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"At least you can dance. Be thankful that Jabba doesn't have your cubs in his clutches." --Yarna talking to Oola

Yarna d'al' Gargan was the corpulent, six-breasted dancer who performed in the court of Jabba the Hutt. She, alongside dancers Oola, Rystáll, Lyn Me, and Greeata, gyrated for the Hutt's amusement.


"Yarna was not legally a slave, since Jabba had placed her under "contract," promising she could buy her freedom one day." -- Tales From Jabba's Palace

Early LifeEdit

Yarna was the daughter of a powerful Askajian tribal chief. While in her late twenties, Yarna and her family were kidnapped on her homeworld, and sold into slavery to Jabba the Hutt. Unlike the unfortunate girl chained to the bloated Hutt, Yarna had a fair amount of freedom within the palace. However, she too was forced to undergo several changes to please her new master. While she had initially been skinny and very beautiful, Jabba had her fattened up, much to her dismay. In addition to this, Jabba forced Yarna to wear several layers of wart makeup so that she would remind him of an attractive female Hutt. She was also forced to wear a large headdress which looked like long hair that had been washed in wet garbage. Jabba dressed her in a costume to conform to her large body, partially cover her six breasts, and a long, rough skirt that would cover the majority of the dancer's legs. While claiming that her name meant "pretty" in Basic, Yarna had become quite "ugly."

While Yarna was allowed to freely socialize with the guests in the palace and do as she pleased, Jabba usually ordered her to dance with his current favorite slave girl when he wanted to watch his slaves dance. Exposing her thighs and bottom slightly, her Hutt master thoroughly enjoyed watching Yarna strut next to Oola on the dance floor, her breasts jiggling with her every sensual movement. Her entire body jiggled as she strutted across the room, exciting Jabba even more when she displayed any of her exposed skin that wasn't concealed by her clothes (which only added to the Hutt's lust for this dancer, even though he simultaniously watched Oola).

It is unclear if Yarna served other roles under Jabba's rule. She was mainly seen dancing and moving her big body around the dance floor for the Hutt, then was seen laughing and mocking Oola's demise shortly after. It is possible that she could have pleasured the Hutt in sexual activities, but seeing as Jabba preferred his personal slave girl above all others, that possibility was highly unlikely.

Jabba's PartyEdit

Yarna was talking and flirting with Jabba's guests during one of the brakes. Yarna had to start dancing again when Max Rebo Band started playing "Lapti Nek" yarna danced around with Oola even when the band played "Jedi Rocks". When Oola started resisting Jabba Yarna stood next to the garage in the middle of the room watching Jabba get upset at Oola for fighting back. When Jabba had enough and sent her to her end in the rancor pit Yarna slapped her hands on her legs and held her belly as she laughed at the unfortunate young girl.

Jabba's Demolition GamesEdit

The female Askajian watched the violent spot with everyone else in the palace as RD-D2 played a recording of the race along with with the cameras the hutt had brought in. Everybody placed bets on who would win, who would die and who would survive Yarna also made some bets.

Later LifeEdit

When word reached the palace of Jabba's death Doallyn one of the hutt's henchmen help her escape and find her children who seaported from their mother so she would follow his orders. Yarna removed the wart makeup lost the weight she gained. She got a dancing career and become a model for brassiere. Yarna became rich enough to settle down with her children. As her children got older they became a jizz swing band and together they toured the galaxy.

Personality & TraitsEdit

"Yarna served the Hutt crimelord loyally, dancing for him, minding the household stuff and cleaning droids, and being sort of a mother figure to his other dancing girls." --Tales From Jabba's Palace

Yarna was a obedient, compliant, behaved, talented, patient, proud, skilled, ambitious, confident, respectful, egar, satisfied, careful and pleased servant to Jabba the Hutt. But to Oola and the other girls Yarna is rude, forceful, mocking, unkind, cruel, insulting, savage, brutal, abusive, mean and heartless to them.

Yarna was allows confident and kept a smile her face, no matter much stress she went through she knew her life could have been like Oola's. The female Askajian would do anything the hutt lord asked so her children could live.

Yarna mocked Oola and the other girls because even though she was a slave she had more freedom then them. Unlike Oola and some of the others she obeyed Jabba because she knew the price if she failed to please him. Her loyalty to the Hutt was so great that she eanred her freedom. Yarna made fun of the other girls but also tried to get them to obey their master by force and in a cruel way. While worried about her cubs safety and finding the Hutt and his henchmen gross and disgusting Yarna also enjoyed their company unlike the other girls she nows how please and appease. Yarna would try to help the other girls but most of the time she mocked just like everyone else in the palace.

Yarna's CostumeEdit

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Yarna d'al GarganEdit

Yarna wasn't to crazy about her costume but she would do anything to keep her children safe and seeing how uncomfortable the other slave girls were with their outfits pleased Yarna. Before the Hutt fattened her up and had her put on makeup to look like his mother when Yarna was skinny and beautiful she didn't mind wearing something that would show her six breasts.