Jabba's Mastery of Slave GirlsEdit


Jabba's mastery of his slave girls usually involved the exposure of their bodies in public, either while he bought them, or in his palace. He would keep his chosen woman naked and chained to his seat until he either had a costume made for her, or he reached his palace. This would keep the woman humiliated and under his control. He would also lick or "kiss" her with his slimy lips, leaving the girl covered in his slime which would dry on her skin in the desert heat. In the case of disobedience, he would leave the slave girl wearing nothing but his slime on her naked form. This would leave the woman in tears and easy to control, begging for some form of clothing to cover her feminine regions. In some cases, this took only a matter of hours, others, as much as a week. After this, he would dress her in a revealing costume to show she was under his control. 

Jabba's Mastery of Diva ShaliquaEdit

When she was 16 years old, Diva Shaliqua was captured by a group of slavers working for Jabba. Being as young as she was, she had never experienced sex nor had associated herself with that lifestyle. As such, she was embarrassed to be kept as a sex slave to the Hutt. When she refused to strip for him, he had his guards force her out of her clothing, binding her hands behind her back as her boyfriend was killed before her eyes. She was kept entirely naked and bound to the throne for a month before she finally broke after being sent to the Gammorean barracks, where she was used as a sex toy before being taken to the shower room and cleaned. Finally, she was given a slave costume that Jabba enjoyed so much that the design would later be used for Leia's slave bikini.

Jabba's Mastery of ShakkaEdit

jabba keep her naked for 15 weeks and rape her and oral sex

Jabba's Mastery of Ann & TannEdit

After Sebulba lost the Podrace, Ann & Tann were sold to Jabba the Hutt. Upon arrival, they were forced to strip naked in front of everyone. Seeing as they were twins, they were chained with similar chains to Jabba's throne, and penetrated both with Jabba's tongue and tail. Both sisters were then kept naked for a month, embarrassing them both as men masturbated to their nude bodies on a daily basis. When they were finally allowed to wear any clothing, it was nothing more than matching bandeus and loincloths for rear and frontal covering, just barely reaching past their knees with no panties or even a thong underneath. The bandeus provided no support for their breasts and they would often slip out while they danced or even just walked, humiliating the girls through this exposure. But as bad as the tops were, the bottoms were even worse, since they were open to constant touching or jeering as their vaginal regions were exposed for all to see. This humiliation kept them both in line and made it clear their master was to be obeyed.  

Jabba's Mastery of MinnaEdit

When Jabba captured Minna, he knew she would brighten him in the eyes of the Hutts due to her status as a noblewoman. Her genetically modified green hair aroused him, as it was a sign she was wealthy enough to afford the treatment, and as such he bound it in a topknot to show his dominance. He had her strip in front of him and kept her naked for about two months, to make her entirely submissive. After this time, he gave her a skimpy costume that barely covered her body, making her easy to control through fear of sexual torture. He would often remove the costume and plug her anus and vagina with a custom-made vibrator locked over her G-spot, keeping her on the brink between arousal and pain. He would keep her in this predicament until she begged him to stop, after which he would take her for everyone to see. After humiliating her he would keep her naked and open to molestation and rape. He would keep her naked and force her to beg him for penatration of her vagina and anus

Jabba's Mastery of DianaEdit

Diana would sit by her master disgusted about the thought of being a slave to him being his favorite girl and forced to do what ever he wanted. Like all girls Diana was kept nude few times and had perform for her master in slutty ways. Diana was mocked and laughed at her when she was forced to please her master this made her cry.

Jabba's Mastery of JessEdit

Jabba's Mastery of Tia and GhiaEdit

Tia and Ghia were kept naked for the first week and a half of their enslavement, during which time they were forced to dance nude and perform by rubbing each other's bodies and kissing each other, humiliating them as they hated the idea of incest. During this time they were also made to service Jabba's men as the men mocked the sisters for their forced nudity and violated their bodies however they wanted. Melina Carniss also took great pleasure in tormenting them with various sensual methods when she took them to her dungeon. 

When it almost came time for their costumes to be given to them, they were taken down to separate dungeons and tortured for two weeks. Tia was hung uncomfortably by her wrists and tormented by way of lashings and spankings by day, and by night she would be bound to a wooden slat of a bed on which worms and bugs would wriggle and crawl all over her body, making her scream both from fear and the torturous sensations applied to her body, especially her intimate regions. A large rubber plug would also be inserted into her anus, to further torment her with pain and humiliation as the men would mock her for it, saying she was hungry for sex, and the women would molest her body, using the handle of the plug to cause her pain as they would rock it back and forth in her rear. 

Ghia was placed in a padded metal coffin-like box out in the Tattooine suns, used as a sweatbox. This would be performed on her several times a week, usually with either a Gammorean guard or Melina Carniss watching to make sure the girl did not die from heatstroke. If she showed any signs of heat exhaustion to the point of fainting, the coffin would be opened and she would be doused with water to wake her up all the way, and then forced to walk barefoot and nude back to Jabba's palace, where she would be given to the Gammorean Guards in their barracks for the night and used as a sex toy. Sometimes, a double-dildo panty would be strapped over her crotch before she was put back into the coffin, causing her pain and humiliation.

