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Hi, welcome to Slave Leia Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Alternate Ending - Mara Completes Her Mission page.

Hi, i just wanted to say that i saw your request for me to improve the harem scenes and am working on it. check out "the taming of Amanda." -the author of "Life in the harem."

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Wikia (Talk) 02:59, August 1, 2011

I'll make an image for the 20 yrs later section. What were you thinking her costume would look like at this time? - cafiwam

Hey, great job! You continued the story very much like how I would have. I want to write something like that involving Padme someday (and maybe Luke and Leia being raised by Aurra Sing). - L

Is there a reason you deleted most of the page you were working on? - cafiwam

Yes I am one of the moderators on this site. Lothar (who signs his comments with L)is the other moderator. He, I, and another user Lekire have written pretty much everything on this site and it's good to have another contributor. I saw your message and I'm glad your just moving things around. It's cool if we contribute to your page right? - cafiwam

I could do another one I guess, but after reading your description I'm still confused about the lower half of her two piece. It's described as have no skirts and no back so is it just a crotch plate that stays on the same way the bra plates do? - cafiwam

I have uploaded pictures hopefully they help, and also the last 2 i uploaded they are moving images, but i dont know if they work-masterjabba

Didn't have much time to work on it today, got home pretty late. Hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow. - cafiwam

Looks pretty good. I'm almost done with the image, just one question does she still have the braid? - cafiwam

Finished the pic and posted it in your page. I tried to find the place I thought it would fit best but if you want to move it, go ahead. - cafiwam

No prob, was there a reason you removed it from the page? - cafiwam

Sure just curious if there was any other changes you wanted. - cafiwam

I apologize for taking so long but I've been having computer problems. I've looked over the new "slave leia permanent slave page", and some of the stuff I agree with and some of the stuff I think is because both of you are writing similar stories.

I agree there are enough similarities that he is taking some of the parts from your story, but I'm not sure if I should delete his page yet. I would confront him and ask him, that considering we already have a "Leia remains a slave" story, that he try to make his as different as possible. Change the loyal slave to Jess, Rystall, or Lyn. Make Jabba more cruel and abusive to Leia. Have the rebellion make some sort of rescue attempt and change the plot up. There are plenty of different ways he can take it.

Like I said I agree with you, but I don't want to delete a new users page and put him off contributing anymore. Hopefully he'll listen and make some changes to his story. -cafiwam

I have delted my story i am sorry that they erre similar storys i Will in the nexo couple days make a new slave oola with leia coming in and being capture and there both slaves to jabba. Hope you will have a chance to read it and once again I'm sorry for taking some ideas and I will keep following your story keep up the good work. Sincerely slavemaster98

I'm going to have my new story page up by tonight or towmarrow. I'll try not to use your stuff anymore and I could also need some help on my new story's coming out. Can I reckon something for you. I think you should make a story of Amanda's enslavment it would be awesome.

That would be great in will need a photo with leia and oola together and you can write on the page

I started the story and the first parts up

Thanks with the grammar and I'm working on that part tonight


Hey just wanted to say that if you wanted to have the story with adult content, there's another site: that allows it. - cafiwam

There is far more than that, I just don't think there all linked to the front page. It was just a suggestion because it looked like you guys wanted to do more with the story and were restricted by this sites pg-13 policy. - cafiwam

It was once pretty organized but the admins went through and deleted most of site. Oh well. Any suggestions for what the pic for this story should look like. - caifwam

Yea I was thinking of something similar, perhaps with Oola dancing as Leia and Jabba watch. Either way, it might be a while till I'm able to start since I'm having to use a computer without photoshop until mine gets back from the shop. - cafiwam

It's pretty good. I had some trouble suspending my disbelief around some of the premises (Jabba giving his slaves immortality being one of them) but I guess that's a great thing about fiction: you can write exactly what you want. Great job. - cafiwam

I suppose so. I've personally written a story similar to this and had Leia become the harem mistress (similar to Melina) and be replaced by another slave as Jabba's favorite. I do like the idea of a slave story for Amanda and I hope you decide to do it. I'll continue to work on the Oola and Leia Alternative story. - cafiwam

It was an old story I wrote a couple years ago on scratchpad.wikia. I never transferred it to Microsoft word and then the admins deleted all the Leia/Jabba pages from the site. - cafiwam

Whatever you want to do. - cafiwam

I'll be gone for most of the weekend so unfortunately I won't be able to edit till late sunday. Hold down the fort lol - cafiwam

Do what you want, but that sounds like a good idea to me. - cafiwam

Like the addition of Mara Jade. Very good start! - cafiwam

lol Alright but that actually is a drawing of Leia drawn from a description from a fan fic by Shabby Blue. Perhaps you could give me the name of a model and a desciption of her costume I would have a better idea of what she looked like.

