Rystall grew up not knowing her birth parents. Her father had died before she was born and her mother had left her at an orphanage when she was only one year in age. She was then adopted by a wealthy Ortolan couple who worked as musicians.

Rystall posing in her tight body suit.


Rystall's exotic face.


Early LifeEdit

As Rystall grew older she developed a talent for singing due to her Theelin heritage. Her parents encouraged her talent and Rystall grew to love her stunning singing voice. During her time as a young preform Rystall became so famous that in 22 BBY a picture of her was show on a screen on the side of the of a building on the planet Coruscant were Jango Fett and Zam had their meeting and about kill Senator Amidala. When Rystall young in 21 BBY she attended the Squid Lake Preformance at the Galaxies Opera House around on the some night when Palpatine and Anakin were their. During the time with the Ortolan couple when was young her family was so wealthy they got to ride on the famous luxury liner called the Kuari Princess and because they were musicians they even got preform with other bands. Her vacation time on the Kuari Princess was when Rystall had her first run in with Sy Snootles and Greeata. As a teenager she became a dancer and singer in her parents performance garnishing many admirers for her beautiful voice and gorgeous body. Unfortunately her skills caught the eye of the current Vigo of the Black Sun during a private performance. The Vigo then had the girl kidnapped along with her parents enslaving the family and taking Rystall as his personal slave and entertainer. For several years the young girl was the Vigos "plaything", as he liked to call her, catering to the Vigo's voracious sexual appetites.

She may have remained in such a position for several more years if it wasn't for a bet between the Vigo and an extremely lucky young gambler named Lando Calrissian. In a game of sabacc that the Vigo was losing very badly he bet his three slaves to win his money back. He lost the bet and Lando won Rystall and her family. Detesting slavery he released them much to the gratitude of Rystall. Despite Lando's kindness her parents had little money and found it hard to find work. They contacted an old friend Max Rebo asking for jobs but unfortunately he had no need for more musicians. He did however need a third dancer and backup singer and offered the job to Rystall. Rystall happily took the job and though it was not the glamorous position she had dreamt of as a child she was happy to be free and to have work. Soon after her addition to the band Rebo struck a deal with Jabba the Hutt to play at his palace. Unfortunately they were paid nearly nothing, due mostly to the dubious dealings of Rebo. Rystall was disappointed by the lack of pay but was just glad for the oppurtunity to perform.

Rystall, however, soon found herself in a similar position as the one she had just recently escaped. She was treated as a pleasure slave forced to give her body over to the scum of Jabba's court. She was appalled by this treatment but did not leave the band fearful that if she left she would be unable to find any other legitimate work. She also felt somewhat indebted to Rebo who had taken her off the streets, so she tried to make the best of the situation. Like Lyn she was forced to prostitute herself in order to make ends meet allowing herself to be violated by even the lowest of the lowlifes in Jabba's palace. She had no idea how long she would continue this course in her life but hoped to make enough money to one day start up her own band and leave the dustball planet of Tatooine far behind. At some point during her career at Jabba's palace Boba Fett arrived bringing with him a trophy in the form of a smuggler named Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Soon after the carbonite slabs arrival another new comer entered into the ranks of Jabba's palace. But this time Rystall recognized the newcomer as her savior Lando Calrissian.


It is known that the two did meet and shared a night together as Rystall's way of thanking Lando for freeing her from slavery. After the night they had together Lando told her the plan of killing  A few weeks passed and normal life in the palace was disrupted by the intrusion of Lando's allies. As the group of rebel leaders were taken to the Dune Sea to be executed Rystall was going to stay behind at the palace but Jabba made her and the band come along for entertainment.

Life in Jabba's PalaceEdit

17693 - Rystall Sant Shabby Blue Star Wars

Rystall reluctantly undresses herself with no shame.

After Lando rescued Rystall and her adopted parents it was hard for the to support themselves after losing everything to the Black Sun it would take awhile for them to regain what they lost. They knew their daughter who was finally old enough to be on her own derived better so they made a deal with an old friend Max Rebo asked Evar Orbus the former band leader at the time if the female Theelin could join the band the male Letaki agreed. Over the years the band was a huge success if this keeps up Rystall could finally a wealthy life like she had on Coruscant. When Evar was killed and tragedy struck the band they didn't know what to do but when Sy Snootles suggested that Max Rebo should lead them Rystall agreed because her Ortolan parents trusted him. But Rystall learned that was a mistake after Rebo signed a life time contract with Jabba and they would only be payed with food. Though Rystall knew that the  Hutt was a criminal and she wanted to escape the criminal underworld but she also knew how wealthy Hutt's were because when she was younger she heard wealthy people talking about them. Yes dream was finally going to come true she was going to earn the Hutt's trust to get some money, credits or treasure to get back to a life of luxury.

After arriving at the palace Rystall was speechless and amazed she only heard stories of how wealthy the Hutt families but never actually met one. Entering the the palace Rystall noticed that it was very dark and filthy but she wasn't surprised her time with the Black Sun and preforming at casinos, bars, nightclubs and stripclubs crawling with criminals knew that she was going to see this. But growing up in a luxurious life Rystall new that Jabba had expensive taste threw the dark, the dust and dirt Rystall could see the luxurious expensive things in the palace it crushed her to see that no one took better care them. As the band waited for their queue to start playing Rystall thought that she would have never had the chance to preform for a might Hutt she also couldn't wait to please Boba Fett as well Rystall and the band had to do their best preformance if not they all would suffer a horrible fate. As they played their song Rystall hid her disgust and showed her seductive side the criminal scum loved her preformance. Jabba was impressed after they finished he then ordered for the girls to be taken to the harem as his henchmen prepare their rooms Rystall was forced off stage and quickly obeyed so the guards wouldn't touch her again. When they entered the harem Rystall was speechless once again unlike the rest of the palace this room was nice and clean and had a lot of girls Rystall learned to fall in love with both men and women because the Black Sun forced her to pleasure both. In the harem Greeata, Lyn Me and Rystall met the mistress Melina who lusted for the three of them Melina and the slave girls helped clean the girls and get them ready for their life time deal with Jabba Rystall however didn't plan on living in the palace her hole life knew if pleased everyone in the palace she could get better treatment and leave but she also knew that was something she couldn't rush she needs to take her time. If she doesn't then she can enjoy every in the palace before she leaves as Rystall stood in the harem she looked at Melina before being presented her new master she knew she would have to the please the mistress first. As the backup dancers prepared for their master in the harem Rystall did not resist or talk back to Melina Rystall started showing off for the human mistress hoping to please her it worked. When Melina was picking out costumes for them Rystall made a secret deal with the human so she could pick out her own outfit. Rystall noticed that some of the people and slaves knew about a few of her famous songs that her family played on Coruscant she used that to her advantage Rystall walked over to Melina "I now that song you were listening to as I walked in the room." Rystall said as stood right by the human "And how do you know it?" Melina asked Rystall smiled and leaned over to her ear "Because I wrote that song." Rystall then sang a tune from the song and Melina was under her spell "So we have the famous Rystall with us." Melina said Rystall chuckled "Yes and if I please you I can pick out my own costume?" Rystall said.

Melina smiled "Yes Ms. Sant only if you don't disappoint me or the master." Melina said "Don't worry I won't disappoint anyone." Rystall said with a confident smile on her face. As Melina dragged Lyn Me to the throne room with the guards "You pick out any outfit you want if you pleasure while enough when I return I will decide if you deserve it." Rystall and Greeata what a long time in the harem with the slaves as guards waited by the doorway Rystall finally found a costume that she liked. When Melina finally returned "Ms. Sant your next have you picked your outfit?" Melina asked "Yes I have do you like it." Rystall said she held up a brown thin skintight costume with gloves although it wasn't as revealing as much as Melina had hoped it still left the mistress and the guards standing by the doorway drooling. "If you pleasure me well enough then I will decide if it's good." Melina said. As much as the mistress wanted a willing girl to have sex with her she thought that Rystall would fail and was ready to force the Theelin to wear the most skimpies outfit her master owned. After a long time of groping, grinding, sex, pawing, stroking and fondling Melina told her "You've earned my approval but you still have to prove the master." Melina said with a smile knowing how disgusted Rystall was with that but the Theelin girl smiled to because she was willing to do anything to have a luxurious life again. "No problem." Rystall said as she grabbed her costume walking to the doorway Melina stopped before entering the hall and whispered in her ear "Tonight your sleeping with me in my room Rystall." In the Theelin girl's mind Melina was just as sick as ever other criminal she had met but she didn't want to get on her bad side so Rystall agreed and whispered in her ear "Then you will have to spend a night in my room as well." Rystall said "Agreed." Melina said stepping out of the singers way as they both walked out the harem and down the hall Rystall noticed the guards who were guarding the harem had huge bulges in their pants Rystall rubbed her hands across their cocks as she walked through the doorway. After the two women entered the court room Melina made an announcement "My lord Jabba my I present to you the famous Rystall Sant." Melina said. After her announcement Rystall wasted no time stripping Jabba eyes widened with surprised about what the girl did he liked that she wasn't ashamed Rystall strutted around the room teasing everyone there. When she was done she stood in the middle of the room hands on her hips and asked "Did you all enjoy the." The crowd started hollering, whistling, cheering and clapping "So can I put my new costume on now? " Rystall asked Jabba laughed "Of course you can my pet." Rystall glared when she heard that word "I am not your pet or your slave I am a dancer and singer." Rystall said with anger in her voice Melina who was clinging on to her master at the time smiled and said out loud to him "Looks like this one has spirit." With smile on her face as she let Jabba rub his hands on her. "Oh yes indeed it wouldn't be any fun to break that spirit." Jabba said smiling.

"You Ms. Sant you are girl who I want to be one of my loyal servants you will be next command after your Mistress Melina." Jabba said Rystall walked over to the throne swaying her hips wearing only air and a smile she climb up on throne right next to Melina and Jabba "That sounds great my master." Rystall said pressing her self against him.  Jabba smiled and laughed "Mistress Melina have you forgotten to show me the lovely outfit you picked for Miss Sant." Jabba said. Melina and Rystall quickly hoped down "Sorry master here it is Ms. Sant picked it out." Melina said holding it up. "Excellent choose." Jabba said glad that she pleased Jabba and that her plan was working Rystall knew that being one of his minions she would get paid with credits or money instead of food a secret she didn't share with her fellow band members.

Being next in command meet she had more freedom and could do whatever she wanted though she wanted to leave the palace and could finally escape from criminals the longer Rystall stayed in the more she started to enjoy it. Boba Fett was just only one of the many things she loved about Jabba's Palace Lando who was secretly in the palace she loved her room she enjoyed the harem as well. Though she had her own depending on mood she sleep in her own room or in the harem just like Mistress Melina. When Jabba gave Rystall a room it didn't have a door and although Rystall wasn't ashamed of being naked or stripping in public, she did want some privacy instead of a door she got lovely expensive thick curtains because Rystall's young wealthy life she felt that the fancy curtains were better than a door. Being a loud to have more freedom then most of the other girls Rystall was could trusted not steal anything from her master so took very go care of the Hutt's wealthy valuable things making them and things around the look a little more great.

Jabba even trusted her enough to let her have some of his slaves whenever she desired one. The women enjoyed her company because she would comfort them and give them advice on how to have as much freedom and privacy as her. Even though she would help they learned that when they got into trouble Rystall would put her life on the line for them they also learned that Rystall would get snippy with some girls who ask for her advice but wouldn't take it and still complain about how their is not getting better. Though Rystall tried to help them most of the slave women couldn't stink down to the level she was talking about just so they could get away from their master's side or out of the harem it was just to embracing to let all of those goons do that to them. Rystall was all kind enough to let the girls be free when they are with her no collar chain and no chain. No collar meant no shock panels, on trackers and exposives because those were all in side the collars though they were free of those things they learned not to ask Ms. Sant if she would help them escape the palace if Rystall allowed that she would be in trouble and she didn't want to be punished for that. Everyone else in the palace never took the risk that Rystall took with the girls because they knew if they did that they'd escape and knew the punishment if they never caught. Jabba liked that Rystall willed obeyed him and did nothing out fear unlike the other females he liked that she would also stand up to him and take risks that no one else in the palace would.

During time in the palace Rystall also liked going on on trips outside the palace Rystall she enjoyed Jabba's Sail Barge and his Space Cruiser when she saw them for the first time and some of the other things that the crime lord had she couldn't believe how rich he was even wealthy adopted Ortolan family could not afford some of those things. Now it made it even harder to leave if she did Rystall thought that she wouldn't have as much luxurious as Jabba. Rystall also enjoyed when Jabba sent them to preform for someone else but like the rest of the band she didn't like it when Jabba sent them on a suicide mission to a Balti named Bingo Mehndra. Rystall had a problem with doing suicide missions but she didn't problem with doing a job that would give credits or money. Sy Snootles was payed for secretly being a spy, assassin, and bounty hunter for Jabba though Snootles wasn't glad about almost dying she was glad about being payed for killing Bingo. Being a loyal minion to her master Rystall received money for the job she learned that being a servant meant she would receive more payments for jobs that involved killing his rivals the only thing she demand was no plans that would get her or the band killed.

