Salacious Crumb was Jabba's court jester, who was required to make Jabba laugh at least once a day to keep his life.


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Leia hated Crumb. As the jester, Crumb’s job was to make Jabba’s court laugh and the main target of his jokes was Leia. Whether Crumb was talking about Leia’s weight, breasts, or her slutiness, Jabba’s court loved his jabs. The jokes were only part of the problem though. Some nights, as Leia slept, Crumb would unfasten Leia’s brassiere and skirt plates and hide them around Jabba’s Palace. After she was completely naked Crumb would peck at her breasts and vagina laughing the entire time. When she woke naked, Leia would then have to find her outfit, as some men would make her perform sexual favors to receive her clothing back

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