Shakka sitting beside Jabba's guest, Graxol Kelvyyn.

Shakka was a beautiful Lethan (red) Twi'lek slave that came into Jabba's possession after he won a bet with Gardulla the Hutt. Jabba however was more interested in her value as a sexual toy. He would caress her nubile form indulgently as she danced for her master. She stripped for his pleasure as he penetrated her vagina with his tail. She was his favorite plaything and he loved sucking on her breasts and soliciting pleasable cries of pain from her. She was his ultimate plaything. She hand-fed him reekfish while Jabba licked her to humiliate her and show how weak she was. Jabba did whatever he wanted to the unfortunate girl, soliciting great pleasure from her body at his leisure.

Shakka Close Up

Shakka contemplates her servitude.



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Early LifeEdit

Shakka was bought by Jabba as part of a bet made by Gardulla the Hutt, enslaved at age 15 and introduced to a life of slavery where she was open to constant sexual humiliation. Since she was so young, she was a virgin with no prior experience with any kind of sex, and the prospect of being forced into it scared her. She was taken to his palace at Nal Hutta. When she met the Hutt, she was wearing an elegant, tight purple gown, ready to impress Jabba with the form-fitting dress.

Upon arrival in the throne room, she was ordered to strip by Melina Carniss. She refused, but then complied when Melina said she would get the Gammorean guards to do it for her. Shakka then stripped in front of the crowd, taking off her dress and leaving her in a brassiere and a G-string. After Melina told her she was to be naked, rather than in her underclothes, she slowly removed her bra, revealing her large red breasts. She then removed her panties, revealing her crotch to the entire crowd.

Once she was fully naked, she was handcuffed with her arms behind her back and led to Jabba's throne by Bib Fortuna, who fondled her body and made her feel very self-conscious since she had never been naked in public before. Jabba unlocked her cuffs, made her tell everyone her name, age, and the fact she had just received her first period last week, a fact which she was proud of, but ashamed to tell everyone. Jabba then forced her to masturbate while rubbing her lekku and chanting his name. Once she had her orgasm, he locked a collar around her neck and made her dance completely nude before his crowd, showing her off to everyone as he had her chained to his throne. When she had finished dancing, Jabba yanked her collar and she came tumbling over to him.

She was forced to service all manner of horrific aliens totally naked, which opened her to molestation and humiliation. Nude dancing was another activity she was forced to perform, which made men hoot and catcall and women slut-shame her in various ways. After a week of this indignant treatment, Jabba penetrated her with his tail in full public view, declaring her his personal property. He then called for a spiked metal bra and panties to be brought to her, and told her to put it on. She complied once she realized it was either wearing this, or nothing but empty air.
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Shakka during the Boonta Eve Classic

Later LifeEdit

Shakka would later be sold off to a young mistress from Dagobah, and kept naked on a leash permanently. She would often be used as labor to gather mushrooms and other foods from the swamp totally nude, and even clean her home and sleep with her brother on occasion. If she disobeyed her, she would whip her and molest her, later violating her with strap-on dildos to humiliate her. 

Sometimes, she would torture her with special mixtures inserted into her vagina via a spatula-like device. These mixtures would amplify her sex drive 10 times, making her crave sex more than anything. During this time, she would be restrained in a special position so she could not masturbate or simulate her nipples and was left to feel her body tingle like mad. After several hours, she would beg for an orgasm, after which she would be released after kissing her mistress's feet and womanhood. Eventually, she gave in to this treatment and became her permanent sex slave, wearing nothing but pasties and a crotch plate that didn't cover her rear.

Eventually Shakka was sold to a rich man from Takodana. All she wore (when she did wear clothing, which was rare) was a see-thru dress with small fabric designs that just barely covered her breasts and vagina. Her owner would often force her to strip naked and lay across his lap so he could stroke her breasts. She was often forced to sleep with him as well. She was forced to dance nude twice a day if not more, and many times her master would keep her naked on a leash and forced her to walk on all fours while doing so. Whenever her master went out for business, he would put her in an extremely skimpy slave bikini that featured only two metallic rings with for a bra with small circles in the middle pressing against her nipples and a small panty that barely covered her vagina and rear with beads.

Finally, she was sold to a handsome man on Coruscant, who pitied her when he noticed the fear in her eyes in the market. He was very careful with her, and sent her to bathe when he took her home, allowing her the privacy of a long curtain around the tub. Shakka shakily scrubbed herself clean, glad to be bathing in private rather than in front of men. She then exited the tub and found that he had laid out a long violet evening gown and comfortable green underclothes for her to wear. Shakka's eyes filled with tears of joy as she slipped the brasserie and panties onto her body, the dress following afterwards. Upon exiting the washroom, the man took her to a dance and the two of them danced all night.

After the dance was over, Shakka found herself growing attached to the man, and clung to him when they were taken home by a speeder. Once they were home, Shakka threw herself into his arms, kissing him and allowing him to remove the clothes from her body, pressing herself against his body while they rolled onto the bed. The two of them made love all night long, and in the morning, the man asked Shakka to marry him. She said yes.


Shakka was humiliated, first by being stripped completely naked and forbidden any form of clothing for almost a year, during which time she was locked in Jabba's dungeons and tortured with a vibrating panty and spiked dildos. She was also raped by the Gammorean guards before being brought before Jabba with the dildos still inside of her. She was also forced to dance with her vagina and anus plugged, which hurt and humiliated her. Finally, she was given her costume after three weeks of this torture. Unfortunately, she was not allowed to remove either dildo from her orifices, instead having them integrated with her panty. This kept her in pain as her red skin blushed from both the vibrator and the spike, keeping her of the brink of both pain and pleasure.


Sharks was beautiful red twi'lek with luscious lips and relatively large breasts, which pleased Jabba as they bounced around whenever she was naked. She was average height with a toned sexy tummy and rather chubby cheeks for Jabba's groping hands. She had a very sexy butt, which Jabba enjoyed slapping and groping.

Shakka's CostumeEdit

Shakka wore very revealing clothes consisting of a bikini decorated with chains and beads and a bikini bottom that

The top portion of Shakka's costume, showing how the bra attached to the collar.

matched the top. She wore a silver head piece and a black spiky choker with chains attached to it. She also had black spiky bracelets below her shoulders and black strapped sandals. Her breasts could be exposed for Jabba's pleasure.

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Shakka's PerceptionEdit