The slave is usually one of Jabba's girls. When first arriving, a Gammorean guard will strip them down and stick his big, slimy penis into her tight, wet vagina. Then Jabba will order Bib Fortuna to have rough sex with her until she has an orgasm. After that, the girl is chained to Jabba's throne completely nude. She is usually forced to strip dance or please Jabba anally, orally or vaginally. The girl has to put up with Jabba's tail inside her vagina and anus, while Bib licks her breast and whirls her nipples. Eventually, she is given a outfit that shows off either her midriff and navel, anus, vagina or breasts. This outfit could be a skimpy dancers costume or a bikini of some sort. If she misbehaves, she is punished with something such as sex, hypnotic headphones, being spanked whike nude in front of everyone, masturbating or vibrating panties. If she slave has a sister, the two are often forced to make love with each other for Jabba's entertainment.

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