Leia Sitting on Jabba's Tail

Leia and Jabba on the journey

The Trip to the Pit of Carkoon was a journey taken to the execution site of Luke, Han, and Chewbacca, who were to be fed to the all-powerful Sarlacc that nested there.

On the journey Leia rode in Jabba's sail barge while her friends rode on a skiff outside.

Close Up of Leia's Hair Clips, Chain, and Bra Wires

Leia looking out of the window

While looking out the window at her friends, Leia was interrupted by Jabba, who tugged on her leash and then invited her to join him: "Return, my lovely princess," he purred in Huttese.

Leia turned back to glare at him and then carried on looking out the window, amusing the Hutt and increasing his lust. He drooled as he gazed at her bare backside and curves through the transparent skirt. His mighty tail throbbed in anticipation. He was going to relish taking pleasure from her after her friends had been executed. Once she saw her friends disappear forever in the Sarlacc's maw, her spirit would be completely broken. That very night, as the Sarlacc digested her friends and sent up their anguished cries into the Tatoinne night, Jabba would take her into his private chamber on the barge, to ravish her repeatedly in triumph.

Leia Leaps Onto Jabba's Throne

Jabba yanks Leia roughly to him

He slobbered at the thought of his complete possession of the princess, then drank from his goblet to ease his lust somewhat. For now he must teach her simpler obedience. Using his tremendous mass, he pulled harder on her leash than Leia could resist, forcing the struggling, scantily-clad princess to run back to him.

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Leia about to drink from her master's goblet

Letting go of the chain, Jabba grasped Leia's arm firmly and leered at her: "Don't stay too far my lovely. After the excitement outside ends, you will soon learn to appreciate me." He then forced her to drink from his goblet and sit on his tail until they reached the pit. When they did Leia and Jabba stood next to each other on the sail barge observation deck. From there they would witness a battle break out between Luke and Jabba's henchmen.

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