Stockholm syndrome is a psychological scenario where a captive prisoner forms a bond with, or even falls in love with, their captor. Although most Hutts used torture to subdue their prisoners, a few opted for this subtler approach.

Jabba Really Forces Leia to Drink

Jabba fantasizing of Leia falling in love with him in captivity

Requirements Edit

For Stockholm syndrome to take effect, at least one of two requirements are needed:

  1. The captive must remain with the captor for a long amount of time.
  2. The captor must show acts of kindness, however small.

Jabba's Attempt Edit

Despite his infamous preference for brutalizing his slaves, Jabba decided to take a "softer" approach with Leia. He believed that the longer he held her captive, the more tolerant she would grow of him. He would keep her close to him at all times, constantly giving her attention and keeping her fed and rested. In time, he fantasized, she would accept her place at her side and declare her love for him.

Strategy Edit

First, Jabba would keep Leia very close to him at all times. Her leash would always be in his hand, and he would never let her get more than a few feet away from him. Privacy would be nonexistent as long as Leia was his slave, with every intimate action being observed by Jabba or his courtiers. In time, she would grudgingly accept his presence and concede that her body was no longer her own.

Second, Jabba would take very good care of her. She would always receive the best food and drink he could get, and would always remind her that they were his gifts from her. Even her clothing was a gift, for without his bikini Leia would be left completely nude as his slave, vulnerable to being touched and violated, especially in her most intimate regions, seen naked and mocked by strangers, or even raped by anyone who had Jabba's permission.

Third, Jabba would kill her friends and comrades while she watched, breaking her heart. A human cannot live forever without companionship, Jabba understood. Leia would need someone to fill that hole. Who else could but the one who was always beside her, always taking care of her, always admiring her? Within a year's time, Jabba predicted, Leia would have developed feelings for him and would act upon them.

Incentives Edit

Jabba believed that there would be several incentives for Leia to succumb to Stockholm syndrome. She would be trapped in a castle full of degenerates and killers. Staying close to her master would be her only guarantee of safety. There was also the issue of loneliness. The princess, to the best of Jabba's knowledge, had no allies inside the Palace and her Rebel friends would soon be dead. She would need someone to always be around her and be affectionate with her master.