Alright I might send you some sample pics of a few models I plan to use later so you can give your opinion - cafiwam

Her back story is good, kind of remind me of the story I wrote for a slave named Linna. Abusive father, complacent mother, and the when she gets old enough she runs away from home. Are you planning to have her become a stripper? lol

Also about the edits that an anonymous user made to the Oola alternate ending page. Some of the changes were good so I decided to keep the one's that I liked. I'm still not sure if the sex scene is too explicit or not but I'll talk to Lothar about the next time he is one.

Oh and do you have an email address I can send some of the pictures to. - cafiwam

Not sure why that is happening. I tried it a few times myself and it seems to be working, definitely tell me if this problem keeps happening. Does this just happen with the Slave Leia page?

Don't worry about the Oola page I'll have it smoothed out by the end of the day and ready for new additions.

Not sure I can post the pictures on the wiki here. When I'm doing fakes I usually like to start with a nude model, it makes it easier to fit a costume to her. Since this site doesn't allow bold faced nudity I don't think I should post it. I might post them on an image hosting site and send you the link. - cafiwam

lol Well it's supposed to be Neosforce, who founded this site, but besides starting the page and bossing people around he hasn't really done much. Since Lothar and I are the only other admins the responsibility falls to us. We basically made this site what it is today anyway. Lothar hasn't been around much recently so until he returns I'm having to keep things in order. - cafiwam

I can understand the confusion. The reason we don't allow explicitly adult material is not by our choice but because the administrators of wikia. Wikia allows people to create their own site (like this one) as long as they abide by certain rules. This mean no pornographic sites. We actually had most our pages and pictures deleted when this site was first starting out, but we got them back when we promised to keep things in control. Hope this clears things up. - cafiwam

Well if you try and visit it now you'll notice that it was completely removed last week. I started off publishing adult material and got my pages removed and then later some more people started visiting after I had abandoned it. It got enough pages that someone from wikia noticed and it was removed. That's why we have to be careful or we'll have the entire site shut down. - cafiwam

They would erase the offending material, whatever page it was on, and send a warning to the admin. That's why I want to keep that scene in. I'm curious to see how far we can go. If we keep it to one page we won't have to worry about the site getting shut down. - cafiwam

I saw that and was planning on removing the second one. Just started posting some of the models for Amanda, I'll send you the links soon. - cafiwam

Here's a few models that I found just with a quick google search. If none of them appeal I can always look for more or perhaps you could find someone you think would fit the bill. - cafiwam

Alright I'll start on that soon then. Also could you give me till the end of the day until you start making more edits to the Oola Alternate Ending page. Just so I can smooth it out and you can see where I'm going with it. - cafiwam

Not sure what time it is where your at, but it's only 5:30 where I am and I've been busy with other stuff. It should be ready by around 8:00 my time. - cafiwam

Yep, California. You? - cafiwam

I have it saved on Microsoft word so it's no problem.

Thanks for the grammar fixes, haven't been able to go back and do spell check yet. Also could I make a suggestion for Taming of Amanda? It seems that with this story (as well as your last) that your paragraphs are pretty long. It makes it easier to read if your break it up into more concise pieces. Otherwise your reading a huge block of text. Just a suggestion. - cafiwam

Alright it's definitely looking good so far. - cafiwam

Sorry my explanation for my edit got cut off. I'm just changing her age to 18 so we don't get into any trouble. I know the age of consent in New York is 17 but in some places (like California) it is 18. I'm just thinking if we have it at 18 we have less chance of offending someone. - caifwam

ok. does the wikia site have people searching for offensive pages or something

Not entirely sure but I think what we have to worry about most is some random user coming on and deciding to report us. - cafiwam

Hmm... If your asking if I'll continue the story after I finish cleaning up and embellishing what has already been written, the answer is yes. If you want you can add some parts if you don't mind me doing some editing. I apologize for my slow pace but I usually don't do a lot of writing at once and will do small chunks at a time. - cafiwam

Not sure. I definitely have to add more and separate it out into paragraphs because right now it rushes through the scenes without any real explanation. I want to add some of the characters perspectives on the events and give a little more set up to what is happening. Why do you ask? - cafiwam

