Extended cut Leia slave embrace-0

Extended cut Leia slave embrace-0

Jabba forcing a newly enslaved Leia into the Embrace.

PDVD 1468

Leia in the Embrace.


Leia trying to resist Jabba's advances in the Slave's Embrace.

The Slave's Embrace was a sexual action performed by Jabba and a slave girl who Jabba would happen to get his slimy hands on. To initiate the Slave Embrace, Jabba would usually pull the girl by her chain, causing her to fall against his slimy flesh as she faced him. Once their bodies were touching, the Hutt would then wrap either one or both of his arms around the girl, making sure that she could not escape. Jabba would then subject the slave to his slimy affections. Whether it be a grotesque parody of a kiss with his giant tongue or groping around her body, the Hutt surely made his slaves disgusted and uncomfortable whenever he pulled them into his arms.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

When Jabba told his slave girls that he would thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of their company, one of the largest indicators of him enjoying it was this. He loved the feel of the girl's stomach against his and enjoyed watching her disgusted reaction as she came into contact with his vile scent and warm breath. The best part for the Hutt, however, was when he ran his hands and tongue across her body, enjoying the taste and feel of the enslaved woman's skin. Only when Jabba was extremely lustful did he take her while she was in the Embrace, penetrating her with either his tail or the male sexual organ of the woman's species. Jabba considered the Embrace the next best thing to "rewarding" his favorite slave girl. Jabba also used the Slave's Embrace as a means to humilliate the chosen lady. Whenever he got a new slave, one of the first things he commited them to was the Slave's Embrace to take a first step in breaking her and to get his first taste of her.

Diva's PerceptionEdit

Diva would be stripped naked and forced to Jabba's throne, where she was fondled all over by him. He would then twirl her breasts with his tongue as his tail slid up her leg. She would then be penetrated by his large tail, squealing with pleasure. She would faint and be forced to sleep with Jabba, with him penetrating her and groping her butt and chest all night long.

Shakka's PerceptionEdit

Shakka found herself naked, and held tightly in the arms of a Gamorrean guard, her body being forced towards Jabba the Hutt. Most of her was exposed to the alien. She hit Jabba's midsection with such force that she practically fell into the Hutt, her own stomach squishing against his oily skin. His tongue extended to meet the Twi'lek's neck, traveling up to her face, his tongue slathering over her cheeks as she tried to turn away. He licked and groped her breasts, making her cry out in disgust. Jabba's hand slid around her bare waist and kept her in place in front of him. Eventually, Jabba turned Shakka around so that she now faced the crowd. Continuing his advances, Jabba's long tongue drooped down to Shakka's rear and began to lick her dirty butt crack. He would then slowly slide his tail up her thigh and penetrate her vagina, making her squeal in pain and embarrassment, tears flowing from her eyes. Both of the Hutt's hands came around her and pressed on her belly, leaving her standing in front of the entire audience chamber, embarrassed. Jabba would then reach around and stroke her crotch. He kept pressing her belly and hitting her butt. He rubbed his hands all over her front, breasts, belly, crotch, and all. By the time she had her orgasm, the crowd was roaring. She staggered off the stage, only to be pulled back onto the throne and molested all over by his huge hands.

Ann and Tann's PerceptionEdit

Ann and Tann were both forced to perform the embrace since they were both already naked and had no means of bodily resistance. One would often be penetrated by Jabba's tail while the other one would be brutally fingered or worked over with his tongue. Sometimes, the sisters were forced to have sex with each other while being penetrated by Jabba. This humiliated them greatly, as the incest was deeply shameful for them both.

Another case would be that one girl was restrained, muzzled, and forced to watch her sister be brutally raped by Jabba. By the time they both came, their orifices would be raw and red, stretched to their limits by his vile extremities. They would often be forced to massage Jabba's tail afterwards, which greatly disgusted them as they would get coated in their own cum and Jabba's slime from touching his skin. He would also create a pair of humanoid male genitals to penetrate them both simultaneously, dominating them both at the same time.

They would sometimes be forbidden to shower or wash off his slime, which would continue to disgust the twin sisters as it would dry on their skin and feel like an uncomfortably stiff garment with no warmth to it. When they would finally be allowed to bathe, it would usually be a shower set up in the middle of the court with no walls or privacy whatsoever. They would often be forced to masturbate while in the shower, which greatly embarrassed them both.