While in the palace she formed a bond with many of the girls there she got really close to her hero Boba Fett and even leaned that some of henchmen in the palace weren't all to bad or disgusting.

Jabba's PartyEdit


When the band had a break time during the party Rystall flirting guests and having drinks with many of Jabba's guests even Lando. Rystall they both talked about how he rescued her and the night they spent together Rystall hopedthey could do it again some time. Rystall also flirted with Boba Fett during her brake and after Oola's death. Before the started preforming again Rystall ended up making out with a lot of people at the party. During one of the band's songs she decided to climb off stage and give a special dance with some of the guest unlike Oola, Lyn Me and Arica she was not ashamed about what Jabba's guests did to her even though she didn't like them. Rystall had sex with Bib during one of the band's brakes when the male grab her hand and spun her to face him Rystall smiled at him knowing what he wanted and she didn't waste any time giving it to him. She let Jubnuk have some fun with her when the Gamorrean got up and grab the Theelin girl walking by looking for attention she felt his strong gip her body tightly she put a hand behind her to gently touch and rubbing the Gammorean as Oola was being raped by a guard she noticed what Rystall was doing Oola remember how the woman has no shame everytime she walked through the crowd she always walked in a sexy way to make everyone drool for her. After Jabba sent Oola to her fate in the rancor pit Rystall and Lyn Me were both smiling and flirting with Boba while waiting for the party to start again.

Reaction to Oola's ExecutionEdit

The female Theelin stopped preforming when Jabba pushed the button on his armrest sending his pet down into a dark pit below the dance floor.

Rystall was speechless when the rancor devoured Oola but she quickly got over it better Oola than her. Rystall thought the young twi'lek should be so panicky and should have listened to her master.

Rystall followed the crowd to the grate as she looked down in the pit she agreed with the crowd that the poor dumb girl should have known her place. Seeing Oola refuse Jabba and his minions countless times Rystall always knew that this day would come and knew that Oola would regret it and she was right.

Oola's body was shaking with fear a sad look appeared on her face Rystall knew Oola was proud and would rather die than serve Jabba but on this day she could tell this was a day that the twi'lek girl didn't want to die and would do anything to be taken back. If it were up to Rystall she would have felt that the girl was punished enough but she is not in control Jabba is that meant her torture would still go on. Seeing how turned on she was by the sickening sight which her and the others called beautiful scum in the palace started fondling with which her stop worrying about the girl down in the pit and filled her with delight. She rubbed it in when Oola looked up at Rystall the disobedient pet was finally getting what she deserved and all the attention was now going to a more obedient one.

Before the rancor gruesomely devoured the beautiful slave she was surprised when she saw Rystall Oola thought they were friends but Rystall the band members weren't as close as the young girl thought.

After her execution Boba Fett and the other men started flirting with the female Theelin which made her smile even though many of the guys in the Jabba's palace werr ugly Rystall couldn't understand Oola didn't like all of this attention. Oola was sexy even in her last moments Rystall loved how beautiful the girl looked when the mighty beast finished it's last few bites Rystall was pleased now there was one less person to steal her spotlight from her and from being noticed by the party guests.

Rystall and Lyn Me flirted with Boba Fett after Oola's demise well the bounty hunter Boussh made a deal with Jabba they smiled glad to have a little bit of time with great Boba Fett and pleased that Oola was finally out of the picture. Rystall noticed something that Lyn Me didn't the Twi'lek backup singer was planned to be Oola's replacement that would mean Rystall could have Boba Fett all to herself and she really enjoyed the thought of that. She thought back to when she first noticed the lustful eyes on the white Twi'lek when the band came to the palace she was colse to all of her band members but when Boba Fett finally arrived at the palace Rystall secretly pushed her friend with Lyn Me aside wanting to be the only women he loved and as about her future life with the handsome bought hunter she thought about Lyn Me being stuck in this life for as long as she lived but she didn't care they were really close anyway she told herself.

As she smiled at the bounty hunter she not imaged the time they would have together but was pleased that blindly thought Lyn Me she would be with bounty hunter and would not end up like Oola. Rystall knew that Lyn Me and Oola had a lot in common Oola wouldn't bind to the palace will of her master, Lyn Me would do the same, Rystall didn't mind the lustful gazes she received Lyn Me didn't like them much like Oola, Rystall loved the sex Lyn Me and Oola were both revolted by it, Rystall knew that the palace was dark and dingy but it was better than her life with the Black Sun Lyn Me and Oola thought this life was hell, Rystall loved the attention no matter who it came from Lyn Me and Oola were picky about that, Rystall knew how to behave Lyn Me and Oola didn't. Rystall couldn't wait to prove to Lyn Me how right she was about her.

Jabba's Demolition GamesEdit

As Greeata and Lyn Me acted as hostesses during the event Rystall preform with the band. Didn't care about the deaths in the violent game she still thought she was living the dream. Watching the twins Tia and Ghia in the race remained her of the death of the unstable Oola who she barely remembered she hoped they would be the next two that will perish. Rystall enjoyed the deadly game as much as she enjoyed the party. Though Rystall wished she was the center of attention during the event dancing and modeling just like Lyn Me she decided not get in the other dancer's way so the lust the men had for her would increase and let Lyn Me be the one stuck with the job of replacing Oola.

Leia is CapturedEdit

After the party and Oola's execution Rystall slept peacefully in her room thinking about Boba Fett. She had dreams about how great it was to in a band, famous and to finally live in palace yes life was perfect for or at least it until she is in band and palace that doesn't have criminals. She even dreamed about Lando, how he rescued her from the Black Sun and hoped he could rescue her from Jabba's Palace. Her dreams end after she was forced out of bed and ordered to come to the harem and then the throne room she obeyed willing with angry that the guards had shoved her out of but unlike Oola, Lyn Me and most of the other girls they never had to force her more than once. Though Rystall despised the criminal underworld she enjoyed putting on a show for people and she did going down the hall to the harem and court room.

Entering the harem Rystall was speechless when she saw the beautiful new girl. In her early life on Coruscant living with her wealthy adopted family she learned tell which people were royalty and this girl was a princess. Now this made it harder for Rystall to choose Boba, Lando or the princess she knew they could all help her escape from the palace and have a better life. Lando or Boba Fett she would have great times with the bounty hunter or smuggler but service to princess Leia Rystall would finally get out from the criminal underworld she could probably live in a palace that is much nicer then Jabba's palace.

Rystall also noticed Tia and Ghia in the harem they survived the first part of the deadly game she didn't know how much longer that luck would keep up and ignored them there was nothing she could do to get them out of the race even though she knew it was wrong for anyone to be a slave she learned at an early age during her time as a slave to the Black Sun never stick your neck out for anyone the only thing to do is look out for your self do as your told and your life will get easier. When Leia was stripped naked by Jabba's guards, she seethed angrily, but did not show it. It hurt to see her personal heroine treated this way, and she was very grateful that Leia was given at least some form of clothing to protect her dignity, even if it was horribly sleazy.

During their time in the harem and court room Leia and Rystall got really close to each other, as close as she was to Boba and Lando. Her hopes grew even more when she found out that Leia was one of Lando's allies she mentioned after the night they spent together. During one of the band's performances, Rystall danced closer to the princess, making sure she caught Leia's attention. She wanted to spend some alone time with her, and this was the only way to do so. "Exalted one, may I take the position of this girl's guardian for the night?" She asked, giving Leia a look of comfort and lowering her eyelids seductively. "I can provide her with....considerable pleasure tonight." Jabba considered this for a long moment. Leia shuddered at the thought of having sex with a woman, the notion being entirely foreign to her, but the compassionate look in Rystall's eyes relaxed her slightly.

"Very well, Ms. Sant." He said, motioning to one of his slave girls, who was totally nude but for her collar and an elaborate feathered headdress. "I know you can be trusted with my beautiful woman. But first, make her naked for us." The girl knelt to Leia as the princess shuddered at the thought of being stripped publicly again, causing some of the males in the audience to whistle at the sight of a naked girl bending over. "Show our court what awaits our princess in your gentle embrace." She unlatched the chain from The throne with a magnetic key, handing it to Rystall.

"Oh, thank you, but there's no need for that." Rystall said with a giggle. She dropped the chain and grabbed the princess's arm, stroking it lovingly. "I prefer my women loose and lovely as well as naked as the day they were birthed, not chained and held back. They're so much lovelier that way, the Princess especially." She kissed Leia's shoulder, making the princess squirm and tense up with nervousness. "She is an angel among mortals, as beautiful and smooth as a statue of a goddess, sculpted of pure marble."

Everyone cheered and clapped as Leia blushed at the compliment, having never been courted by a female before. Rystall kissed her again, kissing her arms and breasts before kissing her lips, making her quiver in fear both from the threat of exposure and the alien sensation of kissing another woman. "Don't worry, your highness." she whispered. "I'm only going to take off your clothes. If I don't Jabba will probably punish you." Leia looked uncomfortable, her eyes darting around the court at the males and females who were obviously looking forward to another display of nudity from her.

Being an entertainer, Rystall was not one to disappoint her audience no matter how much she disliked them. She decided to give them a show before she and Leia got some more privacy. She gave Leia a sensual kiss and the whole court was excited. Rystall rubbed her hands on Leia's bare back while she kissed her again and again, untying the straps to her slave bikini. When the knots were undone Leia was stripped of her gold bra, blushing hotly and quickly covering her exposed breasts with her hands.

The court all laughed when they noticed how embarrassed she was. "Ha! Look at the slut! She's shy!" Yelled a male Devaronian, pointing to Leia as the half-naked Princess hid her breasts and cowered in shame. "No wonder she'll fuck with Jabba, he gives her armor fit for a slut!" Rystall kissed Leia's ears, pressing her lips against her lobes as she felt the princess shiver with shame. "Sssh, just ignore them." She whispered as her hands moved down to Leia's skirts, slowly unclipping them as Leia quickly moved to try and cover herself, being met with Rystall's gentle hands on her own. "Don't be ashamed, I'll protect you." She whispered, kissing Leia and pressing her own clothed body against hers.

"You'll have total privacy very, very soon." When Leia wasn't so uptight Rystall took the princess's small hands in her own hands and placed them on the exposed tops of her lavender breasts. "Touch them." She whispered as Leia's hands shook. "It's all right, I don't bite. At least not without your consent." Leia blushed as she gently felt around Rystall's large mammaries. She then slowly stepped out of her boots, slowly becoming less and less uptight. Rystall then removed her own outfit, keeping eye contact with Leia the whole time. Every male thug in the room now had a huge bulge in their pants and Melina and the female harem keepers had their hands down in their pants, rubbing themselves to the sensual display.

Rystall headed towards the exit, picking up both their costumes and motioning to Leia by wagging her finger in a sexy "Follow me" gesture. Leia quickly walked away, her bare body shining from the oils that had been applied to it earlier. Rystall pulled her up next to her, linking arms with the naked princess. She noticed Leia's fearful expression as the men around her made crude gestures and exposed their genitals to the princess. "Don't be afraid." Rystall whispered, holding Leia close to her in a protective embrace. "As long as I am your guardian, you will be safe from them." She took the princess's hand again and walked out of the throne room with her. Rystall did not get any farther than the exit when one of the weequay guards stopped her.

"You must turn back, Ms. Sant." He said. "The Exalted One's most treasured item is not to leave the court." Leia seethed, hating being referred to as a piece of property as opposed to a living woman. "I am a flesh and blood woman, not some treasure to be owned." she growled. "I'm not going to be referred to as an object. Not by you or anyone." She stood, naked yet strong and defiant, clenching her fists until Rystall placed her hand on Leia's, lowering them to her waist. "Nikto, do not halt the movement of Ms. Sant." Jabba rumbled. "She has my full permission, blessing even, to take the princess Leia Organa for one night." "Apologies, highness." Said Nikto, moving aside as his eyes followed Rystall and Leia's graceful, nude forms into the hallway. "I expect the princess to share the details of her tryst when she returns." He added with a leer.

A small comfort Edit

Rystall saw Leia shaking again and petted her back gently, kissing her cheeks to comfort the exposed, humiliated slave. She took her down the hall, holding her from behind in a protective embrace, like a married couple. "My room is just over here." She said, pointing to a small doorway with a nameplate written in Theelin, her native language. The room had no door, but had thick curtains that could be used to cover the doorway for some privacy. A large bed filled one corner of the room, with a variety of dim lights and scented candles glowing on ornate candelabras. "I thought it would be better than spending another night on Jabba's throne. Speaking of which, hold still."