After 2 weeks passed, the sisters were pleading for their torment to be over, and they were finally taken out of their seperate cells and had latex hoods with dildo gags inside them placed over their heads. They were then brought together to Jabba's throne room and made to kneel naked before him. The hoods and gags were kept on for another two days before they were given their bikinis. The sisters were both so thoroughly humiliated by the odreal, they kept silent and hugged each other as Jabba molested them both.    

Jabba's Mastery of OolaEdit

Jabba ordered that Oola be kept naked while she was being transported to his palace, keeping her under his control. He also forced her to lay on his tail and drink a disgusting uric drink while he penetrated her with his tail and licked her breasts. She was kept nude for over a month, leaving her so embarrassed she went silent and her will finally broke. When she was finally given her costume, she had tears in her eyes due to her dashed hopes of having any form of coverage other than a skimpy net costume. The costume greatly humiliated her as her breasts would often fall out and expose her female parts, as well as mocking her Twi'lek heritage with the headdress. Whenever she was stripped of what little clothing she was allowed to wear, Oola would curl into a ball and cry herself to sleep while nude. She also would be repeatedly penetrated by the Hutt's tail, or offered up to other men in Jabba's palace for the night. Thankfully, her torment ended swiftly. When she heard of Luke's plan to kill Jabba, she danced with joy, performing the greatest dance of her life. Unfortunately for Oola, her dance aroused the Hutt lord's lust so much that Jabba demanded Oola to return to his throne so that she could pleasure him. When she refused to do so, he immediately cast into the Rancor pit.

Jabba's Attempted Mastery of AricaEdit


While infiltrating Jabba's Palace under the guise of Arica, Jabba tried to break Mara Jade of her will, but with a lot of luck, Mara was able to remain as one of the few free women in Jabba's presence. Disguised as a dancer in Jabba's Palace, Mara Jade immediately caught the Hutt's eye upon her arrival. Sensing her predicament, Mara tried to use a mind trick on the bloated Hutt, forgetting that Hutts were immune to most Force effects. Jabba simply laughed as Mara realized the futility of using her Force powers on the gangster. Signaling to the Gamorreans, Jabba ordered for Arica to spend a night in the Gamorrean barracks, much to their delight. After being restrained in their favorite positions, Arica was forced to endure a long night of rape and torment as each Gamorrean took several turns with her. Weak and exhausted from the long night in the barracks, the Gamorreans finally released her, letting Arica dress in her dancing girl outfit before returning her to Jabba.

Upon her arrival back in the throne room the following morning, the Gamorreans dragged Arica directly to Jabba. As the Gamorreans shoved her into Jabba's oily flesh, Jabba stuck his fat tongue out to the disguised Sith and began to thoroughly lick Arica's face until his saliva dripped from her chin. But Jabba's ministrations didn't stop there. Jabba took his time caressing Arica's breasts and stomach with his tongue, relishing the taste of her flesh. When Jabba finally finished minutes later, Arica was shocked that he had drenched the entire front of her outfit with his saliva, causing it to cling to her skin.

These punishments continued for days as Jabba tried to break the Sith's will. During her torment, however, Arica discovered that Jabba's major-domo, Bib Fortuna, could be easily manipulated with mind tricks. In order to avoid her horrific punishments, and to be able to accomplish her mission, Arica began manipulating Bib, who would convince Jabba to leave the woman alone. Although it took another week of persuading Jabba this way, Arica was finally able to gain the freedom that she needed for her mission.

Jabba's Attempted Mastery of LeiaEdit


Leia proved a unique challenge to Jabba's mastery.

Upon capturing Princess Leia, Jabba immediately set about trying to demolish her will. He first intimidated her with his powerful voice. As he leered at Leia, the pupils and irises of his orange reptilian eyes expanded and contracted, bewildering her with their complexity. Taking advantage of her confusion, Jabba licked her in front of his men and plunged his tongue into her mouth, in a repulsive alien kiss.
Jabba Disciplines a Gasping Leia

Jabba forces a gasping Leia to submit to him.

He then ordered his men to strip the princess naked in front of his court, This humiliated the naked girl beyond measure, keeping Leia submissive and silent even as she planned her upcoming revenge. She was then given her slave costume and told to put it on herself. She was forced to spend every waking moment with Jabba, carrying out duties ranging from dancing to massage whenever he asked. Jabba was more patient with her than his previous girls, due to the cosmic windfall of him finally gaining a princess as his personal companion,

Jabba Really Forces Leia to Drink

Jabba teaches Leia to respect him as her master.

Leia learned to obey her master, going so far as to sleep with him on the throne until Luke's arrival where she soon afterwards seized her chance to kill the crime lord once and for all, choking the life out of him with the chain he forced her to wear.

Eventually, Leia would have become pliant to Jabba's will.

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