twitching, she gave a last sigh of hatred towards him, turned, and leapt off the throne.

Jabba's men continued to run through the room periodically as the battle raged outside. Not wanting to be discovered, Leia hid behind Jabba's huge carcass while seeing about trying to free herself from her bondage.

Leia Reaches for Gun

Leia stretches for a blaster, to no avail.

Spying a discarded laser pistol a few feet away, the still captive princess attempted to grab it, only to be frustrated by her chain, which would not let her stretch far enough. Just then, she heard a noise behind her. Worried it was Bib Fortuna or another guard, she spun around quickly, preparing for a fight.

She was relieved when she saw that it was R2-D2.

"Artoo! Thank the Force it was you that found me," she exclaimed. She gathered up her leash and pulled it taut between her hands, as the plucky droid extended one of his appendages: an mini welder. A quick controlled blast of electricity, and Leia's chain snapped in two. She was finally free.


R2-D2 frees the princess from her bondage.


"Come on, we've gotta get out of here!"

"Come on, we've got to get out of here," the princess called as she rose. A dozen links of the leash still trailed down from the collar around her neck--she would have to have that removed later. For now she let the cold metal dangle between her breasts as she crept past an open curtain to the stairs that led up to the sail barge deck. Hearing no one coming down, she sprinted up outside into the hot Tatooine air.

Having been in the darkness of the barge's interior for so long, Leia's eyes were hurt by the harsh glare of Tatooines twin suns. But she ignored the pain and took in her surroundings. Straight ahead Luke was battling Jabba's men, who were unaware that the master who they were fighting for was dead. Glancing to the left, towards Han and the others on the skiff, Leia saw a sight that made her heart sink. One of Jabba's guards was manning a deck gun and aiming right at the skiff where her lover hung for dear life attempting to rescue Lando. Leia desperately searched for a weapon and spied a vibro-axe right by the guards feet. The guard was too consumed with his target to notice the princess leap beside him and heave the axe up in her hands, and so he was shocked when he felt the blade slice into his side as she spun it violently into him.

The rebel princess watched as the man crumpled to the ground and began to expire. Suddenly she realized that he had been the main one taunting her before when she was sitting on Jabba's tail.

However, she didn't have time to enjoy the poetic justice of her deed, for she heard Luke calling her name from across the deck.

"Get the gun!" he yelled, as she turned towards him. "Point it at the deck!"

Leia quickly nodded and ran up the stairs that led to the aft portion of the sail barge. One of the guards noticed what she was doing and attempted to stop her, only to be cut down by the powerful Jedi. Another guard cowardly ran down into the barge, hoping to hide but only making his death certain.

Leia on gun

Leia points the cannon at the deck.

Leia jumped onto the sail barge's main cannon and played with the controls until it began to spin away from the front of the barge towards the back. She then lowered it as far as it could go, pointing it down into the barge's belly, just above Jabba's private bedchamber. Leia reflected grimly on her task, and bit her lip when she realized that she was about to incinerate her dead master's slug-like form. She glared and opened fire, blasting the deck several times as Luke cut down another guard. Sparks flew as she jumped off of the barge gun, running towards Luke. "Come on, let's get out of here!" he said, grabbing one of the many ropes hanging from the barge's sails.

Leia threw herself into his arms, grabbing on to him and holding tightly as Luke swung from the barge to the skiff, making it to the deck just in time as the entire barge shook, and was destroyed in a series of explosions. "Don't forget the droids!" he yelled, jumping off of the rope as Lando steered the ship towards R2-D2 and C-3PO, who had fallen into the sand. Leia picked up a large blanket from the deck to cover her body as the magnetic grapple picked up the droids. She looked over at Han, who was blinking slghtly and looking around himself. "Han?" she asked, waving a hand in front of his eyes. "Can you see me?" "Not very well." he admitted. "It's all just blurry." "We've got some medicine at the Falcon, that should do." Leia said, holding the blanket around herself as the wind started to pick up, blowing sand around in mini-cyclones. "We'd better hurry." Luke said. "There's a sandstorm blowing up here."