Minna's PerceptionEdit

During her time as Jabba's slave girl, Minna would often try to resist getting involved with the embrace. As such, Gamorrean guards would usually grab her and shove her into Jabba's oily flesh. As the guards pressed her against the Hutt, Jabba would utter some lustful comment to Minna before he would present his fat tongue to her and lick her on the mouth. As Minna turned her head away in disgust, Jabba would wrap his hands around Minna to hold her as the Gamorreans backed away, lustfully watching as their master continued with the embrace. As Jabba kept Minna close with one hand, he would use his other hand to quickly strip the girl of her skimpy outfit, allowing himself to properly savor the girl without her outfit getting in the way. He pulled her close, smothering her with his folds of fat and slime as he continued the embrace. As he penetrated her, she screamed in pain, being forced to ride his tail as she passed out from orgasm.

Diana's PerceptionEdit

Diana hated the slave's embrace even more than the skimpy "dress" she was forced to wear with no underwear. He would often pull her close, despite her protests, lick her front and face, and make sure that his slime soaked her costume. It would then be tugged off of her body so that her breasts and vulva would be visible to all spectators. She would then be forced to press against Jabba's bulk, sticking there with a type of natural glue secreted by his skin. Diana would then be licked and penetrated with Jabba's tail in front of everyone.   ==Jess' Perception==daryl

Rystall Sant's PerceptionEdit

Rystall was ordered to come to the throne room. She thought the band was performing for Jabba again, but instead, she was grabbed by three guards and pulled over to the throne room. "Master Jabba commands that you strip," one of them told her, shoving her down on her knees. "What??" Rystall asked, shocked. "Strip down now!" the guard yelled, pulling her hair. "Aah!" she shrieked, pulling away and slowly standing up as she placed her hands on her top. She slowly removed her body glove, revealing her large lavender breasts. As her clothes came off, the crowd cheered louder, the men making crude hand gestures. "There." She said, tossing her bodyglove onto the ground and standing defiantly in her red underwear. "Happy now?" Jabba cleared his throat and made another gesture.

"Master Jabba says that you must adhere to appropriate attire for the act he has planned." Said the guard. "And what will he have me wear?" Rystall said, adjusting her brassiere. "Appropriate attire, in this case, is no attire." said the guard, motioning towards her barely-clad body. "Take them off, right now." Rystall glared at him as she reached into her bra, undoing the front clip and letting the restraining undergarment fall to the ground, exposing her large lavender breasts. Her panties came next, revealing her most sacred parts to the crowd. "There you go." She said, standing with her hands on her hips. "Enjoying the view?" She now wore nothing but air, and was not embarassed, but more angry at having her body exposed in public. One of the guards snapped a collar around her neck. Rystall instantly froze at the sensation. Although she had never worn a collar herself, she immediately knew what was about to happen to her. "Oh no...." She mouthed, putting one hand over her mouth.

"Strip, my pet." Jabba ordered Leia, tugging her chain. "I have something in mind for you and this lovely girl...." Leia reluctantly began removing her clothing, starting with her bra. "....something that you'll both enjoy as much as I will...." Jabba continued as Leia's bra fell with a thud, her skirts following in short order. She then removed her boots and stood there, also wearing nothing but air. Once both girls were totally naked, Rystall was led over to the Hutt's throne by a guard, and the chain handed to Jabba.  Leia was also nude and blushing before the crowd, trying to look at Rystall's eyes and away from her beautiful body. "Both of you shall pleasure me." Jabba growled, pulling Rystall close to Leia and pulling both women to him. "I'm so sorry about this...." Leia said, blushing as she felt her skin tingle at touching Rystall's exposed body. "Don't be." Rystall said, tracing a finger between Leia's bare breasts with a smile. "On second thought, this probably won't be as bad as I thought...."

Without warning, Rystall kissed Leia full on the lips, making her flinch and gasp at first, then press tighter into an embrace as Jabba's tail slid between them. "That's it, just let yourself go." Rystall whispered into Leia's ear, nibbling it gently. "Forget the crowd, just enjoy whatever you can of this. While Rystall ran her finger up Leia's butt, Jabba's appendage pressed against their intimate regions as they ground against it, moaning into each other's mouths as they kissed. The two women enjoyed this more than they thought they would, Rystall did not so much mind kissing girls, since she was bisexual, and Leia felt more pleasure from her kiss than the ones Jabba himself had forced upon her. She almost enjoyed it, and so went along with it.

"Oooh...." Rystall moaned, pulling the naked princess closer and kneeling before her on her hoof-like feet, kissing her everywhere she could reach as Jabba's tail rubbed against them both. " smell so sweet, princess." She inhaled sharply, taking in the scent of the shivering princess's perfumed flesh. "Like nectar and fresh bantha milk." Leia felt hands all over her body, Rystall touching her butt, vagina, vulva, and anything else she could reach, and the Hutt's ribbed tail now rubbing against her womanhood. "Thank you...." Leia breathed, whispering into Rystall's ear. "....I mean it, thank you for that. The only compliments I've gotten the last few days have had to do with my breasts, my bottom, or other body parts these....gentlemen....find desirable."

