As slave girls Tia and Ghia were forced to follow strict rules. If they disobeyed the two women would be separated they would suffer punishments of sexual behavior, humiliation or pain if they misbehaved. These rules would break the young girls just like every other slave.


Privacy: the sisters were not allowed any privacy at all. Sometimes, Jabba would strip both of them naked and force them to stand back to back, exposing their bodies to the crowd. This would result in Tia and Ghia holding hands to comfort each other during this humiliating exposure. Other acts, including havng sex with jabba, changing clothes, bathing and stripping, were all done in full public view. 

Sometimes, Melina Carniss would strip one sister of her costume and spank her while the other sister was forced to watch. The other sister would be chained with her arms and legs bound together as her twin was sexually tortured. This was also done in full view of the crowd. If one of the sisters angered Jabba, the other one was stripped naked and suspended in the air. She was blindfolded with her own costume, as Melina would stick her hands up her female parts before leaving the girl to the men, who would violate her while the other sister helplessly watched.

Separation: To punish them, Jabba would take one sister, and torment her with various sexual and physical torments while the other sister listened, but could not see, what was happening to her. They would also be separated so that one sister would have sex with Jabba or a guest, and the twin bound outside the door, fully naked in a strappado, to the pleasure room, unable to see what was happening but hear her sister's pained cries during sex. The sister outside the door would then be touched by whoever passed by.

Other things included torture by vibrators, whipping, torture with heat or cold, and other things Jabba thought up. This punishment was feared by the two sisters more than most, because they were not together and could only hear what was going on or comfort each other. After the sisters came back out compeltely naked, sometimes with marks of her torment for all to see, they would hug each other before being forced back onto Jabba's throne.  

Clothing: Tia and Ghia were not allowed any clothing besides their tiny bikini-like costumes. If Jabba desired, he would force them to take them off and remain nude for as long as he wanted, sometimes a day or more, before they were allowed to put them back on. Sometimes, he would make them change in full public view into much more revealing outfits, some of them barely covering their female parts.

Dancing: The two women were always made to dance naked, with their female parts often highlighted with markings. These dances would include dances suggesting the two of them having simulated sexual intercourse with each other, which humiliated them since this suggested incest.

Movement: The twins were not allowed to move unless their master allowed them to. If one of them got up without permission the sister would be humiliated by being forced to masturbate in front of the crowd while the other was forced to watch so she could learn her lesson.

Sex: The sisters were often forced to have sex with Jabba, usually both at once, using both his tail and his imitation human penis he could create for them. If they protested or refused, Jabba would force an enourmous double-ended dildo into both of their anal entrances, coated in glue. He would then bind their crotches together with sticky gauze to keep them together, keeping them both in pain, connected by the dildo in front of his court.

Tia and Ghia were sometimes, although rarely, forced to make love to each other in public, which disgusted both girls to no end. Having sex with men (and sometimes women) would also be common punishments, or just to use the two of them as prostitutes to bring more money to the greedy hutt. The girls were disgusted at having to have sex with strangers, especially to other women.

Food: The twin sisters were only allowed to eat what Jabba said they could, which was not much. Jabba usually did not feed them anything too fattening, so as to keep them thin and sexy. To humiliate them and test their loyalty to their master's commands he forced them to eat live paddy frogs, eat out bowls like pets and drink from his yucky disgusting cup.

Speaking: Like all slaves the twins were notnot allowed to speak without permission from their master. If one of them or both of them disobeyed and spoke out against their master or anyone loyal to him he'd have a muzzle put or their mouths.

Hygiene: The girls were only allowed to bathe if Jabba allowed it, and always either with him or a guard in the room, much to their humiliation. Tia and Ghia would first strip naked and clean Jabba's body with sponges and then bathe each other. While the two girls cleaned each other, Jabba would hold them close with his chains, fondling them and whispering perverted words of lust into their ears. They would also be forced to douche each other after they had their periods, which had synced with each other.

Sleeping: The two sisters were made to sleep naked, usually on Jabba's throne. They would often cuddle with each other to warm each other's body while the Hutt stroked their large breasts. At times, they were kept awake for a week as a form of torture, usually if they disobeyed the Hutt. They would be forced to strip naked in public and bound into an uncomfortable position on Jabba's throne. Spiked dildos were held inside both of their orifices by heavy chastity belts and stress was placed on various body parts to induce discomfort. This would include being bound in a strappado position and suspended from the ceiling, bound with their heels pressing against metal spikes, and bound with their arms and legs twisted around each other like pretzels to keep them in pain. This sleep deprivation would keep them submissive, as it effectively deprived them of energy and made them more susceptible to suggestion. 

Exercise: Jabba would often send Tia and Ghia out to exercise completely naked, much to their sorrow. The girls were forced to perform push-ups, bends, twists, and various other forms of exercise to limber up and keep healthy, as well as practice making love to women in front of the harem leader, Melina Carniss, which embarrassed them both. Melina would often force one sister to perform sexual acts on her fully-covered body while the other sister was chained in place by a leash and collar, unable to do anything to help rescue her sister from shame. After the exercise was over, Melina would send them both out nude, and then give them back their costumes after they had both walked through a line of gammoreans who would fondle and violate their bodies.

Possessions: Jabba forbid Tia and Ghia to own anything, to keep them dependant on him. He would have them strip-searched every day for an hour, to thoroughly search for things not allowed by him. The girls would be stripped naked in front of each other and the entire audience, and given extremely thorough cavity searches. These involved the two of them being forced to squat down and stand up repeatedly to dislodge anything in their vaginas and anuses, after which they would lay down on a bench where they were strapped down to prevent movement. Tia and Ghia would spread their legs and allow every orifice in their bodies to be stretched open by speculums while men fondled their bodies to search them, or to fulfill their perverted lusts. Once they were satisfied that the girls held nothing, they would be forced to walk naked back to the throne through two lines of Gammorean males who would fondle their bodies and violate their female parts, much to the sisters disgust and humiliation.

Punishment: Tia and Ghia were occasionally tortured by sensory deprivation, a torment which both sisters greatly feared. They would be separated, stripped naked, and bound suspended from the ceiling, to numb their arms and start out slow. They were then blindfolded to eliminate sight, muzzled with a feeding tube so they couldn't taste their food, their ears were thoroughly plugged up with melted wax, and their noses were stopped up with rubber plugs. Both girls would then be tortured by way of fondling of their female parts, spanking, sexual molestation, and a myriad of physical torments. After the guards were satisfied that both women were broken, they forced them to walk naked through the halls, still blindfolded, muzzled, and effectively deprived of every sense but touch. The girls would hold hands to comfort each other during this part, staying together until they reached the throne room. Once they were freed of the devices which isolated them from the world, they were chained to the throne and thrust into Jabba's arms, forcing them from one torment into another.