The sandstorm only slightly deterred them as they arrived at the Falcon, entering the ship with the half-blinded Han. Leia guided him to the hatch as she kept her robe wrapped tightly around herself, not wanting to expose the golden bikini again. Han and Luke parted with a handshake and Leia slipped into the Falcon's hull as Lando and Chewbacca followed her in. "Are you okay?" He asked, tossing the vibrostaff onto the ground. "Yeah, I'm doing pretty well, considering." Leia said, keeping her bikini-clad body covered with the robe. "We should get going. The fleet's expecting us." She walked down the hallway past the medlab, looking in for a moment as Han lay on the bed with some medicine nearby. "He's going to be okay, Leia." Said Lando. "He just needs to rest." Leia paused a while, walking into the room and slowly stroking Han's face with her pliable fingers. "It's been about a year...." She said, looking at him as he lay still breathing steady. "....since I told him I loved him." Her robe fell open, but she did'nt care if her half-nude form was exposed or not right now. "It just seems like longer." She pulled her robe back together and walked out of the room, heading for the refresher. "I'll be in the shower. Don't you dare peek." Leia said with a smirk. "I've already choked one slimy pervert today." Lando chuckled, her joking attitude bringing some comedy into the dark situation. Leia dissapeared into the refresher, locking the door behind her.

"Thank the force...." Leia groaned, rubbing her neck as she reached down under the sink and pulled out a pair of bolt cutters, carefully bringing them up to her collar. "....I'm out of here." she carefully clipped the collar, making a large slit appear in the golden ring binding her neck. The bra came next, the strings being very simple to undo. She rubbed her sensative nipples, which were still erect from being pressed against cold metal for so long. Leia unclipped her skirts next, letting the peek-a-boo flaps flutter as they dropped to the ground. She grimaced as she undid the armband and wristband, stepping out of the boots and brushing the last of her clothes aside. She stood now, totally naked before the bathroom mirror. For the first time since her enslavement, she was feeling comfortable not wearing any clothing, now that she finally had some privacy. She turned on the water and turned the heat to about medium, picking up the bikini and holding it over a garbage chute.

Suddenly, she found herself stopping. She looked down at the bikini again, wondering about Han. He had not seen the bikini, nor even heard about it. And if his feelings for her were indeed true.... She smiled and folded the bikini, collar and all, into a box labeled "Undergarments", locking it and sliding it into her luggage. "Well, he need never know where it came from." Leia licked her lips as she slipped into the shower, turning the water on and allowing warm liquid to wash over her bare body. She thought of han, of how she had gone through to find him, and let herself fantasize, her steamy thoughts becoming reality as she reached all over.... "Stop that." she scolded herself, withdrawing her hands from her body. Leia quickly scrubbed all of the dirt and grime off of her naked body and walked out ogf the shower after a quick rinse, slipping back into her clothes and embracing the feeling of wearing clothing that covered every bit of skin she did not wish exposed. She was free once again.       

Leia's New Life in Jabba's PalaceEdit

Leia's Skills and TalentsEdit

As a leader and fighter in the Rebellion, Leia possessed great agility, balance, and strength. These skills would have served her well once she had been instructed in how to please her Hutt master by dancing suggestively.

Leia Choking Jabba 2

Leia's strength and agility made her the perfect dancer for Jabba--but also allowed her to kill him.

As a Princess, Leia already knew more formal dances that she was called upon to perform at state functions. These Jabba would certainly have made her perform as a way to humiliate her and amuse himself.

Leia also possessed long fingers and strong hands, which she would employ in massaging Jabba, especially his mighty tail.

Ironically, Leia would use her strength, agility, and strong grip to strangle her Hutt master to death aboard his sail barge during the Battle at the Pit of Carkoon.

Leia's Everyday Roles and Tasks Edit

Bas Relief of Jabba and Slaves

Bas-relief of Jabba and slaves, illustrating the roles he expected Leia to fill

Jabba expected his slaves to fulfill a multitude of pleasing tasks for him. For example, Jabba would almost certainly have had the princess instructed on how to dance for him had she remained his slave longer, since music was a constant presence in his court.

A bas-relief on Jabba's sail barge reveals more duties that would have eventually been expected of the slave princess. In the artwork, five female slaves can be seen gathered around Jabba as he drinks from a large bottle.

Gamorrean in front of Bas Relief

Another view of the bas-relief

Two are fanning him, one is leaning on his tail, another is sitting against the curve of his tail, and one is prostrate on her back before him as he strokes her hair and gazes down at her, pleased with her submissive pose.