Rystall arched her back and stared into Leia's eyes, moaning and breathing sweet, hot air into Leia's mouth. She touched The princess's exposed back and stroked all the way down to her hips. "Then I will make sure you receive as much praise as strong, sexy girl." Rystall said as she turned Leia over face-down, kissing her shoulder blades and stroking her spine from the neck all the way down to the tailbone. "I can tell you have a lot of compassion, princess." She whispered as she kissed Leia's neck and nibbled gently, her hands stroking the girl's hips as Leia gasped. "You worried about Captain Solo, you worry about your fellow slave girls, think of yourself for once." Rystall continued kissing Leia's bare back and cupped her hands against her firm breasts. "I can tell how hurt you are. You're stiff as an icicle, and you're afraid. I can see it in your eyes." She pressed her face tightly against Leia's, making the crowd whoop with approval. "What's wrong?"

"Rystall...." Leia whispered, kissing her as Jabba's tail rubbed her vagina. "....please, take me." Rystall looked up at her, noticing tears in Leia's eyes. "If he doesn't see both of us making love, he's going to penetrate me again." Leia whispered into her ear. Rystall rubbed Leia's vagina, which looked red and abused, eliciting a grimace from the naked girl. "I can't take his tail inside of me again, not today." she thrust her tongue into Rystall's mouth, overwhelmed with pleasure. "H-He's....taken me....six t-times already today. I-I can't-" "Don't worry, just do whatever comes to mind." Rystall said, rubbing Leia's bottom. "I'll make sure you enjoy it, my Valkyrie." Rystall suckled her tongue, rubbing Leia's breasts as the tail between them continued to rub against their intimate parts, making them both flush red with pleasure. Rystall opened her mouth as she pulled away from Leia to gasp in pleasure, strands of saliva connecting their red lips at the parting. Rystall slowly knelt so that Leia's breasts were now at her eye level.

"Oooh...." Leia moaned, losing herself in the sensations as she pressed The woman's head against her chest. "That's it, princess, just relax." Rystall said in-between kisses. "You deserve to feel good." Taking one of the princess's breasts into her mouth, Rystall began gently suckling Leia's nipples. Leia spread her legs as the Theelin girl moved her kisses down towards her crotch, which was soaking wet at this point. "Ready?" Leia nodded as Jabba's tail started working on Rystall's body, as a change of pace. "As I'll ever be." Rystall said, raising her rear teasingly. "I offer my body for your pleasure, Master Jabba." She said, playing along as Jabba laughed, inserting his enormous extremity into the girl's anus. Rystall grimaced slightly at the initial pain, but after she got used to the penetration, moaned in contentment. "I won't let him near you while we are  princess." She whispered into Leia's ears as she flexed her hip muscles to accommodate for the Hutt's width in her anus. She immediately started working on Leia's vagina while Leia squirmed and moaned with pleasure. Rystall moved upwards and pressed her body into a contorted embrace as the human girl's legs wrapped around her head. Rystall moaned as she continued kissing and licking Leia's vulva, not allowing the Hutt's vile appendage neat the girl's sacred parts.

Both women then knelt and eventually laid on the ground, Leia suckling Rystall's breasts and stroking her vagina, and Rystall with her leg in between Leia's legs and her hands squeezing Leia's breasts. They squirmed and rubbed against each other, kissing and licking each other. Rystall then wrapped her lavender legs around Leia and pressed against her breasts. She began twirling Leia's nipples while Leia still suckled Rystall. Both women were feeling incredible for the half-hour they made love. Leia, being heterosexual, had never realized how good sex with another woman could feel to her after being forced into sex with a Hutt, and Rystall, being bisexual, did not much mind the penetration from Jabba's ribbed tail, though it was still slightly uncomfortable, being larger than a man. "Oh, Rystall...." Leia moaned, tightening her toned legs and stroking Rystall's head. "I'm going to-!"

She screamed as she came, feeling both humiliated and satisfied as the crowd behind them cheered and Jabba's tail withdrew from Rystall's anus. Rystall cried out as well, receiving a powerful orgasm as Jabba's tail withdrew from her anal entrance. Leia trembled and sobbed lightly as she collapsed into Rystall's arms, snuggling close and feeling comforted, yet also embarrassed at performing such an intimate act before so many people. "Sssshhh....It's all right, love." said Rystall, rubbing Leia's back and breasts and kissing her forehead as she wrapped her legs around her. "Don't be embarrassed." Leia looked up at the lavender-skinned woman with tearful eyes, kissing her full on the lips. "My, my, you two seem to enjoy one another." Jabba said, laughing. "V-Very much so, M-Master." Leia said, covering her crotch and breasts with her hands as she stood up straight.