Rystall grasped Leia's neck, pressing the magnetic key against the collar. there was a CLICK as the collar unlatched, dropping to the ground. Leia gasped and felt her bare neck, which was rubbed raw and covered in welts from the durasteel ring. It had been days since she felt anything but cold metal on her neck. She felt even more naked without the collar, but felt more comfortable being nude in the presence of a member of her own sex. She looked at Rystall with tears in her eyes, hugging her close and placing the golden bikini on a small table as they entered her room. "Thank you....thank you so much for this." She said as she released the beautiful, naked Ortolan girl as she squeezed her body in her strong arms. "I don't know how to repay you-"

"Don't worry about it." Rystall said, placing two fingers on Leia's lips. "I just couldn't bear to see you chained like an animal. I'm sorry I had to humiliate you like that in front of those people." She picked up Leia's bikini, holding it out to the beautiful nude girl. "Here, I'll help you put your costume back on if you-" "Don''s okay." Leia said, holding up her hands to stop her. "If anything, I'd prefer to stay as I am." Rystall gave her a quizzical look, staring at the bikini, then at the confident, naked woman standing before her. "You don't mind being totally nude in front of a stranger?" She asked, feeling an aura of respect for Leia. "That's the bravest thing I've ever heard a woman of your position say." "No, that's not it." Leia said, rubbing her bare toe in a circle. "Did you see the designs on it? Especially the skirt plate?"

Rystall picked up the costume and felt it, looking closely at the designs etched into the bikini. Being a woman herself, she immediately recognized the suggestive shapes of a stylized uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and so on. Rystall even recognized the shape of an intact hymen, showing to all that the princess was a virgin. The realization made her shudder. "My god...." She said, placing the costume on a mannequin next to the bed, intended to hold a slave girl's costume while a man had his way with her. "'s like seeing an X-ray of your body, princess." "Exactly." Leia said, blushing as she sat down on the bed. "It may be humiliating, but at least when I'm naked, they can't see into my body."

She stood still, enjoying the feel of bodily freedom in relative privacy, being in the presence of another member of her sex. "It's so much more comfortable being naked, at least in private. That....thing....feels like a prison for a woman's body." Leia stretched again, relieving the stiffness of her legs. "There's no flexibility to the armbands, the bra is clenched so tight to my breasts it feels like a harness, and the skirt plates are freezing against my ladyparts. The bra cups too, there's no padding anywhere."

It felt so good to let out all her frustrations with the horrid, sexist costume to a female who could sympathize with her feminine discomfort. "They also wouldn't give me any panties to wear under those skirts, for obvious reasons. I'm also getting worried about my next period in about one week, since I also wont have any menstrual pads. Jabba refused to give me any and even if he had, I can't wear any panties under this skirt without him punishing Han for it."

Rystall squeezed Leia's aching legs, making Leia moan in relief. "It's so incredibly uncomfortable, I'd rather be naked when I'm with you. At least now I have some privacy." "You're braver than I thought, princess." Rystall said, smiling at Leia as she continued massaging her firm hips. "Unbreakable, like a woman made of Cortosis alloy. That's part of what I greatly admire about you." She placed a hand over Leia's hands, looking her into her beautiful brown eyes. "You've been my personal hero for most of my adult life."

Leia's face fell. She looked at the ground in defeat, tears welling up in her eyes. "Princess, what's wrong?" Rystall asked. Leia blinked hard. "Nothing." She said, her body shaking with repressed emotion. Rystall drew Leia into a hug, their nude bodies fitting together perfectly. "It's okay, Princess." She said, hugging her tightly. "I can tell you're in pain. Let it all out." Leia let out a choking sob, tears flowing freely from her eyes. "I'm so scared...." She said, shivering and resting her head on Rystall's shoulder as she squeezed her tightly. "....all this humiliation, the groping, the controlling, the threats, I can't stand it. I'm not powerful, I'm not unbreakable, I'm not even strong." Rystall kissed her full on the lips, hugging her and rocking back and forth on the bed.

"The truth is, I've been scared ever since Jabba captured me." Leia said, resting her head on Rystall's shoulder. "I botched the rescue of Han, and now I'm paying the price. I almost wish I had been frozen in that damn block of poison gas instead, because at least then I would have my dignity." "I wouldn't bet on that." Rystall said. "Then it would just be another form of exhibition. I've seen men in Black Sun who freeze women into carbonite absent of any clothing, let his men have their way with their bodies, keep them there for years, and record everything on video so they can show it to them when they finally unfreeze them and they regain their eyesight."

Leia gasped. She couldn't imagine being trapped fully exposed in a living death for years, petrified and deprived of every sense. Every bodily function, from expulsion of waste to simple breathing denied to you while in that grotesque statuesque form. Leia thought of being totally and completely cut off from the world, with nothing but your hallucinations to keep you company, and then unfrozen without warning and left naked and helpless as a baby, with the first thing you see being yourself being sexually violated while you didn't even know it. The idea made her shiver.

Rystall saw Leia's expression of fear and hugged her tight, rubbing her back to comfort the naked princess. "Sssh, I didn't mean to frighten you, princess." She said as she gently guided Leia into a sitting position on her bed. "Get some rest, highness. You need it." Leia slowly leaned back on the bed, watching as Rystall, still nude, draped her bodyglove over a table and sat in a chair next to the bed. Leia noticed that even her pubic hair, trimmed to a thin slit, was red. The color had a very sexual connotation to it, no wonder so many people in the palace desired her.

"Please just call me Leia." She said, stretching out and making her back crack with awful cramps from being forced into a submissive leaning position against Jabba's skin all day long. "My-ooh! My royal title-augh!-doesn't matter. It hasn't for years now." "Well, Leia, it sounds like you need some loosening up." Rystall said as she grasped Leia's shoulders. "Hold still and just relax, this might hurt a bit." Leia turned her head in surprise. "Wait, what are you-?" Rystall squeezed her back muscles with a sudden CRACK, making Leia gasp in pain and fall forward.

"How's that?" Asked Rystall, pulling her back up into a sitting position. "That throne is really bad for lying down on, isn't it?" Leia rubbed her spine, amazed at the feeling of looseness. "How did you do that?" She asked as Rystall grasped her head in her pliable hands. "Hold still again please." She said, carefully twisting Leia's head left and then right with a series of pops. In no time, her sore, welt-covered neck felt loose and flexible.

Leia winced slightly as Rystall repeated the process with her shoulders, waist, and finally her hips, leaving her feeling loose and relaxed. "How are your knees and elbows?" Rystall asked, guiding Leia's nude form onto the bed. "They're fine...." Leia said, tears welling up in her eyes. "....thank you so much. You're like a doctor. How do you know so much about what I'm feeling?" "I know the female body very well." Rystall said, curling up on the bed next to Leia and rubbing her back, massaging the cramps out of her muscles. "I even know enough to please a girl if she's in pain. I've done it enough times."

Leia blushed at the implications of that last sentence. "You mean you've-? I mean-you like-I mean, you're gay-?" Rystall placed a hand over her mouth. "Bisexual." She said, staring into Leia's chocolate-brown eyes. "I've made love with men and women before. Although personally I prefer women, men still turn me on considerably." Leia blushed again, turning darker red as Rystall pulled the covers over her naked body. "There's no need to be nervous. I won't touch you again unless I have your consent." "Thank you." Leia said, curling up in the bed as she felt more relaxed than she had felt in a long time. "You'll get your lover back soon, I promise you." Rystall said as she slid under the covers as well. "And what you said earlier? You are strong, don't deny it. When I was with Black Sun, I didn't have half the dignity you showed when I was prepared for them."

Leia gasped. "You mean you were a slave, too?" Rystall nodded, pointing to a rounded scar on the small of her back, just above her buttocks and another one above her vulva. "These were slave tattoos before I had them removed. They caught me, trapped me on their ship, made me strip naked in front of over 100 men, and then passed me along, taking turns until I was passed to the Vigo of Black Sun himself. After that, I was bruised for weeks in places only a woman can know." Leia covered her mouth in shock. For this woman to endure gang-rape and exhibition on such a scale.... "The Vigo kept me enslaved for years, made me perform the most disgusting of actions." Rystall said as she kissed Leia's smooth face. "For years, I felt like I just wanted to die to stop feeling such shame and pain."

Leia's heart sank at hearing this. She had always fought against abuse of women, especially alien and minority women who were the most vulnerable to sex slavery and prostitution. "I'm so sorry." She said, squeezing her tightly. "I didn't know...." "It's okay, I've made my peace with it." Rystall said as she snuggled closer to Leia under the covers. "Besides, it wasn't all bad. I spent a lot of time pleasing the other slaves, discovered I also liked girls, and at the end, I was saved." She looked at Leia, the princess's beautiful face becoming etched in her mind. "May I kiss you?" Leia nodded, curiosity overwhelming her subconscious sexual worries.

Rystall gently pressed her lips against Leia's, closing her eyes in bliss and cupping her head in her hands. Leia gave in, feeling comfort and pleasure from Rystall's lips as she kissed her back. It felt lovely to kiss another woman, and Leia didn't want to stop. "What happened?" She asked as their lips parted. "How did you escape?" Rystall stroked her hair, kissing her left ear. "A man called Lando Calrissian visited the ship." She whispered as she nibbled Leia's earlobe. Leia's eyes widened at the mention of Lando's name. "You know him?"

Leia nodded. "I met him a few times." Rystall smiled and lay on her back. "Come here." She said, pulling the princess closer and pressing her head against her firm chest, allowing Leia to rest her head on her large, lavender breasts like a pillow. "He saved me from that life. That day, he challenged the Vigo of Black Sun to a Sabbacc game. He won almost every round, practically cleaned out the Vigo's bank account. I was one of the items he gambled and lost to him." Leia hugged her tightly, glad that this woman had escaped her enslavement. "The Vigo was furious, but he felt Calrissian had won fairly. I was frightened. I had been the Vigo's slave for so long, I thought this man was going to rape me just like the Vigo."

Rystall kissed Leia's scalp, smelling her aromatic hair. "He was so gentle with me. He let me sleep on his bed, allowed me all the privacy I wanted while I bathed, he even gave me something to wear, for the first time in years." Leia flinched at that last sentence. "What do you mean by that?" She asked, pulling Rystall down to look her in the eyes. "What?" Asked Rystall as she rubbed Leia's sore hips. "What did you mean by 'For the first time in years'?" "Oh, I meant about the clothing." Rystall said, kissing Leia's forehead and returning to stroking her scalp. She then touched Leia's chest and gently kneaded her breasts, which were sore and bruised from being pressed into the gold brasserie. "The only clothing the Vigo allowed me to wear as his slave was my birthday suit."

Leia gasped. placing a hand over her mouth and jolting upright. "Oh god...." Rystall pulled back, looking over Leia with fear. "Did I hurt you?" She asked, concern in her voice. "Where did I-?" "No, it's not that. The massage was wonderful, it's just...." Leia said, shivering in fear. "....I could barely last half a day unclothed in front of men. Men who wouldn't even touch me without Jabba's permission. You think I'm strong, but stay nude for years in front of men who wanted to violate you and had every chance to do are positively adamantine."

She hugged Rystall closer, resting her head against her shoulder. "I'm not strong. I can't even stay in this damn slave bikini for a day without feeling humiliated." Rystall pressed her forehead against Leia's, staring into her chocolate-colored eyes. "We are all strong in our own ways, my sweet, sexy Leia." She whispered, spreading her pale legs and straddling Leia's body. "I think you are just as strong to resist Jabba, and very brave to remove your clothes in front of a strange woman, let alone an entire crowd of people like you did when Jabba caught you. It hurt to see you treated like that." Leia shuddered as Rystall kissed her, blushing and turning away from the girl.

"Are you all right?" she asked. Leia nodded, apprehension in her eyes. "What's wrong?" Rystall asked, holding the naked princess's head in her hands and kissing her gently. "Tell me what's wrong." "It's just....Han is my lover." Leia said, turning away as a look of shame came over her beautiful face. "He's been frozen in that block for a year, and I've felt so lonely. I've felt so lonely for him, I've never even touched myself or....done anything....that I've always wanted him to do to me intimately. I don't want to cheat on him, but these....sensations I'm feeling....I can't explain it....but...." She pressed her head against Rystall's head, whispering in her ear.

"....I want to sleep with you. I want to feel what it's like to be with a woman, and I can't explain why." Rystall kissed her again and bit down on her neck, suckling and giving Leia a dark blue hickey, much to Leia's pleasure. "Do what your body wants, Leia. I'm certain lots of women get curious about what sharing a night of passion with another of our sex would be like, I know I certainly did. Do not deny your urges, I'm sure Han would understand." Leia kissed Rystall as the beautiful lavender girl whispered into her ears. "Just like men, we women have our urges to work out and our sexuality to experiment with." Leia kissed her again, shuddering at the anticipation. "Then please be gentle with me, I'm a virgin." "Of course, my golden Valkyrie." Rystall whispered as she rubbed the naked princess's smooth flesh. "Of course."