Leia's duties, then, can be surmised as follows:

First, the two slaves behind Jabba indicate that Leia would have been expected to fan the Hutt in the dry Tatoinne heat.

Second, the slave resting on Jabba's tail suggests the slave princess would also have been asked to massage her master, probably with oils, and especially along his powerful tail, which the Hutt expected her to also kiss and adore as the most powerful part of his body and a giver of pleasure.

Third, the cup in Jabba's grasp suggests Leia would have poured him his favorite libations, and possible fed him.

Finally, the slave prostrate before Jabba's belly suggests that Leia would have been expected to service the Hutt in his private harem. There Jabba would take pleasure from his slaves young body. Leia would be expected to sexually please the Hutt by pleasuring his tail, the Hutt's reproductive organ. She would do so by sucking it, massaging it, and of course letting it enter into her womanhood. 

Leia's Daily Schedule as a Slave Girl Edit

When Leia was being fitted and dressed in her slave girl attire, the various


Leia may have struggled early on to learn the dances required of her as Jabba's slave.

women attending her informed her about what her new life as Jabba's personal slave would be like.

Leia's MorningEdit

Leia Against Jabba (B&W)

Leia would have woken up early each day by Jabba's side.

Leia' s day would begin early in the morning at sunrise, when she would be awoken by Jabba's female servants and taken to exercise and learn the dances for that evening's entertainment. After exercise and dancing, she would be fed breakfast in the slave's quarters and then shower. After showering, Leia would be carefully dressed and made up again by Jabba's female servants, to be returned to his side by lunch, after he had conducted business in the morning.


Leia would have spent afternoons displayed as Jabba's trophy.

Leia's AfternoonEdit

Leia would eat lunch with Hutt master on his throne; sometimes, he would make her feed him or serve him drinks. After lunch was cleared away, Jabba would resume doing business and receiving visitors to his throne room. During this time, Leia would sit before the Hutt as his prized possession, to allure and distract his various guests, or to taunt the prisoners he sentenced to death.

SlaveLeia rare09a

Leia's late afternoon would have been spent napping with the rest of Jabba's court.

After a few hours, Jabba would refuse admittance to any more visitors and enjoy the mid-afternoon by smoking his hookah and caressing his slave. Then he and his men would take an afternoon siesta, in order to rest for the night's coming festivities. At this time, Leia would sleep against her master's side on his throne.

Leia's Evening Edit


Leia would have showered and been made up again after dinner for the night's festivities.

When Jabba and his courtiers awoke from their nap, preparations would begin to set up his chamber for music and entertainment. While this was going on, Jabba would tour his palace and check on matters. Eventually he would make his way to one of his stately halls or return to his throne room, where he would indulge in a massive banquet. Leia would eat dinner at this time as well, although this was her lightest meal of the day, since she would be expected to perform that evening. Leia would also not eat until she had waited on the Hutt, serving him his beverage and sometimes even his meal.

After dinner, Leia would shower and be dressed and made up again for her performance that night. Meanwhile, Jabba's courtiers would indulge in raucous celebration, with music, gambling, and feats of strength. At the height of the night, Leia would be expected to dance for Jabba with the other women, until Jabba was ready to retire to his private chambers to await her company.


Leia would have been washed and made up one more time before joining Jabba in his private bedchamber.

While Jabba waited, Leia would wash again--but this time she would be bathed by Jabba's female servants rather than shower. She would be adorned with scented oils that the Hutt found pleasing and be especially made up for the pleasure of his sight. Then she would be sent to his private chamber for Jabba to receive her to himself. After her Hutt master had thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure of her company, Leia would fall asleep beside him, until morning came once more.

Special occasions and tripsEdit

As Jabba himself was actually a major sponsor for many of the podracing games that occurred on Tatooine, it was often that he would take leisurely trips out to his own private box to observe the sport in all of its intensity. Had Leia been forced to remain a slave to the foul Hutt, she would've most likely been required to attend these event with her master. As with any other activity, she would remain chained at the neck and bound to the throne of the crime lord, forced to be within his immediate vicinity. This deal worked two-fold. It allowed her the protection of being under the control of the powerful sultan slug, but conversely, she also had to endure Jabba's slobbering advances.

