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Leia's destiny in Jabba's palace. Any way you choose this will happen, but the ending, it's your choice

A Slave's Tale

This is a choose your own adventure story where you role Leia in Jabba's palace, this means that you choose what will happens to Leia during her slave period, remember: you can kill Leia in one of your decisions. Edit

Jabba's palace, you Leia free Han Solo from carbonite and free him, then kiss him after talk. After some minutes you listen a laught, it's Jabba. He sends Han to the cells and says "come at me" then you:

A-go near Jabba or B-stays where you are

A-you, whitout choice, go near Jabba, fearfull you say "what do you want, leave me in a cell or what?" Then Jabba says "no princess, you have chosen your destiny coming here, now get off your clothes" then you:

C-strips yourself or D-try to resist

B-you stay where you are, then a garromean guard pulls you near Jabba, then you says "we have powerfull friends, you will regret this!" Then Jabba says "Oh, I'm sure. But in the meantime I will thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of your company." then he begans to lick you, then you:

E-open your mouth or F-don't open your mouth

C-whitout choice, you began to get off your clothes, beginnig whit the top, 2 minutes later, your clothing are only based on bra and underwear, then you says "that's you wanted, i'm with my underclothes, now, how this will help you?" Then Jabba says "oh inocent girl, we wants you fully naked" Then you

G-get off your bra and underwear or H-decline and resist

D-you says "never i will show my body to monsters like you!" then Jabba says "ok, garromeans, you know what to do" then the garromean guards began to strip you, now, you are naked beyond the entire court, you humilated try to cover yourself, then Jabba began to squeeze and lick your breasts, then you:

I-allows Jabba to do this or J-don,t allow Jabba to do this

E-you open your mouth and Jabba began to kiss you, after Jabba ends the kiss he says: "You taste good princess!" You looked disgusted to him trying to ckean your face of his slime. 5 minutes later, Jabba calls Arica, Jabba says "Arica, show her place here and prepare her to me, i wanna her back tomorrow" Leia so:

K-follow Arica or L-stays in throne room

F-you doesn't open your mouth, then Jabba licks your neck and strips at the same time, you, fragile and naked look around, Jabba orders you to dance for him, Leia decides:

M-dance or N-not dance

G-then, ashamed unclips your bra and cover it then, same in your crotch, you squeeze your legs and put the hand over him, but Jabba says to stop covering or will punish leia, she decides:


Leia naked covering herself

O-stop covering or P-stay covering

H-Leia says firmly: "no!" then Jabba says "you have no choice, i will do this so" Then he strips you and push her to his belly and began to rapes you, Leia so:

Q-allow this or R-beg for he stops

I-whitout choice, you allow Jabba to squeeze and lick your breasts, but you feel so humiliated and ashamed that your cheeks became red. After that, Jabba ordered "ok slave, now come here." you go to Jabba's throne and them he began to touch your ass with his tail, then he puts a collar in you. You feel asleep, then:

S-Leia sleeps or T-stays awaken

J-you put your hand at Jabba's hands and says "no, stop this!" Jabba, angry says "if you disobey me, you will be punished!" Then Jabba puts a collar in you and says "now shows your womanhood to us!" You:

U-open your legs and show Leia's vagina to the court or V-declines

K-you followed Arica to the harem, she sayed "i will prepare you for Jabba, first we need to put the make up in you." How Arica sayed, Leia is now with a lot of make-up, after, the other slaves striped you, then Arica says "i will let you choose your new slave outifit." She so picks 2 outifits, you choose:

W-the golden bikini or the X-the silk bikini
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Leia's pink silk bikini

Dorman Art Slave Leia and Jabba

Leia's golden slave bikini

L-Leia stayed on the throne room, seeing this, Jabba ordered Arica picks a slave outifit to Leia and Bib Fortuna begans to took off Leia's clothing, first he stripped your top showing Leia's breasts and flat belly to the court, them, the same with your bare crotch and milky and long legs, now, you are naked in front of a room full of men, then Bib puts a collar in you, Leia, humiliated:

Y-allows Bib puts the collar or Z-hits Fortuna and make he falls

M-Leia, for not be punished, began to dance, you only makes a simple dance balancing your hips and butts. After half hour, you lies down on Jabba's throne, you feel asleep, but fear that Jabba will punish her if you sleeps, but you:

2a-sleeps or 2b-not sleeps

N-You stays at you are and didin't do nothing, then jabba asks: "Why my new slave" you looks at Jabba and answers:

2c-because i don't know how to dance or 2d-because i will not pleasure this slug

O-Leia, knows that if she declines will be punished, then, lowers her arms and shows her nude body to Jabba and his court, then, Jabba says: "Now, you will serve drinks to my court!" you, choose:

2e-serve drinks or 2f-declines

P-You stay covering yourself as the best you can do, but then, Jubnuk comes and makes you shows your body to ther court holding your arms, then, he makes you go near Jabba, and he begans to lick your body, pratically you are taking a bath of smile, then you:

2g-allows it or 2h-try to stop Jabba

Q-You, seeing that escape is impossible, closes your eyes while Jabba is robbing Leia's virginty, but you still screaming of pain, after one hour, you falls on the ground crying, Bib comes and puts a shock collar in you, and Jabba pulls you and Leia goes near Jabba, that says: "Now i will put the mark of clan in you, choose, puts in your breasts or in your butt?" you:

2i-puts on the breasts or 2j-puts on the butts

R-You, so says: "P-please master, stop this, i will do everything you wants, but stops!" Then Jabba says: "everything i wants, ok, i will leave you naked first." Then, he stops and you layes down and sleeps. During the night, Jabba makes you eat a frog, you:

2k-eat the frog or 2l-declines

S-You, begans to sleep. When you awakens, you see that you are wearing two pieces of fishnets, that in reality, only covers your vagina, you see that Jabba is sleeping too, then you:

2m-tries to took of the chain and escapes or 2n-wait he awakes


Leia on Jabba's throne

T-You stays awakens, but then, Melina Carniss comes and puts in you a golden bikini, you goes to serve drinks, after, Jabba makes you stays on his throne, you lies down but Salacious Crumb jumped in your legs, Leia:

2o-kick him out of there or 2p-do nothing

U-You, in fear of being punished, opens your legs, now, the court knows Leia's entire body, Bib Fortuna, them goes and puts a collar and chain in you. One hour after, he puts the skimpiest bikini in the harem in you, then, Jabba says: "Now, you choose, you will sleep with me or with Boba Fett?" you:

2q-sleep with Jabba or 2r-sleep with Boba Fett

V-you declines, closing even more your legs, Jabba became angry and says: "You whore, now the garromeans will decide your destiny!" Then Jabba gives you to the garromeans, that rapes you and then, while they are squeezing your breasts, one of them opens Leia's belly, making you fall on the ground, then, Jubnuk cuts your head. You died, restart when you wants.

W-you picks the golden bikini, before they put the outift in you, ou take a bath, after, they puts it in you with the chain and collar, Arica comes and says: "Ok, now you wants to go back to Jabba or sleep here?" Leia:

2s-sleeps in the harem or 2t-sleeps with Jabba

X-You chooses the silk bikini , and says to expecting that it covers more, but you regreted when you see that it covers less than half of your breasts, but you goes to Jabba's throne room and sees an pole. "Now, my slave, dance for me, you choose!" Then you have chosen:

2u-pole dance striptease or 2v-simple dance striptease

Y-You allows Bib Fortuna to put the collar and the chain, but you feels even more ashamed because of the chain, that makes you feel like a animal, Jabba pulls you to near of him and says: "Arica and the others are making your costume my sexy, it will take some hours, so you will stay how you are now until it's finished." You looks at at Jabba, and looks at your naked body and says: "What is this Jabba? You is pervet hutt!" Jabba looks at you licking your cheeks "Yes, i am, and now Leia, you are my slave, now dances for us!" You, Leia, then:

2w-Dance or 2x-Not dance

Z-You hits Bib and he falls on the ground, Jabba became angry and says: "I will tolerate your lack of obbedience no more!" Then he rapes you and then press the bottom making you fall on the Rancor Pit and the Rancor eats you. You died, restart when you wants.

