As Han Solo and Chewbacca were in the dungeon Leia was set as Jabba's slave girl and was resting at his side while Jabba was sleeping. Leia slept covering her sides from Jabba's tail, now Leia was a sex slave to the vile gangster. Leia woke up knowing Luke didn't show up as planned and was wondering what to do. "Luke hasn't shown up and I'm in a skimpy outfit for a Hutt." Leia was disgusted to be half naked in Jabba's palace and wanted to escape but didn't want to blow it. Because Luke didn't arrive Leia's first day as a slave girl was to begin. Jabba woke up and pulled Leia's chain. "Are you ready for your dance my pet?" Leia gulped and nodded. "Good, Max Reebo, start the music for the lovley princess." The music began and Leia started dancing with C-3PO watching. "Where's Master Luke?" Leia still danced as the audience watched but as the music ended Leia got impatient for Luke not arriving so she pulled her chain trying to yank Jabba. "What's this my pretty, trying to escape?" Leia growled. "I will never serve a creature like you!" Leia continued pulling but it was no use. "Serve me or you will die!" Jabba ordered. "I will never serve! I'm a Rebel leader not a girl who is forced to be half naked!" Jabba made his decision. "Then you leave me no choice my pet, you are just as disappointing as Oola. You will join her in death." Jabba pushed the button sending Leia down the floor. Leia screamed as she slided down then fell on the sand. Leia coughed as she lied on the ground then got up to see Jabba and the audience from the top. Leia continued watching until she heard the gate behind her open revealing the Rancor. Leia shivered in fear, knowing she is in the pit of the Rancor. "Oh no, I gotta get out." Leia ran to find a way out but the door was completely sealed so she couldn't escape. "No somebody help me! Han, Chewie, Lando!" C-3PO watched Leia trying to get out. "Looks like our plan failed R2." Leia still tried to get the door open until she was grabbed by the Rancor's claws. "Ugh! Let go of me!" The Rancor opened it's mouth pulling Leia closer and closer. "No no no no no no no please! I don't want to die!" Leia gave a final scream then groaned as she was chewed by the Rancor. Everyone cheered even Jabba. "Too bad, I will find another replacement. Bring me Solo and the wookie, they are next to be executed!" Leia was dead and so was Luke's plan, how can Luke defeat the Empire without Leia?