As Jabba had no real interest in the actual sport of podracing, concerned only with the profits he'd make from the rigged games in his favor, the slimy gangster took to entertaining himself with his pretty young slave girl, his stubby hands groping all over Leia's tender curves as he absentmindely watched the game. Leia's humiliation at being Jabba's servant girl was extended further, as unlike at the Hutt's palace or townhouse, Jabba's attentons towards his slave girl were projected to the thousands of specatators who would look up and see the fat Hutt fondling Leia or kissing her with his odorous tongue.

On top of enduring Jabba's advances, the princess-turned-slave would also have to deal with serving the Hutt's every need and whim, sometimes feeding him from the various bowls of live food that adorned his box, or even performing a seductive dance for the disgusting gangster when his patience with the podracing game began to wane. All this was viewed by the thousands of inhabitants of tatooine, so that when the games were finished, everyone on the planet would know of Leia's indentured servitude to the mighty Hutt. And while Leia had thought of openly trying to resist Jabba's amorous ways, she quickly came to realize that this, above all else would grant her a quick death, for a former princess showing obedience and adoration to the obese crime lord demonstrated his power and dominance to the people of tatooine and kept them in fear of Jabba and his influence. Because of this, Leia would inadvertently aid in Jabba's future businesses growing exponentially.

The other women also told Leia that, as Jabba's favorite personal slave, she would the only one of them taken with him on special trip, such as his annual journey to Nal Hutta for the Hutt council. Jabba would have relished displaying the princess as his latest conquest before his peers on the council, who would have become envious of Jabba's beautiful and royal prize.

When Jabba went to his safehouse in Mos Eisely or did business in the Cantina, Leia would have accompanied him there as well. Like at his palace, Leia would have served the Hutt during any meals, pouring him his drink and carrying his food to him. She would also have been required to fan and massage him while he conducted business with his clients. Sometimes Jabba would give her a break and she would lie in front of him, so that he could play with her hair or rub her shoulders while waiting for his next visitor.


Leia would have been displayed at Jabba's important business and Desilljic clan meetings as a sign of his power.

Leia's Diet and Health as a slave GirlEdit

Leia was fed a diet high in protein to support her in her role as Jabba's dancer and slave girl. Besides eggs, fish, and lean meats, she was also fed a lot of vegetables and fruit to keep her healthy for the Hutt, and to make her skin glow. If Leia desired any special food or dessert she had to especially please her master in order to receive it. This was also true of any alcohol; if Jabba was pleased with her obedience or was feeling gracious he would let her sip wine from his cup while stroking her hair, belly, or back, as seen during the Journey to the Pit of Carkoon.

Being part of the Rebellion meant that Leia sometimes had to go without food or sleep sometimes. However, as Jabba's pleasure slave, her health was a priority. The Hutt wanted his captive princess in optimal condition to serve him, and her schedule and diet were set accordingly. Thus, after only one day of her enslavement, Leia already felt more refreshed and pampered than she ever had since being a young princess on Alderaan.

Leia's Freedom in the Palace Anytime Leia left Jabba's side she was accompanied by Jubnuk and another Gamorrean Guard, who held her leash. She was let off her leash when it came time to exercise or practice dancing with the other girls, but then there were always guards in the room. She was also allowed off her leash when eating, showering or lounging in the pleasure grounds, but there were guards outside the door and she was with the other women too at those times.

Leia's Relationships as a Slave Girl Edit

Leia's Relationship with Her New Master Edit

Although Jabba took quite a liking to Leia's beautiful face and nubile form, the princess was repulsed by the Hutt Lord's bloated mass, oily snake skin, and hideous attentions.

Jabba's Treatment of Leia Edit


Jabba uses the leash to bring Leia's skin within his reach.

