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Q: what would have happened if leia was not rescued and remained jabbas slave?

A: Jdging from what I know about the rest of the movie, not too much.  Number 1 at least, the strike team would have one less member, the Ewoks would never have met her (not like she made a difference getting them out the situation) and lastly Jacen and Jaina and Anakin would most likely neve have been born.

Q: was Leia given any privacy while changing into her costume or was she forced to go naked until her outfit was measured and finished?

A: Most likely Jabba would not have given Leia any privacy. Given the complexity of the outfit, it probably would have taken a while to finish, and so Leia would have remained totally exposed, possibly for a few days, the narration dosent say. She probably wouldn't have been chained, though, because there wouldnt be anywhere for a naked woman to go in the palace without being raped or otherwise molested.     

Q:I was wondering what if when Leia was enslaved Oola hadn't be sent into the Rancor pit. How would the two get on?

One was once a Princess and the other just a dancer but very beautiful. Would they've been friends and tried to escape together? Who would Jabba prefer and why? If they escaped from the sail barge where would they end up? Would they both try to get back to Coruscant and Oola could start her life a new? If they ended up in Mos espa where pod races are sincethey'd be in slave costumes would people be able to capture them and re-enslave them or would they be free despite the fact they were still wearing their costumes?

A: I believe you asked a similar question on answers.wikia which I answered already. Like I said I'm not sure if Leia spoke twi'lek so there might be a language barrier, but because they shared the same fate, they might bond over their mutual enslavement.

As far as who he would prefer, I'm not sure and I feel like if I answered it might be based more on my bias than anything else. Were not sure of Jabba's true preferences when it comes to women besides that he likes them young and beautiful. We don't even know whether he liked humans or twi'leks more. Oola was a trained and much praised erotic dancer while Leia was a royal princess and we can't be sure which Jabba appreciated more. So unfortunately the only person that probably knows the answer to that question is Jabba himself, and we can only speculate what a giant fictitious worm was really thinking.

With your next question, we can do little more than speculate as well. We don't know what Oola would have done if she had escaped with Leia. She might have returned to Ryloth, joined the alliance, or struck out on her own. We can't be sure.

If they somehow ended up in Mos Espa in their slave costumes you can be sure that their freedom wouldn't last. They would attract attention immediately and either be brought back to Jabba or end up the slaves of some other vile creature in the town.

A lot of your questions are hypothetical and I can only answer in what I think might happen based on my knowledge of the characters and the Star Wars universe.

Q; Did Leia ever actually dance?

A: No, but she does in the alternate ending.

Q; Is the throne in the sail barge the one from the throne room?

A: It's likely. Jabba's throne had anti grav technology that allowed him to move it.

Q: Why does Leia sit on Jabba's tail in the sail barge?

A: Probably because it's comfortable and less submissive than laying before him. She likely isn't allowed to stand until they get there.

Q: Did Jabba ever hit on Leia?

A: Yes. He kissed her and made her drink with him, as well as constantly rubbed her shoulder and pulling her to him.

Q: Did Jabba ever cuddle Leia?

A: Probably the night before Luke arrived.

Q: What does Leia eat?

Q: Did Leia ever eat a paddy frog?

Q: Did Leia keep her bracelets and hair pieces as accesories after she escaped?

Q: Why didn't Leia's bra conceal much of Leia's breasts?

A:  Jabba found Leia's female physique - including her shapely breasts - very attractive, and he wanted to accentuate them as much as possible for his viewing pleasure.  From his position above her on the throne, Jabba would have been able to see right down Leia's bra, providing him with a perfectly enticing view of her magnificent body.

Q: If Leia ever slept in a bed was she allowed to remove her slave costume?

A:  Doubtful.  Most likely, Leia was forced to wear her slave costume at all times.

Q: If Leia's friends were killed, would she have become his permenant slave? And if so, would she have worn a different costume?

A: Both are possible. If they died, she would have became his permenant slave, and as a pleasure slave, he probably would have dressed her in a much more revealing "trophy" outfit to humiliate her. 

Q: If Jabba went to the cantina would Leia have gone with him and if so would she have been allowed a drink or allowed some of Jabba's or nothing at all?

Q: Did Leia ever drive the sail barge?

Q: When Leia's hair is done up not a single hair is out of place. How is this at all possible?

Q: If Leia threw her pillows or pieces of her costume on the floor would Jabba have her pick them up or not care much?

Q: Did Leia ever hit Jabba?

Q: Why doesn't Jabba just attach Leia's chain to something instead of constantly holding it?

A: As stated on this site several times, her chain is attached to Jabba's throne, which is why Leia needed to have it cut to free herself after killing Jabba.

Q: How can Jabba maintain a good grip on Leia's chain in a very deep sleep?

Q: What would Jabba have prohibited leia from doing while she was his slave?

A: Anything that he wanted her to like talking, moving off the throne or off of his tail. It's possible he may have forced her to be completely nude by having her stripped publicly and forbidding her to wear any clothes if he wanted to, probably for punishment. 

Q: Did slave leia sit down and have a drink or meal with any of the guests on Jabba's sail barge?

Q: Why was Leia's chain so long?

Q: Did slave Leia ever do any jobs for Jabba other than pleasing him dancing for him and looking pretty You know household things like cleaning washing up?

Q: Was Leia offered a drink of her own by Jabba at all?

Q: Did Leia make friends with anyone on Jabba's sail barge? I mean was she allowed to socialise with anyone when Jabba allowed her to walk to the window or was she only allowed to go there?

A:Probably not. She is never seen talking to anyone.

Q: Why does Jabba let Leia look out of the window?

A: An act of kindness?

Q: If Leia learnt to dance did she used the dance moves she learnt at any point when she was free?

Q: Why Jabba did not force Leia to be completely naked ?

A: It's a PG rated movie. Also, her costume accentuates her figure, exposes a lot of skin, counting the fact she wasn't allowed to wear panties under those skirts, and humiliates her just as much as if she had been forced to service him entirely unclothed. 

Q: Why did Jabba enslave Leia in the first place?

A: She's beautiful and sexy, and for him to enslave a princess, especially the leader of the rebellion, would reflect favorably on him with the other hutts. So basically, for pleasure and as a trophy.

Q: Did Leia count or think the possibility of Jabba enslaving was there?

Q: Wasn't what Jabba did to Leia technically kidnapping?

Q: What are all the different kinds of slave that there are?

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