Rystall grew up not knowing her birth parents. Her father had died before she was born and her mother had left her at an orphanage when she was only one year in age. She was then adopted by a wealthy Ortolan couple who worked as musicians.

Rystall posing in her tight body suit.


Rystall's exotic face.


Early LifeEdit

As Rystall grew older she developed a talent for singing due to her Theelin heritage. Her parents encouraged her talent and Rystall grew to love her stunning singing voice. During her time as a young preform Rystall became so famous that in 22 BBY a picture of her was show on a screen on the side of the of a building on the planet Coruscant were Jango Fett and Zam had their meeting and about kill Senator Amidala. When Rystall young in 21 BBY she attended the Squid Lake Preformance at the Galaxies Opera House around on the some night when Palpatine and Anakin were their. As a teenager she became a dancer and singer in her parents performance garnishing many admirers for her beautiful voice and gorgeous body. Unfortunately her skills caught the eye of the current Vigo of the Black Sun during a private performance. The Vigo then had the girl kidnapped along with her parents enslaving the family and taking Rystall as his personal slave and entertainer. For several years the young girl was the Vigos "plaything", as he liked to call her, catering to the Vigo's voracious sexual appetites.

She may have remained in such a position for several more years if it wasn't for a bet between the Vigo and an extremely lucky young gambler named Lando Calrissian. In a game of sabacc that the Vigo was losing very badly he bet his three slaves to win his money back. He lost the bet and Lando won Rystall and her family. Detesting slavery he released them much to the gratitude of Rystall. Despite Lando's kindness her parents had little money and found it hard to find work. They contacted an old friend Max Rebo asking for jobs but unfortunately he had no need for more musicians. He did however need a third dancer and backup singer and offered the job to Rystall. Rystall happily took the job and though it was not the glamorous position she had dreamt of as a child she was happy to be free and to have work. Soon after her addition to the band Rebo struck a deal with Jabba the Hutt to play at his palace. Unfortunately they were paid nearly nothing, due mostly to the dubious dealings of Rebo. Rystall was disappointed by the lack of pay but was just glad for the oppurtunity to perform.

Rystall, however, soon found herself in a similar position as the one she had just recently escaped. She was treated as a pleasure slave forced to give her body over to the scum of Jabba's court. She was appalled by this treatment but did not leave the band fearful that if she left she would be unable to find any other legitimate work. She also felt somewhat indebted to Rebo who had taken her off the streets, so she tried to make the best of the situation. Like Lyn she was forced to prostitute herself in order to make ends meet allowing herself to be violated by even the lowest of the lowlifes in Jabba's palace. She had no idea how long she would continue this course in her life but hoped to make enough money to one day start up her own band and leave the dustball planet of Tatooine far behind. At some point during her career at Jabba's palace Boba Fett arrived bringing with him a trophy in the form of a smuggler named Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Soon after the carbonite slabs arrival another new comer entered into the ranks of Jabba's palace. But this time Rystall recognized the newcomer as her savior Lando Calrissian.


It is known that the two did meet and shared a night together as Rystall's way of thanking Lando for freeing her from slavery. After the night they had together Lando told her the plan of killing  A few weeks passed and normal life in the palace was disrupted by the intrusion of Lando's allies. As the group of rebel leaders were taken to the Dune Sea to be executed Rystall was going to stay behind at the palace but Jabba made her and the band come along for entertainment.

Jabba's PartyEdit


When the band had a break time during the party Rystall flirting guests and having drinks with many of Jabba's guests even Lando. Rystall they both talked about how he rescued her and the night they spent together Rystall hopedthey could do it again some time. Rystall also flirted with Boba Fett during her brake and after Oola's death. Before the started preforming again Rystall ended up making out with a lot of people at the party. During one of the band's songs she decided to climb off stage and give a special dance with some of the guest unlike Oola, Lyn Me and Arica she was not ashamed about what Jabba's guests did to her even though she didn't like them. Rystall had sex with Bib during one of the band's brakes when the male grab her hand and spun her to face him Rystall smiled at him knowing what he wanted and she didn't waste any time giving it to him. She let Jubnuk have some fun with her when the Gamorrean got up and grab the Theelin girl walking by looking for attention she felt his strong gip her body tightly she put a hand behind her to gently touch and rubbing the Gammorean as Oola was being raped by a guard she noticed what Rystall was doing Oola remember how the woman has no shame everytime she walked through the crowd she always walked in a sexy way to make everyone drool for her. After Jabba sent Oola to her fate in the rancor pit Rystall and Lyn Me were both smiling and flirting with Boba while waiting for the party to start again.