A night of passion Edit

Rystall nodded and tightened her grip on Leia's body. "Lay on your back, Leia. I'm going to make love to you, right here and right now." Leia shuddered and lay down, allowing Rystall to kiss her and wrap her arms around her nude form, the lavender color of her flesh complimenting Leia's own pale skin tone. As Rystall's lips pressed against her own lips, then her neck, Leia moaned. "Thank you, my Valkyrie." Said Rystall, nibbling her ears. "Thank you for letting me know you are being pleasured."

She loved being called a Valkyrie, after the warrior women of myth who would guard the home of the gods. In her golden bikini, which was similar to the armor they wore, she even resembled one, although the outfit made her feel humiliated, whorish and weak, not strong, sexy and powerful. Rystall smiled and continued kissing Leia's face, from her lips to her ears, which she nibbled gently. "Is it all right if I give you a lovebite, Leia?" Rystall asked as she kissed her earlobes.

Leia nodded, with sweat dripping down her face. "Tell me if anything hurts or feels wrong. I promise I'll stop if it does." Rystall bit down gently on Leia's neck, which was covered in painful blood welts. This made the princess gasp and throw her head back both from the pleasure and the sensation of her tender flesh. Rystall suckled gently and pulled on the skin, biting as she did so. She pulled off and left a reddish hickey on Leia's neck. "Rystall...." Leia moaned, grasping Rystall's head and stroking her horns and hair. "I'll tell you what I'm doing, Leia." Rystall said as her lips traveled from Leia's neck to her clavicles, then down to her breasts. "I'm going to kiss your breasts now, then move down lower."

Rystall purred as she licked Leia's nipples, making her moan. She then kissed her midriff, pushing her breasts upwards to access as much of her stomach as possible. Leia arched her back and allowed Rystall to kiss her belly, moving down to her waist and pulling the covers over them both. "Now I'm going to turn you over and touch your breasts while I kiss your back." Rystall then flipped Leia over and kissed the small of her back, moved upwards to her shoulders and kissed and caressing them as she groped Leia's breasts, making Leia tremble.

The underarm region was next, with her short-trimmed fingernails stroking the sensitive skin as Leia shivered with arousal. "Your lips tasted wonderful earlier, my love." Rystall whispered. Leia spread her thighs apart as Rystall kissed around her waist, not daring to move further downwards without permission. "Now may I kiss you on your other set of lips, princess?" She asked, staring into Leia's deep brown eyes. "The lips of a woman's most treasured region, only to be touched by her mate?" Leia nodded and blushed, knowing exactly what she meant by that. "Go ahead." She said, placing both hands on Rystall's head. "Then hold on tight, Leia." Rystall said as she pressed her lips against her vulva. "I'm going to see to it you enjoy this."

Leia gasped and threw her head back as Rystall kissed her vulva, eliciting a warm feeling of pleasure from between her legs. She stroked Rystall's hair, slowly twisting her legs around the Theelin girl's head as her tongue slowly slid between the lips of her vagina, licking and thrusting. Leia tightened her legs and stroked Rystall's shoulders as she stroked Leia's breasts with her lavender hands, making her already-hard nipples throb. "You'll tell me if anything feels uncomfortable or painful, right?" Rystall asked, pulling herself up to look Leia directly in the eyes. Leia nodded shyly. "Good." Rystall kissed her, making Leia close her eyes. "You taste so sweet...." Leia folded her legs over Rystall's head, keeping her lips caressing her womanly lips between her thighs. She was really enjoying this after being threatened with rape and torture from Jabba.

Rystall returned to kissing Leia's intimate regions, stretching open the lips of her vulva and burying her tongue deep into her body. Leia moaned and placed both hands on Rystall's head, stroking her scalp as the sensations of pleasure burned between her legs like wildfire. Rystall licked and kissed, lightly stroking Leia's naked body with her hands as the princess gasped and threw her head back, grasping Rystall's head between her legs and pulling it closer as she kissed her vagina to taste her throbbing womanhood. "Please don't stop...." Leia gasped. Rystall licked her again, making Leia shudder. "Han...." She gasped as she stroked Rystall's head.

Rystall continued licking after a slight pause as Leia suddenly jumped up in realization, looking ashamed. She felt like she was filthy for doing this while Han was in the dungeons, probably worrying about her. Leia remembered Jabba referring to her as a whore, a princess of sex who would fuck a kowakian monkey if she could. Right now, she felt like she fit that description to a T. "What's wrong?" Rystall asked, a look of concern in her eyes. "Are you hurt?" "No, but I'm sorry...." Leia said, wrapping the sheets around herself and looking away. "....I didn't mean to say his name. I just can't stop thinking about him, worrying if he's going to be okay."

Leia sobbed, pressing her face into Rystall's shoulder. "He's blind, he's sick, he's helpless....and I'm cheating on him. I'm becoming the whore that Jabba said that I am...." Leia buried her face in Rystall's shoulder. "....Jabba's right. I'm the galaxy's biggest slut." Rystall pulled herself up into a sitting position and looked Leia in the eyes. "You are not a slut, Leia." She said, stroking Leia's beautiful face. "I know you love Han, don't be ashamed of feeling pleasure in his absence. I'm sure he would want you to feel good, don't feel guilty about having sex with a girl." She kissed Leia, spreading the taste of the princess's own juices to her lips. "If I know men, he'd not only approve, but he'd want to watch. Or join in, if he was in shape for it." Leia giggled, with Rystall smiling, glad that the Princess was relaxing in her gentle embrace.

"Would like me to finish?" Leia nodded. "Then hold on tight, princess." Rystall said, pulling Leia's hips upwards and placing a pillow underneath them as she licked her lips. "Relax. Let all inhibitions go and just enjoy yourself." Leia spread her legs again as Rystall devoured her womanhood with a voracious barrage of licking and kissing, making Leia moan loudly as she wrapped her legs around Rystall's head again. "Oooh!" Leia moaned, gently stroking Rystall's horns. "Oh god, yes...." This felt amazing, to be given pleasure by her own free will by a woman who was determined to make her feel good....Leia wished this would never end. She gently squeezed Rystall's head with her thighs, pressing her lips further into her spongy vulva.

"Oh please, more...." Rystall continued kissing, stroking Leia's body with her gentle fingers and leaving gooseflesh wherever she touched. She then groped Leia's breasts again, gently kneading the sensitive skin and making her nipples throb again. Suddenly, Rystall stopped and gently guided Leia onto her back, rolling off of the bed. "What are you doing?" Leia asked, opening her eyes in surprise at the sudden stop to the lovemaking. "Patience, my love." Rystall said as she walked away, swaying her hips. Rystall bent over, giving Leia a good look at her rear and opened a bag she had with her, pulling out a velvet-red box. "Have you ever used a dildo before, Leia?" She asked, looking at Leia with a hungry stare as she wiped her lips with the back of her hand. 

Leia shuddered and shyly nodded to her. "Yes....when I was a teenager." She blushed dark red in remembrance. "I, um....had some....urges to work out around that age." Leia had used several types of devices such as dildos, vibrators and vibrating panties, as did most young or unmarried women in the palace, as a way to satisfy their sexual urges without losing their virginity and violating chastity vows that women on Alderaan commonly took. Leia wondered why Rystall would be asking this question of her, and shuddered when she realized the woman's intentions. She craned her newly-loosened neck to look as Rystall walked behind a changing screen, illuminated by the dim lighting.

Leia could see an outline of her sliding what appeared to be a thong over her crotch, but something was off about it, a foreign shape silhouetted where nothing should be visible. In her aroused state, she was distracted by the scent of aromatic candles and her own feminine juices, and could not focus her vision. "Good, then I probably won't need to prepare you too much." Rystall said as she turned off the light and smacked her lips. "I know you're a virgin, and I was worried you had never....'experimented'....before. I didn't want to plunge you right into the deep end before you learned to swim, if you know what I mean." She walked out from behind the screen, smearing more lipstick over her ruby-red lips and standing before her. Leia gasped. Rystall stood, still naked as the day she was born, but one thing was different about her that made Leia shudder in anticipation.

A black harness was fastened over Rystall's crotch, with multiple straps holding it in place. From the front, a large solid silicone dildo hung over her vagina, with a ribbed sparkly-purple surface covered in ridges and bumps to provide the maximum amount of pleasure to the woman (or man in some cases) that it would be used on. Leia had heard of these devices, and often fantasized about either using them herself on a man, or having them used on her, by a sexual partner of either gender. She wasn't picky when it came to sexual fantasies, although recently, her fantasies had been dominated by thoughts of Han. Leia gulped and licked her lips as Rystall came closer, climbing onto the bed and angling herself so that she was in the perfect position for the proper use of the device.

"Do I have your consent to use this on you?" She asked, looking into Leia's chocolate-brown eyes as she smacked her lips to finish application of the lipstick. Leia nodded and stared at the dildo nervously, feeling very turned on as Rystall rubbed oily lubricant all along the length of the device. "Good. I figured this would be more of something you're used to." Rystall said as she wrapped her arms around Leia. "Lesbian sex isn't something you'd know how to handle." Rystall wrapped around her like a snake, making gooseflesh appear all over Leia's body. She kissed Leia again, breathing hot air over her face and making the nude girl tremble. "Just relax. You'll enjoy this, I promise." she said, kissing Leia and nuzzling her neck. "If it hurts at all or anything else feels uncomfortable, just tell me and I'll stop. Okay?"

Leia nodded, taking a deep breath to calm herself as the kissing and caressing of her body continued. She spread her legs and allowed Rystall to slide between them. "Relax, Leia. Tonight is all about you." Rystall whispered as she positioned herself between Leia's legs. "Here we go...." Leia gasped as the false penis slid into her fully-lubricated womanhood, plunging into her body at just the right angle. Rystall stared into her eyes as Leia gasped and threw her head back, wrapping her legs around Rystall as an open invitation to continue. "That's it, enjoy as much of this as you can." Rystall whispered as she kissed Leia's neck. "You deserve all the pleasure you can get." Leia moaned and grasped Rystall's head, kissing her horns and stroking her red hair. "Oooohhh....!" Leia gasped, resting her head on Rystall's shoulder as she thrust back and forth, shifting angles constantly as the ribbed dildo stroked the interior of Leia's womanhood.

Rystall stroked Leia's back and kissed her breasts, keeping her at ease as she thrust in and out, tilting back and forth at various angles to increase Leia's pleasure. "My god, Rystall-it feels so good.....I just....thank you so, so much...." Rystall nuzzled Leia's chest with her face, licking between Leia's breasts and making her tremble as the princess wrapped her legs tighter around Rystall's hips, pulling her closer. The thrusting continued as the interior muscles of Leia's vagina squeezed the rubber dildo tightly, relishing the feel of the ribbed surface. Rystall kissed Leia again, closing her eyes as Leia's eyes slid shut as well. The two women continued making love in the privacy of their room, with Leia biting her lip to keep from moaning. "Lift your legs." Rystall whispered. "What?" Leia asked, dazed from the sensations building up between her legs. "Lift your legs, place your knees against your breasts."

Leia's legs shook as Rystall pulled out and rolled over, allowing her to shift positions. Leia crouched into a ball, positioning her legs so that her knees touched her nipples. "Untuck your legs, please." Rystall said, tightening the strap-on dildo. "Stretch your legs out flat." Leia obediently unfolded her legs, letting her legs out flat against her breasts. Rystall climbed on top of Leia and aimed the strap-on at her womanhood. "Now get ready for this to hurt a little." She said, stroking her fingers in and out of Leia's vagina to prepare her body. "This is going to be as deep as a woman can possibly be penetrated." Leia spread her thighs even wider, allowing Rystall to add a third finger and continue stimulating her female parts. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she breathed a long gasp of pleasure.

Rystall straddled Leia's body, thrusting the strap-on into her womanhood and making Leia cry out and throw her head back in a burst of mild pain that slowly became pleasure as the dildo dug deeper and deeper into her vagina. Leia clutched Rystall's beautiful head and kissed her over and over again, practically devouring her lips as she hooked her legs over Rystall's shoulders. The dildo finally came to a halt, having slid to the deepest part of Leia's body. "Hold on tight, Leia, I'm going to start penetrating your G-spot." Rystall whispered, biting her earlobe and suckling gently and as stroked Leia's muscular thighs, making the naked princess beneath her shiver in pleasure. "Don't resist, don't worry, don't doubt yourself. There is nothing shameful or depraved or disgusting about this, we are two women performing the natural act of sex."

Rystall started thrusting again, pressing into Leia's vagina as the princess moaned uncontrollably at the tremendous sensations of near-endless pleasure she was experiencing. Rystall kissed her as they both closed their eyes, losing themselves in the sensation of receiving pleasure and the pride of giving it. "Looks like I actually found your G-spot, princess." She started thrusting again, the long dildo being squeezed between Leia's interior vaginal muscles. Leia was gasping and screaming incoherently with pleasure by now, sweat pouring down her body as she kissed Rystall and rolled around in the bed, wrapping the covers around both of their bodies like a cocoon of sexual pleasure. The princess was lost in her pleasure, leaving the conscious world for one of nearly-endless beauty, sex, pleasure, heat and comfort with a woman who gave all five at once.