Rystall took Leia's hand in her own and pressed into her for another kiss. Her kiss relaxed Leia, making her shut her eyes slowly and gasp. "Thank you...." Leia said, hugging her tightly. "....that felt very good. I'm so sorry you had to take him inside of you for me. That was selfish of me to request." "Don't worry." Rystall said, placing her forehead against Leia's to express closeness and trust. "I kind of liked it, but i can understand why you would hate to have him inside of you." she smiled jokingly. "I've had some big boyfriends, but he beats them all. I wonder if they have a strap-on in that size?" She rubbed her hips, giggling and making Leia smirk at her sexy little joke. 

Rystall was glad she could at least make the poor girl smile after her ordeal. "If you need anything else, just talk to me....providing that Jabba will let you do so," Rystall said, winking at Leia and kissing her on the cheek. "Thank you, exalted one, for having your personal slave pleasure me." she said with a bow, picking up her bodyglove and starting to walk away. "Haven't you for gotten something?" Jaba asked, motioning towards her neck. "Guards, bring her the key." Rystall felt her neck, remembering the collar she was still wearing. "Of course....thank you, exalted one." she said, taking the key from the guard and unlocking the collar. She skipped out with a spring in her step, blowing a kiss to Leia as she turned the corner, still nude but unashamed at the fact. "Poor girl...." she whispered under her breath as Leia watched her leave. "....may the force help you escape this place." 

Rystall swayed her hips, putting on a show for Leia. As she left, she spotted Leia looking at her movements with increasing arousal. This made her smile, knowing she made her feel better after the ordeal of slavery. She exited the room, hoping Leia would have some respite from this humiliation. The feel of a cold hand rubbing Leia's bare back made her shiver and jump as she turned around, coming face to face with Bib Fortuna. blushed as she realized she had been caught staring at Rystall by Bib Fortuna, who grabbed her chain and slapped her rear, pushing her into Jabba's flesh.

"So, you like girls too?" Bib said with a smile, pressing the naked girl into the Hutt's girth and squeezing her breasts. "That is most....adorable." "Give me my clothes back." Leia hissed, struggling against Bib as the Twi'lek male slapped her rear and Jabba squeezed her close. "Oh, why do that when you are so much more accessible as you are, my pet?" Jabba rumbled, licking Leia's breasts and patting a pillow next to him. "Bib, i think my pet could benefit from staying, as they say, "Au natural" for another few days." "As you wish, exalted one." Bib said, smirking at Leia and picking up her costume from another woman holding it. "I decree that Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan shall remain fully naked until such time as Jabba Desijic Tijure himself decrees it." He smirked and stroked Leia's hair with his long fingernails. "That is, if he wishes it." 

Jabba pulled Leia into his flab and rubbed her bare breasts against his chin, making her tremble. "And remember, princess, you will have to dance for us in a few minutes." Leia looked at the ground in shame, curling into a ball and laying on her side in submission. Jabba held her only source of bodily privacy, her friends, and her life in his hands, and she could do nothing but sit and cry. Still, she at least had some comfort in knowing that she had one friend, and one who could make her feel like she was in heaven, at that. "Of course....master." she said, standing up and flushing red from the crowd cheering at the full sight of her nude form. Leia started to dance, ignoring the crowd's crude comments and dissaproving glares. Rystall was a friend, and that was all that mattered, that she had one close by. 

Lyn Me's PerceptionEdit

After Lyn Me's performance Jabba ordered one of his guard to bring her to him. She was afraid this might happen to her, and was terrified of what might happen. "You have aroused me, my pet." he said, his tail quivering. Jabba signaled to someone or something, and seconds later, Lyn had one of the Gamorreans groping her as he stripped her of her clothing. Once she was completely naked, Lyn Me was shoved into Jabba's arms, her body feeling unwholesomely sticky as her entire front stuck to the Hutt's skin. She felt his humongous member entering her womanhood and struggled not to cry out from pain. The band was shocked to see what Jabba was doing to Lyn Me. The girl moaned and bit her lip as guilt overwhelmed her. She looked over at Boba Fett, embarassed that the man she hailed as a hero should see her in such a predicament. "Oooh....!" she moaned, trying hard to focus on the pleasurable aspects of it. Lyn Me tried to imagine that it was actually Boba who was penetrating her, but her thoughts were shattered with every painful thrust of Jabba's huge tail as Jabba grunted in pleasure, the Hutt's face looking more disgusting to her than ever before.

