Tanus Spijek was a rebel spy passing messages to the Rebel Alliance. Later on he became a spy for Jabba the Hutt.


Early LifeEdit

Tanus Spijek was a male Elom born on the planet that has the same name as his species planet Elom. Tanus passed messages from the planet Alderaan and the moon Yavin 4 but after the destruction of Alderaan around 0 BBY and 0 ABY Tanus was no longer a spy for the Alliance.

He some how ended up on Tatooine working for Jabba in his palace. Spijek was very useful to the Hutt because of the information he knew he help Jabba win on many bets the Hutt had placed on the war. Tanus eventually stopped caring for the good guys and decided to work for criminals like Jabba. The might Hutt payed him way more than what the Alliance ever did.