2a-You sleeps on Jabba's throne, but when you awakens you looks at your body, and see that you still naked and chained, Jabba had awakened and says to you: "we had enjoyed your lovely body for a short time, so, i will leave you naked, now you will massage my tail or i will lick your boobs." Hearing Jabba, what you will decides?:

2y-massage his tail or 2z-let he licks your boobs

2b-You stays awakens layed on Jabba throne while he puts a collar and a chain in you, after it, Jabba began to touch your ass with his tail, and this makes you sits on his tail, but, then, he asks: "Ok, now you are not a princess any more, and now a slave, my kahnkee, are you virgin?" You answers:

3a-Yes, i am or 3b-No i'm not

2c-You says: "Jabba, understand that i don't know how to dance!" Jabba looks at you and then at Arica and answers: "Don't worry, i will get Arica to teach you to dance, meanwhile, you will pleasure me by other ways." Then Jabba begans to squeeze your butts, you looks down seeking for a gun and finds a blaster pistol, you:

3c-grab the blaster or 3d-don't grab the blaster

2d-You says: "This slug will not have my pleasure, if i need to dance and strip to someone, will be to Han!" Jabba had became angry with this answer and sayed: "What did you called me, you whore? No, this don't' matter, you will learn repect sleeping in the garromean barracks, and you will beg to return to my dais!" Then the garromans pushs you to their barracks, do you:

3e-try to escape or 3f-accept your fate

2e-You began to serve drinks to the crowd, after it, Jabba pulls you to him and began to petting you grabing his hand over your hair while the other slaves done a single big plait on you, Jabba continues petting you, you:

3g-This is not too bad and allow him to petting you or 3h-try to resist the petting

Jabba Makes Leia Drink Up Close

Jabba makes Leia drink with him

2f-You stays where you was and says "No, i will only show my body!" Jabba, then pulls you to him and says: "If you don't wants to serve drinks, you will drinks with me!" You slowly drinks his wine because there's no escape, but you feel Jabba's tail between your legs, What you will do:

3i-Close your legs or 3j-Do nothing

2g-You don't do nothing, just close your eyes and beg for him stops, but Jabba is pratically giving you a tongue fucking, this in front of everyone makes you feel disgusted even by Jabba holds you by your butt. After it you fall on the ground and Jabba says: "You are not a princess anymore, now answers my lovely, will you accept your new life?" You answers:

3k-Yes i'm a slave or 3l-No, i'm not a slave

2h-You try to resist Jabba's advances holding his belly and you falls on his dais, angry, Jabba strangles you for punishment, he says: "Now, if you not obbey me, you will become my dog and i rename you for Li Lan, now stands like a dog!" Do you:

3m-stays here or 3n-obbey Jabba

2i-You decides that puts on your breasts will cover more, the garromans quickly puts the mark on your breasts, you screams of pain, but then, Jabba puts you a golden bikini, and you see that your bra don't covers the mark, and then you sleeps with Jabba. You awakens and Jabba says: "My kahnkee, now you will bring a whine to me, the kitcheen is here!" Do you:

3o-Brings Whine to your master or 3p-Go to the exit

2j-You decides that puts on your butts will cover more and waits the garromeans putt the mark, you scream of pain and after it Jabba orders you to go to his private room with him, you will:

3q-Go with Jabba or 3r-Stay on his throne

2k-You decide that this is can’t stay worse and eat the frog to Jabba, after it you hardly sleep because you needed to put your head in Jabba’s belly, but in the next morning, you see Jabba talking with Luke, you will:

3s-Run to Luke or 3t-Listen to Luke

2l-You looks at Jabba and says: "No, humans don't eat frogs!" Jabba looks at you and says: "So, you will suck my tail!" You will:

3u-Do it or 3v-Resist

2m-You seeing that Jabba still sleeping, you tries do broke the chain to escape from here, after some minutes trying you breaks the chain with success, then you took off your boots to don't make sounds and:

3w-Go to the cells to sabe Han or 3x-go to the exit

2n-You believes that you will not have chance to escape and stays layed down looking down with the eyes closed to despite your humiliation, but you can't move in fear to show your womanhood because of the fishnets. Then Jabba awakes and pulls you to his belly and then you:

3y-Do nothing or 3z-Try to leave his belly

2o-You looks at Salacious Crumb and says to yourself: "This is bad, i will not allow getting worse." And then kick him of your legs, you then looks at Jabba's court ashamed, some minutes later Salacious Crumb is back biting your skirts and ripping then, you:

4a-Report that to Jabba or 4b-Do nothing

2p-You do nothing in fear to someone to something bad with you, then you sleeps, in the next day you feels something in your belly and sees that Salacious Crumb is now sitted in your belly, you:

4c-Hit Salacious or 4d-Do nothing

PDVD 069

Leia layed down on Jabba's throne

2q-In fears of something bad happens to you if you sleeps with Boba Fett and says: "Sleeps with you" Then you lays down on his dais. Jabba's throne then moves back to his private room and closes the curtains. You thinks that the sleeping time will be the time of privacity, but then you feels Jabba's tail jumping in your womanhood, you:

4e-Closes yours legs or 4f-Do nothing

2r-In anger with Jabba, you thinks that sleeps with Boba Fett will not be so bad, then you says: "Sleeps with Fett" Then Jabba releases your chain to Boba, that pulls you to a room, he closes the door. You says: "Why?" Fett looks at you says: "Why? Why for what?" You says: "Why you captured Han? Because of that i'm in that situation?" Boba Fett says: "Vader payed for me, i didn't have choice, and Jabba pays me to protect him, that's not personal Leia, now sleeps!" Then he pulls you to the bed, he tooks off your bikini and he tooks off his armour, he jumps in the bed and says: "Wants to have sex?" You answers:

4g-No or 4h-Yes

2s-You says: "This harem is a good place, i will sleep here" Arica looks at you and says: "Ok, we will prepare your bed" Then Arica and the others prepared your bed, after they ends, you lays down, before sleeps yous asks: "Hey Arica, why i needs to wear that bikini?" Arica looks at you and says: "Jabba wants you as his slave, and Jabba's slaves wear skimpy costumes in public" You looks at her and says: "A slave? that explains the chain, lucky that Han doesn't had seem me like this, but, good night" Arica answers: "Good night Leia, did you liked the bikini?" You answers: "It's unconfortable, but it's pretty, by the other side i will love wear that for Han before we be rescued" Then you sleeps. In the next day, Arica asks: "Hey, wants to learn how to dance for perform to him or not?" You answers:

4i-Yes or 4j-No

2t-You says: "With Jabba" then Arica sends you to the throne room, Jabba looks at you and says: "Good my lovely, now lay down here" You walks to Jabba's dais ashamed of wearing a bikini in a room full of men, you lays down on his throne while Arica gives the chain to Jabba. You asks for Jabba: "Why the bikini?" He answers: "You are a slave now Leia" Then you understand all that, Jabba's tail then moves over yor body, you sleeps. In the middle of night, Jabba awakes you and says: "Remove your bra and skirts" You:

4k-Obbey him or 4l-Don't obbey him

2u-You then gets the pole and began to dance as the better as you know abou it. You sees Jabba licking his lips and the crowd looking at you, you feels ashamed and:

4m-Stop dancing 4n-Continue dancing

2v-You says: "I don't know how to dance in the pole, so i will dance how i know" And then began to dance, your outifit and good shape makes your bad skills of dance don't matter, some of then began to laught of your face, after the dance, Jabba pulls you and makes you lie down on his throne. Jabba then began to put his hands over your hip and then to your belly, you:

4o-Do nothing or 4p-Don't allows that

2w-You, in the begining do nothing, then Jabba says: "Dance or i will fed Solo and the wookie to the rancor" Hearing that, your heart sanks and you quickly began to dance nude, you just do what you know, moving your hips, belly and breasts. Jabba watched licking his lips, and the others, some began to laught of you and others looked admired with your pretty body. After you ended, Jabba pulled you to near of him and sayed: "Good dance, sexy" You feels humiliated of being called of sexy, and then Jabba began to lick your breasts and touch our crotch, you tries to looks back to ignore this and sees the entire crowd laughts of you. Some minutes later Jabba stoped of licks you. You walks back with your red cheeks of shame, Jabba pulls you to him and says: "Now you are a slave, you belongs to me and will do everything that i wants!" You says shameful and in fear to be punished: "O-o-ok my m-m-m-m-m-m-m-master" After that Jabba licks and squeeze your cheeks. One hour later, you still standing in front of the throne room when two slaves come with a cream and began to touch all of your body, when they touched in your crotch you says: "Hey!" One of the slaves sayed: "This is a cream that removes all hair of your body permanentily" Hearing this you:

4q-Allow then to put the cream or 4r-Don't allow then put the cream