Several long minutes later, Jabba had finally finished with her. With great difficulty, Lyn Me hobbled over her outfit that the Gamorrean had dumped in the middle of the floor. She passed out and spent several minutes lying nude asleep on the floor. When she woke up, Lyn spent several minutes wrapping the intricate series of straps around her body before slowly walking back to her place with the band. looking down the entire time, she was too ashamed to look at those she knew.

Oola's PerceptionEdit

Oola had been expecting to be just another one of Jabba's dancers. Instead, she found herself in front of Jabba, frozen with fear. "Bring her to me!" Jabba commanded to his Gamorrean guard, Jubnuk. The guard did what Jabba said, grabbing Oola's shoulders and dragging her limp body to Jabba as the huge bulge in his tunic brushed against the young Twi'lek's thigh. As Jubnuk pressed the Twi'lek against his master's huge bulk, Oola quickly grimaced as she felt her smooth green skin come into contact with the Hutt, his tongue meeting her face as soon as she came within range of his gaping maw. She tried to push away, but her arms were limp by her sides. Jabba continued to lick her face as she tried to resist in vain. "Mmmmm, Twi'lek pussy." He rumbled as Oola shut her eyes in fear. He pulled up her skirt with his huge hands, groping her ass and licking her up and down as he pulled her dress over her head, leaving her in her small white underwear.

Once Oola's dress was off, Jabba stuck his flabby hand in the front of her underwear, rubbing against her pussy and pulling the panties down to her knees. She attempted to cover her intimate regions by pressing her legs together, but to no avail. "Please....don't." She begged as Jabba grabbed her ass. "Ssssh, quiet my sweet girl." he hissed, pulling down her panties as she struggled against him. He started groping her butt cheeks, which made her scream with embarrassment. "LET ME GO!!! She screamed. "Easy, slut...." Jabba growled. "Soon, you will learn to appreciate me." Oola shivered as her bra came next, Janna grabbing the string and ripping the bra off, allowing him to fondle her large breasts as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, making her grimace. He stood still, staring at the naked, beautiful Twi'lek in front of him as he continued to violate her mouth with his tongue. Suddenly, he pulled her into the folds of his skin, forcing her into a slimy embrace. Her face, breasts, arms, legs, stomach, and vagina were all touching his flabby skin, thoroughly dominating the nude girl. Oola blushed as the audience cheered and laughed, the men staring at her naked body. She hated the feeling of his skin against hers, and hated the nudity and humiliation that followed.

"Spread your legs." Jabba demanded. "I....I can't!" Oola gasped, shocked and shivering. "You will!" Jabba growled, pulling her hips apart and almost dislocating them both as Oola gasped. Her vagina was now revealed to all. The crowd cheered as her womanhood was shown to all. His tail slid up her leg, inserting itself into her womanhood as the green-skinned Twi'lek gasped and cried out in pain. She instantly wished she hadn't been a virgin before now, as her insides were squeezing a member the width of a man's thigh inside of her most sacred body parts. "NO PLEASE DON'T!!" she screamed, trying hard to move away from him as he broke her hymen. "GET OFF OF ME!" The unwelcome contractions of her cervix and urethra were making her immensely uncomfortable as Jabba thrusted in and out, making her scream out and buck back and forth onto the slime-secreting extremity. Jabba also stroked her lekku, taking both of them into his mouth and making her gasp in pleasure. Oola felt humiliated as the crowd cheered for Jabba and mocked her as a whore. She especially hated feeling pleasure from her rapist.

"Get" she moaned, her body betraying her to carnal lust as she felt herself growing wetter. "In due time, kahnkee." Jabba said, his tail thrusting inside of her again as she felt her inner walls squeezing his tail. "First....cum for me." Oola tried hard not to give in to her body's feelings, trying to shut out the pleasure, but she could not. "Oh my god, please no....!" She came with a scream as the crowd cheered. Her vision blurred for a moment as her body violently spasmed from her first orgasm on Jabba's tail. She sobbed and collapsed into a heap as Jabba withdrew his tail, rubbing her lekku with his large hands. She was curled up on the ground in a ball, tears streaming from her eyes, her breasts and vagina barely hidden by her thighs pressed against them. "Now now, my pet." he said, picking something off of the table near his throne. "You'll get used to me." "What do you-?" Oola said, pausing as she felt cold steel snap around her neck and over her mouth.