"Dear god....Rystall...." She moaned between the desperate kisses she gave her bedmate in her aroused, frenzied state. "....I feel!" "Oh, that reminds me...." Rystall said, reaching over into Leia's hair and unclipping the gold clip and microcosm, letting her lovely chestnut hair flow free and wild. "....there you go. Be free, wild and sexy, my love." She tousled Leia's beautiful hair, freeing it from the humiliating, phallic slave braid. "Be free for a moment, body, mind and soul." Leia was now freely crying, with long tears smearing the whore makeup onto Rystall's face as she plunged in and out of Leia's vulva. She hugged Rystall closer as the feelings in her body burned like wildfire, making her moan and squeeze her hips together. Rystall thrust in and out, picking up the pace by rapidly kissing Leia's body and whispering sweet words of love into her ears.

Hours upon hours later, Leia and Rystall were still making love, with Leia trembling and gasping. There had been several pauses in the lovemaking to let Leia regain her energy, during which Rystall had massaged her sore joints and allowed the sensations between her legs to die down slightly. The naked princess had also been fed fresh fruit as well as nuts and seeds, and being offered fine wine, to help build up her strength and replenish her sexual energy. "Leia...." Rystall whispered as she kissed her again, sensually placing grapes into Leia's mouth from her own. "....may I make love to you from behind with this device?" Leia looked at the strap-on, then down at her own body. "Well, I do feel curious...." She said, stroking the dildo, still wet from her own juices. "....I'm a virgin. Before today, I've never felt anything in just my womanly parts but a dildo under my own control and my own fingers. Let alone....behind."

Leia blushed shyly and hesitated before she rolled over on her stomach and spread her legs wide. "Go ahead. I'm curious to see what it's like." Rystall grasped her from behind, holding her hands against her breasts and pressing her own lavender skin against the Princess's body. She paused to rub more oily lubricant all over the device before she thrust forward, holding her gently as she did so. The dildo entered Leia's anus, making her wince slightly as the pain of first entry made her anal muscles contract. "Are you okay?" Rystall whispered, thrusting gently and getting a rhythm going with the device. "Oh god yes...." Leia gasped, closing her eyes in bliss as the pain vanished. "....keep the rhythm going please...."

The thrusting went on for a few minutes, with Rystall stroking Leia's vulva, belly, breasts and clavicles as she kissed her neck and shoulder blades. The Theelin girl pulled out as Leia gasped, nearing orgasm but not reaching it. Leia felt a little frustrated with the sensations building up and never releasing, but said nothing of it. The sensations were wonderful, although it had been a little painful. Leia remembered her latest rectal exam and gynecologist appointment, which had been one week ago in the OB-GYN in the Alliance hospital, and how cold and unfeeling it had been, technical and unnecessarily embarrassing, there was nothing sexual about it. This...this was a blend of pain and pleasure, of humiliation and pride, of lust and love.

Rystall kissed her again and caressed her breasts, seeing the buildup of sexual energy in the shivering of Leia's body and the gasps emanating from the lovely girl in her arms. "Be patient, my love." She whispered into Leia's ears as she pulled out, making Leia gasp as she easily cleaned off the dildo with a towel and some sanitary fluid. She flipped her around and plunged into Leia's body from the front this time. "I promised you heaven, and I don't leave a girl unsatisfied." Leia was desperate to come now, her mind racing with thought of pleasure beyond measure. "Rystall....!" Leia moaned as she kissed her with furious lust.

Leia's interior muscles were contracting, her anal passage squeezing itself open and shut automatically from the prior penetration as the lips of her vagina was stretched to accommodate the device inside of her. The involuntary movements of her rectum stimulated the girl as Rystall stroked her hair, kissing her scalp and smelling the lovely scents emanating from her body. If heaven was real, Leia was certain she was there right now. Her body shook and shuddered as Rystall thrust in and out, changing the angle of penetration and stretching the cheeks of her buttocks to stimulate the princess further.

"I'm going to-!" She was cut off by Rystall kissing her tightly, making her close her eyes as the dildo plunged into her body again, making her inner walls squeeze it tightly. "Don't hold back this time, let it happen now." Rystall said, stroking Leia's scalp with her pliable fingers. "It's going to feel amazing." Leia kissed her lips again, clenching her legs. Suddenly, she threw her head back and moaned as Rystall pumped in and out furiously, kissing her clavicles and stroking the small of her back. The rhythm continued as Leia shook and trembled with the sensations between her legs. She shook and gasped as she finally let herself go and reached the zenith that was orgasm.

Leia let out a scream of pleasure that echoed through the small room, vocalizing her ecstasy as Rystall plunged one last time into her body, triggering another massive orgasm. "Oooh my good god....!" She gasped, then stopped suddenly when she felt another orgasm explode within her body. Leia moaned again and squeezed her hips together, triggering a fourth orgasm as she fell back onto the bed with exhaustion, her partner catching her and gently laying her on her back. "Memorize this moment, Leia." Rystall whispered into Leia's ear, as she stroked her face. She kissed her and licked her neck, moving from her neck to her clavicles to her nipples, which she licked passionately.

"There is nothing shameful or depraved or disgusting about it. It's only lovemaking, lesbian lovemaking, which is the purest, most compassionate of all types of sex." Leia moaned and shuddered as her fifth orgasm ripped through her body, triggering three more. Leia rolled over and hugged Rystall as her now-sensitive flesh pressed against her bedmate's. She snuggled up with the beautiful Theelin woman as orgasm after orgasm came from both the prior stimulation and her partner's lips on her extremely-sensitive skin, laying on her side and curling up as she was feeling exhausted. One hour later, Leia's eighteenth and final orgasm came with a scream of pleasure, making Leia flop down onto the bed, panting and moaning in exhaustion.

Leia and Rystall curled around each other like a yin-yang symbol, each one complimenting the other with their skin tones. "T-Thank you so m-much, Rystall." Leia whispered as she rested her head on the pillow, receiving gentle kisses from the naked girl. "It f-felt....heavenly." "You needed this, I can tell." Rystall whispered as she hugged her close. The two women held each other tightly, snuggling close as they felt each other's heartbeat. Leia felt relaxed, more so than she had felt in years. She stood up and looked at the curtains as she heard whispering and crude laughter outside the room. "Those perverts...." She growled, standing up on shaky legs and walking towards the door, entirely naked and enraged. "Leia, wait-!" Said Rystall, too late to catch her bedmate before she reached the doorway.

She flung open the curtains as she came face-to-face with Lando, still disguised as Tamtel Screej. Several Weequay guards and a Gammorean were with him, all of them laughing and whispering crude things about her and Rystall. "Doesn't it occur to you to respect a woman's privacy?!?" Leia growled, shoving one of the guards and causing a domino effect to knock over all five of them. One of the guards stood up and grabbed her by the wrist. "You slut!" He growled, raising his hand to slap her. "I'll teach you-!" "Stop!" Yelled Rystall, who had ran out of the room. She grabbed the guard's hand and pulled Leia behind her. "I am this girl's guardian for the night. If you harm her, you answer to me and then to Master Jabba himself."

The guards all observed the naked women before them, nodding to each other. "Very well." Said one of the Weequays, turning around and leaving as the other Weequays and Gammorean left. Lando stayed, looking at Leia as she stood there with Rystall holding her in a protective embrace. "Not a word about this, alright?" Leia growled, looking right at Lando. She was grateful he was enough of a gentleman that he didn't gaze upon her nudity like most males would in his position, she just wanted to be sure he didn't spread word of her dalliance with Rystall to Han. "No one will mind, this happens a lot over here." Said Rystall, kissing Leia on the neck and hugging her tightly from behind.

"Now how about we get you cleaned up, love? You can sleep here tonight, remember." She took Leia by the hand and led her back into the bedroom, kissing the naked princess on the neck as she leaned into her arms. "Thank you...." Leia said, feeling exhausted from her orgasm and subsequent physical exertion. "....there's nothing I'd like more than spend a night away from Jabba." Rystall kissed the naked princess and brought her back to the bathroom, taking note of how tired she was, the bags under her eyes becoming dark and her limbs shaking, with blood vessels and muscles visible through her skin. She was determined to give Leia as much privacy, comfort, pleasure and love as possible, to help with healing the beautiful girl's hurt pride.

Rystall guided Leia into the black marble tub, filling it with steaming water and making goosebumps form over her overly-sensitive skin, which had been tenderized by the lovemaking they shared. "There you go, my Valkyrie." She said as she climbed into the tub herself, sitting behind Leia and kissing her flesh as she scrubbed her with soft sponges. "Relax, just rest for the night." Leia leaned into Rystall's touch as the sponges rubbed over her sensitive breasts and back under her arms. "Oooh........" She moaned as Rystall soaped up her back. ".....I don't think I can thank you enough, Rystall." "There's no need, just enjoy yourself." Rystall whispered as she scrubbed Leia's beautiful body, letting her skin shine. "Does this feel good? Being clean?" "Yes...." Leia gasped. " feels amazing. I've felt dirty and disgusting all day long." Rystall ran her fingers through Leia's long hair, rinsing it with wonderful, fruity shampoo. Leia gasped as she scrubbed her body, making dirt slide off her skin as she rubbed it with a sponge. 

"Remember Leia, you are strong." Rystall whispered into Leia's ears. Leia trembled as she was scrubbed all over, rivulets of dirt running off her skin and leaving milky-white flesh behind. "Don't be too hard on yourself, just be proud of yourself." Leia arched her back as Rystall scrubbed her spine. She trembled as Rystall scrubbed between her legs, making her sensitive female regions tingle. Leia closed her eyes in bliss as her body was scrubbed clean, with shaving gel added to her body. "Would you like me to shave your legs, Leia?" Rystall asked as she pulled out a small laser hair-trimmer. Leia nodded as Rystall knelt down and started shaving her legs, gently removing Leia's hairs as she moved to her intimate regions. "May I?" She asked, looking into Leia's eyes. Leia nodded. Rystall carefully shaved Leia's pubic triangle, removing the dusting of hairs that had regrown down there in the days since she had been captured. "You are strong, Leia." She whispered into Leia's ears. "You are powerful, sexy, brave and strong-willed. Never give those traits up for anything."  

Leia arched her back into Rystall's embrace as she removed the last of the unnecessary hairs from her body. Rystall kissed her lips gently, allowing Leia to taste her fruity lip gloss. "Time to dry off, Leia." She said, taking Leia's hand and guiding her out of the tub by touching her back. After their night of passion, Rystall's touch was like electricity to Leia, and she relished it. Rystall rubbed her dry with a towel and kissed her body as she did so, making her tingle with pleasure. Leia noticed Rystall shivering as a chill wind blew through the room and hugged her close, pressing into her skin to warm the pale girl. "Compassionate as always, my Valkyrie." She wrapped her arms around the naked princess and kissed her shoulder blades. "Be strong, be sexy, be powerful." Leia took Rystall's hand as the Ortolan woman guided her towards the bed.  

Rystall placed Leia on the bed, standing up and taking her golden bikini, which had been forgotten on the ground. She hung it on a female mannequin placed next to the bed, undoubtedly meant to hold a slave girl's clothing while a male had his way with her. Leia felt a warmth in her body at the idea of turning something so filthy into something so compassionate. "We don't have to worry about putting this back on your body until morning, my lovely Leia." Rystall said, kissing Leia and cuddling her compassionately. "Tonight, you can get as comfortable as you wish." Leia shivered in pleasure and wrapped her arms around Rystall, feeling the warmth from the lovely lavender flesh of her bedmate.  

"Thank you so much...." Leia said, cuddling Rystall and holding her close. "....I never would have been able to sleep with that....thing on my body." "Don't mention it, love." Rystall said as she kissed Leia's eyelids. "I wouldn't want my girl to wear something so uncomfortable tonight." The exhausted, naked princess snuggled up with the naked dancer, the two of them pulling the sheets over each other to warm themselves. "There you go, just rest." Rystall said as she hugged Leia close and kissed her forehead, feeling her muscles loosen and her heartbeat slowing slightly. "I'll get something to help you relax." "Ooh, I think you've helped me plenty....." Leia gasped as Rystall rolled over in the bed, opening her bags and pulling out a little bottle. "Trust me, this will relax you like nothing else." She said. Leia looked nervous as Rystall approached her, her bare lavender skin glowing. "What is that?" "Don't worry, it's not drugs or anything." Rystall said as she crawled onto the bed, kneeling before her lovely bedmate. "Just some aromatics. Breathe deeply and think of sleep."  