Wow, that's right. Not sure how serious it is, but good luck this weekend. - cafiwam

Like the new additions, and glad to hear you still have power. I did notice one thing: You mentioned at the end that Jabba was a relatively new crime lord, but if this is really only 55 years before the events of Return of the Jedi then Jabba has been a gangster for centuries. In ROTJ Jabba is six hundred years old and has been leading the hutt crime syndicate for over 500 years, so he's obviously not new to the job. - cafiwam

I did a quick edit and removed the part about Jabba being a new crime-lord, but if that was an important element to the story feel free to add it back in. Also like the addition of Melina. Hopefully I'll get some more editing done for the Oola story tomorrow, was way too busy today. - cafiwam

Yes I obviously realize that. I'm still editing the page and haven't had a chance to delete what was there before. - cafiwam

Hey just a quick question: will Amanda be leashed to Jabba? I've been working on the pic for her and was curious if I should include a chain or have her on Jabba's throne. - cafiwam

Alright but will she be the harem mistress before Leia takes over? I'm just trying to get an idea of what kind of background to do. - cafiwam

Yea I'll probably start adding new stuff soon and as far as the picture I'm almost done. I should be posting it sometime tomorrow. - cafiwam

I didn't try to make it like the pic that Miravi drew but I guess it looks somewhat similar. Hard to explain, but you'll see it tomorrow. Fair warning it might not look exactly the way you described it. - cafiwam

Alright the Amanda pic is up. The crown is something I added to show that she is the harem mistress. Tell me if you think it's too much. - cafiwam

I was just curious if you thought the crown was too much. Hopefully the picture works. - cafiwam

I thought you said she did become the harem mistress eventually. Oh, well there are plenty ways she could keep it affixed to her head. I mean in a world where immortality is achievable anything is possible. - cafiwam

Ah, I thought harem queen and harem mistress were synonymous. whats the difference? - cafiwam

But wasn't Oola Jabba's personal slave between Amanda and Leia. If Jabba was waiting for Leia why would he leash Oola. - cafiwam

Alright, that's fine of course I'm just trying to understand this hierarchy you've created for Jabba's slaves. It's very good. - cafiwam

Yea I think I have an idea of what it is now and I wouldn't worry about finishing anything else tonight. It's not like this a job and you have a due date lol - cafiwam

I wouldn't worry about the length and just make it as long as it needs to be to tell the story you want. - cafiwam

Honestly all I do is copy and paste what's on the page onto a word document. If you have word or even the program notepad you could save it. If you don't I'll do it. - cafiwam

Sorry it took so long to respond but I was busy tonight. I already saved the story and as far as I can tell the sex scenes you've added don't reveal too much. Like I said to Slavemaster, if your subtle with your writing and stay away from profanity i think you'll be fine. - cafiwam

Looks good to me. Thanks for the help with organization. - cafiwam

hi there, just wanted to reply to the message left on "Life in the harem"-yeah it is part of the same universe. hope you liked it. suggestions? -A writer

Feel free of course to start a new story. As long as it involves Jabbaand his slaves in someway I'm fine with it. I was also looking at your recent picture additions for your story and I feel I have to mention that Lyn Me is not blue but white. There are many pictures of Lyn online if you couldn't find any sufficient on this site or if you want I could try to photoshop the twi'leks skin in the photo you already have posted. - cafiwam

Do you think you could work on the story Leia - The indentured servant. In this story Leia escapes Jabba and becomes watto's slave so she can gain enough credits eventually to go back to the rebellion. You think you could give it a shot?


I'd love to see a sequel with Mara Jade. When I was reading the story From Misguided Princess to Willing Slave, I wondered if there might be potential for Mara Jade to be captured and made a slave.


Heres a nice little twist you could add to indentured servant. Leia talks to Watto about what she plans to do which is get 100 credits to leave Mos Espa. However Watto informs her credits have no validity out in Tatooine and to get a good ride she'd need at least 1,000 wupiupi. Leia then rethinks her plan and agrees to work on a spacecraft with Watto that will take her to Coruscant with the credits she earns. After she earns enough she does more work for Watto but they sometimes check out old ship parts and eventually build a brand new working ship for her. Then Leia leaves but thanks Watto and promises to return the favour one day and at the end reveals she is the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and tells him what happened to her father. You think you could do that?

