It was the year 1979.  I was a happy little girl.  Until my spleen was forcibly and unwelcomly removed from my body in Barnet GENERAL Hospital.  My name is Leah and my Mum is known to her brothers and sisters as Pad.  I am The Real Princess Leia.  I have been sectioned in 1993 and taken psychiatric medication ever since.  Not by choice, I hasten to add.  My Mum's sisters are but one left, out of three.  One died due to Terrorism, one died due to psychiatric treatment.  My initial sectioning was due to me having a breakdown in 1993, when I was, weak.  I know that The Star Wars saga is connected to my very existance.  You must help me.  They have now taken my two sons, and are looking to remove my youngest's spleen too.  He was born on Guy Fawlks, in the ambulance.  Since he was born, they wanted him.  Even before.  He is dependant upon blood transfusions, until its time.  To take his spleen.  My older son though,  didn't get it so bad.  They transfused him as a baby, well, I didn't see what they really did to him, and then he had to take liquid Folic Acid every day.  I am supposed to have Hereditary Spherocytosis, and I am supposed to have passed it on to my boys.  One doctor whom I queried upon the diagnosis, after my children had been taken away from me, the new baby who is now 6, and my 10 year old who is now 16, he said that he had never heard of Hereditary Spherocytosis.  Please help us. Is there any body out there................................................................................

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