Rystall opened the bottle and held it under Leia's nose, letting her inhale it's scent. Leia's eyes rolled back as the lovely scent of eucalyptus, flowers and honey entered her nostrils, making her feel sleepy. "See? It eases your tensions, helps your body naturally rest easier." Rystall said as she gently wrapped her arms around Leia's waist. "Just sleep, my lovely Valkyrie." She held Leia close as the princess relaxed, breathing gently. "I'll protect you for tonight." The two nude women snuggled up with one another, wrapping the covers around their bodies and drifting off into a peaceful slumber. "I love you." Rystall whispered, kissing Leia gently. "I love you too." Leia whispered as she hugged Rystall gently, reveling in her warmth.  

the morning after Edit

The next morning, Leia woke up feeling absolutely divine. It felt so comfortable to be naked in the privacy of the room, with only another member of her own sex to see her nudity. Even better, a beautiful, compassionate woman with whom she had just made love. She stretched and moaned, feeling the tingle in her skin of post-sex afterglow. "Sleep well, my Valkyrie?" Asked Rystall, snuggling up to Leia and kissing her closed eyelids. Leia rolled over and hugged her close, enjoying the feel of the girl's smooth, naked flesh. She kissed Rystall's horns and sighed in contentment. "Yes, very well indeed...." Leia said in one breath, slowly sitting upright as Rystall held her tightly. She felt so calm and loose, every muscle in her body relaxed and unstrung as she was held in her arms. "....I can't thank you enough for all this."  

"Don't bother, princess. I wanted to do this for you." Rystall said as she kissed her again, holding her face closer. "But we have to get up now." Rystall motioned towards the window, where the light from Tattooine's twin suns was shining through. "Let's get you dressed." Leia was loathe to put the golden bikini back onto her body, but she got up and walked towards the mannequin as Rystall pulled the skirt and bra off of it, fastening the skirts around Leia's waist and fastening the bra as Leia adjusted the skirt fasteners. "There you go, all ready." Rystall cooed as she kissed the flesh of Leia's exposed back. "I only wish I could give you some panties to wear with it to make you feel more comfortable, but I don't even wear them myself. I prefer to just let my ladyparts breathe."  

Leia and rystall

Leia and Rystall relaxing together after their lovemaking.


The half-naked princess sat on a bench and closed her eyes in bliss at the remembrance of last night's amorous activities, shivering as the cold plates touched her sensitive vulva and the bra made goosebumps form on her breasts. "Don't bother, Jabba will punish you for it, and besides, you've done so much for me already...." Leia said as she looked at the curtains leading to the throne room. "....I just don't feel like I can do this again."  

"Don't be scared, just do what you have to do and I'll be right here for you." Rystall said as she held Leia's hand in her own. Leia looked at herself in the mirror for a moment as she was taken by the hand and led out into the throne room. "Your excellency?" Rystall called as Jabba stared at them, the crowd noticeably smaller than it was the other day. "I come bearing your slave, unharmed and ready for her return to your throne." Leia shivered but walked towards the throne, feeling more confidant than before. "Good...." Jabba growled as he took a puff of his hookah.  

"Now Princess, tell us all of your tryst last night. And do not leave out any details." Jabba said with a smirk. Leia shuddered but relaxed as Rystall squeezed her hand. " master." She said, clearing her throat as Rystall stood next to her to comfort her. The lurid details of last night's lovemaking were declared by the princess's lovely voice, bringing shame to the sex slave as her golden bikini shimmered in the dim light. Rystall held her hand and squeezed gently, earning a squeeze from Leia in return. Leia felt absolute shame as she detailed how she made love with Rystall, using elegant language to make the description of having sex with a lovely girl sound like a lovely sexual feast. There truly was no privacy in this palace, not even for something as beautiful as consensual sex with a willing woman.    

The crowd cheered as Leia's description came to an end, the princess's face turning dark red from the humiliation of her speech. She relaxed slightly as Rystall hugged her from behind. "What a lovely night you must have had, my pet." Jabba purred, blowing smoke from his nostrils as he gulped down some wine. "Now crawl to your lord and master, and decorate my throne once more." Leia started as the collar was clamped around her throat once more, and the chain given to Jabba. She looked at Rystall, an expression of fear in her eyes. "Be strong, my lovely girl." Rystall whispered, kissing her once more before she left, their hands trailing each other with their fingers as they parted.    

Leia was tugged to the throne as Rystall watched from the crowd, giving Leia a sense of comfort that she had at least one more friend in the palace. The half-naked princess crawled onto the throne, sitting down besides her bloated owner. "So, the princess also enjoys the sexual company of women." Jabba said as he leered at Leia, tugging her chain and forcing her to lean against him. "My, my....I never would have expected it." The crowd laughed as Leia struggled against Jabba's disgusting touch. "Has the lovely Leia Organa discovered her sexuality in my humble palace?"    

Leia struggled as Jabba stroked her chin. Bib pressed his hand against Leia's buttocks and pushed, squeezing as he did so. "Then perhaps she will enjoy this, exalted one." He snapped his fingers as two orange and green Twi'lek slave girls removed their bikinis and hugged Leia, pressing her into Jabba's touch and molesting her breasts and crotch. Leia squirmed at the unwanted touching as her bra was stripped from her chest, followed by her skirts and boots. The princess was naked now, feeling the slime from Jabba's skin on her bare flesh as she was shoved against the Hutt. The girls started kissing her breasts and vagina as the crowd roared their approval. Rystall watched Leia from the crowd, silently telling Leia not to be ashamed. Leia obeyed as the girls pressed her into Jabba's skin, making love to her in front of the crowd. C-3PO turned away, ashamed of the situation.   

"The Princess will now demonstrate lesbian sex, as she has thoroughly enjoyed it with the lovely Rystall Sant." Jabba bellowed. Leia squirmed, but submitted, grateful that it was two women making love to her and not two males, or worse, Jabba, raping her via penile penetration. Still, she didn't like being touched against her will and in public. This was still rape, and Leia felt humiliated at enjoying it. She gasped as the girls immediately started plunging deeper into her body with their fingers, fisting her vagina and groping her anus. Leia shivered as she was pushed into a kneeling position, penetrated by a woman's fist and fingers.   

She grasped the orange girls' lekku, stroking them as Rystall smiled in approval. Leia was still weakened from last night's multiple orgasms and could not resist as the two girls continued stimulating her body. This was not the loving, sensual sex Rystall had given her. This was fast, rough, and meant to arouse males, a mockery of what being a lesbian meant. The crowd cheered as Leia threw her head back as she had five more orgasms from the green girl's stimulation of her intimate parts, and was then dumped unceremoniously onto the cold ground. She gasped in pleasure as her juices flowed freely, the girl who had fisted her licking the juices off of her hand.   

Bib Fortuna picked up the naked, exhausted Leia as the girls carried her costume away. "Bring that back!" Leia gasped as her juices flowed down her inner thighs. Bib set her down on her shaky legs, forcing her to move her hands away from her breasts to stabilize herself. "No, my pet. You shall remain naked for the rest of today until midnight, wearing nothing but your skin as your human ancestors wore in their primeval days." Jabba rumbled as her chain was tugged roughly, making her run to Jabba's throne and away from her sole source of privacy as it was placed on a mannequin, which was locked in a transparisteel case, far from the naked princess's reach. "And we will definitely enjoy every moment of it...."   

The princess's humiliation Edit

Jabba licked Leia's nude body, from her thighs all the way up to her beautiful face. The princess was too exhausted to resist, and instead tried to remember the pleasure she had received at Rystall's hands. She stood there as Jabba continued to molest her and lick her, touching her where no male should touch without consent. "Now my pet, dance for us." Leia was feeling exhausted, but had no choice but to obey. "Yes, master Jabba." She said, standing up and starting to sway sexily as the crowd cheered. Max Rebo started playing his keyboard, playing a familiar tune to Leia's ears.   

The tune was the planetary anthem of Alderaan, but reworked into a clownish, techno beat that made it sound like a circus tune. Leia was furious at the insult that this was to her home planet and a culture that had all but vanished with her home and people. She felt a yank on her chain as Jabba leered at her naked form. Leia glared and danced in a more sexy, sultry fashion, cupping her breasts with her hands and closing her eyes as she licked them. Leia looked at Rystall with tears in her eyes, the lavender-skinned female looking at her with an expression of sympathy at the Princess's culture being made into a mockery.   

The dance eventually ended, with Leia's fury palpable as Jabba tugged the naked Princess to his throne, forcing her to run on her bare feet through the court into his meaty arms as she covered herself with her arms. Lando moved to intervene, but Leia shot him a look that said "Don't, I'm fine." "Aah, my beautiful pet. You look so lovely wearing nothing but your skin." Jabba said in a low, sultry tone of voice as he breathed in his hookah. He blew a cloud of smoke into Leia's face, forcing Leia to cough and hold up her hands to protect her eyes. As soon as her arms were moved from her body, Jabba started molesting her bare flesh with his filthy hands.   

"In fact, you look so lovely, you shall join me on my trip to the Dune Sea wearing nothing but your skin, of course." Leia shivered at the thought of being naked in public again. "You will be given your costume back at 24:00 hours tonight. Now, won't you thank me for even considering to clothe your lovely body again?" Leia blinked through watery eyes, looking at Jabba as Rystall walked closer and hugged her while Jabba looked on. "Thank you....Master Jabba." She said as she pondered being nude for an entire day in public. The utter lack of privacy this entailed made her shudder.   

"May I stay with this woman for a time?" "You may remain in Miss Rystall's company until the time comes for her to dance again." Jabba said as he inhaled more smoke. "That will give the two of you about five minutes." Leia held Rystall as the lavender woman held her close, kissing her and cooing at her. There were no words, the two women needed none. They held each other as the naked princess was cuddled by the woman wearing the bodyglove, comforting her and kissing her.   

The five minutes went by fast as Leia and Rystall parted again, with Leia standing nude before the crowd, refusing to display any humiliation or despair despite her feelings. Rystall watched her as the Princess stood proud and started to dance again, swirling and making her body visible to all in the crowd. Rystall was proud of the girl for being so strong, and wished she would escape soon. As the dance came to an end, Rystall cheered louder than any other being in the crowd, clapping to let Leia know she truly appreciated her as a woman with exceptional strength of character, chastity, and determination.   

Leia walked back to the frigid stone of Jabba's throne, bravely refusing to cover her body as Jabba had expected her to. The crowd had almost completely dissipated, leaving the throne room all but deserted except for a few guards, Bib Fortuna, and some slave girls. The chain was back in Jabba's hands, and he tugged her onto his cold flesh, making her stick to him like glue. "Now Princess, thank me properly for allowing you to have sex with Miss Sant." He said, staring into Leia's eyes. "But not with words, use your mouth properly." Leia shuddered when she realized exactly what he meant. Bib Fortuna grinned lecherously as Leia crouched on her knees and watched his tail move towards her beautiful lips.   

Leia opened her mouth and allowed Jabba to enter with a slimy squelch that made her wince at both the sound and taste. His tail wriggled inside of her mouth as she was forced to suckle it like a pacifier. "Very good, Princess." Jabba said, closing his eyes as he grabbed her head and pulled her closer, forcing her to take the tail deeper. Leia thought hard of Rystall and Han, remembering the two beings who loved her the most. The thought gave her strength as Rystall smiled at her from the crowd, proud of the Princess for her strength as Jabba withdrew his tail and pulled the naked Princess into his sticky flesh.   

Leia was then released, falling on all fours. "Now vagina, you may only crawl for the rest of today." Jabba said as Leia spat out slime from Jabba's tail, tasting the juices of a slave girl he had penetrated last night while she was making love with Rystall. "Do not stand up or walk on two feet." Leia hated being referred to as a piece of reproductive biology, seeing as some men thought that was all women are. She crawled towards him as he tugged the chain, forcing her to crawl faster. She winced as she crawled nude onto the throne. "Very good, vagina." Jabba said, licking Leia as he pulled her into his flesh.   

Leia glared at him as she lay on his body, completely naked. She longed for her clothes, but remembered Rystall. She remembered her gentle touch, her compassionate personality, her beautiful eyes. Maybe she would even tell Han about her someday, if she ever saw him again. Throughout the day until the crowd dissipated, she searched the court for Rystall, letting every glance between the two of them become a silent communication between two partners. Leia was humiliated to be nude in public, especially touching Jabba. She closed her eyes and imagined herself in Han's embrace as Jabba pressed her body into his skin, licking her face as his tail stroked her vulva.   

Leia shuddered, willing herself to be strong. Although she was naked as a newborn, chained like a dog and used for a male's pleasure, she would not break. She would be strong, and somehow, she knew she would see Han again. The naked princess breathed slowly as Jabba molested her vulva and buttocks, willing herself into a state of calm. Rystall gazed into her eyes as Leia was tugged into the slave's embrace, the total violation that followed humiliating for the nude slave girl. "Stay strong, my love." She whispered, a warmth growing in her breast and spreading throughout her body. Rystall blew Leia a kiss, making certain that the humiliated young woman saw her while she was being violated by Jabba.   

Jabba continued molesting Leia as she squirmed in his embrace, secreting slime that made her stick to his flesh. Leia screwed her eyes shut and felt herself have an orgasm in public as Jabba groped her still-sensitive vagina. "My my, I barely had to do anything to pleasure you, my pet." Jabba said, mockingly kissing Leia's face as his tail continued stoking her vulva. "Have you been so starved for sex that you have developed an appetite?" Leia squirmed as her orgasm weakened her legs, making her fall to the ground and pull off of Jabba's skin with a sick sound of glue ripping. Jabba pulled her chains and tugged her back to his belly, making her moan. "Now tell me how much you enjoyed that, vagina."   

