Leia's Life as Jabba's Slave Girl

Princess Leia, Slave to Jabba the Hutt: page on Leia, her appearance, personality, biography, skills, tasks, and relationship with Jabba while his slave.

Princess Leia's Slave Costume: links to the parts that made up Leia's famous costume.

Leia's Predecessor: The Enslaved Twi'lek Dancer, Oola

Oola's Unfortunate Tale: a page on the appearance, personality and life of the doomed Twi'lek dancer

Oola's Costume : links to all the different parts of Oola's outfit as Jabba's personal slave and prized dancer

Other Beings and Possessions Encountered by Leia in Jabba's Palace

His High Exaltedness, the Great Jabba the Hutt : page on Jabba's physiology, personality, and biography while Leia's master.

Jabba's Slave Girls : links to the other slave girls possessed by Jabba, whom Leia encountered or replaced.

Jabba's Men : links to Jabba's servants, guards, and assorted rabble, who helped him maintain his criminal empire and his control over his slaves.

Jabba's Musicians : links to the indentured singers and performers who provided music for Leia and Jabba's other slaves to dance to.

Jabba's Possession's : links to things, especially physical objects, owned by Jabba, which Leia came into contact with as his slave.

Alternate Endings/Fan Fiction

Alternate ending: The slave princess: What if Luke's plan fails, but he, Han, Chewie and Lando stays alive and escapes and Leia stays a slave?

Queen Slave: An alternate story where Leia's palan to escpae fails, and begins one year after it

Rebel Slave: The alternate ending where Jyn Erso survives Scarif and is esnlaved by Jabba

A year of enslavement: What if Leia tried to rescue Han after the battle at the Cloud city and is enslaved

Slaves and rebels: An alternate story where Hera(Sw: rebels) and Leia are captured and enslaved by Jabba

Choose your own adventure stories

ROTJ: a Slave´s tale: You are Leia during her period as Jabba's slave

ROTJ: Princess Leia: Another roleplay with Leia

ROTJ: The Slave Princess: You are Leia during the events of the Alternate Ending: The Slave Princess

ROTJ: Jabba, The Hutt: You are Jabba and decides what happens to Leia, Luke and the other rebels that invaded your palace to save Han

ROTJ: Leia's Execution: What happens if Leia decided not to obey Jabba and is fed to the Rancor?

ROTJ: Leia and Oola Slaves Forever: You are Leia and Oola and decide what Leia and Oola do if they remain slaves forever

ROTJ: Oola: What path will Oola choose will she live a life of luxury in Jabba's Palace, be loyal to her master or resist Jabba? Will she be eaten by the Rancor, eaten by the Sarlacc, get her freedom or be a slave forever?


Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt

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Oola and Other Twi'leks

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