She gasped as she realized it was a slave collar complete with a muzzle, tugging at it in vain as Melina Carniss grabbed her arms. "Shall I fetch this whore girl's new costume, master?" She asked, clamping a pair of binders over the nude girl's wrists. "Not yet, let us leave her as she is for a while." Said Jabba, tugging on the chain and pulling Oola into his folds of fat. "She shall remain naked until everyone in Tattooine has had an eyeful of her beautiful body. Get out the holo-camera." Melina licked her lips and drew her fingers in and out of her mouth, watching Oola's frightened expression. "At once, master Jabba." she said with a grin, stroking in-between the girl's large green breasts and snapping her fingers. Two slave girls wearing nothing more than pasties over their nipples and loincloths that only covered the front of their groins walked in, one of them carrying a large metal camera. Oola blushed, making her green face turn red with humiliation as she realized that her body was being broadcast all over the galaxy. She struggled to move away, but with her arms bound behind her back and a collar around her neck, she had no privacy.

"Let it be known to all watching this broadcast, I have captured a new slave girl, and a virgin, no less!" Oola drew her legs up to her breasts to block them from view, her cuffed wrists pressing into Jabba's fat. "Melina, take her to be cleaned!" Jabba ordered after he had ended the broadcast. Melina nodded and grabbed Oola's chain, tugging her along as her exposed body shone in the dim light. "Come on, slut." She said tugging her chain and making the naked girl walk down a flight of stone steps, the men mocking and whistling at her as they passed. They reached a big room with a series of bathtubs and shelves, with many naked girls all around. Oola grimaced and tried to hide her body by twisting around as male guards came into view. "Stop with the modesty, you're not the first girl they've seen naked." Melina said, throwing Oola into a deep tub of steaming water. "I'm going to clean your dirty body myself." 

Oola gasped and struggled as Melina stripped off all of her clothes and entered the tub with her, armed with a handful of tubes containing various gels. "Now you hold still, or I'll let the guys have their way with you." Melina growled into Oola's ear as she began to caress Oola's body with one of the gels. The naked Twi'lek winced and moaned into the muzzle, the only thing she was currently allowed to wear apart from her binders. Melina rubbed the gels all over Oola's body. They made all their hairs on her skin fall out, never to grow back. This was done especially around her vagina, which scared the nude girl. "Hey, she available later?" asked one of the men, raising an eyebrow as Oola blushed dark red. "No, but I will be." Melina purred, stroking the man's chin suggestively. "But I warn you....I tend to be very wild." "Aw, I wouldn't have you any other way." He said as he kissed her hand. "My place in the barracks, love?" Melina nodded, blowing the man a kiss as he walked away. "I'll be a while, though, so wait up."

Melina stroked Oola's bound arms, touching her smooth skin of her back as the naked Twi'lek struggled in her grasp. "Quit that, or I'll kick your fat ass!" she growed, grabbing the girl's wrists and hooking the chain over a hook built into the wall. She then walked away, leaving the girl naked and hanging in an uncomfortable strappado position. "Hang there for a minute. I have something for you...." Oola winced and whined into the muzzle as her arms were stretched almost out of their sockets. She swung from side to side as the tub's steaming water kept her awake, with the strappado position keeping her in pain. This was abject torture. Suddenly, the door swung open with a bang, making Oola flinch. "All right, now that's what I'm talking about!" Melina yelled, stepping into the light as Oola's eyes widened in fear. "Get ready for the fucking of a lifetime, whore!"

Oola took note of the device strapped over the woman's bare crotch, noticing that it was a solid rubber dildo made for the use of two women to simulate heterosexual intercourse. But the size....Oola could have sworn it was bigger than a Wookie's penis, at the very least! She screamed into the muzzle as Melina took hold of her hips, forcing her way into her rear with no prior preparations or lubricant. Oola screamed louder than she had ever screamed in her life, the muzzle blocking out her words. She thrust back and forth, kicking out and trying to dislodge the intruder inside her body. "Quiet!" Melina growled, spanking Oola hard and thrusting deeper than Oola had ever been penetrated in her entire life. She pulled a chain and the hook collapsed, letting Oola drop into the water as the dildo was pulled out of the girl's anus. She pulled her out of the tub by her lekku and threw her face-down on the ground. "I'm going to enjoy this, and if you make too much noise, I'll take you into the barracks and let the guys have their way with you!" 