"I hated it, and I hate you." Leia said, glaring at him. "Stop calling me by my sex organs, or I will-" Jabba placed his mouth over her entire face, smothering her and forcing her to taste his slimy saliva. Leia gagged as his face was pulled away, leaving her gasping for breath. "You will make no threats of me, vagina." He said as Leia pulled away, crawling to her spot next to his snackquarium and sitting naked on the throne. She felt exhausted and leaned back against his soft belly, glancing longingly at the transparisteel case containing her gold bikini, wondering if she would ever wear clothes again.         

"Now now, my pet." Jabba said as he stroked her chin. "I said you would have your clothing back at midnight today and I meant it." He pulled a wriggling animal from the slimy bowl, swallowing it whole as he pulled Leia closer to his slimy flesh. Jabba enjoyed the look of desperation that came over his pet's face.         

Leia's punishment Edit

"Please, master...." Leia begged, turning towards Jabba and kneeling before him. "....may I have my clothing back tonight?" Jabba smiled, stroking his naked pet's face as Leia assumed a look of pity on her face. "No, you may not." He rumbled, putting his hand on the back of her head. "Not until tonight. And remember, we are going out to the Dune Sea today to take care of some business." Leia's heart sank as her leash was tugged again, falling back onto Jabba's slimy flesh.         

"My friends will enjoy how I have a powerful woman as a slave, and are breaking her in very well." Jabba licked Leia's face, making the princess moan in disgust as he groped her body. "Of course, I will bring your outfit with me, to show them you are merely being punished. It would reflect badly upon me if you were to appear naked with no explanation, they would assume I can't afford clothing for you or do not respect you enough." Two slave girls wearing frilly, hot-pink bikinis came forward with something large and made of gold-coated metal, which appeared far too heavy for them to lift on their own.         

Leia did not like the look of it. "A Princess deserves a throne, does she not?" Jabba asked with a chuckle as the girls unfolded a golden throne studded with precious gems and covered in artistic designs resembling naked women in various submissive poses, with cuffs built to hold the hips, ankles, arms, wrists and belly in place. They placed it on the ground, using pneumatic drills to attach it to the ground. Leia tried to run, but she was grabbed by two Gammorean guards who dragged her backwards onto the throne, slamming her onto it and attaching her arms and legs to the chair with the manacles. Leia gasped as she realized there was a hole in the seat, exposing her vagina and anus to the air. The reason for them was made obvious as two long silver dildos were shoved into both her orifices, filling her up with inflexible metal rods. "Uggh!" Leia grunted as she felt them enter her uterus and sphincter.         

"There you go, a throne fit for the princess of whores." Said Bib Fortuna, stroking Leia's exposed breasts. Leia winced as the metal penises made her already-sensitive holes throb. "We will remove the dildos in six hours, and bring you a bucket for your necessary bodily functions." The manacles were clamped down over Leia's wrists, ankles, hips, and midriff, immobilizing the naked slave girl as she glared at them with venom in her eyes. "You forgot the finishing touch, Bib." Said Jabba, holding up a box with Leia's name on it in gold lettering. Leia's head was pushed back as Bib used the magnetic lock on her collar to attach it to a port on the throne.         

Leia struggled to move, but couldn't budge an inch when attached to this throne. She gasped as the dildos shifted inside of her vagina and anus, making her sensitive inner walls squeeze them tightly. She realized the arm rests closely resembled gigantic penises, making it immensely distasteful and shameful that her hands were bound so that they touched the bulbous heads of them.         

Bib opened the box and withdrew a golden crown, one so ornate and studded with gemstones that it was distasteful and tacky. The triangular design on the front was molded to resemble a woman's vagina with a gem in the middle to resemble an intact hymen, displaying Leia's virgin status and her primary purpose in the palace. He placed the crown on Leia's head and attached a strap through the loops to hold in in place like a helmet. Leia felt absolutely humiliated. This was worse than wearing the bikini, since she was now exposed before the crowd on a throne and wearing a crown which mocked her royal status. She sat defiantly, wearing the humiliating crown and sitting with the dildos inside her body. "Behold, the princess of Alderaan." Bib stated with a leer. "She bears the crown of sluts, and pleasures herself with anyone she wishes."         

The whore's throne Edit

The crowd laughed and jeered, with Rystall watching in pity as Leia sat wearing the vagina crown for hours. During this time she watched Rystall, who was kissing another girl and looking into her eyes. Leia winked, remembering how gentle she was. Her moment of calmness was broken however, when Jabba groped her exposed body with his slimy hands. "My my, so tense...." He rumbled, squeezing her breasts and midriff. " you not enjoy the company of your courtiers?" "Go to hell." Leia said through gritted teeth. "Such a naughty insult to your lord and master." Jabba said as he kissed Leia full on the lips. "For that, we shall restrain you further."         

Jabba quickly strapped a muzzle over Leia's mouth, holding a stumpy but thick dildo into her mouth as the princess choked on the thick member, which, much to her disgust, even had real human hair wound into it's base to mimic a male's pubic hair. "The Princess does not speak to lesser beings, but instead pleasures herself by suckling what she loves most, the member of a male." He announced to the crowd. "Her throne pleases her, as she only needs the sexual member of a male to satisfy her voracious sexual appetite." Leia moaned in both pleasure and shame as the metal dildos in her body made her inner muscles contract. She stood up straight, not that she could slouch, but assumed a proud expression despite her predicament. Leia's tongue rolled around the rubber dildo inside her mouth, feeling humiliated at her treatment. She sat proudly, her eyes maintaining a defiant glare.         

Jabba stroked her body as she winced but remained silent. "Smile, Princess." He said as he pawed Leia's flat stomach. "You are among your courtiers, wearing only your lovely skin, which was graciously washed by the lovely Rystall Sant after your little liaison together." His hands traveled up to Leia's breasts, squeezing them as the naked Princess moaned in displeasure at his touch. "And I went to some trouble to have your own pubic hair attached to that dildo, to make you even hungrier for what you desire most." At this revelation, Leia moaned in shock and choked on the dildo, which had almost closed off her windpipe. Jabba continued squeezing and stroking her ample breasts, making Leia moan involuntarily. She had a feeling this was going to be a long day.                  

Defiance Edit

Jabba continued groping Leia's naked body for two more hours, her body stiffening at the dildos inside of it as her bladder and bowels were screaming for release. She was feeling absolute humiliation at her current predicament, being exposed and immobile, with only a dildo in her mouth to keep her from speaking. "Remove my pet's plugs and allow her to relieve herself." He said, squeezing her stomach as Leia winced. "I can be generous, my pet. I wouldn't want you to develop kidney stones." Two slave girls pulled the dildos out of Leia's body and slid a large bucket under the throne. The Princess's relief of the pressure on her bowels and bladder came with her humiliation, her face flushing red as she lost more of her innocence before the dregs of society.

Leia hung her head as much as possible with her collar magnetized to the throne, almost giving up completely as a naked slave girl emptied the bucket into the rancor pit and replaced it. She sat on the throne, feeling absolutely humiliated at her complete and utter deprivation of freedom, being deprived of her voice, freedom of movement, her female privacy, and dignity. She swore to herself she would never break, not as long as she knew Han and the others were alive. Jabba stroked her body with his hands, making her squirm. "Now my pet, you are much sexier like this. Raw, naked and fierce, like your primeval ancestors would have been at the dawn of their existence."

Leia stayed still and silent, not even moaning into the gag. The party continued as she saw Rystall from the crowd. She looked at Rystall with strong eyes, the almost-spiritual connection between the two of them sparking like electricity. Leia's vagina crown sparkled, drawing Rystall's attention as she blew her a kiss while she danced and sang with the Max Rebo band. All of Leia's senses were assaulted, the smells of sex and liquor, the sounds of the horrible music, the sights of debauchery all around her, the feelings of utter helplessness, she was totally overwhelmed. She closed her eyes and hung her head, feeling nothing but shame and fear.

Another respite Edit

Suddenly, Leia felt a warm and familiar body slam against her, and opened her eyes to see Rystall sitting on her lap. She gasped through the dildo gag as the Theelin woman kissed her, grinding against her naked form in a lapdance and slowly caressing the naked princess. Leia relaxed slightly, still humiliated at the exposure but still glad to receive this affection from Rystall. "Very good, Ms. Sant." Said Bib Fortuna, putting his hands on Rystall's shoulders as she continued grinding against Leia. "You and the Princess must have been very good together in bed."

Rystall smiled as she ignored him, kissing Leia rapidly and nibbling her ears. "My god Leia, you are strong as carbonite." She whispered as she cuddled Leia and kissed her sensitive breasts, making Leia moan in pleasure. "Don't ever change, not for anyone or anything." The court was starting to clear out as Jabba slithered closer to the throne, grasping both Rystall and Leia simultaneously. "All right Princess, you shall be released now." Bib used a magnetic key to unlatch the cuffs on the throne, freeing Leia as he undid the muzzle in her mouth. Leia gagged as the dildo came out of her mouth, coughing and letting her head hang limply.

Leia fell forward limply, having been weakened by the multiple orgasms in the past 24 hours and exerting every muscle in her body. Jabba grasped her nude form and pulled both her and Rystall into his sticky flesh as Leia spat a stray pubic hair out of her mouth. "Now, kiss each other for my court." The remnants of the crowd cheered as Rystall pressed her luscious lips against Leia's, holding her by the back of her head. Leia quickly removed the vagina crown, dropping it on the floor where it was picked up by a slave girl wearing a hot pink wrap skirt and a matching strapless bra. Leia lost herself in the kiss, imagining she was somewhere else entirely, naked in private and comfortable, not publicly naked and enslaved before a disgusting Hutt's court.

Their lips parted, with Rystall cupping Leia's beautiful face in her hands as the naked Princess knelt before her. "Never change, Princess." She whispered. "Not for me or anyone. Stay strong and defiant." Rystall parted from Leia's embrace as Leia crawled towards the throne, remembering she was not allowed to stand or walk. "Very good, vagina." said Jabba, pulling Leia's chain again. "You are learning quickly. Now, we must go to the Dune Sea immediately, or we will be late for my meeting with my business partner, the spice dealers. Walk with me, my pet."

Leia's heart sank as she remembered she would not be allowed to wear any clothing on this trip. She watched two slave girls pick up the case containing the mannequin and carry it onto a transport skiff, to show that she was a trained sex slave but that she was being punished. Leia hated the sexist treatment she was receiving in Jabba's palace, knowing the same thing must have happened to other women before her and will happen to other women after her time as a concubine will end.

Rystall blew Leia another kiss from the crowd, admiring her resolve, her bravery and her pride, even reduced to the lowest level a woman can be brought to without being raped. Leia smiled at her, determined to remain strong as Jabba marched her out the front gates wearing nothing but her skin. She stood proudly despite her nudity, holding her head high as men laughed and jeered at her naked body.

Leia's pride and Rystall's pleasure Edit

Leia squinted at the brightness of the two suns, feeling their heat on her exposed body. Her bare feet burned and the thick, hot air around her made her feel like she was trapped in an oven, but she continued walking, keeping her head held high despite her exposure and humiliation. She felt Jabba tug her back onto his sticky belly, massaging her naked, sensitive body with his slimy hands as he placed a sticky kiss on her red lips.

"Please master, not now." She begged as Jabba groped her naked form with his fingers. "Your pet is exhausted." Jabba smirked as he kissed her very, very tender breasts. He pulled her into the slave's embrace as she moaned in humiliation. "Then do not resist, or you will be walking to the appointment out in the open and in your bare feet." He whispered. Leia submitted, allowing Jabba to grope and molest her body yet remaining strong, knowing she would not break. The door to the boathouse closed with a loud bang as the throne hovered into the skiff, leaving the rest of the courtiers to cheer.

Rystall felt sad at her personal heroine being treated this way. She relished the bond they had shared with each other and prayed she would stay strong. She walked back to her room, followed by a guard who she had recognized earlier. "You can drop the act, Calrissian, I know its you under that helmet." Lando pulled the curtains closed, staring at her in surprise. "How did you-?" "I'm not stupid, you know." Rystall said with a smile. "You think I wouldn't recognize the director of Cloud City just because he's wearing Tamtel Skreej's clothes? Besides, I recognized the smell of your hormones."

Lando peeked outside the curtains to make sure no one was listening. "Oh, don't be shy." Rystall said with a smile. "The men in here exude them all the time around me." "This plan is very important." Lando said as he pulled the curtains closed. "It's already gone wrong with Leia enslaved, and Luke is already on the way. We've had to step things up a little just to keep Leia from being raped." Rystall lay on the bed, feeling tired. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about her. The Princess is the strongest woman I've ever met." She stretched out, wearing only her bodyglove as she smiled at Lando.