Having lived for over 600 years, Jabba was very experienced in controlling slaves, but Leia provided an interesting challenge due to her royal dignity and pride. To break the princess, Jabba had her collared and chained and kept her on a very short tether, not letting her sit at the other end of the throne like he had with Oola. From time to time he would jostle her leash, making its links drag over her back as a reminder of her enslavement. If he sensed her lean away from him, he would tug the chain firmly but gently, returning her to the  proper position closely in front of him, where he could stroke her luscious chestnut hair or rub her shoulders and back. When he especially hungered for her touch or wished to demonstrate his power over her, he would jerk the chain, forcing her to fall against his huge belly. Whenever Jabba pulled Leia's leash, making her fall into his grasp, he would take great pleasure in reminding her of just who was Master and who was Slave. He would then rub Leia's shoulders and back with his hands, sliding his simly fingers under her bra. If Leia tried to pull away Jabba would tug on her leash harder, choking the princess and pulling her closer against his flesh. This made it very difficult for Leia to move her body. She groaned as Jabba continued to do what he did before, sliding his hand under Leia's bra to feel her full, soft breasts while tugging the leash. She then felt Jabba's slimy tongue lick her face. She tried turning her face, but couldn't. He would then proceed to hassle and molest her with his cold, clammy hands and long, powerful tail.
Jabba Disciplines a Gasping Leia

Jabba disciplines a resistant Leia.

Jabba found Leia's threats and resistance amusing, but if she spoke to far out of line he would quickly silence her by tugging on her leash and speaking over her in his deep, awesome voice. When he did allow the princess to talk to him, Jabba insisted that she recognize his superiority by calling him "master," "Exalted One," or similar titles, just like C-3P0 and his other servants. Leia had no choice but to supplicate herself to the Hutt in both her posture and her words.

If Leia strongly angered him, the Hutt would punish her either by smacking her with his mighty tail, by choking her with her collar until she submitted and begged for release, or by forcing her to eat one of Jabba's frogs. Leia soon learned how much resistance she could afford to make before she reluctantly had to obey him, so that Jabba almost never had to resort to this final means of controlling her.

Jabba Makes Leia Drink from his Cup

Jabba attempts to teach Leia to appreciate his masterly care of her by offering her a drink.

Jabba's treatment of Leia was not always so barbaric. He pampered his slave princess by allowing her to lie on huge pillows, and sometimes offered her a drink from his ornate cup. Her costume was also priceless, being made out of gold in many parts. As Jabba's slave, Leia has access to his private harem, which contained bathing pools, fountains, huge soft beds, and other decadent pleasures. Jabba also intended to take her into his luxurious private cabin on his barge after the death of his friends to teach her to appreciate his masterly care of her.

Leia's Relationship with Bib FortunaEdit

If there was one individual in the palace who Leia hated being with, it was Bib Fortuna, Jabba's second-in-command. Leia was forced by jabba to spend time with Bib every second week when she first became jabba's slave .

Being Jabba's second-in-command, Bib was allowed to take Leia in his room whenever he wished as long as Jabba himself wasn't busy with the young princess. Since Bib had the longest penis among Jabba's subjects, Leia's time with Bib usually involved long sessions of pleasurable and sometimes painful sexual fun. She would often be chained naked to his bed, not allowed any privacy no matter the case. During this time, he would make her perform fellatio on him and dance naked for him and a few guards to humiliate her. He would often force her to bathe with him fully naked, allowing him the opprotunity to fondle and rape her in the water.

Leia's Relationship with Boba FettEdit

Leia had a deep hatred for Boba Fett, but she quickly gained some respect for the infamous bounty hunter. After all, it was Boba who had sold Han to Jabba after Han's betrayal on Cloud City. If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't even had to travel to Jabba's Palace in the first place.

During her second night as Jabba's personal slave girl, Jabba offered Leia to Boba for the night, and Boba accepted. Leia was completely unprepared for what would happen once she and the bounty hunter had reached his room. Much to her surprise, Boba only made her strip nude before him, and did not have sex with her during the time she was in his quarters, even allowing her to sleep on the bed, albeit with no clothing at all.

He told her that exposure of her body in front of the oposite sex was punishment enough for her, and it humiliated her to be totally naked in front of a man covered in armor, a total contrast to her predicament. To make sure she did'nt do anything to cover herself, he took away all her blankets and any clothes in the room, locking them all in a trunk along with anything she could use to clothe her naked body.

This humiliated her as he forced her to kneel naked and submit to him to be used as a bench, with his entire 180-pound body, armor and all, pressing onto her nude form like a throne. Leia hated this, as it made her feel more like an object than a human being, but she did it because he had told her that he could make Jabba punish Han and chewbacca for her obstinance if she refused. Holding her friends hostage allowed Boba to use her body as a chair, and force her to clean the room totally nude. 

