Padme Arrives Edit

It had been two wholee years isnce the end of the clone wars. The republic had won but the war had shown the republic that it wasn't as pace full as they thought. What shocked mostt people including her self was that Palpatine had been playing both side both as the hidden evil sith and the peaceful leader of the republic. Both sides hadn't taken the news well so with a new 'better' universal unity both the 'septices' and republic came together to and the sith was crushed. It had been a long battle and many truths revealed like how she had married Anakin. It all didn't matter now Anakin was gone, he died at the hands of Palpatine. The sith where gone and a fair treaty had been signed by both side now it was up to who were left to pick up the scattered pieces.

Currently Padme had just arrived on Tatooine. The hot air waved through her hair she hadn't been here since before the start of the Clone Wars with her late husband. Thinking of him made her think of her kids Luke and Leia both now training to be Jedi Knight as she had given them away to the order as they where both force sensitive. She had just arrived with her clone guards, The Clone troopers had been retired respectfully along with droids. On request of the jedi they had been all given nice retirement fund as well as the inhibiter chip being deactivated fully. The Kamonoan had been paid by the republic to create an anti growth execration gene so that the clones didn't suddenly become old withered objects and became free to live their lives as they saw fit, most went on to work as body guards, police and other work that required basic combat skills, their was a roomer that a Doctor 'after getting the approval of the republic' was giving some of the clones cell reconstruction so that they where given a fair go and were not become bullied by more superstitious members of the republic. "Well Fox, Sevens ready to end this sex Labour ring" Padme said with confidence. "yes Mam" Seven responded while fox was quite, "You ok Fox? you seem off" Sevens finally asked. "yea it's just are you sure it was wise not to bring a jedi senator, I heard a lot about the hutts influence increase over the war and now that they own the slave and sex under world and...." Padme raised her hand to stop him mid sentence "I appreciate your concern Sevens but I am no weak woman" Padme argued back. Sevens looked at Fox as Fox responded like wise they both thought the same thing "don't bother" as they all made their way to Jabba's palace and soon where in front of the big doors. Deciding to be respectful Padme knocked and a little camera popped out asking who it was "Senator Amidala of the United Republic" Padme responded with pride. The camera retreated back into the door and after a breath silence the door opened.

After following the hall for a few minutes the small delegate past through a entrance hall and into central area where Jabba sat on his raised throne enjoying a Twi'lek dancing in front of him. Unsure on how this was going to go the two guards primed their blasters to fire. As Padme and the two guards entered Jabba right hand Bib stopped them "what does the republic want with the high exulted one?" he asked "I am..." "we know who you are you didn't answer my question" "we wish to speak to Jabba about his business dealings so please would you let us talk to him?" Padme asked. "Very well but as you can see Jabba is enjoying todays entertainment so it may have to wait" seeing the girl dance made Padme's stomach turn, hopefully this would all be over soon and she could get off this planet with all the slaves too.

"Master" bib said getting Jabba attention "the republic has sent a senator to speak with you" "HO HO HO what does the republic want with me?" Jabba asked but already guessing what. "Jabba the republic asks that you holed or end your slavery ring that you or the Hutt clan are currently involved with" Padme said getting strait to the point. "Ha are you serious" Jabba said more a comment than a question while raising his hand. Suddenly everyone who was present in the room took out blasters the guards retaliated buy raising theirs in response, the air was still as one of the bounty hunters finally fired shooting fox in the shoulder "ark told you we should have brought a jedi senator get out of here" Fox yelled a Padme as hell broke loose within a second Padme was making her way out of the central area into the entrance hall with Sevens and a injured Fox covering her one stray stot hit the Twi'lek in the head leaving her dead "capture them" Jabba demanded as she saw his slave girl fall to the ground. By this point Sevens was dead and Fox was on the ground. Looking back Fox realised if he could just buy a bit more time then Senator would be free, sadly just as those thoughts came a stun shot flew past him hit Padme in the back knocking her out "no" Fox said as he tried to get up only to be shot in the head.

Padme's 'Death' her new life Edit

"Bring her to me" Jabba demanded as two of Jabba's thugs dragged Padme sleeping form to Jabba tying her to his throne he told a servant to find the relevant information about where the ship they had arrived in was located. After finding it the two reported back to Jabba and asked what to do with it he told them to destroy it but to take anything worth while out and make it look like a third party but make sure to wait til he gave the order.

Awhile later Padme woke to the smell of smoking spice and party music. As Padme looked around she felt something heavy around her neck a collar 'a slave collar' "what's going on" Padme cried as she tried to make sense of where she was. She soon came face to face with Jabba the Hutt sitting comfortably playing with chain that was attached to her collar "what are you doing Jabba when the republic find out about this they will" but she was cut short by Jabba once again raising one of his stubby hands "the republic will never find out I control this planet I already found your ship and will blow it up momentary I will send fake evidence pegging your death on pirates who where looking for a quick score no one will find your body as the pirates burnt your body after learning you had nothing of value and before you ask I will know of this as my men will have heard some of the pirates talking while drunk at the cantina". Once Jabba finished his explanation Bib appeared with a burn black box "ok do it" Jabba said as he directed Padme's attention to a moniter showing her ship and within a second it was engulft in flames Jabba then directed Padme's attention to the box which projected a hologram of her, Fox and Seven fighting what looked like a small group of pirates as well as Fox telling her to get to an escape pod as they had been over whelmed as well as their final good byes then an image of a pirate telling that their was nothing good was their and the final words "Blow it up then" before the projection cut out before their was allowed boom noice 5 minutes later. Even Padme knew it was very believable she was in the outer rim a nice place for pirates to make a quick score and the republic would right it off as such she could only lower her head in defeat "What do you want with me though, my assets will be frozen once the republic heres that I'm dead so I won't be" but was cut off their "HO, HO, HO who said I want money from you dear you have something much more valuable to me and it staring me right in the face" as he stared at her with lust and some drool pored

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