Reaction to Oola's ExecutionEdit

The female Theelin stopped preforming when Jabba pushed the button on his armrest sending his pet down into a dark pit below the dance floor.

Rystall was speechless when the rancor devoured Oola but she quickly got over it better Oola than her. Rystall thought the young twi'lek should be so panicky and should have listened to her master.

Rystall followed the crowd to the grate as she looked down in the pit she agreed with the crowd that the poor dumb girl should have known her place. Seeing Oola refuse Jabba and his minions countless times Rystall always knew that this day would come and knew that Oola would regret it and she was right.

Oola's body was shaking with fear a sad look appeared on her face Rystall knew Oola was proud and would rather die than serve Jabba but on this day she could tell this was a day that the twi'lek girl didn't want to die and would do anything to be taken back. If it were up to Rystall she would have felt that the girl was punished enough but she is not in control Jabba is that meant her torture would still go on. Seeing how turned on she was by the sickening sight which her and the others called beautiful scum in the palace started fondling with which her stop worrying about the girl down in the pit and filled her with delight. She rubbed it in when Oola looked up at Rystall the disobedient pet was finally getting what she deserved and all the attention was now going to a more obedient one.

Before the rancor gruesomely devoured the beautiful slave she was surprised when she saw Rystall Oola thought they were friends but Rystall the band members weren't as close as the young girl thought.

After her execution Boba Fett and the other men started flirting with the female Theelin which made her smile even though many of the guys in the Jabba's palace werr ugly Rystall couldn't understand Oola didn't like all of this attention. Oola was sexy even in her last moments Rystall loved how beautiful the girl looked when the mighty beast finished it's last few bites Rystall was pleased now there was one less person to steal her spotlight from her and from being noticed by the party guests.

Rystall and Lyn Me flirted with Boba Fett after Oola's demise well the bounty hunter Boussh made a deal with Jabba they smiled glad to have a little bit of time with great Boba Fett and pleased that Oola was finally out of the picture. Rystall noticed something that Lyn Me didn't the Twi'lek backup singer was planned to be Oola's replacement that would mean Rystall could have Boba Fett all to herself and she really enjoyed the thought of that. She thought back to when she first noticed the lustful eyes on the white Twi'lek when the band came to the palace she was colse to all of her band members but when Boba Fett finally arrived at the palace Rystall secretly pushed her friend with Lyn Me aside wanting to be the only women he loved and as about her future life with the handsome bought hunter she thought about Lyn Me being stuck in this life for as long as she lived but she didn't care they were really close anyway she told herself.

As she smiled at the bounty hunter she not imaged the time they would have together but was pleased that blindly thought Lyn Me she would be with bounty hunter and would not end up like Oola. Rystall knew that Lyn Me and Oola had a lot in common Oola wouldn't bind to the palace will of her master, Lyn Me would do the same, Rystall didn't mind the lustful gazes she received Lyn Me didn't like them much like Oola, Rystall loved the sex Lyn Me and Oola were both revolted by it, Rystall knew that the palace was dark and dingy but it was better than her life with the Black Sun Lyn Me and Oola thought this life was hell, Rystall loved the attention no matter who it came from Lyn Me and Oola were picky about that, Rystall knew how to behave Lyn Me and Oola didn't. Rystall couldn't wait to prove to Lyn Me how right she was about her.

Jabba's Demolition GamesEdit

As Greeata and Lyn Me acted as hostesses during the event Rystall preform with the band. Didn't care about the deaths in the violent game she still thought she was living the dream. Watching the twins Tia and Ghia in the race remained her of the death of the unstable Oola who she barely remembered she hoped they would be the next two that will perish. Rystall enjoyed the deadly game as much as she enjoyed the party. Though Rystall wished she was the center of attention during the event dancing and modeling just like Lyn Me she decided not get in the other dancer's way so the lust the men had for her would increase and let Lyn Me be the one stuck with the job of replacing Oola.