Oola went silent, not wanting to suffer from a dozen real men as opposed to a device made to feel like their sexual organs. The thrusting continued on and on, a feeling of deepest shame coming over her as Melina thrusted deeper into her body, her tongue feeling every inch of her skin and suckling her lekku. "That's it, you just stay still." She said, holding the girl down with her muscular arms. "You'd better get used to this, because I'm going to do this every time you're sent to me for punishment." Oola tried not to even breathe loudly into the muzzle for fear Melina would take that as a moan. "Take this as a free sample, a baptism run if you will." Melina kept thrusting into the frightened, naked girl with the massive phallus, causing a burning sensation to form in Oola's crotch as her inner walls tightened. Oola tried her hardest not to gasp as she tried to close her legs. "Oh no, you don't...." Melina said, pulling herself deeper into the tub. "'re going to take this as deep as you can, and if you don't, you'll regret it!" 

She flipped Oola over on her back, forcing her knees against her breasts. Oola struggled to stay silent as the dildo entered her abused anus, penetrating even deeper than before. "Ooh, you're tight." Melina teased, thrusting in and out rythmically as the girl squirmed beneath her. "The deckchair position really does offer the deepest penetration possible!" She pulled out and thrust deep into Oola's vagina, making the girl flinch and struggle not to cry out in pain. The rythym continued on and on, Oola feeling a tightening sensation around her vulva and uterus as Melina licked and kissed her. "Oooh...." Melina cooed, thrusting a finger into Oola's vagina as the nude green girl's eyes filled up with tears. "....feels like you're real wet, close to coming...." She roughly reamed Oola once more with the dildo, making the naked twi'lek throw her head back and moan loudly into the muzzle, forgetting herself as the sensations in her body came to a boil and released like steam in a hot teakettle. "....oh, YES!" 

Oola felt her inner walls tighten for a moment, and then loosen up again as an explosion of pleasure erupted from her womanly parts in the most intense orgasm of her entire life. Melina withdrew her strap-on cock from the exposed girl's vagina, making her gasp in relief. The muzzle came off next as Oola moaned in shame. Suddenly, the strap-on was right in front of her face. "Suck me off." Melina instructed, pointing to the dildo. Oola shook her head and kept her mouth shut tight. "I said SUCK!" Melina growled, holding the girl's nose tightly and slapping her nipples. Oola kept her mouth shut until her face turned blue. She finally opened her mouth to breathe.

"Ooh...." she gasped, an instant before Melina thrust the dildo into her mouth. "ugh!" Oola moaned as she choked on the solid cock in her mouth. Oola moaned in shame, tasting her own juices on the dildo and suckling it as Melina bobbed the girl's head back and forth. "That's it, suck it off." She said as she tugged on Ooola's lekku. "This is all you are now, a hole to be used by us." Oola gagged as the dildo was thrust deeper, painting her throat with cum. Melina withdrew the dildo, making Oola emit a raspy sucking noise as the obscenely long tool was removed from the Twi'lek's pretty mouth.

"Little enjoyed that, i can tell." Melina cooed, stroking the underside of Oola's chin and withdrawing the dildo. The naked green Twi'lek looked away in shame, too humiliated to even look her in the eye. "Not even a compliment? I've been practicing those moves." Melina undid the binders around her wrists as Oola sank into the tub, crying and shaking. "Oh ssshhh, hush, my dear." She said, pulling the Twi'lek girl out of the tub and rubbing her vagina with a towel, eliciting a moan from the abused girl. "This is your life now. Get used to these sensations, because you're going to feel them every day. Strip searches will also be done every day to make sure you're not stealing. And if you're a good girl, the searches will be done by our girls. If you speak up or disobey the master, the men will be just as happy to search that body of yours."

Oola moaned at the thought of being stripped nude and searched in her most intimate parts every day, especially by a man. Melina stroked the still-attached strap-on cock, making Oola shiver with fear. "You want another round with this?" She asked, climbing out of the tub and pulling Oola's collar to pull her out with her. Oola shook her head, afraid to speak for fear of more punshment. "Then get dressed. Your new costume is hanging over in the corner." Without warning, she pulled Oola close to her and kissed her right on the lips, making her blush dark red. "See you again soon, 'mint candy'." Oola blushed even darker and scurried off, feeling ashamed. Melina laughed, watching the nude Twi'lek girl walk towards the corner as she stroked her womanhood. "I won our little game, so put on that costume or Master Jabba will take you on his throne wearing nothing but your skin." She said, drying herself off with a towel and pulling her bodysuit back on. Two Gammorean guards grabbed Oola as Melina undid the strap-on, hanging it on a wall with a smile. "I think you'll be most enjoyable in this. Much more so than that red dress."

