Tia and Ghia

The twins shortly before the Battle of Hoth

 Tia and Ghia Jendro


Early LivesEdit

Tia and Ghia Jendro were twin sisters and skilled pilots who fought with the Rebellion during the Battle of Hoth. The twins fell in love the charming ace smuggler Han Solo they were devastated when they Han was captured by the Empire and sold to Jabba the Hutt. After the Rebels lost Hoth, Tia and Ghia tried to flee with the rest of the Rebellion, but ended up being captured by the Imperials instead. Once they were in the Empire's grasp, Tia and Ghia were stripped and then forced to endure several weeks of torture by the Empire's IT-O interrogator droids. In addition to the IT-O droids, the Imperials hoped that leaving the sisters naked would humiliate them and help break their wills faster. Initially, the Imperials would torture one sister while restraining the other, forcing her to helplessly watch as her sister writhed in pain. As the weeks dragged on, however, the Imperials would leave one sister in their cell while the other one was taken for yet another torture session. If having to watch the other sister being tortured wasn't bad enough, the wait for the other sister to return to their cell was just as bad. After all, the possibility of being raped was yet another torment that was always on their minds. 

Eventually, the Imperials gave up on tormenting them. Deciding to dispose of the twins in some humiliating fashion, the Imperials dressed Tia and Ghia in skintight latex suits then sold them to Jabba the Hutt for some money on the side. Upon being sold to Jabba, the bloated Hutt had them strip down for him, then placed golden collars around their necks which became a symbol of derision and jeering from the audience. After six weeks of being forced to service him naked, they were finally given matching green and yellow bikinis to symbolize their servitude to Jabba.


body harassment.

During this time, they were often forced to make love to each other in full public view. As if being forced to kiss her twin sister wasn't disgusting enough, Tia and Gia were even more disgusted by the fact that their forced public display of affection caused the men cheer as they acheived orgasm.

 Oola's ArrivalEdit

9 months after they were given their costumes, Bib Fortuna brought in a green-skinned Twi'lek girl by the name of Oola. Deciding that this new Twi'lek girl would be a better sexual plaything than the two Rebel pilots, Jabba pitted Tia and Ghia against each other in his newly-created Demolition games. Since no records were found about Tia and Ghia's fates, it is unknown whether they perished in the games, or escaped and went into hiding.

Jabba's Demolition GamesEdit

The Demolition games was that the crime lord Jabba the Hutt created since the Galatic Empire outlawed podracing. The race became the new popular sport for assassins, bounty hunters, thieves, smugglers, bandits and pirates in the criminal underworld. Tia and Ghia were forced in to the race Jabba didn't care if they lived or died in the race. If survived the dangerous sport they would stay as his slaves for the rest of their lives or if they die in the race the twins would being dying for his entertainment. Before they were moved from their master's side into the life and death sport the twins recognized Lando who told the female rebel pilots the plan. Before the deadly game Boushh met with the twins and reviled he was Leia who knew twins and promised to help them escape. When the two entered the race they were hoping to survive so they could escape and rejoin the rebel alliance.

Secret Pleasures Edit

One day, Oola took them with her when they all had some time of. She Stripped them and taught them the art of lesbian sex. They played, and felt, and sucked, and orgasmed for hours, eventually, Ghia was taken back to Jabba for more ‘Pleasures’

Tia and Oola fell in love, and they had lesbian sex for 3 more hours. They couldn’t stop. Not when Tia’s pussy was so tasty, and Oola’s breasts were so squishy. They were naked, wet and horny in bed together for ages, unfortunately, Oola was presumed dead when eaten by the rancor.

Leia is DiscoveredEdit

Tia and Ghia were lucky to survive the first part of Jabba's Demolition Games they both hoped they could survive the next part so they succeed with their plan to rescue the handsome Han Solo. As they rested in the harem with the slav girls the two wondered who replace Oola now that she was dead like the other slaves they both knew who was the number one choice above all the other girls as a replacement that was Lyn Me. The sisters and the other slaves were startled when the mistress of the harem Melina walked in she made announcement of a new woman they would all have to train then Yarna and Jess with who the twins feared was the new favorite girl Princess Leia. As usual the female backup dancers of the Max Rebo Band were brought into the harem to train the new girl Greeata walked in quietly not saying a word with with her usual of not caring about what went on in the palace, Rystall came excited and showing off as usual, Sy Snootles walked in for the same reason to teach the new girls to dance that the job for the women in the band and finally Lyn Me who was always brought in by force and as usual the men were drooling over her.

The women trained the princess while being watched by guards and Melina lustful stared at all of them. Though it didn't like it but twins learned quickly that even though Melina's attention was on the guards the mistress was still paying attention to everything around in the harem. When it was Tia and Ghia's turn to train the princess they asked what happened and how did her secret get out after Leia told them they still felt pity for but they were saddened to know that she was in love with Han Solo but they still didn't let that get the away offering their help so they all could escape the palace. After the training Leia was taken back to the throne room but before that she heard the announcement of the next part of the Demolition Games As Leia was taken to the throne she watched the twins being carried down the hall to the main gate for the next scary part of the demolition death games she wished them luck not knowing if she would ever see the two again.

After Jabba Edit

Still distraught over Oola, Tia departed from Ghia to Ryloth, where she purchased another green Twi’lek whom was brainwashed to think she was Oola. These two got married and did all the things back in Jabba’s castle, all over again, a lot more erotically.


During their enslavement to Jabba, Tia and Ghia were forced to service the Hutt completely naked, and were often penetrated by his tail. One of their punishments included their vaginas and anus's being plugged up with enourmous dildos and having a chastity belt locked over their crotches to hold them in place. This caused them great pain and humiliation as only Jabba could open the belts, and would only do so if they both kissed and suckled his tail together in public. Until then, the belts stayed on, much to their pain.

Starwars Demolition (Tia and Ghia Defeat)

Starwars Demolition (Tia and Ghia Defeat)

The twins severing there master

Another humiliation they were exposed to was being stripped nude and lowered into a deep vat of slime that was filled with disgusting creatures that would swim in the ooze. After they begged to come out, they would be forced to crawl naked over to a cleaning room, where Jabba's men would scrub their bodies clean in front of other men who would gather to watch. After they had been cleaned, the men would return them to Jabba completely nude. It was then up to Jabba whether he wanted to dress them in their bikinis again or if he wanted the sisters to remain naked on his throne for a while longer. Sometimes, one woman would stay on Jabba's throne in her bikini, leaving her to worry about what was happening to the other. After one woman would be returned, the other would hug her close, overjoyed.


Tia and Ghia's CostumesEdit

Tia and Ghia were dressed in matching costumes, symbolizing their status as being Jabba's personal slave girls. Each one was similar in design to Leia's slave bikini, but lacked the veils that Leia had the privilege of wearing. Like Leia's slave outfit, Tia and Ghia's outfits could be easily removed to humiliate the twins and add to their master's pleasure.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit


Tia and Ghia's PerceptionEdit

Tia and Ghia

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