Jubnuk's DeathEdit

Rystall decided to spend the night in the court room instead of her private bedroom she slept with in the arms of Jabba's minions. When Luke entered the throne Rystall woke up with everyone one else she saw a young man in what she knew was a jedi robe this was Luke who Lando told her about. After the failed negotiations she thought that the Lando was wrong about the jedi going to free them from. She was torn she couldn't decide what she wanted more escape with Lando and his friends and get away from the so called gentlemen or stay because she loved the attention, loved that she was in a palace and was with Boba Fett. When Jubnuk fell in the pit defending his master this cheered her though she willing had sex with him and the other men in palace she thought he was disgusting just like all the other men. Rystall pretended pretend to like Gammorean just like she did with Oola it pleased her to see another person in the palace that she hated was about to die. As Rystall watched the Gamorrean whimper and beg for his she agreed with everyone that that the ugly fat pig deserved his fate the jedi however was different story she wouldn't dare admit this out loud but she thought he was kind of handsome she knew that punishment if the Hutt or anyone else in palace knew she was in love with one of the Hutt's enemies. She didn't jump this time when the door opened up to let the Rancor into the pit the time she was filled with fear seeing Oola die but also filled with happiness it was annoying that she stole the spotlight from her. To Rystall Jubnuk was another problem that was finally being dealt with when the Gamorrean died Rystall hoped that she could win the lust and love instead of the the pig guard. Rystall enjoyed his death just like the rest of the audience. She didn't have much excitement watching the rancor go after the handsome Luke Skywalker she liked the jedi and didn't want him to die but if he did she had still had Boba Fett so it wasn't a loss to her. She stopped flirting with the men when she saw that Luke had killed the rancor this shocked her but also impressed her the jedi was was amazing and it also scared her because she knew how angry the Hutt lord would be. She believed that Luke had sealed his friends fate and the bands fate forever the rebels would be executed while the princess and the band served the Hutt until they filled their purpose. But Rystall quickly shrugged if off well there worst things then living in the palace she thought.

Journey to the Pit of CarkoonEdit

Like the other members of the Max Rebo Band Rystall had to come along because Jabba ordered them to. The band played way to the pit while host served food and drinks. While traveling to the Great Pit of Carkoon Rystall was trying to hit on everyone there. On the way there she didn't have to worry about Jubnuk stealing her away from Boba Fett and Oola being the center of attention she was happy even though the jedi and his friends were about to died and band wasn't going to get their freedom she was having a good time and that's all that mattered.

Jabba's DeathEdit

Rystall's for Lando and Boba had her conflicted she didn't know who she loved more but the Theelin didn't want either one of them to die. She was heartbroken when Boba Fett was killed then freak out when Lando almost died.

When then chaos on the sail barge started Rystall and the band panicked they didn't know what to do but when Leia killed Jabba the band jumped ship now that the lifetime contract was over. After the sail barge exploded and the Tusken Raiders being chased away by Greeata and Lyn Me. Rystall was still disappointed that Baba was killed the biggest shock of all to her was how Lando forgot about her during the battle.

A few hours later word soon reached the palace of Jabba's deisme. Many people who worked there started looting everything that was there money, weapons, food, drinks, artifacts, droids, drugs and slaves. Before leaving Tatooine Rystall and some of the band members went to the palace to see what they could get their hands on. When they arrived there was almost nothing left some of the thugs there tried to capture the female band members and keep or sell them as slaves luckily they escaped.


Later LifeEdit

Rystall was able to escape the resulting chaos with fellow Max Rebo Band member, Greeta and the two left Tatooine together. On Coruscant they started their own band called "The Palpatones" and had a single hit (a remake of Max Lapti Nek) before disappearing into obscurity.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Rystall is a skilled singer and dancer. She loves singing and dancing so when she got the opportunity to be in the Max Rebo Band she took it. Rystall grew up with wealthy family so performing at nightclubs, bars, casinos and stripclubs was not something she was used to but Rystall didn't care she was in a band that's all she cared. Rystall knew how disgusting Jabba's palace was but that didn't bother her she was now in a palace in her eyes that all that mattered.

She thought a life in a band and a palace was better than being a slave to the Black Sun plus she got meet Lando again and the handsome Boba Fett life couldn't get any better. Rystall liked the attention she got from the men in the palace and didn't want anyone else to steal it.

Even though Rystall pretended to care about Oola and the other slaves there were times she would show true colors being glad that she wasn't in their positions and showing off the freedom she was aloud. She also occasionally like to let the other girls know that her outfit was better than theirs.


Rystall Sant's CostumeEdit

Rystall's costume was very modest, covering most of her body yet accentuating her feminine shape. Her brown body glove showed off her beautiful curves and balanced figure, making her seem attractive yet tasteful. She loved wearing it as it was very cozy and kept her warm as well, yet there was no need to wear any underwear with it, seeing as the brasserie was built into the top part and the pelvic region was padded.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Rystall's PerceptionEdit

Rystall loved her outfit, it showed that she was loyal and trustworthy to be treated more like a guest in the palace instead of a slave. She loved how sexy and tight it looked on her the other girls know that she had a high rank then them they wished to have the same comfortable outfit that Rystall wore. Rystall was not bother by the fact that she didn't have any underwear and even though she loved her outfit she was as comfortable with removing it when ever Jabba and his men wanted to see naked. She was fine with stripping off her beautiful costume but she was not fine at the thought of wearing a costume that was revealing like Oola's or Lyn Me's.

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