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Salacious Crumb was Jabba's court jester, who was required to make Jabba laugh at least once a day to keep his life.

Interaction with Slave GirlsEdit

Salacious was Jabba's jester, and as such, would make fun of slave girls he brought in and chained to serve him. He would often make sleazy or otherwise skeevy comments about their position, their revealing costumes, or their bodies, if they were totally naked. He would also steal parts of their clothing to expose them, both for his own pleasure, and the humiliation of the women. He would usually touch parts of their bodies or fondle their intimate regions, to further humiliate them. If they slapped him or otherwise abused him, they would be either stripped in public, or punished some other way, much to his viewing pleasure.

Interaction with Oola Edit

Oola's Reaction Edit

Interaction with LeiaEdit

Salacious contributed to Leia's enslavement by mocking her. When Jabba made his first advance on the princess, Salacious made a indecorous comment about her predicament and then laughed uproariously at her, especially while she was being publicly stripped of her garb. He even stole her underwear when she was forced to remove it in front of the crowd, to humiliate her even further. She hated his laughs and jeers as she was left nude for the next few weeks. He would often fondle Leia or make fun of her body while she sat there, completely naked and vulnerable. As Jabba proceeded to chain the princess and bend her to his will, Salacious would reinforce his degradation by continuing to make fun of the princess as she struggled to keep him away, but with no clothing at all on her beautiful body, this was very hard for her to do. Even when she was given her costume, she was not safe from Salacious, as he would mock her clothing and touch her exposed skin. As Jabba stroked the princess with his tail, Salacious would watch, fascinated at the disgusted reactions the Hutt sparked in his new sex slave, and sharing in his master's lusts. Additionally, as Leia slept, he would sit and look at her flat stomach, sometimes fondling it, and creep under her skirts to fondle her uncovered ladyparts or even steal her brasserie to leave the enslaved girl half-naked until morning, much to her shock and humiliation.

Leia's ReactionEdit

Used to being treated like a princess and respected as a leader of the Rebellion, Leia was humiliated and outraged at being the butt of Salacious's jokes and pranks, most of which involved body humiliation and exposure in public. However, if she tried to kick or in any way hurt the Kowakian Monkey Lizard, Jabba would punish her with a smack from his tail or a yank on her leash, after which she would be stripped naked in front of the crowd, much to Salacious's delight and her own humiliation.


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