Leia's Resistance Edit

Leia's Mental Resistance Edit

Despite Jabba's power, Leia always stood tall before her new master, carrying herself with a pride and dignity he was unused to seeing in his slaves. Clearly this was because of her royal status as a princess, something that only made her even more attractive to the Hutt, who relished the opportunity to control and defile this strong-willed royal female.

Leia is embarrassed to see Luke

Leia keeps her bearing as a princess during her captivity

When she was a princess on Alderaan, Leia often had to dress up for state events. Since she joined the Rebellion, however, she wore few fancy clothes and little makeup or jewelry, living according to the meager means the rebels had available to them. Jabba's pampering of Leia as his slave ironically brought back memories of being dolled up on Alderaan. Leia used these memories to her advantage, adopting a regal pose on Jabba's throne despite being chained. Nevertheless, while the skimpy costume she wore was fit for a princess in its gold material and red flowing veils, it also served as a constant reminder of her slavery and availability to the Hutt for his pleasure. Leia especially disliked her bracelets and her bound hair , as these things only symbolized Jabba's complete possession of her.

Leia Struggles to Watch Luke Fight the Rancor

Leia protects her neck from the collar as Jabba pulls on her leash

Leia's Physical ResistanceEdit

Knowing that the Hutt would punish her if she angered him, Leia nonetheless resisted him physically at times. After being fitted with her collar, Leia discovered that there was enough space between it and her neck to place a few of her fingers. When Jabba tugged on her chain she would pull on the collar in this way, keeping it from choking her. However, Jabba could easily overpower her grip on the collar when he really wanted to.

Starwars6 1125

Leia glares at Jabba with a haughty disdain

At other times, Leia would simply ignore Jabba's jerking of her chain, or turn around and glare at him, only causing the Hutt to drool and desire the haughty princess all the more, and sometimes pull her all the way to him, molesting her half-nude form.

Whenever Jabba's tail strayed too close to her thighs or back, Leia would protect these sensitive parts of her body with her hands, even pushing Jabba's member away at times. However, having the princess's hands on his tail only aroused the Hutt more, for he soon wished to make her appreciate its touch and sexual power enough to adore and massage it. He fantasized about the day when he would take her with the male member of her species, dominating her throughoughly. When Jabba stroked her hair and shoulders or even ventured his hands to the exposed tops of her breasts, Leia would squirm to avoid his loathsome touch. However, Jabba would tug her chain to bring her within his reach. At other times he would pull the leash tight enough so that Leia would again have to grasp it at with her fingers, leaving her tender skin completely open to his slimy fondling.

Yet, even harder to resist than the chain around her neck, was Jabba's deep, commanding voice and penetrating reptilian gaze. When Jabba spoke, Leia listened obediently, overwhelmed by the bass tones of his Huttese tongue and golden glow of his eyes. Having once gazed into Jabba's hypnotic eyes, Leia found it incredibly hard to look away, bewildered by the sight of his pupils and irises expanding and contracting as they took in her loveliness.

Jabba's Victory Draws Near?Edit

Starwars6 1144

Leia submits to Jabba's gaze and voice

Overall, Leia's resistance to Jabba was futile, for the Hutt was stronger than her and her resistance only amused him and increased his lust. While previous slaves were merely afraid of him, Jabba could tell that Leia felt more disdain than fear due to her status as a princess. For this reason, he was more patient with her than with his other slaves, intending to gradually weaken her resolve and make her perfectly obedient, while still preserving her noble poise for his enjoyment and to impress the many guests to his palace.

Despite being chained and Jabba's greater strength, Leia made her Hutt master regret enslaving her.

In short, The enslaved princess Leia was to be Jabba the Hutt's greatest conquest. Unfortunately, however, Jabba underestimated the determination and fierceness of his new slave. During the Battle at the Pit of Carkoon, Leia would use the memory of Jabba's molestation to fuel her rage as she strangled him to a gruesome death.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Princess Leia Unchained - The Story of Jabba´s Slavegirl (Fan documenmtary)08:32

Princess Leia Unchained - The Story of Jabba´s Slavegirl (Fan documenmtary)

This fan documentary details the creation and shooting of the scenes between Leia and Jabba.

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