Oola looked into the dim light at the only thing that would be adorning her body for the foreseeable future. Just seeing how much skin if let exposed made her blush. She looked at the Gammoreans as they stared at her nude form, ready to move forwards in case of trouble. She sighed and slipped the flimsy costume over her body, looking herself over in the mirror provided for her. "I look like a slut." She moaned, feeling her breasts through the flimsy, see-through netting. "You know what they say, dress for the job." Said Melina, ogling her body and moving closer to the half-nude girl, kissing her neck as Oola felt herself through the thin cloth. "I can tell, tomorrow night is going to be hot." She groped Oola's breasts, stroking the exposed skin between them and moving down to her womanhood. "Oh yes, you're going to taste great...." 

Oola blushed at Melina's advances, hiding her body through the translucent webbing. "Please....just be gentle." She moaned as Melina groped her breasts and kissed her back. "Oh, I will." Melina said, drawing the girl into a tight embrace and making her blush as she whispered in her ears. "I'll make you feel like you're in heaven tomorrow night....after Jabba has had you today. Who knows, he might even give you the chance to enjoy his wonderful the shape of the genitals of your species." The cones were placed over her ears, to ensure that sexy statement was the last thing Oola would hear from her tonight. She spanked Oola on the rear, handing the chain to one of the guards as they pulled the frightened Twi'lek girl out of the room. Oola followed them out of the room, looking back as Melina blew her a kiss with seductive bedroom eyes. "Tomorrow night, my mint candy." 

Oola felt ashamed about what had happened, especially so that she had received pleasure from it. As she walked back to the Hutt's throne room, she could'nt help but think about Melina kissing her and penetrating her with the strapon. This thought permeated her mind as she walked into Jabba's court. Suddenly, she was kicked in the back of her knees, making her fall forwards into a kneeling position. Her breasts fell out of her costume's flimsy coverage, making the men in the audience laugh at her as she looked up at jabba. "Come to me, my sweet mint." He said, beckoning for her to come closer as Bib Fortuna grabbed her chain, pulling her close to him. Oola quickly stuffed her breasts back into her costume as he pulled her close to him, licking her face. "Oh....master...." she said, moaning and trying hard not to choke with disgust. "....please be thorough." Jabba's hands were all over Oola's body, reaching through her costume and exposing her breasts to the crowd. The girl moaned as she felt her body betraying her to carnal lust. She was his to dominate and control, and he was going to enjoy every moment of it. Oola submitted to him for fear of further punishment, both by him, and by Melina.   


Arica's PerceptionEdit

Since she was hired as another harem girl, Arica was rarely involved with the embrace. The first time Jabba summoned her for the embrace, Arica tried using the force to dissuade Jabba. Unfortunately for her, Arica quickly discovered that mind tricks would not work on the bloated gangster, and found herself in Jabba's flabby arms seconds later. Although she considered killing him then and there, Arica knew that she'd not only blow her cover, but would lose her chance to kill her real target: Luke Skywalker. Like Leia would do later, she simply endured Jabba's slimy affections until he had tired with her.

Leia's PerceptionEdit

Leia considered the Slave's embrace to be one of the most disgusting parts of being forced to service the Hutt as it typically involved her being nude for the Hutt. As if being nude wasn't bad enough, Jabba would usually take advantage of her nudity and violate her private parts during the embrace. The embrace would typically happen as follows:

Leia would be tugged close to Jabba by her chain, forcing her to run to him so as not to subject her neck to further punishment. This action symbolized a longing for the Hutt's affection, humiliating the princess as the crowd would mock her for it and call her a whore. Leia would then be forced into the folds of the Hutt's fat as she climbed into Jabba's arms herself, the leash ensuring she could not escape.

Once she was in his arms, she would be pressed further into his belly, feeling her bare skin against Jabba's moist, clammy flesh. She would instinctively squirm against the Hutt's slippery bodily texture, increasing his lust.

Jabba would usually lick her face immediately, covering her in his wet saliva, never missing an opportunity to lick the inside of her mouth. This would make Leia gag in disgust and try to spit out his saliva, abhoring the taste of his fluids.

Leia's brasserie would often be removed from her breasts to allow Jabba to lick and fondle them while they were exposed, his dripping tongue caressing her mounds as he slathered them with his repulsive saliva. While he was busy licking her body, Jabba would discretely move his tail towards the captive Leia, briefly stopping once it was between her legs. Once it was in position, Jabba would shoot his tail up into Leia's womanhood without warning, causing the princess to moan in pain while she was being penetrated. This act humiliated her beyond measure, leaving her submissive and frightened, especially since she was sometimes completely naked while performing this act in front of a crowd of hundreds of people. Even wearing her full costume while being penetrated did not help, as it showed that even while her vagina and breasts were covered, she was still vulnerable to Jabba's lust. This fact humiliated the princess and often left her feeling like a sex toy, this fact reinforced by Bib Fortuna and the rest of Jabba's men.