Appreciate that you enjoy my story. Like I said, I know its a stretch making Jabba less evil (I find it hard that a creature with that much influence and power would essentially "give up" canonically) but it allows for the exploration of some unique little ideas that I've always had stirring in my head. I've always thought that Hutts got the bad rep in the galactic community and while the majority of them are greedy criminals who lie, cheat and murder people, I like the whole idea of exploring how one would be received if you axed those traits and just left all the Hutt traits in (Morbidly obese, zero table manners, thing for cute girls in skimpy outfits). Its my opinion that if the "evil" traits were left out, Hutts would be no different from being around than any other alien race.

I've actually read through your stuff and I like an extent. Some of the stuff about making Jabba a force user who's more or less a god seems a little too much a stretch for me. The whole harem life thing, while a nice addition, and certainly a well told yarn, just doesn't do much for me. My "thing" if you will lies in writing Jabba and describing him in all of his loathesome, disgusting glory. And its always been my thing to have Jabba always behave very Hutt-like in mannerisms and lifestyle when with his slave girls, even if he's not as evil as he appears to be. You'll see that hopefully as my story progresses.

But opinions aside, your stuff is pretty entertaining and an engaging read. Combined with Caf's fake images (He has quite the talent for that, does he not?), you guys have both managed to write up some pretty awesome fanfiction.

Ciao. -LK

No problems with variety here and its really only those little nitpicks. Otherwise, I really like your little universe. As far as how Leia leaves her life behind, I'll say that parts of it are a stretch, but its important to note (and I've been trying to hint at it on my story, perhaps unsucessfully XD) that the Republic Leia is a part of in my story ISN'T the republic she was fighting for. They're kinda more or less a more conservative, less violent version of the empire, but she's kinda disenchanted with the whole thing. Also, there's another little development that will come up in part....I think I have it at Part 4 that really pushes her into considering life with Jabba as her master.

That's going to be the fun part to write, but I need to get a lot of expository. I want it to feel somewhat natural how Leia realizes that Jabba may be a Hutt, but he's not such a bad guy anymore. At least, right now.....=P

Just an FYI again, I told Caf, but my story on here is free for edits or images getting added by anyone. Kinda the point of a wiki. I've got this story also on a forum and that version is the "official" cut I'm working on.

So if something grabs you from mine, feel free to bring your own ideas in. I'm all game for community efforts lol. -LK

Alternate when do you plan to do more on indentured servant

Ok Alternate Indentured servants back to normal and ready for you to work on it when you please

Alternate you may notice on the Leia's bra section there is a section called Leia's perception of the metal bra. I was wondering if when you finish Indentured servant whether you could add Leia's perception of Collar, Chain, Earrings and make-up, Skirt plates, Skirts, Bracelets, Hair clips, Hair fastener, Hip fasteners and pillows. Think you could do that? Thanks

Hey Alternate could I talk to you on chat this evening at about 8:00 GMT?

Yeah. 8:00 GMT is 3:00 EST. So see you on chat then

Ummm... I guess when I decide to write it. Why do you ask? - cafiwam

It's cool, I've been working on other stuff and kind of put the story to the side. I'll try to write a little today and if I'm inspired perhaps more. - cafiwam

Alternate could you do a bit more on indentured servant today and leia's perception of the other pieces of her slave costume? Thanks

well alternate just write leia's perception of her boots, bracelets, chain, collar, earrings and make-up, hair clips, hair fastener, hip fasteners, pillows, skirts, and skirt plates. If your still confused look at the Leia's bra page and look at the section on the page called Leia's perception of the metal bra ok? Also please could you do a bit more on indentured servant?

Alternate shall we talk tonight 8:00 GMT well 3:00 EST for you. Does that work for you?

Hey Alternate could I talk to you on chat tonight 8:00 GMT 3:00 EST?

Could you please add a bit more to indentured servant and do Leia's perceptions for every part of her costume that hasn't been done already? Thanks

so why did i need this account? what should i be doing?


should i stick to the life in the harem or try to help with mara, leia, and amanda's stories?

Well I've made a Mara photo already, but in your story does she have a different costume? - caifwam

That's not really all that descriptive. Similar to Leia's and less revealing how? - cafiwam

Alright just wanted to see if you had anything in mind. I'll start on it as soon as I have a chance. - cafiwam

thanks for the advice. the girl in pink is in fact amanda, and the others were, in order,:Leia, Jess, Amanda, and one was supposed to be melina, but she's dead. i'll have to change that.