Lando looked at her in surprise. "I've no doubt of that, but did you see her? Being forced to be naked in public and chained to a Hutt would scare anyone." "She'll be fine. I know it." Said Rystall, patting the bed and looking right at Lando. "Spend the night, love?" Lando walked towards the bed and sat down on it. "I haven't forgotten how you saved me all those years ago." "You're getting quite the workout." He said, removing his helmet as Rystall undid his armor. "First you make love to Leia all night and again this morning, and now this?"

Rystall silenced Lando with a kiss, embracing him and ripping off his pants as he undid her bodyglove. "What can I say? I'm insatiable." She said as she pulled off Lando's jacket. "Now get on the bed, handsome. I want to thank you properly for helping me out of that horrible place when we were younger." Lando squeezed Rystall tightly, turning her around as she stood like a ballet dancer. "Well, I suppose a little relaxation won't hurt too much." He thought to himself.

A proper reward Edit

Lando's underwear came next as Rystall's bodyglove was ripped clean off in one swoop of his hands, leaving them both naked. She kissed him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders as Lando kissed her lips, pressing her down onto the bed and massaging her body. "I'll make sure Leia comes to no harm, Lando." Rystall whispered as she was kissed and caressed by Lando's hands. "I share a bond with her as a soulmate, though she has a lover already. I hold a lot of sway with Jabba, because otherwise he wouldn't receive my services. They bring in a lot of money for him and I can persuade him to let Leia have at least some respites." "Good." Lando whispered as he plunged his fingers into her vulva to start out slowly. "Han would never forgive me if something happened to Leia."

Rystall grabbed Lando's hips, pulling him closer with a gasp of pleasure as he continued stroking the interior of her womanhood with his fingers. "There you go." She said as she repositioned her legs so that her knees were touching her breasts as Lando slid a condom over himself. "Now you can begin." Lando thrust in at an angle, plunging deep inside Rystall's body. She moaned at the sensation as he thrust in and out of her moist womanhood. "Ooh, that's good...." Lando cupped his hands under her buttocks, pulling himself deeper and kissing her neck as Rystall wrapped her legs around him. "'s been a long time since I've been with a man. And even longer since I've been with one who is compassionate like you."

Lando gently plunged into Rystall's body, burrowing deeper into her vagina as she kept her legs hooked over his shoulders. She moaned and kissed him as he spread her legs wider apart and kissed her breasts. "Leia enjoyed them too...." Rystall said with a smile as Lando pulled her buttocks towards him, thrusting in and out gently. "....Han Solo is one lucky man to have such a skilled girl as his lover. Hopefully they'll get a chance to experiment a little."

Jubnuk's Death Edit

Rystall decided to spend the night in the court room instead of her private bedroom she slept with in the arms of Jabba's minions. When Luke entered the throne Rystall woke up with everyone one else she saw a young man in what she knew was a jedi robe this was Luke who Lando told her about. After the failed negotiations she thought that the Lando was wrong about the jedi going to free them from. She was torn she couldn't decide what she wanted more escape with Lando and his friends and get away from the so called gentlemen or stay because she loved the attention, loved that she was in a palace and was with Boba Fett.

When Jubnuk fell in the pit defending his master this cheered her though she willingly had sex with him and the other men in palace she thought he was disgusting just like all the other men. Rystall pretended pretend to like Gammorean just like she did with Oola it pleased her to see another person in the palace that she hated was about to die. As Rystall watched the Gamorrean whimper and beg for his she agreed with everyone that that the ugly fat pig deserved his fate the jedi however was different story she wouldn't dare admit this out loud but she thought he was kind of handsome she knew that punishment if the Hutt or anyone else in palace knew she was in love with one of the Hutt's enemies.

She didn't jump this time when the door opened up to let the Rancor into the pit the time she was filled with fear seeing Oola die but also filled with happiness it was annoying that she stole the spotlight from her. To Rystall Jubnuk was another problem that was finally being dealt with when the Gamorrean died Rystall hoped that she could win the lust and love instead of the pig guard. Rystall enjoyed his death just like the rest of the audience. She didn't have much excitement watching the rancor go after the handsome Luke Skywalker she liked the jedi and didn't want him to die but if he did she had still had Boba Fett so it wasn't a loss to her. She stopped flirting with the men when she saw that Luke had killed the rancor this shocked her but also impressed her the jedi was was amazing and it also scared her because she knew how angry the Hutt lord would be. She believed that Luke had sealed his friends fate and the bands fate forever the rebels would be executed while the princess and the band served the Hutt until they filled their purpose. But Rystall quickly shrugged if off well there worst things then living in the palace she thought.

Journey to the Pit of CarkoonEdit

Like the other members of the Max Rebo Band Rystall had to come along because Jabba ordered them to. The band played way to the pit while host served food and drinks. While traveling to the Great Pit of Carkoon Rystall was trying to hit on everyone there. On the way there she didn't have to worry about Jubnuk stealing her away from Boba Fett and Oola being the center of attention she was happy even though the jedi and his friends were about to died and band wasn't going to get their freedom she was having a good time and that's all that mattered.

On the barge when Rystall wasn't spending time with Bob Fett, Jabba's guests or Princess Leia she looked out the windows still torn about who she wanted to be with the most. Looking at the smuggler Han Solo she could understand why Leia loved him he was handsome Rystall only heard stories of the smuggler but had never seen him. Then there was Luke Skywalker a Jedi knight Rystall thought he was handsome to but she didn't have the same feeling for Han and Luke like she did for Bob, Leia and Lando.

Jabba's DeathEdit

Rystall's for Lando and Boba had her conflicted she didn't know who she loved more but the Theelin didn't want either one of them to die. She was heartbroken when Boba Fett was killed then freak out when Lando almost died.

When then chaos on the sail barge started Rystall and the band panicked they didn't know what to do but when Leia killed Jabba the band jumped ship now that the lifetime contract was over. After the sail barge exploded and the Tusken Raiders being chased away by Greeata and Lyn Me. Rystall was still disappointed that Baba was killed the biggest shock of all to her was how Lando forgot about her during the battle.

A few hours later word soon reached the palace of Jabba's deisme. Many people who worked there started looting everything that was there money, weapons, food, drinks, artifacts, droids, drugs and slaves. Before leaving Tatooine Rystall and some of the band members went to the palace to see what they could get their hands on. When they arrived there was almost nothing left some of the thugs there tried to capture the female band members and keep or sell them as slaves luckily they escaped.


Later LifeEdit

Rystall was able to escape the resulting chaos with fellow Max Rebo Band member, Greeta and the two left Tatooine together. On Coruscant they started their own band called "The Palpatones" and had a single hit (a remake of Max Lapti Nek) before disappearing into obscurity. It maybe unknown what happened to the Palpatones but the few things that are known is all three members got the wealth, success and luxury they wanted. John used his cut of the profit to travel to exotic places in the galaxy. Greeata stayed in the music business and finally got her dream. Rystall used her cut of the profit to live luxuriously while looking for her real father. 

When rumors of the last pure male Theelin reached Rystall Sant's ears she knew it was her father all the other Theelin's were halfbreeds just like her. Rystall left giving up her dream and used cozy profit to find her real dad. The only thing known about Rystall's search for father were just rumors no really knew the truth about where her search took her. Just like Rystall the only John thing known about the male Yuzzum's exotic travels were only rumors. And although Greeata finally was living her dream the only thing know about what she was doing with her life were only the rumors that people heard.

The rumors about where Rystall's searches took her people say she traveled to many places from the most famous, to most populated, to the must remote locations even through the criminal underworld again to find her father but no one could confirm if any of them were true. Some say she found her dad others say she failed.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Rystall was a happy, wild, graceful, respectful, spectacular, wealthy, civil, polite, strong, proud, skilled, grateful, pleased, compliant, talented, beautiful, satisfied, appreciate, bold, behaved, confident, limber, determined, agile, clam, cool, dazzling, composed, obedient, sensational, nimble, relaxed, famous, impressive, feisty, spirited, flexible, gorgeous, amazing, lustful, careful, patient, ambitious, eager, successful, stunning, glamorous, fashionable, passionate, classy, stylish, defensive, courtesy, lively, gracious and elegant lady thanks to her foster Ortolan parents. Growing up Coruscant and her natural Theelin skills also gave Rystall her great personality.

Rystall is a skilled singer and dancer. She loves singing and dancing so when she got the opportunity to be in the Max Rebo Band she took it. Rystall grew up with wealthy family so performing at nightclubs, bars, casinos and stripclubs was not something she was used when she joined the band but Rystall didn't care she was in a band that's all she cared. Rystall knew how disgusting Jabba's palace was but that didn't bother her she was now in a palace in her eyes that all that mattered even though it wasn't as nice as the luxurious palace she preformed with her adopted family Rystall could see the beautiful, amazing, stunning wealthy, luxurious things the Hutt owned even if the palace was dark and wasn't well taken care of.

Rystall could tell her dancing skills, music skills, her eye and taste for luxury caught his attention. Though she found him disgusting just like all the other criminals in the palace but knew not to make him angry she earned the Hutt's trust which was something not to many girls could do. They would all obey him out of fear or fighting back out of fear Rystall didn't put up a struggle like most of the other girls she also wasn't afraid to show her disgust to him and his men Rystall also didn't mind keeping them happy no matter how disgusting they are. Though she didn't like the criminal underworld her time as a slave to the Black Sun helped understand it so when the band arrived at Jabba's palace she quickly grew comfortable with her new life in there she knew how to handle the scumbags and understood how their underworld worked.

Her knowledge of the criminal scumbags and her willing loyalty helped her get more freedom, comfort, luxury and privacy then most of the other girls who were jealous of her getting better treatment. Rystall could understand what they were going through she just didn't care because when she tired to help them they refused they didn't want to sink to the level that she told they had to in order for them to get more freedom. Though she had a little pity for them it wasn't enough to put her neck on the line for them she knew better than that and also didn't care that much to risk her life for them. Rystall didn't care if they didn't listen to her their fault not hers she didn't care if they were jealous of her they could have chance to be a free girl like her instead of a slave but we're never despite enough to sink to level of willing giving themselves to everyone in the palace.

She tought a life in a band and a palace was better than being a slave to the Black Sun plus she got meet Lando again and the handsome Boba Fett life couldn't get any better. Rystall liked the attention she got from the men in the palace and didn't want anyone else to steal it.

Even though Rystall pretended to care about Oola and the other slaves there were times she would show true colors being glad that she wasn't in their positions and showing off the freedom she was aloud. She also occasionally liked to let the other girls know that her outfit was better than theirs.

Rystall is against slavery loves her adopted parents she enjoys her time with Jabba and at the same wants him dead. She is very goodat her work, and is highly accla performer who knows how sing and dance. She knows that a hard life pays off and in her mind she was now living in peace because she was in a palace and was now serving the mighty, impressive, powerful, grand, famous, wealthy, fearsome, legendary but also ugly, grimy, disgusting, gross, cruel, greedy, vicious, deceitful, stinky, deceptive, slimy and smelly Jabba the Hutt.

Just like Greeata Jendowanian and Lyn Me Rystall Sant was desperate for money so she took the jobs of prostitute and slave girl for money instead of food. Rystall willing let herself get violated and would kill more rivals like Bingo Mehndra if it meant she would get a good amount of money no matter how much she hated it.


Rystall had lovely lavender flesh with natural purple skin patterns adorning her body. Her body was toned and firm, primarily from her usual forms of exercise, dancing and sex. Her breasts were a generous 34-C size, and firmed for dancing. Her hair was long and fluffy, and moved when she danced. She wore purple eyeshadow and blood-red lipstick that made her look seductive and sexy.

Rystall Sant's CostumeEdit

Rystall's costume was very modest, covering most of her body yet accentuating her feminine shape. Her brown body glove showed off her beautiful curves and balanced figure, making her seem attractive yet tasteful. She loved wearing it as it was very cozy and kept her warm as well, yet there was no need to wear any underwear with it, seeing as the brasserie was built into the top part and the pelvic region was padded.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Rystall's PerceptionEdit

Rystall loved her outfit, it showed that she was loyal and trustworthy to be treated more like a guest in the palace instead of a slave. She loved how sexy and tight it looked on her the other girls know that she had a high rank then them they wished to have the same comfortable outfit that Rystall wore. Rystall was not bothered by the fact that she didn't have any underwear and even though she loved her outfit she was just as comfortable with removing it when ever Jabba and his men wanted to see naked. She was fine with stripping off her beautiful costume but she was not fine at the thought of wearing a costume that was revealing like Oola's or Lyn Me's.

Not only was Rystall Sant's outfit more modest than the other females in the palace her costume was made from fine expensive material just like Princess Leia's. Rystall outfit symbolized she was not Jabba's property, unlike the other girls in the palace. It also symbolized her fame and wealth because of her previous life on Coruscant. Because of her choice to pick this outfit meant that she was expensive anyone who paid for her services would definitely get their money's worth.