Leia Attacks Skiff Guard

Leia stabs the guard with an abandoned vibro-ax.

The Sail Barge Gunner was an unnamed guard on Jabba's barge whom Leia killed during her escape.

Previous Interaction with LeiaEdit

While in Jabbas Palace, as Leia was forced to give lap dances, the gunner requested for her. As she danced for him he wasted no time in fingering the princess and letting her top to reveal her breasts. When he tried to insert his fingers in her anus, she refused and shoved him away. Making him mad.

During the Trip to the Pit of Carkoon, this guard was one of the main ones who mocked the princess in her enslavement. He would call her things such as "slut" or "vagina." When she tried to respond to his taunts, Jabba used her collar to silence, only allowing her to glare at the scoundrel.

Later, after she emerged on the sail barge's deck during the battle with Jabba's guards, Leia saw the same gunner attempting to destroy the skiff that Han, Chewie, and Lando were on. Thinking quickly, she grabbed a Vibro-Ax lying on the deck, and swung it into the gunner's side, killing him. Only afterwards did she recall that he had taunted her, giving her a sense of grim satisfaction over dispatching him.

Returning to Jedi - Part 8 - By Jambe Davdar

Returning to Jedi - Part 8 - By Jambe Davdar

Incredibly rare footage at the beginning of this video shows Leia attacking the guard.