I would like there to be some mention of the girls i add, but want to keep writing the story myself. please keep me informed so as to avoid conflicts. Alnaqba

Meffora is from a semiroyal sect of life on her home planet known as the uliiva. While the emporer and his like run interworld affairs, her class is in charge of the planetary matters. she was captured while eating a meal, thus explaining not having shoes on, and by the crew of the Slave I coming to collect bounty on a certain head of her family and hoping to collect a bonus from Jabba. she never saw him because a stun bolt hit her from behind as he came in. she reawoke in the shuttle to the harem. hope that is enough. -Alnaqba

Sure I can do another one, any preference on what she should be doing? If not I'll just do what I think look best. - cafiwam

Hey, I think I'm going to try updated some time in the next couple of days (Its Wednesday night on my end as I write this). I just had RL hit me in the face but I am fully aware that my story needs to be continued. I'm looking forward to the next bit. Its the final nail in the coffin more or less before Leia decides to get more....friendly...with our favorite Hutt. Also using my term is perfectly fine with me, and kind of flattering. -LK

Alternate could you please do Jabba's perception of all the items that make up Leia's slave costume and more on indentured servant? Thanks

It goes like this-at the end of your first bit, Fett is paid "an unwieldly sum" to lead the Hutt army. however, this was to be in installments-some of which were not delivered on time. Having used some of his already-paid money to upgrade his ship, vaporising a wall is no big deal-and the air defences dont have him logged as hostile. as for switching to Yifa, i want to show life in the harem, not life aboard thge Slave 1. you have a good point though. do you think i should have her being abducted, as opposed to Meffora? -Alnaqba

Well, as the new girl she would be mostly a sidepod-type, to flirt with the court goers and distract merchants and the like. therefore, to maintain the theme that all are roughly equal, i have sidestepped the point, but will consider how to rectify it to fit your requests. it is, after all, your plot. -Alnaqba

if you would like, insert such an explanation before the interupption-im not too good at that sort of thing. try to keep the rest of it the same, please. -Alnaqba

The pool was due to sabotage in the water pumps-forgot to mention it. and the court is because no one really wants to risk being on jabbas bad side right now. -Alnaqba

fett has his own methods. he doesnt share them

Is it possible to meet at 7:00 est! - cafiwam

Alright - cafiwam

Hey I was wondering if there was another time you would want to chat. I feel I didn't answer your questions. If I had known you had to leave so early I would have been more concise. - cafiwam

Sure I can quick undo the changes. I'll continue to try and change his mind but if I can't I would suggest moving them here: This way we won't have to worry about Neosforce having any control. Just create a new page on the site and copy and paste your stories there. - cafiwam

i have been blocked ffrom another wiki for no good reason. how do i get in touch with a moderator to tell them about it? alnaqba

I've reverted it back but you actually don't need me to do it just go into the page history and click "undo" on each of his edits. Also the next Mara pick will take awhile. The last image was deleted so I have to make the costume form scratch and I've got a lot of things going on right now. I'll get to it as soon as I can. - cafiwam

Yea I'll be on chat then. - cafiwam

i had something else in mind. however, if you would like that to happen, i want to try and write it. if you don't like it, let me know, and i'll knock it off with an explanation to that effect. naqba

Yes I'll be available on chat then. -cafiwam

Sorry I wasn't online at 8:00 something came up. How about tomorrow at 5:00 est? Does that work? - cafiwam

Well Alternate you can transfer YOUR work to the fanfiction site any time before 1st December. If you don't it will be deleted!

Yea I'll be online then. - cafiwam

two points-firstly, i have decided that having meforra return is a good idea, and mara is the logical one to send. but if you write it, do me a favor and dont throw boba into any kind of second-bestness to mara-i like his style.

second-whats going on with neo? i keep reading about some new sight and an encyclopedia. could you leave an explanation on my talk page? thanks. alnaqba

I'm on now. - cafiwam

I'm having trouble connecting to chat. Are you - cafiwam

I say we leave it for awhile. Will you be on again in an hour? - cafiwam

Do you have chat on your wiki - caifwam

I'm on your wiki but does it have chat? - cafiwam

if we dont transfer, will the stuff be deleted? alnaqba

i'll try. naqba

Please comment on the new discussion pages the first two are about Leia's bra and make-up respectively

Are you working with Cafiwam? Is half of this your writing and half his? You're the principal authors, right?

I just want to let you know that Carrie Fisher is 55 years old. She's not 20 and skinny like she used to be. I don't understand why you are perpetuating this. She's not getting any younger. I hope you realize this.

Stop living in the past. Will you still read about this when she's dead and gone? Come on . . .

Could you please do the section on Trips aboard the star jewel on Leia's page?

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